The marauders and their peers have reached their final year at Hogwarts. After this, they'll have to face the real world, and with a war going on in wizarding Britain, they'll be forced to take sides, sometimes against each other. But they still have this one year, and they're determined to make the most mischief they can out of it.

We Were Here First is a new intermediate-advanced Hogwarts rp set in the Marauder era. We have no word count and accept both canons and originals.

February, 1978

Everyone is returning back to Hogwarts following the new year… or least mostly everyone. There are only whispers but some seats that had been full before break now sit empty and gossip runs amuck about the fate of these students; a new school or something much more deadly? Considering the rising tensions outside of the walls of the school, either scenario is just as likely.




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Posted: Jun 9 2011, 04:11 PM


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    Lucy Johncelin Churchill

    Johncelin was the name of her great-grandfather. And he was extremely powerful in the family back when he was alive. To enable his first-born to as powerful as Johncelin Churchill, Lucy’s father decided to name the unborn baby Johncelin. When it turned out to be a girl—Lucy, herself—they had no choice but to make Johncelin the middle name instead of the first name. This marked the beginning of Lucy’s untimely birth and the animosity her parents felt towards her just because she wasn’t a male.
    Sixteen; June 15
    The most common nickname that she’s known by would be Luce. Luce she can accept. However, she hates getting called Lu-Lu, and it doesn’t help that once she made it known to the world her preference for Luce and Lucy to Lu-Lu, everybody decides to call her that. At home, her parents call her John or Johncelin to remind her that she is the unwanted first-born daughter that they didn’t want.
    sixth year
    Lucy is a pure blood and a damn proud one at that. She’s proud of having her blood pure, but she is not proud of the means her family takes to keep their lineage pure. It disgusts her, basically.
    Lucy is currently struggling with her sexuality—she finds herself attracted to both girls and boys—and it makes her confused. To complicate matters, in order to spite her parents, she announced at a family gathering that she’s lesbian. And now come to think of it… it isn’t entirely true because she don’t find herself solely attracted to females only.
    Emily Browning
    Weighing just one hundred pounds and at a height of 5.2 feet, Lucy has a petite stature. Greenish-grey eyes would be the first thing that would catch your attention if you caught a view of this girl named Lucy. It may be the coldest thing you see in your life, perhaps because of the walls she puts up to keep the rest of the world out. The next thing you notice would be the red mark on the side of her neck if her hair is tied up—that was a leftover mark from when her father went on a rampage and physically abused her before pouring hot water on her face. It missed her face, but left that mark on her neck forever. Lucy has brown hair and a small heart-shaped face with a light sprinkling of freckles. She doesn’t think she looks rock-star gorgeous, but she takes a lot of pride in her looks because she thinks that she looks beautiful.
    Outside of school robes, one can almost always see Lucy in soft dresses of an appropriate length in monochromatic colours of grey, black and white. But that’s not to say those dresses always remain in their original colours. With some paint in hand, Lucy could sometimes be spotted slashing away at her dresses with a paintbrush—she’s no artist though—to re-decorate them. She has a tattoo of a snake around her right wrist (to spite her parents) and can be often seen wearing only earring on her left ear.
    The Churchill family, though proud Slytherins through the ages, are taking a neutral stand on this war. They do not entirely approve of Tom Riddle and the ridiculous war he’s waging on the rest of the magical world. On the other hand, Lucy is quite sure she’d be joining the death eaters, if only because she needed their support to become Minister of Magic after they win the war and also to spite her parents.
    A Snowy Owl christened Term by her eleven year old self.
    Mahogany, phoenix feather core, 11 inches

user posted image


    It’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s better to suspect everything and trust nobody than taking a risk to trust somebody and getting hurt. In the world Lucy resides in, there is only ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘myself’ against ‘them’. There is never ‘us’ in that equation. Because people don’t help each other, because people are essentially selfish, because people are obsessed with themselves only. So is it wrong that Lucy just wants to protect herself? Frankly, getting hurt badly isn’t all cracked up as it is. Because time heals physical scars but never emotional ones. Lucy would rather feel numb than feel hurt.


    It is perhaps a perverse reaction to the family situation back at home. Getting born into a mostly patriarchal family system didn’t help Lucy but caused her a loss in control over her life. Because she craves control, Lucy turned cold herself. She enjoys twisting her words to get people to help her—it somewhat allowed her a shred of control in her life, this hold over other people. It doesn’t help that her wide eyes and high cheekbones always ensured that she looked more innocent than she really is. The people around her are the greatest asset.


    “Does this benefit me in anyway?” would be the first question she asks herself whenever she tries something new, something she has never tried before. Lucy wouldn’t call it self-centred or selfish, it is merely a defence mechanism that would ensure that Lucy comes out tops in life. Besides, Lucy’s world had always been a dog-eat-dog world, a rat race to see who comes out at the top and who ends up at the bottom of the pile. She needs to be calculative to get what she thinks she deserves—a position at the very top.


    Call it determined or anything you want, but Lucy admits that she’s so damn stubborn, once she makes up her mind, nobody can change it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a correct decision or wrong decision, Lucy would stick with it till she gets hurt or die or something. It may be a pretty screwed-up thing to do—some may even call it masochistic—but that’s just Lucy. She may not be fiercely loyal to anybody, but once you garner her trust (a stupid and extremely difficult thing to do—nobody has ever done it yet), she defends you with her life. Her entire life.


    Snide remarks are a speciality of hers, best served piping hot with some whipped cream at the top. Years of living with no control whatsoever over her life gave a healthy disrespect for authority. And it made her effortlessly rude to anybody who tries to control her or put some sort of limitation on her. Needless to say, all her teachers dislike her mouthy attitude, but are unable to do anything for fear of offending the Churchill family. Sure, they can take house points off, they can ‘punish’ her but they always have to ‘play nice’ in case anything untoward happens to them. The people around her pretty much hates her for her attitude, but tolerates it for whatever selfish reason they have.


    There is no way in hell you will see Lucy ever taking a risk. A calculated risk, maybe. But she isn’t much of a risk-taker and she scoffs at people who tell her to take a leap of faith. Because faith? Faith is something she doesn’t believe in—a concept far too… complex for her to truly understand. No, she isn’t going to take a leap of faith to believe somebody and take a risk. Because to form a belief, the word ‘lie’ is used. And she isn’t going to believe your lies.


    Those wide brownish-green hues of hers can literally see everything. Well, almost everything. One of her favourite past-time is to sit quietly and observe people—she does this on a daily basis, spacing out in class to observe the people around her. This feedback from different people feeds her curious soul and she has learnt that one could actually learn a lot from other people just by observing them. Of course, Lucy has a ‘mental checklist’ of the people round her and the weaknesses that she could possibly exploit to manipulate them. Needless to say, this innocent-looking girl is an extremely good judge of character.
    1. Pragmatism, pragmatic, practical
    If the end is achieved, the means to the end don’t really matter. Even if it involves sacrifices on her part, she would do it to achieve what she set out to do.
    2. Charming
    Despite her rude self, if she behaves, she can charm the socks off anybody. And of course, she does this from time to time to very good effect.
    3. Smart
    She actually enjoys studying. A lot. Her results are, of course, proof of this.
    1. Aloof
    She doesn’t really care about anything unless it directly affects her or affects something important in her life.
    2. Craves company
    Lucy doesn’t like getting left out despite her means to keep people out of her life. She likes being surrounded by people, but she never lets them in. Not one of them.
    3. Books
    Lucy has a weakness for books, especially think, leather-bound ones that contains stories which can bring her anywhere she wants. She owns a lot—they filled her book shelves at home and in her room, everywhere.
    1. Chocolate, especially chocolate frog
    2. Quidditch
    3. Flying
    4. Her appearance
    5. Sugar quills
    6. Leading people on
    7. Butterbeer
    8. Being surrounded by a lot of people
    9. The feminist movement
    10. Reading
    11. Transfiguration
    1. Whiny people
    2. Nosy people, especially if they ask questions
    3. Questions or getting questioned
    4. Animals, except for Term
    5. Care of Magical Creatures (she absolutely hates animals and taking care of them)
    6. Potions, the only subject she couldn’t score in despite working hard
    7. Her father’s punishments
    8. Her clothes (especially those monochromatic dresses her parents approves of)
    9. Not being good enough for her parents
    10. Her handwriting
    Lucy is working hard in school in the hopes that she would break away from her family, start out independently so that she would not have to rely on them anymore.

    Also, she aspires to work in the Ministry, to become the first female Minister of Magic. She understands that it would take more than just hard work, it would take more than just that. It would take resources, contacts, everything that the Churchill family has. But she doesn’t want to have any affiliation with them. In her mind, joining the legions of Death Eaters is the only chance for her to get the resources and contacts she requires.
    Lucy is deathly afraid of heat and hot things—she cannot stand anything hotter than a certain temperature after the bad scalding her father gave to her and the angry red mark that wouldn’t go away despite whatever magic she used on it.

    Secondly, Lucy is also afraid that one day her father may go on a crazy rampage and kill her or attempt to kill her in her sleep with her guard down.

user posted image

    Did it matter really, her past? Because it wasn’t something she was very proud of. Neither was it airy and bright, like the rest of the childhoods her friends experienced. It was full of darkness and secrets, things people didn’t really take note of. Yet, it was her past that shaped her, her family and its secrets that gave her her personality.

    Born Lucy Johncelin Churchill to Edmund and Susan Churchill, she was the unwanted first-born whom her dad could do without. Her parents wanted a son, but they got a girl. They got Lucy. So they’d just had to deal with it. Besides, infanticide was illegal and everybody already knew (and laughed) about Churchill’s newest addition—a girl! A girl who was going to be the next heir to the entire Churchill estates. And if that wasn’t enough, she was a sickly baby who couldn’t do anything—she was colicky and fussy and eventually, her mother stopped taking care of her (her father wanted nothing to do with her, her mother tried her best, but always regarded Lucy as the greatest thread to her marriage), instead throwing her to nurses and nannies and when she was slightly older, to her own devices.

    The sickly baby that was Lucy grew to become a beautiful child with sad brownish-green eyes. Almost always left to her own devices, she had to grow up quicker than her peers to take care of herself, to protect herself from her father’s “attacks” and her mother’s “disapproval”. She never had the best childhood, but growing up, she always thought her father’s tempers was normal and her mother ignoring her was to be expected. Sometimes, she actually thought that her life was pretty normal and that being alone was perhaps somehow her parents’ gift to her. Yet, it didn’t mask the fact that her parents didn’t really love her, didn’t really want her around. And that she was almost always in loneliness.

    Lucy’s magic appeared when she was five. In a temper tantrum, her father decided to knock her senseless because she was a “fucking squib girl” and tried to disfigure her by scalding her face with hot water. The hot water missed her face—because of her magic—but it scalded her neck and there would forever be a scar at the right side of her neck to remind her of her father’s cruelty and mercilessness. From then on, her guard was always up around her father, in case he tried to do anything because she wasn’t really sure when another “attack” would happen or when her magic would fail her. That incident caused her to be extremely paranoid and suspicious of even her own shadow. And she was only a tiny five-year-old toddler.

    Yet, it wasn’t her father’s abuse that affected and shaped her life the most. It was the lack of human company—her father didn’t care about her unless he got in one of his rages and her mother basically didn’t even know of her existence—that made her feel unwanted, made her feel so isolated from the whole world and left out. At seven years old, Lucy mostly entertained herself. She discovered her gift for transfiguration and would often transfigure objects into anything that tickled her fancy. However, this irked her father who punished her severely for using magic in the house. From then on, she stopped using magic, unless it was an emergency, and withdrew into herself. She put up walls to keep everyone out. Lucy didn’t want anybody to know anything about her, to hurt her or take away anything from her. Because if they didn’t know what was important, they wouldn’t know what to take, right? Yet, her heart still yearns for company, for a friend, anybody who would just listen to her, comfort her. But she was too careful and too proud to let somebody in like that.

    Going to Diagon Alley (to shop for school supplies) was one of the best memories of her life. Lucy, a ten year old girl, never saw so many witches and wizards gathered in one place. Never saw so many magic supplies. Never talked to so many people before. Never saw so many people. It made her feel better that not everybody was like her parents, like her family, like herself. She could get used to a life like that—so carefree, so happy. She could, if the Churchill family didn’t need her as a heir, if there wasn’t so many controls and limitations over her life and what she did with it. Which her father had to remind her of when they arrived back at home, by punishing her for “talking to mudbloods”. He starved her for three days by locking her in her room—it was one of the most severe punishment ever dealt out to her.

    Lucy’s family life didn’t matter anymore, now that she had another home—Hogwarts, though she had been rather apprehensive when she first received the letter. But it was the best years of her life, those spent in Hogwarts, she enjoyed herself thoroughly in all her classes, challenging the professors with her attitude and getting mentally challenged by the studies and work and lessons. What made her love Hogwarts so much was the people. She lacked human company so much, Hogwarts, to Lucy (even now), was like Diagon Alley to ten-year-old Lucy, even if she never opened up to anyone or allow anybody close to her (because some things are just difficult to forget).
    The first was stepping into Diagon Alley and shopping for school supplies. The colourful people she met were the first indication (to her) that there were actually other types of people out there in the world. Though, admittedly it was marred by her father’s punishment, that wonderful day of fun and delight would forever remain up there in Lucy’s best day book.
    Her worst memory was seeing the Avada Kedavra curse used on somebody. Remember the means of keeping the blood lineage of Churchill pure? Well, murdering was the way to go. Anybody who married a mudblood or even half-blood would have to kill their spouse and children if they got ‘caught’—it was their punishment, in a sense. Lucy saw her aunt killing her husband and her eight year old self couldn’t understand why the person looked so pale and grey and remained unmoving despite his eyes being open.

user posted image

    A few years, around four to five.
    Tumblr, I have a few friends already on here.
    Lucy had to admit that the morning was a beautiful one, the weather very suited to take a leisurely stroll by the lake or take a broomstick to fly around Hogwarts. But today, she cannot enjoy the weather or the spring breeze that blew in from the open windows of her dormitory, because today, Lucy Churchill was running late. Late for what? Late for her first lesson of the day, which was… Potions. She had nobody to blame but herself—she was so engrossed in the latest ‘treasure’ she found in the school library that she stayed up till three in the morning to read until she passed out, exhausted, on her bed. However, what irked her the most was that her friends didn’t bother waking her up despite knowing the fact that they all had the same class this morning. Potions.


    Cursing, she quickly washed up and dressed in her school robes and went out of the room but not before she turned and gave a slight flick of her wand towards the beds of her room-mates. They were going to find a wet something in their beds, something that looked like a reptile or something. It wasn’t much, just a charm to transfigure the bed sheets lining the beds into newts—which were probably going to give the rest of the girls sharing the room a very nasty surprise. Smirking in self-satisfaction, she turned on her heels, rushing to the dark dungeons that the class was held, now more late than never.

    Wincing, she wondered what her professor would say to her when she arrived in class—her robes were nowhere as neat as they always were and her hair was dishevelled and tangled. Sighing, she attempted to pull her hair into a bun, but to not avail. Shaking her head, she turned into the classroom and immediately went to her usual seat beside her usual partner. “Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in. Oh, darling little Lucy Churchill.” The professor said as he turned a disapproving glare to Lucy. “You’re late, Lucy Johncelin Churchill, may I know why?”

    Lucy glared back at the professor. It wasn’t that she didn’t like him, it was just that Potions was so goddamn hard, she hated the subject and everything that reminded her of it. “I don’t think so, sir. I am not quite sure you would want to know, Professor. It involves a boy and a bed,” She retorted, shrugging at the professor as the whole class burst into laughter. With that, she settled down into her seat and dug out whatever Potions-related item she had in her bag.
Posted: Jun 10 2011, 06:52 PM

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