This is a world that is on the brink of change, a world having to come to terms with what mankind has produced from itself. This is a world where the Phoenix force tired of Professor X and Magneto wasting their potential to change the world for good and rewound them in time to give them a second chance. This is a world where mutants are hated and feared, where superhero teams like the Avengers never occurred because who would trust a person with powers strange and incomprehensible?

In short, this is a world where anything is possible, timelines have been rewritten and the entire mutant question is a new and terrifying one. Starting from the beginning, our world is only just realising the extent of the talents that can be born out of the human genome and how it deals with the rise of mutants and superhumans...well, that's up to you.

Welcome to Wake of Humanity, an AU Marvel roleplay opened in May 2011 that accepts both canons and OCs and where any facets of any Marvel comic-verse continuity can be drawn upon when crafting a character. We are an 18+ site with an emphasis on gritty realism, character-driven story development and being a relaxed roleplay community where everyone has bountiful options for joining in the plotting since organic is how we roll.

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 Face Claim
Posted: May 22 2011, 08:18 PM

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Group: Admin
Posts: 1,271
Member No.: 1
Joined: 21-May 11

user posted image

No double claims unless claiming twins.
If you would like a face and it's taken, check to
see if the account is active. Please post
in code.

user posted image

    AFFLECK, Ben • Anthony Masters
    ALEXANDER, Jaimie • Sif Leifsdottir
    AMELL, Stephen • Brian Conner Braddock
    ARMITAGE, Richard • Peter Paul Wisdom
    ARTERTON, Gemma • Greer Grant Nelson
    BAKER, Simon • Alexander Lafayette Valentine
    BALE, Christian • Aiden Joshua Cross
    BENSON, Ashley • Christy Anna Nord
    BAPTISTE, Corey • Cooper Jasper Cameron
    BARNES, Ben • Joshua Guthrie
    BLANCHETT, Cate • Kaitlyn 'Kait' Mercury
    BRIE, Alison • Medusalith Amaquelin
    BROWDER, BEN • Sylar Vex
    CAPLAN, Lizzy • Marie-Ange Colbert
    CAVIEZEL, JIM • Alan Richard Newman
    CHASTAIN, Jessica • Angela
    COOPER, Bradley • Warren Kenneth Worthington III
    COTILLARD, Marion • Hela
    DACOSTA, Yaya • Mercedes Abigail Knight
    DAFOE, Willem • Norman Virgil Osborn
    DANSON, Ted • Patrick Theodore Martin
    DE RAVIN, Emilie • Tandy Sophia Bowen
    DELEVINGNE, Cara • Illyana Nikolievna Alexandria Rasputina
    DEMPSEY, Patrick • Nicholas Langdon Archer
    DIAZ, CAMERON • Elyse Jeanne Pike
    DINKLAGE, Peter • Daryl William Morris
    DORMER, Natalie • Hepzibah
user posted image

    EALY, Michael • Tyrone Johnson
    EGERTON, Tamsin • Amber Cadence Quick
    ELBA, Idris • Luke Cage
    ERIN, Hayley • Molly Hayes
    EVANS, Chris • Steve Rogers
    FARIS, Sean • Axel Daughterty
    FASSBENDER, Michael • Maximilian Eisenhardt
    FEILD, JJ • Bruce Banner
    FUJI, Takako • Hinata Okamoto
    GADON, Sarah • Andrea Von Strucker
    GANDY, David • Anthony Edward Stark
    GIGANDET, Cam • Daniel Rand-K'ai
    GILLAN, Karen • Theresa Rourke Cassidy
    GILLIS, Niclas • Andreas Von Strucker
    GORDON-LEVITT, Joseph • Laurence Fletcher Murphies
    GORDON-LEVITT, Joseph • Malcolm Alistair Murphies
    GREGG, Clark • Phillip Jonathon Coulson
    GURIRA, Danai • Quincy Ari Chinyere
    HARDY, Tom • Marc Francis Spector
    HARGITAY, Mariska • Moriah Serai Amiti
    HATHAWAY, Anne • Eve Elinore Riley
    HEARD, Amber • Felicia Elaine Hardy
    HEATHERTON, Erin • Clementine Grace Valentine
    HEDLUAND, Garrett • Robert Louis Drake
    HEMSWORTH, Chris • Thor Odinson
    HEMSWORTH, Liam • Matthew Michael Murdock
    HENLEY, Georgie • Rahne Sinclair
    HESSLER, Vanessa • Medea Anastasia Cocytus
    HOLBROOK, Boyd • Glass
    HOLLAND, Willa • Melody Marie Guthrie
    HUNNAM, Charlie • James Hudson
    JACKMAN, Hugh • James Logan Howlett
    JACKSON, Cheyenne • Forge
    JANE, Thomas • Franklin Castle
    JOHANSSON, Scarlett • Natalia Romanova
    JONES, January • Lauren Emily Archer
    KANG, Tim • Former President Andrew Liu
    KEBEDE, Liya • Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix
    KIKUCHI, Rinko • Hisako Ichiki
    KINNAMAN, Joel •Matthieu 'D'Krynn' Delacroix
    KITSCH, Taylor • Remy Etienne LeBeau
    KORTAJARENA, Jon • Jonothon 'Jono' Starsmore
    KRUGER, Diane • Emma Grace Frost
user posted image

    LARTER, Ali • Kelda
    LERMAN, Logan • Tyler Johnson
    LESNAR, Brock • Cain Jupiter Marko
    LEVESQUE, Elyse • Casey Tavernier
    LEVY, William • Hrimhari
    LILLY, Evangeline • Wanda Marya Maximoff
    LUZ, Jesus • Roberto DaCosta
    MACDOWELL, Andie • Lacey Christiansen
    MARA, Rooney • Callisto
    MARSDEN, James • Scott Summers
    MCAVOY, James • Charles Xavier
    MCDERMOTT, Dylan • Christopher Summers
    MCPARTLIN, Ryan • Henry Jonathon Pym
    MERCHANT, NATALIE • Maggie Nicole Dorn
    MINSKY, ALEX • Mitchell Jason Myers
    MIRREN, Helen • Helen Gretchen Jennings
    MONAGHAN, Dominic • St. John Allerdyce
    MONAGHAN, Michelle • Macey Johnson
    MORGAN, Jeffrey Dean • Rocket Raccoon
    MORRALL, Karl • Oliver Nicholas Fitzroy
    MURPHY, Cillian • Elijah Andrew Riley
    O'GORMAN, Dean • Clint Francis Barton
    OWEN, Clive • Lucius Theodore Wolfe
    ORY, Meghan • Jessica Miriam Drew
    PALMER, Teresa • Lorna Abigail Dane
    PALTROW, Gwyneth • Pepper Potts
    PAQUIN, Anna • Anna Raven Darkholme
    PARRISH, Hunter • Alexander "Alex" Summers
    PINTO, Freida • Sooraya Hadia Qadir
    POEZYN, Wade • Jean-Paul Beaubier
    POSEY, Tyler • Peter Benjamin Parker
user posted image

    Q, Maggie • Elizabeth 'Betsy' Braddock
    REDDICK, Lance • James Rupert Rhodes
    REED, Crystal • Katherine Elizabeth Bishop
    RICKMAN, Alan • Percival Ian Jennings
    RIGHETTI, Amanda • Jean Elaine Grey
    RILEY, Talulah • Sigyn Iwaldisdottir
    RIVERA, Naya • Miss America Chavez
    ROBERTS, Emma • Matilda Ashley Brooks
    ROMIJN, Rebecca • Raven Darkholme
    ROSATI, Weronika • Alyosha Dolgorukov
    ROSE, Ruby • Moonbeam
    ROSSUM, Emmy • Jessica Jenna Jones
    ROTTMAN, Ryan • Christopher Mark Wallace
    RUSSO, Rene • Frigga Fjorgyndottir
    SALDANA, Zoe • Ororo Iqadi Munroe
    SCODELARIO, Kaya • Laura Kinney Howlett
    SIMM, John • Nick Bates
    SMULDERS, Cobie • Maria Hill
    SOMERHALDER, Ian • David Alexander Carson
    SOSSAMON, Shannyn • Zita Emilie Perez
    STAN, Sebastian • The Winter Soldier/James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes
    STONE, Emma • Leni Zauber
    STRAHOVSKI, Yvonne • Carol Danvers
    SWANEPOEL, Candice • Jennifer Stavros
    TAYLOR, Rachael • Bella-Donna Charlotte Boudreaux
    THELER, Derek • Piotr Rasputin
    TONKIN, Phoebe • Elektra Natchios
    TORV, Anna • Clarice Alia Ferguson
    TSCHIRNER, Nora • Jeanne-Marie Beaubier
    TURNER, Sophie • Nicola Rutherford-Shah
user posted image

    ULLIEL, Gaspard • Samuel Lucas Lacroix
    VALO, Ville • Elian Gervasio Contreras
    VANDERVOORT, Laura • Paige Elisabeth Guthrie
    WALTZ, Christoph • Richard 'Dick' Valentine
    WASHINGTON, Kerry • Sharon Sarah Carter
    WATERSON, Michelle • Colleen Madeline Wing
    WHISHAW, Ben • Nolan Everett Christenson
    WHITMAN, Mae • Gertrude Yorkes
    WILDE, Olivia • Sharon Cassidy Smith
    WILLIAMS, Maisie • Guinevere Charlotte Jennings
    WILLIAMS, Michelle • Sarah Rushman
    WINSTEAD, Mary Elizabeth • Katherine Anne Pryde
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[color=3B5877]LAST, First[/color] • First Middle Last

[color=F0F8FF]LAST, First[/color] • First Middle Last

[s][color=GENDERCOLOR]LAST, First[/color] • First Middle Last[/s]

Playbys can be reserved for up to two weeks, using the form below, but if an app does not appear using the reserved face claim after this time, the reservation will be deleted to prevent faces being removed from the pool indefinitely.

Yeun, Steven is reserved by Am for Link until April 16th.
Teixeira, Marlon is reserved by Crystal for Christopher Decaso until April 23rd.
Portman, Natalie is reserved by Tara for Alice until April 23rd.
Mackie, Anthony is reserved by kat for Sam Wilson until April 23rd.
Gillen, Aiden is reserved by Penni for Seb Shaw until April 23rd.
Call, David is reserved by Shimi for Douglas Ramsey until April 25th.
Winnick, Katheryn is reserved by Steph for Brunnhilde until April 25th.
Strong, Mark is reserved by Szpilka for Kingpin until April 26th.
Jolie, Angelina is reserved by Stath for Viper until April 27th.

[b]Playby last name, first name[/b] is reserved by [b]alias[/b] for [b]character name[/b] until [b]date two weeks from now[/b].

this template was made by minkle at caution.
Posted: Apr 14 2014, 11:18 AM

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Group: Members.
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Member No.: 987
Joined: 9-December 13

[b]Harrington, Kitt[/b] is reserved by [b]Ziggy[/b] for [b]Justice[/b] until [b]April 28, 2014[/b].
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