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Title: Southland Demons

Kroq-gar - January 26, 2009 11:32 PM (GMT)
I'm thinking of doing a Southlands daemon army as a side project to me Chaos Dwarves, if I get bored of hats for a little bit, etc. My question to you guys is: How can I make the least threatening list imaginable? There are a few models I know I want:
2 units of 3 BloodCrushers
Atleast one Herald of Khorne on Chariot

but the rest is all open really. Unit ideas would be great too(theme wise) What I have unitwise so far.
Herald on Chariot- Herald on Rhino
Bloodcrushers- Bloodletters on Elephants
Bloodletters- Regular, but painted like the rest of the army

So, um yeah.
Bye now.

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