even angels have their wicked schemes

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ALI Posted on May 9 2011, 03:45 AM

user posted image
--- -- MCQUEEN
twenty-seven. dark. Ryan Gosling

An alpha of his own pack made up of -- LAWRENCE and his mate -- CARSON, -- -- MCQUEEN has always been the protective type. When he was young, during his first transformation, he believed himself to be crazy. His parents, an extremely religious pair, would have never understood. So he hit the road in search of information on the curse. He gathered as much as he could and eventually ran into -- CARSON, a werewolf just as confused as he was. The two forged a bond and found companionship and love with each other as they discovered more about their curse. They seemed to share each other's ideals perfectly until they learned of the origin of the curse. As -- -- CARSON became overwhelmed with bitterness, -- -- MCQUEEN only felt it was his duty to help others of their kind the way that he had never been helped. Thus enters the small girl he knew in -- -- LAWRENCE. A friend of her mother's, -- -- MCQUEEN took it upon himself to help take care of her when the girl's mother died in a car accident. When he discovered she possessed the curse as well, he took extra caution with her and she eventually ran away with -- -- CARSON and himself. It probably wasn't one of his better ideas as he finds himself advancing on her with little restraint. There's just something about her that -- -- CARSON can't give. And though he hates to hurt his mate, he is possibly more afraid of what will happen once -- -- CARSON finds out about his advancements.

user posted image
---- ---- LAWRENCE
nineteen. light. Annalynne Mccord

-- -- LAWRENCE, a young wolf, has found a mentor in the older -- -- MCQUEEN. She lost her mother in a car accident when she was ten, and her father tried his best to recover, but nothing ever seemed the same after the incident. -- -- MCQUEEN was a friend of her mother's who began to sprout up much more after her death. -- -- LAWRENCE was unexpectedly comforted by his presence as he began escorting her to school and back, took her out to movies on the weekends. The night before she headed for college, she asked him to run away with her. By that time, she had recognized her werewolf curse and also knew of his. So they ran and became companions along with -- -- CARSON, -- -- MCQUEEN'S mate and suggested alpha female. He introduced -- -- LAWRENCE to the world of the Dark, but she's gained a hard time accepting their commitment to Lucifer. Not only that, but she is confused by -- -- MCQUEEN's advances and her desire to return them, but constantly feels -- -- CARSON's eyes leering through her back.

user posted image
--- --- CARSON
twenty-five. dark. Rosario Dawson

-- -- CARSON is probably one of the most bitter of her kind. She came from a great deal of perfection with a wealthy family and a loving atmosphere. When she first transformed, it tore all that away from her. She ended up attacking her younger sister and seriously deforming the girl. When such knowledge reached her senses, she ran. -- -- CARSON couldn't go far enough away from the life that she had until she found -- -- MCQUEEN, one of her kind just as scared and confused. They bonded and quickly became their own pack. -- -- CARSON was finally coming into herself, becoming a great assassin for the Dark, a part of what she found was her duty, and life was becoming normal. That is until -- -- MCQUEEN found a young werewolf named -- -- LAWRENCE. -- -- MCQUEEN took the girl under her wing and, so far, -- -- CARSON has gone along with it. She certainly doesn't appreciate the girl's light ideals, but she's more worried about the gleam in her mate's eyes when he gazes at the newcomer.

user posted image
twenty-seven. light. Channing Tatum. Played by Ali

ALEXANDER didn't ask to be a werewolf, by any means. It hasn't been too long since he was turned. He doesn't remember the attack that caused him to become a werewolf, or who did it, but he has been miserable since he became of these damned creatures. Since then, ALEXANDER has been pack-less, refusing to conform to the werewolf society. He's wandered across the country, looking for something. He's done some research about his kind, and he keeps telling himself that a mate will be the one thing that saves him, if he finds that person. He has a job working at the local prison, as a guard. Heck, they need help with all the inmates who are in the supernatural world. He's met BELLE, and there's something about her that he can't stop thinking about. She's one of the nurses there, and is one of the kindest people he's ever met. ALEXANDER doesn't know if he should pursue it or not, since he believes he's a monster, even though BELLE doesn't see it that way. She could be the one for him, but time will tell...

ALI Posted on May 9 2011, 03:44 AM

user posted image
210/thirty five. dark. Gerard Butler. To Be Played By Lea

The victims of Victor learn quick that he's lost all touch with humanity many decades ago, and that he won't be finished with them until they bore him. Victor is a vampire who enjoys the lifestyle he has, toying with the minds and bodies of any human who catches his eye, or quenches his thirst. In Main, he's been trying to figure out his purpose for being here. Lucky for him, Mikaela Fossil is the one remaining connection he has to Damien Ford, the vampire he sired, and has been waiting to get revenge on for a very long time. The only person standing in the way of his revenge is WILLIAMS. There's nothing wrong with some competition, right?!?

user posted image
---- FROST
515/appears 40. dark. Jason Isaacs

FROST has been a prominent and influential figure in Main for quite some time now. He's a business man, who's sophisticated, and known to be a lady killer, figuratively, and if he loses control, literally. His right hand woman in his business in Main is GREY, who's proved to be a great ally to him. Although he has tried to court her in the past, he's recently learned that he should be worried if the two have slept with the same women before! When word gets around that he may have an illegitimate son(WILLIAMS), FROST will make sure he gets to the bottom of things. Still, he has two options. He can bring this kid into his life, make him a spitting image of himself. FROST can also kill the whelp, to avoid any further problems. Either way, FROST has a dilemma on his hands...

user posted image
--- GREY
387/appears 27. dark. Amy Lee

This vampire was turned on a cold winter night by FROST, and it took her a while to admit what he did was for the better. GREY is a mysterious and alluring vampire, and she's used this in her cunning ways to get to the top, aiding FROST. Even with this, GREY does have a gentle side, reserved for those who hold a place in her heart. Still, she longs for someone to call her own, whether it is a lover, or to be a sire herself. She sees potential in these lately, and she's determined to get what she wants. There's a human named FOX who's caught GREY's eye, although FOX is intimidated by GREY and her advances. GREY believed that FOX would make a great vampire, if only she could believe that herself...  

user posted image
---- --- LENNOX
151/appears in her late 20's dark. Evan Rachel Wood

This vampire has been a loner for years, only looking out for numero uno. That, and she's kind of cruel when she makes a kill. One night, she was doing just that, when a witch showed up during her feeding. CROFT looked scared out of her wits, clearly not a frequent watcher of the vampire community, and how they feed. LENNOX let her live, more out of her amusement of CROFT, since it seemed that CROFT stared at her a little too much. They ran into each other again, and LENNOX thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make CROFT go crazy for her, and eventually, get her to work for the dark side. What LENNOX didn't plan on was that she's starting to have actual feelings for CROFT.

ALI Posted on May 9 2011, 02:40 AM

user posted image
--- ----HAMILTON
40. neutral. Helena Bonham Carter

This nurse is someone who others view as someone who can be a bit bizarre at times, but can be admired. HAMILTON has knowledge beyond her years about the medical field, and people. The one secret she keeps from everyone? She hears unspoken voices. One thing people know about her though is that she has not been able to have children of her own, which has caused her some grief over the years. One night on the way home from a shift, she came across an orphan all on her lonesome, THOMPSON. Something told HAMILTON that she was in need, and when DAVIS comes around, those same voices will tell HAMILTON to keep THOMPSON away from him!
user posted image
--- ---- LYNCH
20. neutral. Alison Lohman

This college student is working hard in the local university to get a degree in journalism. LYNCH has always had an interest in it, running the newspaper in her high school. She is viewed by others as hard working, passionate, and will do anything to get the information about whatever story she is trying to cover! Her roommate died not too long ago, and it has deeply upset her. It's enough to turn to HOLDEN, one of her close friends on campus. Something has kept telling her to pursue her roommate's death, believing it could have been murder. Also, LEWIS has been keeping watch on her, and it's starting to freak her out a bit...

user posted image
--- ---- STONE
45. neutral. Hugh Laurie

If Ebenezer Scrooge had a clone, it would be him. STONE's an atheist, and an overall cold person. It's probably has to do with the fact that he lost his wife and kids to a car crash years ago, and he only escaped with a leg injury. Since then, he's shut his emotions to himself, and disregarded religion all together. So what's the matter with him now? STONE has discovered that he's getting message from somewhere else, somewhere that isn't really human. He'd rather ignore it, but he won't get any peace of mind any time soon. He's recently become acquainted with MICHAEL, and he's a little to upbeat for STONE's taste. Still, MICHAEL is persistant, and he's got more than a few things to discuss with STONE...

user posted image
--- ---- REEVES
30. neutral. Dominic Monaghan

From a young age, REEVES had one real goal in life; to make a big enough impact on society that he would be missed when his time came. REEVES is an artist, and like any artist has, they have good times, and not so good ones. REEVES has made money in the past for his work, but his inspiration was slipping. Now, he's going with his abilities' instincts to get back into the art game, and there are others that have begun to notice how unique his works really are. But, he has found a muse in a strange girl named -- -- TAYLOR. Something about her is so entrancing, but whenever he's wish her, he hears a voice telling him to leave. Though he may be told to run, there doesn't seem to be any sort of running soon.

ALI Posted on May 9 2011, 02:39 AM

user posted image
--- -- DUBOUIS
38. rogue. Eva Longoria

If anyone was similar to the Wicked Witch of the West, it's DUBOUIS. This feisty sorceress is one that likes to have power, and will use any means to get it. She knows all about this war, and that each side has their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. She's walking a thin line between light and dark, how she uses other creatures to own advantage. This time, she's been getting to know DONVOAN, a male siren. He thinks she's generally interested in him. Really, she's trying to gain a one up on those who could be more powerful. DUBOIUS is rivals with CRANE, and she enjoys putting him in his place. Will he catch on to what she is doing to DONOVAN? Or will he get tempted to do the same?
user posted image
---- ---- CRANE
40. neutral. Eli Roth

Since the first day he and DUBIOUS met, he knew they would be bitter rivals to the end. Both of them strive to be the best, and the only real competition they see in their lives are each other. CRANE, of course, is easier to get along with that DUBOIUS, and he's determined to have more than that against her! Lately, the female has been taking advantage of DONOVAN, but he's too blind to see it. Should he let the siren know he's getting played? Maybe, but there's also the appeal of his unexpected friendship with SAMPSON, a mermaid who's family became victims to dark forces. The warlock will come to learn that DUBOIUS had to do with the death of SAMPSON's family, and will encourage him to look for revenge... 

user posted image
--- --- CROFT
32. rogue. Evangeline Lily

It's not often that a witch can be persuaded to join the dark, but lately, she's having a hard time resisting. There's something about LENNOX that has kept her wondering about the other side. You see, this vampire found CROFT in the most unlikely way. The witch accidentally came across LENNOX while she was feeding, and thought she was going to end up dead like LENNOX's unfortunate victim. Instead, LENNOX decided that she liked CROFT, and let her live. It seems that the witch has become more than intrigued by LENNOX, after meeting with her again. CROFT doesn't believe that them meeting again was coincidental, and is willing to see how far their relationship goes...

user posted image
43. neutral. Robert Downey Jr.

ANDERSON is one of those fellows who thinks he's all that. It's probably why he became a warlock in the first place. He's been one who likes to have power, so being able to use magic was more than just amusing for him. From a young age, he had a flair for the dramatic, and a quick tongue. It gets kind of hard for ANDERSON to keep friends, but he's got JONES, a fiesty cop on the force. After talking to JONES, he knows how a string of murders has been getting on his nerves. He wants to help his friend, but he is torn. That's because there's a hell hound, SUMMERS, who's got him in deep water....

ALI Posted on May 9 2011, 02:37 AM

user posted image
21. neutral. Emma Watson. Played by Ali

For Mikaela Fossil, things could be better. Sure, she has plenty of financial security, thanks to her billionaire parents, but that doesn't change the fact that they see her more as a business project than a daughter. They didn't approve of the relationship she had with Damien Ford(npc), an older man, who was also a vampire. Before they could run off together, he died, a hunter killing him, leaving Mikaela all alone. The girl has moved to Main recently, her parents giving her some time to herself before "returning to normal". Victor Colt may look like her savior, but his intentions are far from noble. There's also WILLAMS, but he'll have to work hard to get her full attention!
user posted image
--- ---- BLAKE
23. neutral. Shia Labeouf

-- -- BLAKE works at the local Blockbuster, even though he knows it is due to go out of business any day now. He's a movie buff, one of his favorite sites being IMDB. He also runs a movie critiquing blog, which has gained him some bit of online celebrity. Unfortunately, he's discovered the existence of the supernatural world, on accident, by running into a hell hound or two. Now, he's gotten himself into a deal to help -- -- DAWSON. She keep mentioning a friend of his, -- -- YATES. Says she wants to get to know him better, but what does -- -- BLAKE'S best friend have to do with an evil hound?

user posted image
-- --- FOX
22. neutral. Emily Browning

FOX's life hasn't exactly been rainbows and butterflies. Her parents divorced when she was eight, and her stepdad wasn't the greatest addition to the family once her father was gone. Still, FOX's mother has stayed with him, and FOX has had enough! Unfortunately, she doesn't have the confidence to stand up to him. Enter GREY, an all powerful vampire. The two met while FOX was running errands for her evil stepfather. Since then, GREY has been trying to gain FOX's trust, and then some, but it's proving to be a struggle. FOX is confused by GREY, and how she acts towards her. Is there possibility that there is some amount of a crush or something developing? Eternal freedom from her stepfather does seem very enticing, and GREY keeps saying she can arrange for this to happen...
user posted image
---- --DELANEY
70. light. Clint Eastwood

The worst thing you can tell DELANEY to do is to quit his job. Not only is he the chief of police, but he's also a hunter. Hes's been onto the supernatural since CORVIN killed his loved ones many years ago. Now, all he does is hunt the dark supernatural beings that cross his path. DELANEY is still in good shape for a man his age, and he doesn't like it when other judge him on his age. Sure, he's more mature than you, but he'll kick your sorry ass if he has to! He lives not too far from SWAN, and DELANEY has noticed changes in her attitude, which gives more than enough reason to investigate further...

ALI Posted on May 9 2011, 02:36 AM

user posted image
---- ---- WILLIAMS
22/37 neutral. Daniel Radcliffe

WILLIAMS is not your average fellow. As a child, his mother told him his father was a very powerful vampire. Of course, WILLIAMS thought she was crazy, until the day he stopped aging. Through researching lore, he discovered he was a dhampir, half human, half vampire. For years, WILLIAMS has been searching for his biological dad, for answers to the numerous questions he's had. WILLIAMS' search has lead him to Main, South Carolina. I hope FROST is ready for a kid in his life! He's also met Mikaela Fossil, a human girl who he'd like to get more than friendly with. If only Victor Colt wasn't in the way...
user posted image
---- SWAN
25. neutral. Brittany Snow

Some would say SWAN suits her as a last name. This angel hybrid has no idea she isn't fully human. SWAN is a kind soul, who can be a bit naive at times. She works in the hospital with HAMILTON, who is basically her idol. There's been a string of murders lately, and the victims have come to the hospital. SWAN does a little digging of her own, only to run into CORVIN, the man behind the malice. Once he figures out what she is, he's going to make SWAN wish she had minded her own business! Who can she turn to? HAMILTON? Maybe, if she had time to listen. But, there's that elder man, DELANEY, who's been a key figure in the police department for years. Maybe talking to him would make her feel less alone against CORVIN...

user posted image
--- --- LEWIS
21. dark. Paul Wesley

This hybrid had a taste for violence as a kid, when playing with is toys. If anyone knew it was going to escalate to violence on humans, maybe they would have thought twice about bringing LEWIS into this world! This hell hound hybrid has used this as a weapon when things haven't gone his way. Lost temper with a girlfriend?!? Just kill her! Someone annoying him in general?!?! Why not get rid of them!?!?! Still, he has a friend or two he's hung onto, because they haven't done anything wrong in his book. His latest to be victim? LYNCH goes to the same college as him, and she was rooming with the last girl he killed. She's got a hunch he did it, but he hopes that dealing with her will be easy...

user posted image
18. neutral. Alexa Vega

Her parents are nowhere to be found, because from the day she was conceived, she was cursed. THOMPSON's mom wasn't the best parent, and she slept with a demon to prevent being killed by it. Nine months later, THOMPSON entered this world, and her mother gave her up for adoption. THOMPSON has always been a little odd, and a bit of an outcast, and shuffled through foster homes as she grew up. She also discovered shortly after puberty that she had special powers, but couldn't figure out how or why she got them. Once THOMPSON was old enough, she set out and traveled on her own, to find somewhere she could belong. One night, she ran into HAMILTON, and she took THOMPSON in. What they both don't know? DAVIS, Thompson's father, is in Main, and once he learns of her existence, he'll make sure that HAMILTON's time with THOMPSON ends quickly...

ALI Posted on May 9 2011, 02:36 AM

user posted image
--- -- YATES
23. neutral. Tom Felton

Being able to shift into a blond bear is not possibly normal, but there is one thing about -- -- YATES, he wants no trouble. He's been lucky enough to grow up with a relatively simple life. In fact, he's not even aware of the war going on around him. And that's all perfectly fine because he's quite a simple soul. However, that is all about to change. To his surprise, there will be a certain hellhound, -- -- DAWSON coming after him through his best friend -- -- BLAKE, ready to use him for her own personal gain. Poor thing is in over his head and doesn't even realize it.

user posted image
---- --- HOLDEN
20. neutral. Emma Stone

HOLDEN has always been an ambitious one, and always has a thirst for some healthy competition. She has an athletic scholarship with the local university, on multiple athletic teams. Her main focus is the swimming team, with dreams of being in the olympics. HOLDEN is also very close to LYNCH, who is having a hard time dealing with the death of her roommate. She's feeling the pressure of school, being there for LYNCH, and being on athletics right now. Still, there's one new guy who's been on her mind. On the weekends, HOLDEN works at Louis Beach. She's recently met someone, SAMPSON, who has a secret of his own. He seems like a nice person, but there is an aura of mystery to him that HOLDEN would love to get to the bottom of. Maybe if she learns what makes SAMPSON different, she'll be more inclined to share her secret about being a shifter!

user posted image
--- --- REYNOLDS
37. neutral. Josh Holloway

Born and raised in the south, REYNOLDS was always a southern gentlemen. He is a police officer in the Main Police Department, and is partners with JONES. He considers her his best friend, as they both know about each other's Shifting, and much more. REYNOLDS and JONES both know little details about the war between the dark and the light, but for years, they have stayed out of it, being more considered about the cases they work on day to day. Well, Reynolds is about to change his whole perspective on things. ATHENA recently saved his life, something he was not expecting. Usually, he saves lives, especially those of women in distress! Now, he's become intrigued by ATHENA, and wonders why she cares about this war so much. REYNOLDS thinks that ATHENA may need a distraction from the war to ease her mind, and he doesn't mind being that distraction...

user posted image
---- --JONES
35. neutral. Zoe Bell

For years, JONES has been quite the asset for the Main Police Department. She's tough, sarcastic, and lives for getting criminals off the street. JONES has a lot of respect for DELANEY, because he mentored her from the first day at the department. JONES is very passionate in her ability to get to the bottom of a case, no matter what the cost.. She's been trying to solve the muders left by what appears to be a serial killer in the area, but hasn't come up with anything. She's on good terms with ANDERSON, who knows a thing or two about magic. Maybe he'll have the answers she's looking for, because DELANEY is over his head worrying about one of the locals who lives down his block. Hopefully, her partner REYNOLDS and herself can get these cases solved, without getting distracted like their chief seems to be.
ALI Posted on May 9 2011, 02:36 AM

user posted image
--- -- LUTHER
3000/twenty-eight. light. Ewan McGregor

One of noblest and oldest of the dragons, -- -- LUTHER distinctly remembers the days when dragons grew up happily attached to their priest caretakers. A hard man, he finds it difficult to accept the fact that his own son, -- -- LUX, was never found by a priest as an egg, he was born in the wilderness. As much as -- -- LUX’s mother would hate it, -- -- LUTHER can’t help but be extremely disappointed with the boy. -- -- LUTHER lost his mate and -- -- LUX’s mother in one of the epic battles. Since he has turned off all emotions, so it seems. So much so that he is too stubborn to appease -- -- COORS' affectionate advances.

user posted image
---- ---- COORS
2500/twenty-three. light. January Jones

For many years she lived in the shadows of the dragon that found her and brought her up as a sister. That dragon was beautiful and skilled and overall the best piece of history that had ever happened to -- -- COORS, but that dragon was killed in an epic battle. -- -- COORS mourned for the longest time with the dragon's mate, -- -- LUTHER. They grew to be great friends in their sadness. She has come to admire his strength, perhaps a bit too much. She finds herself captivated in his gaze and wanting to hold him, kiss him. However, he seems oblivious to her advances and it has become increasingly frustrating. When will he see that they could be happy together?

user posted image
--- --- STASIA
2000/twenty-two. light rogue. Natalie Portman

Long ago, she made the choice to leave. She was completely aware of her betrayal to her race, but she teamed up with -- -- JACKSON to fight his way out of Hell. She met the poor beast while she was captured in the depths of the fire. They became prison mates, in a way, an in their hardships, they formed a bond that -- -- STASIA believes they will forever have. So she refuses to fight against him. The shunning from the rest of her kind has left her cold and hard, but recently, she's seen an opportunity to breed a whole new type of dragon, one that would fight for the darkness. So she's targeted -- -- LUX, and is sure to convert him if she has anything to do with it.

user posted image
---- ---- LUX
1000/twenty. light. Xavier Samuel

Born to the wild, all his life, -- -- LUX has tried to make up for such a despicable mistake. Well, at least, that's the way his father, -- -- LUTHER sees it. He has spent years in the man's shadow, as he should. His father has always been a noble and extremely respected man, but -- -- LUX just hasn't found it in him to be the same. Though he tries to please his father, there is just no way around the obvious disappointment. And perhaps his newest interest will be the greatest disappointment. -- -- STASIA is a dragon known to be openly shunned by the whole dragon community, but there is something about her that ensnares --- -- LUX. And to him, she seems to be showing him the world, love, and lust. He's not about to the give that up so easily.

ALI Posted on May 9 2011, 02:35 AM

user posted image
- -- BELLE
23/seventy five. light. Dianna Agron

For years, BELLE has been a supporter of the light. Her parents and elders always told her that the dark side was no good, no matter what. The girl doesn't have a single bone in her body that hates anyone. She's not quick to judge like others she knows. BELLE has been working as a nurse in the local prison, believing that even the criminals in the place deserve a second chance, and when they get scuffed up in fights and such, someone to help them. She's been acquainted with ALEXANDER lately, and she can see that even though he is a guard at the prison, sometimes he thinks he should be locked up. She doesn't know why yet, but BELLE is determined to change his mind. Falling for someone who was supposedly the enemy was not what she intended, but once she discovers that ALEXANDER is a werewolf, she'll have to make a big decision about where she stands...

user posted image
---- ---- BORDEN
one hundred/twenty. rogue. Andrew Garfield

He was the good boy, always faithful to his parents, always ready to stand up for the right, the Light. It was practically programmed into him to fight for this being that he had been told existed since he was a babe. He was more than happy to fight for the cause until his beloved brother perished in battle. -- -- BORDEN took it harder than most of his family. As the younger of the two boys, he had always been told that he didn't need to protect his brother, that the Light would take care of that. But it didn't. --- --- BORDEN has become a silent non-believer, one that will do all he can not to enter the battle, one that refuses to listen to the garbage that comes out of everyone elses' mouths. Except for -- -- PANE. The two boys have been secret lovers for the last twenty years of their lives. --- -- PANE has always been a religious believer, and as -- -- BORDEN feels more and more for -- -- PANE, he is more and more irritated by his lover's ignorance and blindness to the evil around him. There is no savior, no help, and nothing more than reality.

user posted image
--- --- CLARISE
twenty-six/eighty-two. light. Jennifer Love Hewitt

A light spirited woman, --- -- CLARISE has been relatively well shadowed from the war. She is known as a communications woodland and flies to different light creatures to bring messages from other fronts. That was how she met -- -- HERMES. The Olympian was charming and naive -- -- CLARISE was hooked. She attempts to win his approval while girlishly trying to play hard to get, but she is quiet aware of his apprehension to court her. His issues of her protection seem trivial to her and quite unnecessary, but -- -- CLARISE is unaware of the dangers that the true war brings and could be in more jeopardy than she believes.

user posted image
---- ---- PANE
eighty-six/twenty. light. Boyd Holbrook

The kind one. A beautiful asset to the woodland community. But, boy, everyone would know it but him. He's quite the humble one, loving, and yet ridiculously naive. He's done everything he's told whether it was to go pick up a couple leaves or help the cause of the almighty Light. Little has gotten him to stray from that path. Though he's naive, he stands by what he thinks he believes, that is until -- -- BORDEN came along. -- -- PANE couldn't have been more surprised when he found himself in the arms of the other woodland, infatuated by his elegant speech. He couldn't imagine loving anyone more than he loves -- -- BORDEN, but recently, the boy has grown a tad bit distant, especially at the mention of the Light. -- -- PANE is aware of -- -- BORDEN's loss in the fight, the loss of his brother, but -- -- PANE has not been affected by the war in such a way. He doesn't understand how to cop with something so tragic, and so he doesn't understand. Perhaps he never will for if -- -- BORDEN keeps his distance, would it be possible for them to stay close?

ALI Posted on May 9 2011, 02:35 AM

user posted image
--- -- CORVIN
eighty/twenty five. dark. Jared Leto

This hellhound is a sinister one. He loves the thrill a kill brings, the rushing, and eventual gushing of blood is what he lives for! Besides that, killing is in his nature to begin with! If you could describe CORVIN's occupation, he's a serial killer, and he's been very happy with the killing spree he's made in Main. Then, one night he stumbled upon a, angel hybrid named SWAN, and he's not sure what to do with her. Kill her slowly? Keep her for more than amusement? Either way, things are not looking good for SWAN with CORVIN lurking in this town! There's only one thing CORVIN has to worry about. DELANEY is hot on his trail, and it could mean that his little SWAN may be taken away from him!

user posted image
---- ---- DAWSON
sixty-eight/twenty-two. dark. Keira Knightley

She fancies herself as a siren wannabe, but possesses naturally no means to do so. She has issues with flirting to get her way and often makes a fool out of herself trying to do so. No matter how much she dolls herself up, she would never be deemed beautiful by many. It's just not in a hellhound's nature. So because of her foolishness, she is normally deemed as one of the lowest of the low and often comes up with little not no respect. But, recently, she's found a way to remedy that. -- -- DAWSON has hit on a shapeshifter, -- -- YATES, and plans to capture him as a sort of prize and proof of her capabilities. There's only one problem. She has to go through --- --- BLAKE in order to get what he wants. Now is she really capable?

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--- --- JACKSON
fifty-nine/twenty-one. dark rogue. Kellan Lutz

A prisoner of his own master. -- -- JACKSON always considered himself a great asset to Lucifer, one who would never fail. Lucifer saw otherwise. After one small mistake, -- -- JACKSON was locked deep in the depths of the darkness for years and years. He was tortured, used as an example to the other hellhounds on what could happen if one were to screw over their master. In his time of imprisonment, -- -- JACKSON saw horrible, horrible punishments, but possibly the worse came when a dragon was brought down to the depths, a prisoner of war, captured in battle. They mutilated her, deviled her, and though it shouldn't have bothered him, -- -- JACKSON couldn't bear the sight of it. At night, he would listen to her sobs and once, he began to speak to her, reached out his matted paw to smooth over her bloody hair. He learned her name was -- -- STASIA, and they became quick allies. When Lucifer disappeared, however, both made their escape, and have since joined the surface above them. Connected with some sort of supernatural bond, they can not bring themselves to betray one another, not the greatest position for two struggling pieces from opposite sides.

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forty-four/twenty. dark. Olivia Wilde

It seems that SUMMER has gotten lucky this time. She's known CORVIN for quite some time, and knows that he's starting to draw too much attention from humans. She's hoping to find something to clean up his mess, and maybe a bit more. Then, she found ANDERSON, a warlock who had ties to the Main Police Department. She knows that she can kill him, very easily, but she wants to take his life so badly. So what's stopping her?!? He knows that JONES is looking for CORVIN, and ANDERSON is desperate to keep his life. SUMMERS will make ANDERSON do her bidding, until it bores her....


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