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In short, this is a world where anything is possible, timelines have been rewritten and the entire mutant question is a new and terrifying one. Starting from the beginning, our world is only just realising the extent of the talents that can be born out of the human genome and how it deals with the rise of mutants and superhumans...well, that's up to you.

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 The Boy has Issues, Denton Edits
Posted: Mar 25 2012, 06:15 PM


user posted image

    Full Name: Denton Silva Moraes
    Nicknames: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Age: Seventeen years old (July 17th 1994)
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Usergroup: Neutral
    Occupation: Unemployed; Homeless
    Canon or Original: Original


    ~~Equine Shape shifter:: Denton too is a shape shifter. His one and only form is that of a brown and black Kiger Mustang. The mustang is 1,250 pounds and stands right at 15 hands (5 feet) tall at the withers. He never has nor will he ever be able to change into any other horse or into any other animal. Since the size between human and animal is so great, his shifts usually take between twenty to thirty seconds. And it takes a lot of deep concentration in order for him to shift. He doesn’t just shift. He has to want to and will himself to change. He is sluggish and almost non-moving during the actual act of shifting itself which leaves him prone to attack. He does have the ability to talk English in his animal form though he much prefers to stay silent fully embodying the horse. He also has horse like eyesight in his human form but that’s described more below…

    ~~Eye of The Horse:: Due to him spending so much time in his horse form, Denton’s eyes have gradually over the period of the last year have stayed shifted into those of a horse. That means that his eyesight is like that of a horse both in his horse form and in his human form. He sees less detail than the normal human eye making his vision slightly blurry, but Denton has a much broader field of vision than we do. He can see one hundred and forty degrees to his left and a hundred and forty degrees to his right.

    Like a horse, he also has the ability to change the way he sees things around him.

    When both eyes are focused on one object in front, Denton is using binocular vision. He can also see with each eye separately. This is called monocular vision, which allows him to watch in front of him with one eye and in back of him with the other. Sometimes if Denton sees movement using monocular vision, he will usually turn his head to see with both eyes - switching to binocular vision (to focus on the moving object).

    Denton has a forty degree wide blind spot right in front of him and another blind spot directly behind him. This means that he cannot see anything right in front of him or behind him. Because of this he is often seen with his head tilted off toward the side so that he can see.

    Denton cannot use binocular and monocular vision at the same time. And when he switches from monocular vision to binocular vision, this causes objects to jump and distort - until focused on again.

    He also has no control over his binocular and monocular vision. He doesn’t know what it is or how it works. He doesn't understand it. But with someone to teach him and more practice, he would eventually get the hang of it.

    ~~Side Effects:
    The longer Denton stays in his horse form, the more the feral instincts start to kick in. This means that after about 12 hours in his animal form, the human part of his subconscious starts to get shoved farther and farther into the back of his mind. This means he’ll start to act more and more like a horse and less like a human who can change into a horse. He has to keep a good solid hold on the human side of his mind to prevent that from happening.

    It’s much easier for him to subconsciously start to shift without really meaning to when he is under high emotional and/or physical stresses.

    Denton has poor depth perception meaning he has trouble seeing exactly how far things are away from him, which means that he often bumps into and sometimes falls over things that are low to the ground.

    Skills: Denton has become a rather good pickpocket during the last few months. He used to hate having to steal from other people and only did it when he had to. But now he had realized that sometimes he just has to in order to get money or the things he needs to survive. And so his moral conscious doesn't bug him as much as it used to.

    Personality: Denton isn't the easiest person to get the know. He has walls up a mile high and he isn't looking to bring them down any time soon. He can be quite the secretive young man and finds it hard to tell people…well much of anything about himself really. He doesn't want people to judge him, be cruel to him, or turn him in due to his past mistakes and choices. And so he keeps all of his own emotional turmoil to himself. That and well he hates feeling like a burden to others physically, emotionally or otherwise. He’s figured that if he can make it this far by himself, then he can trudge on and keep on making it by himself.

    On the outside, he has all of the tough guy bravado that some might come to expect from a boy in their late teens. He acts like he’s all brave and that nothing can hurt him. Denton can be rather brash at times with his planning. He doesn't often think things through as well as he probably should and he is known for always going into things headfirst and with reckless abandon (much to other peoples' chagrin).. He's always been the kind to act first and think later. He'll hatch up a plan and then he'll jump right in headfirst usually without thinking of the possibly consequences for him or any others around him.

    And stubborn? Well its tough to find many people who are more stubborn then Denton is. He believes in what he believes in and there is absolutely nothing or no one on this planet who can change that. He fiercely fights for what he thinks is right...though not always in the best ways. He used to be very reserved about using his powers. He didn't want anyone to know that he was a mutant. That has changed now. He has no qualms about using his powers to defend himself anymore. He's had it with being the passive one. You mess with him---your going to get it now. He isn't one for giving second chances anymore--not after being betrayed and burned as many times as he had been.

    He may seem very confident, self assured and cocky on the outside, but really he isn't as much as of those things as he might like you to think he is. He often times goes into these self loathing spirals where he blames himself for every little thing that happens to him or anyone else (even if it makes no sense whatsoever). He deals with a lot of inner guilt and pain over his past mistakes while he tries to forget them...it’s not a very easy thing to do. He is very hard on himself and its only worse due to his lack of talking about it.

    Due to recent events--he has become extremely withdrawn. Good luck in getting him to associate with you. He may talk..but only because he has to. He doesn't want anything to do with people anymore. To him they are all out for themselves. And they only care about themselves. They could give a rat's ass about him and he refuses to let himself get trapped like that anymore. Never again will he trust anyone....or let anyone get close to him. So he says.

    Physical Appearance: Denton’s overall look is obviously that of one not born in the United States. His skin has a rich olive hue to it due to his heritage. He also has short cut black hair that he rarely lets get too long or shaggy. He just isn’t one that cares for the long look that some guys wear. Then there are his eyes. About the only part of him that could begin to tip you off to the fact that he isn’t exactly what you would call normal. He has deep brown eyes that are set about an inch farther apart then what a normal eye would be due to his mutation. He has a real scrawny looking body with long skinny arms and legs and a real lean body. Standing at five feet eight inches tall, he weighs a slightly underweight 130 pounds as several months on the streets without constant food have cost him a little in the weight department.

    Denton tries his best to not be noticed by anyone. Thus he often has his shoulders hunched and his head down only looking up to see where he’s going so that he doesn’t run into people. His eyes are almost always pointing towards his feet. This desire not to be seen goes into his clothing choices too. He’s often seen in dark colors such as black, navy blue and forest green. Something that wouldn’t be noticeable from far away. Something that helps him blend in. Denton doesn’t really care when it comes to the way his clothes looks either. As long as its decent smelling and doesn't have too many rips and snags in it, he’s game. It doesn't have to be the latest styles or fashions...so long as he can wear it and look all right in it...he doesn't care.

    Play by: Brennan Mejia

    Jacinta Moraes – Grandmother (69 years old)
    Antonio Moraes – Grandfather (Falcon Shifter) – Deceased at age 71
    Luisa Moraes – Mother (48 years old)
    Paulo Moraes – Father (50 years old; Bear Shifter)
    Fernando Moraes – Older Brother (20 years old; Fox Shifter)
    Nohemi Moraes – Younger Sister (14 years old)

    Denton is the middle born child to Luisa and Paulo Moraes in the border city of Piedras Negras, in the Mexican state of Coahuila. They were only about an hour from the Rio Grande River and the border into the United States but that never really bothered him. He had an all right life growing up. The lack of substantial income made it tough at times, but Denton never really seemed to notice. His family always seemed to make things work. The entire family has a deep connection with the Earth and is very into the whole “living off the land” thing. So they grew their own gardens and hunted and fished when they were allowed to. Denton when he was old enough was taught how to use a bow and arrow and a fishing rod and became moderately good at em. Life was hard but life was good. Denton had no complaints.

    Things didn't change when his mutant powers came to light less then a year later. His grandfather, father and older brother were all shape shifters. And so it was no surprise when Denton began to show characteristics of having a similar mutation. He was excited at the idea of being able to change into an animal. His grandfather could shift into a falcon, his dad a bear, and his brother a fox. He couldn't wait to see what he could change into! And so he often was found trying to make himself shift by meditating as he had seen his grandpa do at times. But as his dad said 'it'll happen when it happens.' But Denton was impatient. He didn't want to wait! But as his dad said, it had just happened. And as it turned out he could shift into a horse. Oh and he was excited like you wouldn't believe! This was going to be great! He couldn't wait to practice!

    But less then a year later on August 23rd, 2010, something happened. Something big. Something that would change Denton's life forever. The family knew that living as close to the border as they did wasn't exactly the safest place...but they couldn't imagine moving anywhere else. And so they dealt with the risks the best they could and were always careful. But none of them saw a group of five American drug dealers holding them hostage in their own home. They thought the little house out in the middle of nowhere was the perfect place to hide and of course they couldn't just let the family go. They knew too much! And so they were virtual prisoners in their own home now. The group kept threatening them to keep quiet or else they’d shoot them all dead. Or they would threaten to burn their house down. Now Denton’s grandpa was taking none of that. He would not let these thugs do this to his family! But when he confronted the leader of the group (the most violent one)…it wasn’t long before a gun was drawn and fired at the older man thrice. Antonio Moraes was dead before he hit the ground…the gunshot wounds to his chest went straight through his heart…

    Seeing his grandfather get killed triggered something within the young shifter. Then what happened next happened pretty much in a blur. The next thing he really remembered was standing over somebody’s body in his horse form. The rest of the group had run off. It took him a few moments to gather his thoughts before his realized what had happened. He had lost control of his powers. He had killed the leader of the gang in his horse form. Denton panicked. He hadn't meant to! It was just an accident! It just---just happened. What was going to happen to him now!? Needless to say, he didn't stick around too long to find out. He just ran. He was just figuring on running into the small little forest they had for a few days to get his head together. That was all he thought.

    He didn't count on getting wholly twisty turned around due to his sheer panic. He was just blindly running on without knowing which direction he was going in. To be honest, he wasn't even sure which was up and which was down anymore. The horse's fight-or-flight instincts were kicking in at the moment though and all he could think about was running. It didn't matter that he was leaving his family. Or the only home he had ever known. None of it mattered. All that mattered was getting away. And so when he came to the river, he crossed it without a second thought. It wasn't until a few days later when he had actually taken a moment to look at his surroundings when he had realized just what river it was that he had crossed. The Rio Grande. He was now in Texas...in the United States. But he had no idea where he was exactly and no idea which direction was home. And even if he did, it was far too late too turn back now and so he went on going to...well wherever he was going to...

    Now seeing as he had never been to the U.S and he wasn't necessarily the most geographically apt individual on the planet, he had no idea where he was going to go. What he was going to do. But he did know one thing--he had to stay hidden. He couldn't let anyone see him. And so after several months of going this way and that way--by the end of November, he ended up in New York anyways. He forced himself to change back into his human form. Not only would it bring less attention to him, but he was beginning to loose himself to the horse's instincts after being in that form for so long. He couldn't rightly let that happen and so that was that. He couldn't worry about that now. He had other things to take care of now.

    Like finding some sort of a place to live now. Or rather hide out in. Whatever was going on around here still didn't change the fact that he was a murderer and now he was an illegal immigrant. He hadn't really meant to cross the U.S. border but he knew there was no turning back now. He'd either get arrested or killed. Neither one of them were his idea of fun. And so he looked and he looked and he eventually found an abandoned house. It suited his wants (as in a roof over his head) and now this is where he has been living for the last four months…he isn’t sure what the future holds for him, but he knows he’ll get through it…somehow, someway…

    Life was as normal as it could be given his circumstances. That was...until one night in July. There was a black out and everyone was panicking. He had nearly gotten hit by a car--twice. And that was just the icing on the stress cake so to speak. The emotional stress and panic sent him shifting. The mustang mutant only incited more panic from everyone around him. Well everyone except him that was. The scientist in the suit that took an interest in him. Was the only one who spoke to him (even if he didn't understand half the shit he was saying). Denton just ran--not knowing what to make of it all. He panicked and ran, forgetting all about the odd man in the suit who spoke gibberish.

    He had no idea that they would meet up again...

    And this time it was in the middle of the New York Streets. A red skinned mutant was the victim of a mob attack and they both ran into each other yet again (along with another girl with sharp claws coming out of her hands and another woman who Denton hardly register as even being there). He wanted to do God only knows what to the mutant girl and Denton just wanted to help. But things went bad. Oh so bad. The police showed up and the ensuing confrontation left him outed as a mutant and scared out of his mind. And so with a rather clingy mare from the mounted unit by his side, he ran yet again. Running seemed to be his specialty here lately. But he ran to a place of familiarity....errr somewhat.

    He had seen Xavier's in passing before and had come across a white haired woman--her name was Storm. He didn't stick around for long the first time, but this time was different. He had unintentionally wandered towards the large mansion (maybe he wanted to go there but he would never admit it)...but he would be staying around for a while longer this time. He collapsed in the yard from exhaustion and when Storm had found him again, she offered him a place to stay and this time he accepted. He realized he needed help and he couldn't do this on his own. And so he spent the next ten weeks at Xavier's. And as much as he was shell shocked and apprehensive about people finding out about his past, he was admittedly looking forward to learning about his powers and getting to know a few of the people he had met there.

    But as the saying goes--'good things can never last too long'.

    And all it took was one attack to bring everything crashing down onto his head again. So part of it may have been his fault. He definitely should have known better then to wander around the ground in the middle of the night. But he couldn't help it. His nocturnal habits were proving hard to kick. And on this night they would prove to be almost deadly. The jaguar shifter attacked him and in the fight--he suffered serious wounds to his back and the side of his head. If you were to ask him now--he would tell you that he ran in a panic, leaving Xavier's. He would tell you that nothing happened in between then and now. That he only ran...

    But that's not how it truly went...

    He was actually taken to the brotherhood mansion so that Genome (or the crazy weird scientist guy in a suit) could read his DNA (whatever the hell that meant). He wasn't happy...and he let the man know about it too. But it was the other shifter's presence that made him cooperative (in fact it was the only thing that kept him cooperative during this mess). And it was afterwards that his memories were altered so that he couldn't remember any of them or the place.

    And so now he's back on the streets and more distrustful then ever. It will take a lot more to gain his trust now...and he's told himself that he would never let anyone get close to him ever again...

    RP Sample: {From another site}


Denton yawned softly as he made his way down the tunnels. It had been a rather uneventful day. Not much one could expect to happen when all he did was hide out in a tunnel and sleep all day. But that was his everyday routine now. Sleep all day and come out at night when no one was around. Or next to no one. But certainly less people then there was during the day time. It made it much easier for him to sneak around without being noticed. The tunnels were all right...he wasn't complaining. But after a while, his claustrophobic tendencies demanded that he got above ground. And that was what he was doing now. He was getting rather antsy and unnerved being in the closed off area now for as long as he had been. It was time to explore...what exactly he was going to do, he wasn't too sure...

It was then he heard it....voices. Or a voice? Was it a guy? Or maybe a girl even? It was tough to tell seeing as how it was way off in the distance. Or it least that's what it sounded like to him. He couldn't rightly tell. But it didn't make Denton feel any better. But all the same, he couldn't help but be curious. What was somebody doing down here? It wasn't safe. They could get hurt. He certainly wasn't one to talk...but hey, he had his reasons! Taking a moment, he closed his eyes concentrating hard on the image within his mind. The image of the black and brown stallion that was his animal form when he shifted. Less then a minute later, the image in his head became real. Where the scrawny little Mexican native stood was now a mustang.

Denton moved on towards the voice slowly and cautiously. There was a part of him screaming at him to run...but then again if he wanted to get above ground, then he had to go toward the voice. That was the only way out he knew of. But then as he got closer and closer...he's panic mode took over. No! No he couldn't go! He couldn't be seen! What if they tried to attack him? Or catch him? The horse quickly began to back away. However...he unfortunately didn't see the edge of the "sidewalk" that led down into the water until it was too late. It was only a five inch drop but it was enough to send the stallion completely off kilter. Denton fell down hard landing with all of his weight onto his right arm (or right front leg as this case may be). He whined as he heard a popping sound within his shoulder. Oh for the love of God! He was praying to whomever might be up there that he hadn't dislocated his shoulder.

He tried to stand but the searing white hot pain going up and down the limb made it impossible. Denton merely groaned. Not only was he hurt but he was laying in an inch of dirty, dank water that God only knew what was in it. "Ahh..." he nickered softly obviously in a lot of pain. But that was the least of his worries. He heard it again. The voice...it seemed to have been getting closer. Denton's eyes widened as he panicked slightly. Ahh shit! Shit, shit, shit...what was he going to do now?! But then he laid stone still, only moving to breathe softly. Perhaps they--whoever they were--wouldn't see him. Its all he had now...

Hi my name is Crystal ! I'm 18 years old and I found this site through an ad….somewhere..
Posted: Mar 25 2012, 06:43 PM

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Your app is now available for you to edit. Please bump when you have added the new material that you wish us to review.
Posted: Apr 9 2012, 02:07 PM


The edits! they are a-done!
Posted: Apr 10 2012, 01:21 PM

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All accepted. I will go and edit his app for you now. ^^
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