The marauders and their peers have reached their final year at Hogwarts. After this, they'll have to face the real world, and with a war going on in wizarding Britain, they'll be forced to take sides, sometimes against each other. But they still have this one year, and they're determined to make the most mischief they can out of it.

We Were Here First is a new intermediate-advanced Hogwarts rp set in the Marauder era. We have no word count and accept both canons and originals.

February, 1978

Everyone is returning back to Hogwarts following the new year… or least mostly everyone. There are only whispers but some seats that had been full before break now sit empty and gossip runs amuck about the fate of these students; a new school or something much more deadly? Considering the rising tensions outside of the walls of the school, either scenario is just as likely.




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 The Girl is Mine, danny/jimmy
Posted: Dec 28 2011, 06:01 AM

seventh year; jamey
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Group: Slytherin
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Things were finally starting to look up. The past few months had been hell for Marcus. You could say that things went downhill ever since that fateful day that Hogsmeade was attacked by Death Eaters. He himself wasn’t directly involved, but it really set the tone for the coming months. Then there was the whole Chase and Marlene incident that had really set him against his best friend. Thankfully he had Belle to make him feel better. But even that went bad once he skipped a date with her to go to a betrothal dinner with his future wife, Narcissa. The spat with Belle took forever to resolve, but thankfully they were better now.

The winter break was really what he needed. Getting away from Hogwarts was necessary. It was almost like cabin fever. He was going stir crazy in the castle, and being around everyone constantly was making him feel annoyed. Even though he had to put up with his family’s pro-Death Eater stance, it was a relatively good holiday. Marcus stayed out of the discussions as best as he could. Aaron’s admission that he had been running some mercenary work for the Death Eaters wasn’t even capable of bringing Marcus down. He found himself with an unusual spring in his step as he crossed to Platform Nine-and-three-quarters when coming home from break.

The spring was still in his step while walking the corridors of Hogwarts. Though it wasn’t literal. Marcus Decorum wouldn’t be caught dead bounding down the corridors no matter how much Belle said it was cute. He was hoping that the next chunk of his final year of school would be on the positive side. It almost had to be. Karma owed it to him after all the shit it put him through. He paid his dues, time to reap from the benefits. They were almost at the home stretch. There were only about six months left, which seemed like a lot but he knew that they would fly by thanks to preparations for their big exams.

There was only one thing that was still bringing him down. And that thing was Danny Fletcher. Marcus really had no right to be angry at the other boy. Belle had slept with him when they were fighting after the Narcissa incident. He couldn’t really call any claims to it. He and Belle weren’t even together like they were now. They had only been on one “date”. Marcus wasn’t allowed to be this defensive and territorial. But he couldn’t help it. After all, he was a man. It was a pride issue. She was his Belle. No one else’s.

Marcus was never planning on doing anything about it. He couldn’t really. The crowded corridors of Hogwarts prevented anything. Plus he wasn’t really looking forward to ruining his good streak already when the start of school was only a week old. The only option would be to somehow get Danny on his own, which would be an even bigger challenge. He knew Belle would be absolutely furious if she found out that he had actually confronted and gotten into a fight with Danny (honestly, he knew that a physical altercation would be the eventual outcome. It was in his nature.). And believe it or not, it wasn’t actually in Marcus’ nature to hunt Danny down. Then he would just look like a huge asshole.

Which was why today was looking good. Marcus was walking down the corridor on the fifth floor. He had a free period and was slowly making his way towards the library after class. Marcus was really in no rush so he was taking in the sights. Suddenly he spotted a blonde head in front of him, walking in the same general direction. Even without seeing the face Marcus knew who it was. His more rational side was saying to just let it go, it wasn’t worth it. Unfortunately, that side wasn’t very strong. “Oi! Fletcher! We need to talk. Now.” He stopped in his tracks and crossed his arms, waiting for Danny to react. The feel people who were also walking the corridor paused briefly. Marcus shot them a look that clearly said ‘get lost’. They took the cue and hurried out. Soon it was just him and Danny, alone.

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Posted: Dec 31 2011, 01:44 AM


The Christmas holiday for Danny had been full of good memories. Obviously he was disappointed not to return home, but ever since first year he hadn’t been home for Christmas. He preferred his parents to have money for essentials like food and to be able to spend it on themselves rather than having another mouth to feed or keep warm at traditionally the coldest part of the year. He was happy to return for the Easter holidays as the bad weather had generally died down by that point. His parents managed to send him a gift yearly and some of the friends around Hogworts might have bought him a little something, a box of Honeyduke’s sweets was norm; the size of the box depended on their relationship with him. He was disappointed by the lack of gift from Belle. He thought after their encounter in the Great Hall he might have received something. Danny also noticed the lack of Allison present, which he had received last year. However it had been a good holiday, he used it as a break from his heavy work load, quidditch practices, and annoying the hell out of the Slytherin Seventh year boys. Boys meaning Marcus and Chase deliberately, anyone else was just added fun.

Now the holiday was over and classes were starting again. The peace he got had in the Ravenclaw Commonroom without three quarters of the Ravenclaw populations was amazing. And now they were back. The first and second years, especially the muggle ones, were showing off the presents they received and all the wonderful things that they did. And there were the workers taking up the space on the desks. And the noisy boisterous people. They were the worst sometimes. So he was now doing his school work at night in the great hall.

Back in the present moment he was leaving charms and walking down the fifth floor corridor just going with the flow of the people, other students who were milling about on their way to their next class. Danny didn’t have class until the end of the day and was actually wondering what to spend his time doing. The commonroom was the obvious choice. And the best choice, just with the lack of free tea on demand from the friendly neighbourhood house elves who so willingly supplied it when you were downstairs. That was clearly one of the disadvantages of living in one of the two houses eight floors away from kitchens, nine if you counted the slide into the kitchens as well. He was just about to move his way upstairs rather than down when he heard a familiar and not too happy voice.

Stopping and turning to face the voice caused a holdup in the corridor. He had broken the fluid mechanics of the students moving. He caused a hold up and the ripple effect that went along with it. To the person that walked into him Danny gave the ‘get out of here quick if you know what is good for you stare’. This caused a slight ripple effect in the crowd. Marcus completely cleared the corridor with his mad eyed stare. It was a look which said ‘I will eat your small childlike legs if you don’t move any faster’.

”Marcus! My beater buddy! Long time no talk! Why I’ve not seen you since. Well since the last quidditch match. You okay after I sent that bludger at your head?”

Clearly this wasn’t what Marcus wanted to discuss. Mainly because Marcus had stopped Danny in a busy corridor. Conversations like that weren’t the done thing when a quick catch up was in mind. Not that Marcus had ever wanted to host a catch up with Danny. It was pretty much in the first few weeks of term Danny picked a fight with the boy unwisely, after falling out with Chase much much quicker, and since then he and Slytherins just did not get on. ”So got any juicy gossip you feel like sharing? Who is sleeping with who? That kind of stuff. Italian boy?”. Danny finished crossing his arms and having one of those faces on which you hate because it is deliberately obnoxious.
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Posted: Jan 5 2012, 01:41 AM

seventh year; jamey
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Group: Slytherin
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Joined: 16-May 11

Marcus’ eyes were trained solely on Danny as the boy reacted to his voice. Marcus had to remind himself (quite a few times already, and the two hadn’t even talked yet) to attempt to keep calm. He honestly didn’t know if that was going to be possible. He remembered how he had managed to keep collected when Belle broke the news to him. Though that had been completely different circumstances. For one he had just managed to get Belle back and didn’t want to ruin anything. Besides, he couldn’t really be mad at her. It was because of him that she got driven into Danny’s arms in the first place. He had made the mistake of forgetting to reschedule their date so that he could attend the dinner party. He was the one who had made her cry all those tears.

But he could still be angry at Danny. And he was certainly planning on it. Danny should have never gone through with the entire thing. Belle was visibly broken. Marcus had been able to see it the moment that he found her in that closet the next morning. The messed up hair, ruffled dress, and clear indications that she had been crying. Granted, he didn’t know what she had looked like after that. But the way the two of them reunited, he could have guessed that she was still rather upset about the way that things had gone down. Danny should have noticed this and acted properly. Not agreeing to sleep with her when she was clearly distraught over something else. That would have made things worse. No, the gentleman thing to do would have been there as a shoulder to cry on, not a warm body to lie beside. What Danny did was out of line. And Marcus was going to make sure that the other boy knew about it.

After the corridor cleared out (wow, that happened quick. Marcus would have to take note of that technique the next time he was running late to class and a gaggle of first years had decided to choose that moment to forget how to walk), Marcus walked over to Danny. He took slow, deliberate steps to give off an air of seriousness. He kept his arms crossed and eyes locked on Danny. There was a part of him that considered just lunging at the Ravenclaw and getting in as many blows as he could before the other boy knew what was even going on. But that would be a cheap shot, and Marcus was above that. Still he kept his right hand balled into a fist and made sure that he had easy access to his wand.

He stopped about a foot away from Danny. Marcus took a moment to assess the situation. Danny looked to have an advantage if things got physical. He was slightly taller than Marcus, and also a bit bulkier, in contrast to Marcus’ more compact frame. Though it was tough to say who would actually have an advantage. They were both Beaters, which meant that they had to have some strength behind their swings. “Oh I’m just peachy. Shame we won’t get to play against each other in Quidditch again. It means I won’t be able to return the favor. Though I think I did get a bit of revenge with that nice Bludger I sent at your Chaser. Tell me; is he out of the Hospital Wing yet? That was quite a fall off his broom.”

Marcus bit his inner-cheek. He wasn’t particularly in the mood for the idle chitchat that the two of them were going through. He wanted to say his piece and hopefully get out of there before his fist came in contact with Danny’s face. At the mention of people sleeping together, Marcus almost lost it. That and that stupid face Danny pulled made the anger flash in his body. It was like Danny was rubbing it in his face. But would he be? Had Belle told the other boy that he was the reason for the tears? “Italian boy? Cute. Not the best name I’ve ever been called. But cute. Aren’t Ravenclaws supposed to be clever? Shouldn’t you have been able to come up with something a bit better than that? Frankly, I’m a little disappointed.” Marcus shifted his weight slightly on to the balls of his feet so that he bobbed back and forwards. “Actually, I do want to talk to you about that. Rumor around the castle says that not too long you and Belle Furlong had a little rendezvous. Is that true?”

Of course it was true. Belle wouldn’t lie to him about it. If it was some other girl, sure, he might have believed it. Then it could have been some petty attempt at getting Marcus jealous. But he didn’t get jealous over the trifling of other girls. Though when it came to his Belle, you could bet your left butt cheek that he was going to get jealous. After all, that was the reason he was here in the first place, talking to a boy that he really had no want to talk to. Marcus voice lowered. It was above a whisper, and could come off as a threat. That is if Danny wanted to interpret it that way. “Because if it is, then we need to have a little chat about it.”

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notes Boy has feelings
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