The marauders and their peers have reached their final year at Hogwarts. After this, they'll have to face the real world, and with a war going on in wizarding Britain, they'll be forced to take sides, sometimes against each other. But they still have this one year, and they're determined to make the most mischief they can out of it.

We Were Here First is a new intermediate-advanced Hogwarts rp set in the Marauder era. We have no word count and accept both canons and originals.

February, 1978

Everyone is returning back to Hogwarts following the new year… or least mostly everyone. There are only whispers but some seats that had been full before break now sit empty and gossip runs amuck about the fate of these students; a new school or something much more deadly? Considering the rising tensions outside of the walls of the school, either scenario is just as likely.




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Posted: Jan 22 2012, 07:53 AM

sixth year; toby
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Group: Hufflepuff
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Joined: 29-December 11

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To say that skinny dipping was Davey’s favorite activity would probably be something of an understatement. To put it plainly, there was nothing he would rather be doing – no other activity, or even person. Sneaking out to the Black Lake after hours (though, to be honest, prefects rarely ever caught the older years out after curfew) and swimming around naked in the shallower ends where the crazy killer mermaids weren’t roaming around had become something of a past-time for Davey Gudgeon. He always felt so... free when he did it, and not just in the expected way. Sure, there was a certain physical freedom that Davey felt after removing all his clothes – sometimes he figured he’d probably join a nudist colony after graduating – but at the same time, there was a certain spiritual awakening that came along with it, that idea of no worries, just backstroking through the crystalline waters of the lake, not caring what was going on in the world around him.

He always felt an urge to sneak out to the Black Lake at least once a month, and this time was no different. It was pretty late; not quite past his curfew time yet, though, which meant that it was safe sneaking out time. He’d been sitting in the dormitory doing what little homework his teachers had given him for that weekend and decided, all of a sudden, that tonight was the night. He’d quickly thrown himself out of the bed and put on pants and a t-shirt (he made a habit of sleeping in his underwear, like most guys he knew that were comfortable with how they looked) and slipped out of the dorm unnoticed – you know, except for the Hufflepuffs who were still awake. But he really didn’t care about them, because it wasn’t like any of them were actually going to tell on him, right? Nope – he was pretty good friends with most of his housemates, and they all knew about and understood his... tendencies. They were pretty nice people, those Hufflepuffs.

And so, after slipping into some shoes and socks as well, he was off and away out of the Hufflepuff common room. He was extremely thankful that he lived in the dungeons, because they had much easier access to the entrance hall – one set of stairs instead of the bazillion Gryffindors and Ravenclaws had to climb down, poor blokes – and he could get to his goal without so much as a single prefect or professor walking by. There was, of course, the risk of running into a random professor wandering the dungeons, but it was almost curfew, so even that was unexpected. Needless to say, he got to the entrance hall and, subsequently, the exterior of the castle rather quickly, and once he was outside, he figured he was in the free and clear and began to skip gaily toward the vast lake just a few hundred meters away from him. He laughed as he did so, distracting his motor skills long enough to trip over thin air and send him tumbling down the grass, crashing headfirst into a tree.

With a groan, he placed a hand to his forehead and slowly, gradually sat himself up, looking around him in an attempt to regain his bearings. He pulled himself off the ground, shrugging off his jacket – which he had also picked up, remembering it was winter – and walked toward the lake. He was still seeing double a bit, though, so he paused for a second, trying to readjust his vision. He was contemplating the fastest way to regain his senses when he heard footsteps behind him and instinctually ran in the opposite direction; which just so happened to be the lake. Unfortunately, he was still fully clothed, and when he submerged, his t-shirt and jeans attached themselves to his skin as he swam back to the surface. “I’m all wet!” he called as he crawled back onto shore, not being able to stifle a giggle. He still couldn’t see clearly, so he didn’t know who the intruder was, but nevertheless, he continued, “You made me all wet!” He howled with laughter.
Posted: Jan 22 2012, 04:41 PM

sixth year; jenn
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Group: Gryffindor
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Member No.: 91
Joined: 26-October 11

Mary had a habit of not sneaking out past curfew. Okay, that was a lie, she made a habit of not actually sneaking outside past curfew. It was pretty easy to get around the castle without getting spotted, once you knew how to, of course. And Mary, in her six years at Hogwarts, had actually been able to snap of pieces of how the professors patrolled, who had which day and sometimes she’d overhear someone else planning to sneak out – usually she sent a note to the professor of the night to catch them, if it wasn’t someone she approved of. She had let the boys in her house get away with more stupid stuff than she could even remember by now, and she supposed they had taught her how to sneak well enough. At least, one of the boys in her house could get credit for Mary’s sneaking abilities, since he had been the one to teach her and be the reason for some sneaking – while that was a thing.

It was a pretty night, actually. She could tell from the window she had been sitting in earlier; the stars were out and the moon was shining too. She had started to make a habit of studying in windows for the past month, since she didn’t feel safe in big and open spaces. She was aware she probably needed to face someone from Slytherin pretty soon, or she would just end up being one of those horrible people who were no fun at all. And Mary MacDonald would not be known for not being fun – actually, she was known to be pretty much the opposite, and didn’t mind one bit! If there was something to take pride in, damn it, it was being fun-loving.

She had been given the idea a week earlier, when she had been joking with a friend in library about how he would never go skinny dipping in the middle of the winter. He told her sure he would, if he got something worth his while. Okay, so the word friend should be used loosely in that particular situation, but all the same, she had told him if that was his only reason then he could forget it. And then the question had been turned on her; would she? She hadn’t been able to let it go. Sure, it was pretty cold outside, and the lake had some pretty weird inhabitants, but the idea of doing something crazy… She couldn’t shake it. So that’s why she was, silently and sneakily, walking through the castle just minutes before curfew – when she spotted someone else doing the same thing. Davey. For a moment she thought about it, and decided to follow him instead of doing her thing. She could do it later. Or, maybe she was just giving herself room to change her mind…?

She did her best not to giggle as she saw Davey tumble into a tree, and smiled to herself as he shrugged off his jacket. What was this boy doing? Then it registered exactly where they were going, and she felt laughter bubble up inside, keeping a good lid on it. She decided, as they got closer to the lake, that enough was enough, and actually stepped a little louder, sure she couldn’t take him by too much surprise unless he turned around and she was naked. Which she wouldn’t be. She was about to call out for him to watch the water, when he managed to get himself soaked. However, she couldn’t stop laughing. ”Oh Davey,” she laughed, making her way closer to him, and sitting down next to him on the shore. It was no secret Davey Gudgeon was a good-looking guy, so she took the opportunity to appreciate the fact as his clothes clung to his body. ”You look good wet, though,” she giggled, and reached down to stroke some of his hair out of his face.

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