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 New Arrival, Open to the Morlocks!
Posted: May 9 2012, 05:06 PM


Trudging along the concrete maintenance ledge in the city sewer, Lobster glared furiously at her filthy surroundings, wondering why she’d ever come down this stinking hole in the first place. As she walked she could feel the hunger burning deep in her belly; she had not had anything to eat for almost three days and the gnawing pain was becoming almost too much for her to bear, she would need to find food soon or risk starving; it wasn’t as if her powers would help her surviving down here. Lucy Pickett had (in her mind) a completely useless but annoyingly obvious mutation; instead of normal forearms, Lucy had two long sharp lobster like claws. They were sometimes useful in scaring people off and not much else, but were impossible to hide from any but the dumbest human. To cap off her odd appearance she also had webbed feet and gills and could see really well under water, but she wasn’t about to go for a swim in this foul slop.

“Why the fuck would anyone want to live down here?” she asked herself out loud, wondering if the rumours she’d heard of mutants living under the city had been lies. As she reached a crossroads her stomach rumbled loudly and she held it with a pained wince, really hoping these ‘Morlocks’ had food. Looking down each of the six tunnels, she kicked angrily at the dirty water, unsure of which way to go. After several moments of indecision she randomly set off down the second right tunnel, not realising that the choice had come from her subconscious where someone else knew exactly which way to go.

The silence of the tunnels was starting to get oppressive, so Lucy started to start whistling loudly, which also took her mind off the fact that the tunnels seemed to be getting darker and more neglected. Reaching another junction of pipes, she kicked the wall angrily, the pain only making her more furious. “Bloody hell, why did I come down here? Stupid damn idea…” Muttering angrily to herself, she settled down against a filthy wall for a short rest, her claw pincers clacking angrily before she yawned and closed her eyes, suddenly feeling extremely tired.

Copycat knew she was being followed; for the past few minutes she’d heard the sounds of carefully muffled footsteps and had caught glimpses of a shadow quietly following her. She was willing to bet that it was a Morlock, possibly someone tasked with guarding their perimeter and that was precisely why Lucy had suddenly started to feel sleepy: Perhaps the person would feel safer approaching now that she had her eyes closed and appeared to be no threat. Her senses fully alert, Vanessa feigned sleeping, hoping the Morlock wouldn’t keep her waiting. Her time was precious and she couldn’t afford to spend much more of it wandering around alone in these tunnels, there were other projects and identities which needed her attention.
Posted: Jun 2 2012, 08:31 AM

Registered Mutant
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Whatever else had been lost to him - his sense of taste, a heartbeat, what it felt like to be kissed - Jonothon Starsmore had been left with his nose and the sense of smell it bestowed upon him. Oftentimes, it was the most human thing about him left he felt, once what he saw with his two good eyes were ignored, and he was moodily grateful for that small mercy after his mutation manifesting had taken so much from him and given so little in return.

Right now, though, he almost wished the explosion of his powers within him all those years ago had taken his nose away with it as well.

The active, in use sewers were not one of the more favoured ways into the Morlock realm, but they were one of the most secure when it came to not wishing to be followed. After all, what sane top-worlder would want to trek through the winding, foul-smelling curves of the refuse channels that ran beneath one of the busiest cities in the world?

In the summer, the smell alone was enough to make Jono almost dizzy, and his heavy eyebrows were drawn together in a perpetual, screwed up expression of disgust. Even with his usual 'upside' gear on - namely a high necked turtleneck pulled up over his missing jaw and throat, with a black scarf wound around it for even further protection - the smell seeped through. He could feel it permeating through his clothes, soaking into his hair and, as foul as the smell of the sewers was, Jono himself was in as probably a dirty a mood at having been forced down this particular entrance by a crowd of troublesome flatscans.

In his mind, he was grumbling as to how this return home - a paltry amount of cash in his pocket his only reward for some of the grunt work he'd done down at the docks before dawn - could only be made worse by running into one of those giant, freakish alligators people always said got flushed down here. That was a feasible encounter down here and, hell, he'd probably end up recruiting them to join the Morlocks they'd fit in so well - unnatural, unwanted, unwelcome Up There.

Instead, he found an intruder.

Now, for a grumpy and protective Jono, the only course of action was to follow the shadowy figure, one whose presence was almost unheard of down here. But an intruder was an intruder and Jono, as one of the more able-bodied Morlocks, certainly didn't want one stumbling upon his home. So he followed and watched, squinting in the darkness, and only when they paused did he get a good look at their silhouette.

So. definitely not human then. And that realisation made some small ball of tension unwind a little within him. No, with claws like that, this girl (she looked female anyway) was even more obviously a mutant than he was with his internal flames hidden the way they were. So, after watching her for a while, the British mutant made a decision.

As he approached, he pulled the layers of cloth over where his mouth should have been down, illuminating the immediate vicinity with the shifting, fire-coloured glow of the energy that lurked within him. It flooded over the girl, highlighting her claws (which he'd seen before) and gills (which he hadn't) as well as her sleeping face. Jono had some sympathy, but he couldn't just leave her here, not this close to where his family lived, so while he didn't touch her to wake her up, he did try to speak into her head.

"Oi," he thought at her, not unkindly. "This isn't exactly the best place to be taking a kip, ducky."
Posted: Jun 3 2012, 08:34 PM


[[OOC: Hope y'all don't mind another poster! Just let me know if it isn't...and I'll delete it! No worries!]]

"Note to self...never go down that route ever again. Oye."

Axel winced softly as he rubbed the upper part of his arm, his face screwing into a pained expression and a few curses bubbling on the tip of his tongue. It wasn't really that bad. Really it wasn't...considering what he had been through before and what it could have been, this was actually pretty minor. But for such a 'small' gash (in his mind anyways)--it hurt like hell. It was only about oh--four...maybe five inches long at the most...but it was deep. And the force behind it had been enough to split the seemingly invulnerable metal that was his skin apart, revealing bright red muscles underneath it. It had happened when he had a skirmish with an anti mutant chick. She was a nice looking broad too. Rather short and petite looking with fierce brown eyes and all. Never would he have thought that she would draw a freaking knife on him. Little bitch was fast too and caught him with knife across his upper arm. And she was strong too. Had to be in order to get the blade through his skin. Though he had given her a nice elbow in the gut as a gift to remember him by before he ran like the wind.

And of course the sewer entrance was the closet one he could skitter down without getting noticed by even more people ... and so he had to take that route. Though....a few moments of walking later, and he knew exactly why he never took this route to home unless it was a do or die situation. P-U! "Phew...the sewers sure are getting stinkier." he muttered to himself as he waved his uninjured arm in front of his face in a fail attempt to wave some of the foul air particles away from his nose.

Oh well...it was what it was though. The active sewers may have reeked to high heaven (specially in the summer), it was something they just had to deal with. It wasn't like they had anywhere else to live out their lives in relative safety. He had given half a thought a time or two as to whether or not he could move in with Nancy...but he immediately shook it off. No...he couldn't do that to her. As nice as it would be...it would be putting her in danger. Great danger. From anti mutant people and who knows what else. He refused to do that to her. There was just no way....no way in hell.

He smirked softly...he never enjoyed humans. And he often gave off the impression that he could care less about them. And most of the time, that was absolutely true. But there had always been something about that little blonde that...was just the exception to all the rules he put in place for himself. He couldn't explain it even if he had wanted to. But it just was...well what it was. What else could he say?

He was soon thrown out of his thoughts as he felt like he wasn't alone anymore. He wasn't the quietest walker ever. With the metal...and the extra hundred and some odd pounds he held...he footfalls were pretty heavy. Thus why he had stopped the second he had that feeling. He looked around, muscles tense, eyes narrow and ears pricked. Something...or someone was out there. It could have very well been one of the other Morlocks. Or it could have been an intruder as well. One never knew. And so one he went...as quietly as he could....

But his fears were soon nullified as he saw the tell tale glow of Chamber's "fire". Axel sighed. No intruders. He could live with that. He froze as he got closer and noticed the other asleep against the wall. Mutant she obviously was--given her claws and gills and all. Huh---he had never seen her around before. He turned towards Chamber and spoke softly...so as not to wake the other abruptly, "Hey Jono. Whose this?" he asked curiously....not sure if it was someone the other had come across and offered her a place to stay like him...or what it was.

He'd find out soon enough though....

Posted: Jul 3 2012, 03:48 PM


The sudden voice booming in her head had her jumping to her feet, pincers clicking agitatedly as she stared around for the source of the voice. Her eyes immediately caught the odd fiery glow bathing the tunnel and she whirled round, gasping as she spotted the man who seemed to be missing a jaw, fiery energy radiating out in its place.

“Where’d the hell did you come from?” Lucy growled defiantly, trying to hide her fear behind a brave front. Her pincers clicked even more fiercely as she realised he wasn’t alone and she backed up almost without realising it until she was up against the tunnel wall. “Are you going to kill me?” she demanded, voice shaking despite her trying to keep it steady. The other boy standing behind the one with the glowy chin looked weird, almost as if he was made out of some kind of metal. Lucy had heard rumours about the Morlocks and she prayed that she hadn’t made the wrong decision in coming down these to these tunnels; she hadn’t escaped from a mob in her hometown just to be killed by other mutants in a drain in New York.

“Don’t come any closer or you'll regret it!” she shouted, cursing inwardly at the unusual high pitched of her voice, they weren’t likely to be afraid of her if she sounded scared, but Lucy couldn’t really help I; she was alone and cornered in a damp dark tunnel, not somewhere that helped her in feeling any braver. “Who are you people, I’m warning you, keep away from me!” she tried to inch away from them along the tunnel wall, eyes darting fearfully from one to the other as she went.

Hiding underneath Lucy’s thought patterns was Copycat’s satisfaction at finally finding the Morlocks. These two were clearly mutants; ones with obvious mutations that didn’t let them pass in the world above, exactly what she had expected when preparing for her mission. Copycat had specifically chosen this form to fit in with a group of misfit sewer dwellers; it was based on a young girl she had bumped into in an alley in Pittsburgh and had exactly the type of physical mutation that would make her life hard in the world above. With any luck these two would be sympathetic to her plight, decide poor Lucy needed their protection and take her back with them to precisely where Copycat wanted to be.
Posted: Jul 12 2012, 09:37 AM

Registered Mutant
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Group: Morlock Mod
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Jono wasn't the only Morlock to have picked up on an intruder in their territory, crowding their turf. If he'd been a positive person, he might have been proud of that, that they were all so good at sensing when their privacy was being invaded by anyone, no matter how seemingly harmless.

As it was, he was still a gloomy son of a bitch and Axel's arrival only earned him a heavy-lidded look and a slight nod of his head, Jono's attention clearly being reserved for the girl-mutant in front of them. "I don't know, mate, I just--."

Any further explanation got cut off by the topic of the question herself. She acted as defensively as Jono was used to from mutants who were scared or angry or both, whirling on him and Axel and, suddenly, those claws looked less silly and more dangerous. The British mutant frowned at her words though, a scowl actively showing on the bits of his face that he still had left to him.

"What the hell?" he asked, both a little irritated at her and at the world that had prompted such a question. "Do we look like thugs to you?"

Then he remembered his face.

And that Axel was made of metal.

Axel who was bleeding, Jono just noticed.

...stupid question then.

Jono sighed within his own head and ran a hand through his messy, cockatoo-crest-like hair and eyed her steadily from above his flames. "Look, kid, we're not going to bloody hurt you. Geeze." He didn't like the yelling, the way it echoed like mad down here and drew attention to their presence. More than that, though, he didn't like the look of fear in her eyes and sent Axel a 'what the hell?' look out of the corner of his own gaze.

She didn't want them to come any closer? Fine, they wouldn't. Jono stuck his hands in his pockets and looked down at her, keeping still and looking as unthreatening as a man with fire for a face could. "Calm down, pet," he told her, a tad gruffly. "We're the people who live down here. I'm Jono." He nodded at the guy behind him. "This is Axel." Raising an eyebrow at her, probably the most expressive part of his face, he gestured in her direction. "You?"
Posted: Aug 9 2012, 06:27 PM


Axel expected the other to be scared. Scared of them. Scared of this place. Scared of her situation. Scared of a lot of things (some he may have gotten, some he may not have). He expected her to lash out. Whether it be with fists or words--he couldn't say. But he did know one thing--he had totally and absolutely correct in all those expectations.

He had already been a comfortable distance away from the other (space bubbles--he wasn't about to go encroaching on someone's personal space now) but when her pincers got to clicking and she was yelling at them, with that high pitched tone that said she was scared to death and not afraid to defend herself--he took an other step back. He wasn't about to make someone attack him. He had enough of that today. And giving Jono's reply of he didn't know who this was--it was a stranger. Another misfit of the world that found their way down here. Poor girl. Musta been through hell. He felt for her a little. But he was also worried about him and Jono too. He didn't want to get on her bad side already. He wanted her to trust them. They weren't bad. And they certainly were not going to kill her. That wasn't why they were. They were all friends here.

Though of course it doesn't help when one was under fire from your friends! He saw the look Jono gave him and his metal eyebrow rose (as much as an eyebrow made outta metal could rise mind you). You had to be joking right? Axel's only response to that was a belligerent snort and a second's glance at the other. The words were unspoken but the message was clear. Why the hell was he looking at him like that?! Jono was the one closer to her and more in her face then he was. Why was he getting that look? Okay so Axel was bleeding ever so slightly. Big whoop. Like that wasn't normal down here. It was not roses and cupcakes down here. It was what it was. And if Jono wanted to try and give that impression off onto someone--then he was sadly mistaken. Very sadly.

Axel nodded in agreement to everything Jono had said. "Pretty much everything he said. We ain't here to hurt anyone." he said simply. He still stayed within a respectable distance from her. In case she did go berserk and attack them both.

Though he really hoped she wouldn't....though one never did know after all did they?
Posted: Sep 1 2012, 04:24 PM


When she’d been so rudely woken up it hadn’t occurred to Lobster that these were the people who she’d been searching for; all she’d heard was the guy whose voice boomed in her head and another guy who looked like the liquid metal terminator, which wasn’t something that made a girl feel safe. As the older boy continued speaking Lobster’s fear started to recede; neither of them seemed very threatening and in fact both of them were saying they wouldn’t hurt her which calmed her considerably. Although the boy called Jono seemed to be missing a large part of his face (she couldn’t stop staring at that amazing glowy furnace) and the other boy was definitely made of some kind of liquid metal, could these be the people she was looking for?

“You’re the Morlocks?” she asked, a look of relief appearing on her face before it turned grumpy at Jono’s gruff tone. “Have you ever been woken up by two strange men and a loud voice in your head? You’d be bloody worried if you were me!” she snapped. “I’m Lucy, or Lobster, don’t call me pet!” she glared at Jono and then lowered her claws, staring at them both thoughtfully, all the questions she’d wanted to ask rushing to the forefront of her mind until she felt like she’d burst.

“So you mean you actually live down here? I was starting to think you guys were just some kind of legend or something. Do you have any food, what can you both do?” As she spoke her tummy rumbled loudly and if she wasn’t already pink she would have pinkened in embarrassment; she didn’t want to seem like a beggar, even if that’s what she was, instead she stared in fascination at Jono's fiery face and Axel's shiny skin, not bothering to conceal her staring. Lucy had never been big on something as boring as 'manners'.
Posted: Sep 5 2012, 07:27 PM

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In spite of how irritating the situation was, Jono nonetheless sent Axel a wry look over the shifting, swirling sea of his flames. He and the metallic chap may not have always gotten along, or seen eye to eye (and they were certainly never discussing Paige again) but, at the end of the day, they were Morlocks. And that gave them a shared purpose, shared people to protect against strangers. Morlocks looked after each other and, out of necessity, were a tightknit community, as evidenced by Scaleface's seeming mission to mother every single one of them.

Like Axel had said, they weren't hear to hurt anyone. But the girl herself seemed pretty damn hostile and, hell, it was their territory she was intruding on. Jono was always naturally suspicious of strangers, given how he tended to think the worst of everyone (he was an equal opportunities pessimist here) and she wasn't exactly giving him any reasons to trust her here, what with her being down on their turf and all.

Just because she was obviously a mutant - the same way that he and Axel were - didn't mean that she was going to be automatically welcomed with open arms (or claws, or tentacles, or whatever). That wasn't the way it worked. And she wasn't doing herself any favours by acting as if they were the ones in the wrong here when, so far, they'd been pretty damn tolerant of an intruder.

Plus, she was being a bitch about a part of his mutation that he could do nothing about.

Jono folded his arms across his chest and stared at her then, more than a little cooler in his attitude now that she was giving them both attitude. "You don't see me complaining about your mutation," he drawled pointedly in her head. "Don't give me grief about mine. Or is it just your way of saying hello, to insult strangers whose turf you're wandering around on?"

Because he was a suspicious git by nature, he didn't want to confirm that they were Morlocks, or give her any...sensitive information. Too many people came looking for them with the intention to hurt them and they'd used disguises, or other mutants before.

Jono remembered the massacre...

So he looked at Axel with raised eyebrows and a certain significance to his gave, as well as a private "Keep mum about the details, yeah?" spoken just into his head. "We don't know who she is and, the way things are upstairs, I don't want people knowing too bloody much about us." Paranoid? Probably. But there were kids back in their realm, kids who were far more vulnerable than Jono was. He didn't take protecting them lightly.

Back to Lucy, or whatever she was calling herself. What could he do? He gestured with a hand at his flames and raised an eyebrow. "It's fairly bloody obvious, don't you think?" He was a Morlock for a reason, after all.
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