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 Antigone Ivers
Posted by Antigone - 03-25-11 18:18 - 1 comments
Character's name; Antigone Maryse Ivers
Gender; Female
Age; 1 1/2
Type of wolf; Grey

Appearance; Aptly named for both appearance and personality, the girl resembles the meaning behind the ...read more
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 Cobain Montesano
Posted by Cobain - 03-25-11 03:39 - 1 comments
Character's name; Cobain Montesano [Nirvan]
Gender; male
Age; ten months
Type of wolf; timber/gray wolf

Appearance; Athletic, but rather lanky. Doesn't seem like he amounts to much, physically, at least, but he has t ...read more
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 Vergs Nicolaou
Posted by Vergs - 03-24-11 01:23 - 1 comments
Character's name; Vergs Nicolaou ( vayrgs nic o lo )
Gender; Male
Age; Two
Type of wolf; Timber
Appearance; Vergs is not a striking beast; he cannot compete with the others of his sex, cannot ...read more
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 Piper Heretic
Posted by Piper - 03-22-11 19:02 - 1 comments
Character's name; Piper Heretic
Gender; Female
Age; 2 years
Type of wolf; Red and Timber

Appearance; A woman with a strong build and long legs. Though she looks a lot thicker than she ...read more
Read 104 times - last comment by Jojo   Print email

 Application for Vicky
Posted by Guest - 03-22-11 18:47 - 1 comments
Character's name; Vicky Vicious
Gender; Female
Age; Young Adult
Type of wolf; Timber Wolf

Appearance; The foxy silver maiden; Vicky is a tall, lean and strict machine. She is art - her ...read more
Read 106 times - last comment by Jojo   Print email

 Comanche Kunys
Posted by Comanche - 03-22-11 05:47 - 1 comments
Character's name; Comanche Salvador Kunys.
Gender; Male.
Age; Two years old.
Type of wolf; Timber wolf.

Appearance; A man bred for physical perfection, he came out quite flawed. The mu ...read more
Read 128 times - last comment by Jojo   Print email

 Ivelisse Cenobia
Posted by Ivelisse - 03-21-11 23:50 - 1 comments
Character's name; Ivelisse Cenobia
Gender; Female
Age; Three
Type of wolf; Mexican

Appearance; She is small. I mean fucking small. As a Mexican wolf, it is very expected, but probabl ...read more
Read 125 times - last comment by Jojo   Print email

 Efterliv Ve
Posted by Efterliv - 03-21-11 07:06 - 1 comments
CHARACTER'S NAME: efterliv ladha ve.
GENDER: male.
AGE: three years.
TYPE OF WOLF: canis lupus communis.

Wanderi ...read more
Read 121 times - last comment by Jojo   Print email

 App for Jethro
Posted by Jethro - 03-21-11 05:26 - 1 comments
Character's name; Jethro ‘Priest’ Montgomery
Gender; Male
Age; 3 years old
Type of wolf; Tundra wolf

Appearance; He is a perplexing character, a mesmerizing and reminiscing face ful ...read more
Read 131 times - last comment by brii   Print email

 shaylee ether
Posted by Shaylee - 03-20-11 21:44 - 4 comments
Character Name; Shaylee Ether
Gender; Female
Age; 3 1/2
Type of wolf; Mixed

Appearance;She has long limbs that carry her tall elegant build from place to place, slightly big paws that leave tracks big enough to see as well. ...read more
Read 150 times - last comment by Shaylee   Print email