This is a world that is on the brink of change, a world having to come to terms with what mankind has produced from itself. This is a world where the Phoenix force tired of Professor X and Magneto wasting their potential to change the world for good and rewound them in time to give them a second chance. This is a world where mutants are hated and feared, where superhero teams like the Avengers never occurred because who would trust a person with powers strange and incomprehensible?

In short, this is a world where anything is possible, timelines have been rewritten and the entire mutant question is a new and terrifying one. Starting from the beginning, our world is only just realising the extent of the talents that can be born out of the human genome and how it deals with the rise of mutants and superhumans...well, that's up to you.

Welcome to Wake of Humanity, an AU Marvel roleplay opened in May 2011 that accepts both canons and OCs and where any facets of any Marvel comic-verse continuity can be drawn upon when crafting a character. We are an 18+ site with an emphasis on gritty realism, character-driven story development and being a relaxed roleplay community where everyone has bountiful options for joining in the plotting since organic is how we roll.

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 Getting Started, step-by-step guide to joining
Posted: Mar 23 2012, 01:45 PM

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  • Go and read our plot. Go on, you know you want to.
  • Like our IC premise? Awesomesauce. The next logical stage is to go and read our rules to check that you jive with our OOC stuff as well.
  • Still want to join? Of course you do. <3 Next step is to decide which character you want to app for. If you're looking for a canon, our canon list will let you know who's taken and who's not. Remember, if a particular canon is not on the list, it's best to check with the Admins before pouring your heart and soul into an app, just in case there's a problem. It's also probably a good idea to check out our list of current bans to see who's appable and who isn't. Also, and this is very important, reserve your canons. Once a reservation is up and not out of date, the character is yours to apply for. Without a reservation, we will accept whichever canon app was submitted first and meets all of our requirements. So reserve to prevent confusion and disappointment!
  • Canons not your thing? That's completely fine - we have an assorted cast of OCs whom we love dearly. Again, check out the current bans to see what's kosher in an OC. Also, no OC can directly copy a canon's power and it's a good idea to have a gander at our powers list to see what our current spread is.
  • For both canons and OCs, if you have a particular PB in mind (and all characters need one) check our face claim to see who's free.
  • Now that you're definitely applying, your next port of call is our application code. Be careful to read that very carefully - a lot of the app requirements and rules are located within the code itself.
  • While you're filling that in, if you have any questions that spring up on you, try our FAQ to see if it's answered there. If not, post away in the guest-friendly questions forum, or drop an admin a PM. Some questions, if appropriate, can be answered in the cbox as well. Our guidelines to our AU universe will help you make sure your character ties in with the WoHverse as it is and our explanation of our member groups should help your understand/decide which faction your character should belong to. Finally, our site timeline is a good read if you're new and want a very general over-view of events that have occurred in play since WoH opened.
  • As far as questions go, remember that you cannot use established groups or characters without permission. As a reference point, AM and PENNI are the admins to PM with Asgardian questions. PENNI is the lass to ask about politics, Weapon X or Stark Industries (via Tony) and questions about Brotherhood recruitment should really be run past MAGGIE (Mystique). AM is also useful for X-Men questions (via Jean), Morlock ones (via Blink) and Hellfire Club joint leadership (via Emma Frost) with PRNNI also being good for X-men (Through Wolverine) and the Eisenhardt Academy (via Erik Lehnsherr) and MAGGIE will cover Oscorp and, yanno, being the president (via Norman Osborn.) When in doubt, though, spam an admin first and we can direct you to the relevant character players.
  • Complied for your benefit is this handy list of common mistakes to avoid in your app that you could use to potentially save yourself some time during the review process. This is also helped by reading ALL the rules and information posts. We are aware that there is a lot of information, but we promise it's worth it in the end!
  • Your app is done? Fantastic. Post it in the Completed forum. Or, if it's not quite done, post it in the Work In Progress forum and then bump it when you're done. If you're at all confused about where to post your app, depending on what stage of completion it's out, check out this list. Remember that it is YOUR responsibility to bump the application when you've reached the requirements for it to be reviewed and your app will not be added to the queue until you have done so, since our app to-do list is based on chronological timestamps. Also, we're trusting you to be HONEST about whether your previous characters (if any) owe posts that are older than a month before you bump it since, though we PLAY superhumans, the Admins cannot actually keep up with every single thread all of you are in. Although Am does a very good job at trying.
  • Please give staff at least 48 hours to address your application (though we're usually much faster than that) before you start PMing us, but if it has been longer than that then please feel free to send them a polite PM in regards to it. Nagging will not convince us to deal with your app any sooner. Either the application will be accepted after review, or a PM will be sent to the character's app addressing any particular problems/changes that need to be made. In the case of the latter, the application will be moved to the Pending forum. All correspondence regarding applications occurs via PM to ensure everything is private - the admin will not discuss apps in a public setting ever, so do not worry. Everything is confidential.
  • If your app gets accepted, CONGRATULATIONS. One of our staffers will then move your account to the right forum, changer your account's user group and you will officially be a member of WoH! Before you start plotting and roleplaying, make sure to add yourself and your character to the face claim, who plays who and powers lists.
And that's it! All the links necessary to joining WoH in one handy-dandy form - now you have no excuse not to have found them. =P
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