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 Witches, Tags: Wanda
Posted: Mar 16 2012, 02:37 PM


    Marie stared at the card between her fingers with a somewhat quizzical look. She often laid them out and performed a reading for herself whenever she felt something significant was going to happen, or someone relatively important was going to arrive in her life. Importance being a relative concept, she supposed; No-one, not even she, was truly important in the grand scheme of things, but others naturally took precedent over others. Marie was blessed enough to see what was the great joke of this universe. Others were maybe more significant then her. She wasn't sure when it came to this one, however.

    The High Priestess, Second of the Major Arcana, looked back at her. The card naturally suggested a female presence, and possibly a stronger one than say, The Empress would suggest. At the same time, the Empress, according to the classical interpretations, spoke of a different femininity. The High Priestess was wise, knowing, serene, and yet, it also had more.. Unusual connotations, although all the Major Arcana did if you interpreted them bizarrely enough - But the High Priestess was associated with mysticism and otherworldliness; It suggested another mutant encounter, somehow. Another one, which increased her interest in New York, what with the small handful she'd met now. Marie had aspired to move west if New York didn't suit her, but the sheer number or mutants she had encountered made her want to stay on a long term basis.

    And with the drawing of this card, it merely made her more curious. It was an important card to her, despite merely being the second Arcana; The positioning of it in a sequence, of course, meant very little in terms of an actual reading, as was the case with any card; That said, Marie was always immensely disappointed, despite the pointlessness of it all, when she drew the Fool in relation to someone's future.

    Even ants should put in a little bit of effort, after all.

    A grimace formed, and she decided to draw another card, to see what else could be said about her up and coming guest; A smile twitched it's way into existence as The Star was revealed. Two interesting choices, to say the least. She shuffled the cards back away, not currently concerned if they were in order. It would be nice if she could, say, talk to someone who had a genuine understanding of her craft, for once. The girl who had visited her recently - Alani - was sweet and utterly endearing, and had what felt like a total enthusiasm over her reading, which was nice, but she wanted someone who understood it all, who could relate to her. It was almost, to a bizarre degree, like Marie was getting somewhat bored of being alone.

    Part of it, she supposed, was that she missed her grandmother, as much as she didn't want to admit it.

    Another sigh emerged, as she felt she was getting a little soft, somehow. Still, even a girl who knew exactly how the world ticked, who knew that the actions of men were basically little more than the actions of insects in the face of a universe they would never truly control, even a girl who knew the way things worked needed a little company sometimes, right?
Scarlet Witch
Posted: Apr 9 2012, 11:23 AM


The building that the Brotherhood had adopted as their home was nice enough, as far as such things went. It had a roof and four walls, anyway, which is really all that Wanda required for buildings. Spending most of your childhood and the beginnings of your adult years running around the wilds of Europe tended to make you rather easily pleased with the simplest of accomodations. Or perhaps that was merely in Wanda's nature, because the only thing that truly mattered to her was that she and Pietro were together, where ever they happened to be or where ever they chose to call 'home'.

Today she'd sallied forth without her impetuous sibling, perferring not to have his company on days when she opted for casual meanderings through the city. The weather lately had been nicer than usual for this time of year, at least as far as Wanda's experience with New York went, and she'd taken advantage of the mild temperatures to explore parts of the city she'd yet to cover. It certainly beat hanging around the Brotherhood house and waiting for Mystique to invent something for her to do. Wanda did her best to avoid as much of the field work as possible, mostly because she disliked the violence that often went with the work and also because Pietro was annoyingly overprotective and even she had limits as to how much of his hovering she could take.

Besides, Wanda preferred not to be rushed when she browsed through a book store and Pietro couldn't help but to rush people so really, it was just better for all concerned that it was Wanda alone slipping her way out of the store, looking quite contented with her day thus far. Booted feet carried her down the sidewalk, unruly locks tossed teasingly into her face as the wind picked up. In the process of brushing them back behind her ears hazel eyes landed upon yet another store in the line, nothing noteworthy really, but the name gave her pause. Unusual names on small shops were not exactly uncommon, not with their owners generally needing quite desperately to set themselves apart from their fellows in some way or another. But this one...

The brunette paused, brows knitted thoughtfully as she considered the store front before her. Wanda had always found herself drawn to what the Americans called 'occult', found the notion of things beyond what you could see and hear and sense with your normal five senses fascinating. More importantly, she believed that these things existed. She didn't buy into everything of course, she was no fool, but ghosts and their ilk? Most certainly. Fortune tellers, on the other hand, could be either fact or fake, with the latter being far more prevalent in the Witch's opinion, but in the end the lure of possibilities, of perhaps finding some guidance in a life she felt had somehow gotten horribly off track (dragged that way, she sometimes thought, by her brother), well that was too strong to ignore.

Mind decided there was no hesitation in Wanda's steps as she entered the establishment, face serious as ever but not in the least bit skeptical. Quietly she measured up the woman she assumed owned the place, a quiet sort of smile pulling up the very corners of her lips in greeting. "Hello," she offered, with a small, grave sort of tilt of the chin. "How much is a reading?" Well, there was no point in beating around the bush.


(Oh man, sorry this took so long to get up and equally sorry for the lameness. BUT I think me and the muses are finally back in each other's good graces, so hopefully it gets better from here. xD)
Posted: Apr 12 2012, 04:11 PM


((No worries about the wait, and this wasn't lame in the slightest - on my behalf, sorry if this comes out a little short!))
    Marie looked up expectantly as the doorbell chimed the arrival of a newcomer, most likely the person she had been expecting; She was actually taken aback a little bit when she looked them over, finding them to have a strong resemblance to someone who she had fought and tried to kill recently; The resemblance wasn't exactly bang on, and they naturally had different hair colours, but Marie was immediately convinced that this was the sister of the person she'd spent the better part of a few weeks stalking. Her powers hadn't even aided her there - she was just struck by the similarities she perceived naturally. As such, a slight grin immediately formed, a part of her assuming that the young woman could be here to start trouble, but otherwise, she was assuming that it was merely irony that had led this woman to her door. The woman - who had a slightly Eastern-European look to her that Marie could pick out - part of it was the curls of her hair, which Marie shared when her hair got too long, seemed to be smiling too. It was a common expression for those that entered the store; Some smiled because they were genuine believers. Others grinned because they thought it was a great joke. Others outright laughed for the same reason - and promptly found themselves turfed out.

    This newcomer was almost certainly the former - someone who believed in the craft, and as such, Marie was delighted, even with the notion that this could possibly be an unfriendly visit; Her smile broadened slightly at how reserved this woman seemed to be. Everything was measured or quiet. "Hi," she greeted cheerily, offering a handshake quite freely as if in direct contrast to the other girl's nature. Truth be told, Marie had become much less withdrawn in recent weeks. She wouldn't call it upbeat, but she was feeling more positive, somehow. Marie imagined Charles perhaps had a little to do with that, but at the same time, she knew this was up and down; Not moments before, she had been lamenting her lack of company. It was enough to make her want a dog, although she wasn't entirely certain as to what breed. She'd always liked bull terriers. Or maybe a Shiba Inu. Marie involuntarily quivered with delight at the idea of owning one of those, before - with a pinch of embarrassment - returning her attention to the customer.

    "Well.. Normally I charge the usual stiffs somewhere around sixty dollars," she revealed with a casual shrug, not really caring that she was badmouthing her usual customers - her smile made that blatantly clear; "But," she continued with the smile shifting to become a touch more mysterious, "Well, I get the feeling I'm going to like you. That you're special, and.. Hn, I just appreciate the company. So for you, we'll say ten dollars. And you can give me another five as a tip if you're satisfied," she proposed brightly, eyebrows raised. She gestured to the usual comfy seats with a coffee table between them, offering the girl a seat. "Normally, I do a seven card spread in readings, because it allows us to isolate specific pieces of information or concepts, so to speak," she explained, withdrawing her usual set of twenty-two cards, shuffling them herself before offering them to the woman.

    "My name is Marie, by the way. Please, do not tell me yours - I think I might be able to find it out on my own," she promised, small deck of cards still in hand, "Before we begin, however, could you shuffle these for me, would you kindly?" Again, as she'd explained to Charles, it seemed that tactile contact was always important - and Marie was genuinely intrigued by this woman..
Scarlet Witch
Posted: Apr 30 2012, 09:37 PM


The woman was...chipper. The closest Wanda got to being that freely cheerful were those times when she and Pietro were together somewhere away from the oppressing (to her) shadow of the Brotherhood. Terrorist organizations didn't exactly lend themselves to smiles and laughter, after all, at least not ones headed by murderous blue shapeshifters and staffed with arguably insane man-beasts like Sabertooth. There were those she didn't mind quite so much of course; Malcolm wasn't so bad as long as you left him alone in his lab, Serafina was someone that Wanda could almost say she actively liked, and aside from her propensity for using Pietro as some sort of hunting practice (something Wanda had tried very patiently to discourage, but to no avail) Catseye wasn't so bad either. At least now that she didn't leave dead mice or birds everywhere. (Usually.)

Still, being away from the dubious characters she normally associated with and amid the type of atmosphere rather reminiscent of the much happier days of her youth, Wanda found her smile ticking a few degrees wider as she shook the proffered hand. She even nearly laughed at the commentary on her 'usual stiffs', the comment only serving to convince the Witch that she may have actually found the genuine article in this woman. "That is a steep discount," she commented with an arch of a brow, "And if I am satisfied it seems only fair to pay full price." On that she would brook no argument, and it wasn't as if she was walking around with an empty wallet. While Wanda was generally the less criminally inclined of the twins she wasn't above a bit of stealing when the opportunity arose.

Some habits were hard to break.

She lowered herself gracefully down to sit, one long leg crossing over the other as she nodded absently along to the woman's explanation. She was quite familiar with the basics of Tarot reading, though she couldn't actually do it herself (more's the pity), and she shuffled the cards with the ease of someone who'd done it a fair few times before. While she did she studied Marie thoughtfully, trying to put her finger on what exactly that accent was. Wanda counted herself as fairly knowledgeable when it came to European accents, if perhaps a little rusty thanks to her years in America, but there was something just a touch unusual in the sound of this woman's voice. Unusual, but certainly pleasant enough.

"Your accent, Marie," she queried as she handed the cards back, not bothering to disguise the curiosity in face or voice. "I cannot quite put my finger on it." She didn't ask outright where the other woman was from, but there was no subtlety in the way her comment left the question dangling in the silence, nor in the way she looked quite expectantly at Marie. Although, granted, that could be attributed to her enthusiasm for the pending reading as well. She really hoped she wouldn't be disappointed.
Posted: May 4 2012, 04:24 PM


    Marie could almost sense something of.. Well, she wouldn't entirely call it an affinity with this woman, since that implied some manner of deeper connection that Marie felt she would never have with anyone, especially not a customer, whose impacts on her life were fleeting and ethereal and just didn't last, as much as she might like them to, sometimes, but she just felt like this woman got her; There was something about the way she laughed at the 'usual stiffs' line that implied they were on the same wavelength, that this was someone who actually got what readings were supposed to be about, rather than treating it like some kind of game. The only other person that Marie had met as of late that she could really imagine being like that was Charles, who she felt didn't entirely get what she did. He understood the process and the meaning, but he didn't entirely buy it, she felt.

    Her mouth opened as if to reply on the subject of her 'steep discount', and she felt like she was going to protest, when the woman carried on, suggesting that if the reading was good - and even without being egotistical, Marie knew she was going to be on the money - she would pay full price. As much as she wanted to reward someone who actually knew the reason she was here and hadn't lumbered in like some of the Neanderthals Marie encountered, grunting and whooping with laughter, she could tell that the woman wasn't going to argue on the matter. And as such, Marie simply shrugged, with a bright smile in place. "Very well. I shan't argue with someone who knows what she wants," she replied simply as they sat, Marie noting the elegance with which the other woman sat. She really was reminiscent of the fleet-footed mutant she'd encountered recently, although it seemed that this woman was much more pleasant than her.. Brother, Marie assumed, given the resemblance. Twins, perhaps?

    Although it would probably take Charles to explain why a twin sister didn't have the same silver hair as her brother.. Or vice versa, thinking about it.

    In contrast to the woman's relaxed and elegant posture in the chair, Marie leant forward, gratefully accepting the cards back with a nod of her head before she looked up with surprise as her accent was questioned - albeit not in a particularly rude way, but it was also meant to ask where she was from, Marie could tell. "Well," she began, "I'm actually from Corsica. If you don't know it, it's a relatively small little island off the coast of Southern France. Officially, I believe we're part of France, but we have our own language and the like. Most children these days speak French too, and I decided to learn English when I wished to leave. It's a very pleasant place, though. I don't think we have a reputation for being snooty and rude like, say, those in Paris." And as much as she considered herself to be French, to a degree, she did very much dislike Parisians.

    Setting the deck down after retrieving seven cards and arranging them in the appropriate fashion, Marie said "We begin with the past, naturally. Everything that we are and everything that we will be is dictated by what has happened to us in our lives. It's true of everyone," before the first card revealed itself to be the Wheel of Fate, or Fortune, dependant upon your perspective. "Wheel of Fortune," she murmured, somewhat surprised at the card. It was somewhat unusual for it to turn up as someone's past, "You have had something of a tumultuous past, to say the least, have you not? Abandoned as babies, you, Wanda - and your.. Hm, twin brother, Pietro, were discovered by the most kindly parents a pair of babies could possibly hope for. Django. Marya. Father and mother, respectively. You adored them. It was, I suppose you would say, a cruel life. Hardship and a lack of food opposed you, and yet you had love. And yet the Wheel of Fortune can be cruel. Crueller still than it was before," Marie remarked sadly, almost hesitant to progress, since this was perhaps the most jarring reading she'd performed since Charles'.

    "Life wasn't easy, but it was even less easy for mutants. And especially ones such as yourselves. Your parents were taken from you. You were alone, and despite having your brother around, you proved to be.. Hm, I don't want to say the most destructive, but you have a visual capacity that he certainly does not. You try to save your brother from a misunderstanding, and cause a riot. The Wheel turns again, landing this time somewhere between good and bad. He arrives. Your saviour. The self-described Master of Magnetism, if not his own ego," Marie continued. And so it has been ever since, despite your unhappiness." Her fingers came to rest upon the second card, although she allowed Wanda time to respond...
Scarlet Witch
Posted: Jun 10 2012, 06:22 PM


Corsica. Wanda couldn't say that she was familiar with it, but her education had been practically non-existent on the subject of geography when growing up. Or at least on geography that wasn't in her immediate vicinity. "Not a fan of Paris, then?" A smile danced briefly across her lips, demonstrating quite clearly her amusement over the adjectives Marie chose to describe her countrymen, or at least her mainland neighbors, depending on how you looked at it. "I do not know it, but I am sure it is lovely." Though her place of residence had been America for many years now, Europe would always be home to Wanda, and she felt far more fondly for it than she did for these foreign shores.

The brunette watched keenly as Marie laid out the cards, silently approving of the clearly expert way in which she did so. More proof, if she needed it, that she was the genuine article. As the first card was turned over to reveal it's face Wanda leaned forward just a touch, her interest in what was to come written all over a face that had a tendency to betray very little of what she thought. Her eyes flicked between the card and Marie's face, made curious by the note of surprise she caught in the other woman's face. The comment about her tumultuous past was met with a quietly amused noise of agreement, but the next few words out of the seer's mouth left Wanda frozen in place staring at Marie with a sudden horrified intensity.

Abandoned? Abandoned? Her mind refused to move past that one simple point, though some small part of her heard the rest of what was to be said on her past and absently marveled at the accuracy. Because it was accurate, the highlights that Marie brought forth, from the admittedly rough childhood years all the way through the death of their parents and their eventual saving at Magneto's hands. But it was hard to be properly awed when one rock-solid fact of her life was so suddenly, so casually, thrown into question.

Marya and Django were her parents. She knew this as unquestionably as any child knows their parents, and surely they would have told she and Pietro if they were not? The Maximoff family did not have secrets from one another, or so Wanda had always thought, but for Marie to be so accurate in all else, yet wrong on this one fact? It seemed unlikely, no matter how her heart rejected it, and it also cast new light on Pietro's disturbing likeness to Herr Lehnsherr and on her own apparent likeness to the woman he had once loved. But that...no. Impossible.

She realized suddenly that Marie was no longer speaking, though it was several long seconds before Wanda found her voice. "Abandoned?" she queried, her expression far more reminiscent of a lost child than the coolly controlled woman she normally was. "You...you are sure of this?"
Posted: Jun 15 2012, 04:49 PM


    Well, she did have something of a polite customer, didn't she? Not many would even bother asking her about herself and where she came from, much less actually listen to what she had to say. Most of them were - perhaps understandably - more interested in themselves. And whilst Marie didn't hold that against them - human beings were, after all, designed for self-preservation and selfishness - it was nice, once in a while, to have someone who actually gave a damn. Of course, it helped, she supposed, that there was something different about Wanda; Nonetheless, Marie caught the smile flickering across her customer's lips following the question, and playfully replied "Not entirely. Where I come from is a little more.. Rural, would be the word, perhaps? Or at the very least, it's certainly not on the level of Paris. But.. Well, it's more the people, actually. New York, if anything is more densely populated than Paris, but.. The people are a little more accommodating here?" she felt that sufficiently explained her position of Paris versus New York and versus Corsica, somehow. She was not going to go into detail on why she disliked Parisian males so, but.. Well, the smell had a lot to do with it. "It is. It has more of an Italian feel, at times, rather than French, I think? The weather's warmer, the people are more amiable. It's nice," she responded cheerily, glad that Wanda was interested.

    Marie got the feeling she was being watched when she was arranging the cards in the correct order; There was something about Wanda that definitely suggested a greater understanding of tarot and it's assorted elements than that of many who came in here. That was refreshing, since she knew she wasn't going to be asked at every interval what something meant or if it was good or bad; Not that she loathed her position in relation to her customers, but it was genuinely frustrating at times to have say, a young woman burst in with a friend, either ridiculously bubbly or incredibly drunk at times, and they needed everything explaining to them. So, even though she couldn't guarantee Wanda was watching her, she still got that distinct feeling that her current customer knew her stuff better than some.

    She knew that Wanda would perhaps find it difficult to hear some of the things she was putting across - the younger woman had, after all, been a mere baby when she was left for her 'parents' to find, and as such, Marie knew it would be jarring. For the first time in a long while, she actively felt sympathy for someone - Normally, it was amusing to see, say, an overconfident jock spill in here with his latest piece of arm candy, and to tell him that, no, the thin thing on his arm wasn't his true love and that yes, she spent more time with other men making the beast with two backs than she did him, and watching them break down - but here, it was actively difficult to tell a likeable person that hey, their parents weren't their actual parents. The true difficulty here was.. It was trying to find out who their actual parents were; Marie saw nothing of whoever left them - perhaps because they were too young to remember it properly, or because.. Well, Marie was no expert, but either way, she knew she was right here. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the rest seemed of little surprise to Wanda - since naturally, she had lived it - but she at least felt her accuracy might earn her some faith in the first thing she had to say.

    "I'm sorry. It's what I'm seeing, I'm afraid. You were so young, you evidently don't remember it, but.. Given you haven't corrected anything I've had to say, I have to assume that.. Well, it's right," she offered, realising it was no consolation for Wanda, but.. Well, Marie was merely doing her job.

    "We.. Need not proceed any further if this is going to be too painful for you?" she offered, relaxing slightly and moving her fingers away from the card she had been about to turn over - Even without seeing it, it had The Emperor plastered all over it. Reflective of the man who had recruited Wanda and her brother into the Brotherhood, reflective of the man who was somehow tied to Charles? Reflective of a man who had mysteriously disappeared - Just like Charles. Marie's eyes narrowed with thought, despite her sympathy for Wanda. How beautiful, almost poetic, was it that everything seemed to be connected, as of late? "Do you.. Want to carry on? We may find more answers and.. Clues, I suppose," she offered, although for once, she was imagining what it was like to be in a customer's shoes.

    She didn't like it. Not at all.
Scarlet Witch
Posted: Jul 15 2012, 09:40 PM


Rural. Wanda knew that a great many people drew negative connotations with that word, not entirely inaccurate visions of fields and livestock and things of that nature. City dwellers, in particular, seemed to find that sort of thing a little disconcerting, but Wanda reveled in it. That was home, really, far more than any man-made metropolis could ever be, but what else did you expect from a child raised by Gypsies? Simplicity was what Wanda craved, and that was certainly not to be found amid the skyscrapers and rushing traffic of New York City.

Her interactions with Parisians being negligible at best, Wanda merely nodded amiably enough at the comparisons drawn between they and the New Yorkers, and seemed even more pleased with the description of Corsica that was given. Perhaps she should visit it, sometime, take a break from New York...though she doubted it would be easy to convince Pietro to take a vacation. He'd work himself into a frenzy imagining all the 'damage' Mystique might do if he went away for a while. She disliked how much her brother seemed to covet the power the shapeshifter held, and that fact was briefly reflected in an annoyed twitch of her lips before she tugged herself away from that train of thought. It would do her no good here (and it never did her any good when brought up to Pietro, either).

Of far greater importance was the shocking revelation that Marie had thrown out so casually, though she certainly didn't harbor any blame towards the woman for that. She was merely reciting the things she Saw, after all, and the truth was the truth no matter from whose lips it fell. But to settle that into her own mind, to accept it as truth? Well, that might take a while. Did it even matter, really? These mysterious people had left them, 'abandoned' as Marie put it, and anyone who could do that to their child certainly didn't deserve to be called a parent.

"No, I don't remember it," was all she said, far away gaze resting on the cards without actually seeing them. All of her earliest memories were of Marya and Django, never anyone else. Her fingers twisted together absently in her lap while she continued to try and process this new revelation, to make it fit in the world, with the history that she already knew, but she simply...couldn't. At Marie's question she forced her gaze upwards again, commanded her fingers to cease their fretting and lay still, visibly rebuilding the cool, calm and collected air that she wore like a suit of armor when it came to dealing with just about anyone but Pietro. Now was not the time to have a meltdown.

A couple deep breaths later she nodded with an almost brisk air, as if to make up for her emotional lapse. "Please continue."
Posted: Jul 17 2012, 03:36 PM


    Marie had found herself more adaptable than she'd first thought when arriving in New York, but.. Perhaps unlike Wanda's people, she wasn't so nomadic. She had gypsy ancestry, but her family had lived in Corsica for generations - or so she was told by her grandmother. It was still more rural, and as such, that was what Marie was used to, but at the same time, she had visited Paris fairly frequently, and the city life wasn't too unusual, in that sense. But Corsica still had it's appeal, despite Marie being happy to be apart from it; Absence made the heart grow fonder, she supposed, and her love hate relationship with her homeland was yet another dichotomy that had grown within her. She didn't much mind or care, of course. Things with regards to people were consistently becoming much more complex than she had first surmised.

    Lost in her own thought for a moment or two, Marie came back to the proceedings when she realised that she revelations she had basically dumped in Wanda's lap were not entirely nice or at all fair, and she continued to watch the other woman just to see if she was alright, which was a far cry from the stereotypical mock-gloating she did with her usual customers, playing up her act and generally coming across all kooky, but... Well, she had genuine sympathy for Wanda. Her own parental issues weren't entirely similar, and she hadn't had the revelation dumped into her lap just like that, but.. She understood Wanda's perspective, and had sympathy for her. A frown formed when Wanda informed her that she didn't remember it, didn't know about it, and Marie pondered that for a moment; Was it like the instance with Charles where she had been able to pick up certain things about him that he couldn't remember? Wanda was so young that, naturally, she couldn't remember mentally, but they were things that had happened to her, and as such, Marie was able to pick them up? That seemed likely, somehow. "I'm sorry. For.. For what it's worth, it doesn't invalidate how much they cared for you, how much they loved you," she promised, trying to put across that even if Django and Marya were not Wanda's biological parents, their efforts and affections as parents were not invalidated or befouled.

    She watched Wanda carefully, for a moment; "If you need a glass of water or a drink of anything, I can go and get one, if you like," she offered, having not expected this to be quite so intense for her customer. She was concerned at the way the younger (?) woman seemed to be breathing.

    But, she was asked to continue, and so Marie obliged, turning it over to reveal - as she had predicted - the Emperor, a naturally regal figure. "This reflects the nature of the man that you followed, up until recently. The man who has, to a great degree, come to define your present situation. In terms of your own life, he gave you and your brother a chance. A chance at a stable life, if not a normal one. The ability to operate without fear of being lynched if you did anything wrong because of your species. He introduced structure and authority into your lives - even if you did not always agree with the decisions or the things you were being made to do. You looked up to his leadership and experience, however, and.. I.." Marie winced as she felt some kind of disconnect, all of a sudden. There was an urge to rip the card in two, or attempt to duplicate the card, somehow, and she stared at the sliver of expensive paper for a moment, frustrated. "I.. I don't quite understand... I.. Did you consider this man - Magneto - to be a father to you?" she asked of Wanda, clearly confused, because.. Well, it was difficult to describe.

    But something unusual was going on; Moreso than with Charles, because not only did she know Magneto had disappeared - though she knew that already - but Marie got the distinct feeling there were two of him out there. She looked at the card again, completely flustered for once.
Scarlet Witch
Posted: Aug 22 2012, 11:46 AM


Marie got a smile for her attempt to reassure Wanda that her parents - the ones who had raised her, the ones that mattered - had loved her regardless. It wasn't a reassurance she needed, she would never, could never, doubt the strength of that familial bond even if it wasn't based on blood ties. She did wonder why they hadn't told them, or if they would have eventually but had been robbed of the chance by the mob that had summarily snuffed out their lives. Unforunately she'd never know now. So it was a smile tinged with sadness at the edges, but a smile nonetheless. "I know."

She merely shook her head at Marie's offer of something to drink, having marshalled the strange sort of panic that resulted from having one of the building blocks of her life so easily taken away. There were few things that Wanda took as unshakable fact, but her family? That she had certainly thought she knew inside and out. The only thing that would have been worse was if Marie suddenly decided to inform her that Pietro was not, in fact, her brother, but that sort of truth Wanda refused to contemplate. If that became one of the facts revealed, well, she'd have to assume that Marie was not nearly as gifted with the cards as she seemed.

The woman went on, flipping over the next card and beginning to describe Magneto (and referred to Pietro as her brother, at which some quiet little part of Wanda's mind sighed in relief). As before the information she spoke was quite accurate, from the definition of the life with the Brotherhood as stable but not normal right down to the fact that Wanda did not agree with the activities they engaged in. (Well, that was the polite way of putting her disapproval, anyway.) As far as looking up to him, well...she supposed that had been true in the beginning, and probably for some time after. She couldn't recall when, exactly, that had started to change, if there had been a specific event that triggered it, she just knew that these days she was rather disenchanted with the whole affair. Though, she supposed that could be due to Magneto being gone - well, not gone, she corrected herself mentally, but somehow remade into a younger version of himself. He had a way of drawing people to him and holding them there that was quite handy when you led a terrorist organization.

She frowned when Marie looked, well almost as if she'd experienced some brief jolt of pain, the previously smooth flow of information interrupted. Her question caught Wanda off-guard, because Magneto, as a father figure? He had his moments she supposed, but nothing so warm and fuzzy as to inspire that sort of relationship. Not in her, anyway. "My brother may, after a fashion," she said slowly, Marie's seeming confusion only intensifying Wanda's, "but I do not." She and Pietro were twins, and given the not uncommon idea that twins shared some sort of extra-special connection to one another (which Wanda was inclined to believe, it must be noted, true or not), was Marie simply picking up a bit of his feelings on the matter?


Except she had met the new Magneto, or Herr Lehnsherr as he prefered to be called now, and there was her disturbing resemblance to the woman he'd loved and lost, and Pietro's disturbing resemblance to him. But surely that was impossible. Completely and totally impossible, she was quite certain. If Magneto had children certainly he'd have kept them close so as to better mold their minds to follow in his ideals. He did not strike her as a cruel enough man to have abandoned his own offspring and yet... She hesitated, worrying her lower lip between her teeth as she debated whether or not to mention any of that to Marie. While she doubted the woman would go blabbing about it in the streets, that was a mild concern, but of even more concern was the fact that explaining it would probably make her sound like an insane person. People did not simply reverse in age, and yet Magneto had, and done so while losing all memory of what had occurred in the years he'd shed.

In the end she took a chance, because the only other person she'd been able to discuss this with was Pietro (why they were keeping this from Mystique she wasn't quite sure, except that her brother was making some sort of power play), and with the information Marie had provided, well...something had to give.

"Magneto..." she paused, searching for a slightly more rational way to put it, a little twist that would make it easier to swallow, easier to explain. "I have recently learned what he looked like as a young man, roughly my age." How old was Herr Lehnsherr now? She wasn't sure, but he hadn't looked all that much older than she. "He and Pietro...they share a great similarity in appearance." She omitted her own similarity to his Magda, at least for the moment. "But it must be a coincidence." It had to be a coincidence.
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    Marie felt like she was treading through a minefield here; She liked Wanda since she was pleasant enough and had tackled Marie's notion of a reduced fee for the reading really rather elegantly. Plus, when it came to the uneasy subject of lost parents, Marie was sympathetic there. Unlike Wanda, she had never even gotten the chance to know hers, but.. That was beside the point; Whilst it was common - far too common - to lose your parents at an early age, the fact remained that you should not. These people were meant to be there for you throughout your early years, to rear you into the person you were meant to be; Marie didn't know what she might be like if her parents were still around now. And to a degree, she was reminded of the famous quote from Wilde, that to lose both parents looked like carelessness, but that wasn't appropriate here; She just.. She wasn't comfortable in talking this stuff over with Wanda, because to a degree, it felt like the two of them were rather similar, but... Wanda needed to know, she supposed. Wanda seemed to understand her point about her parents, though.

    That was something of a relief, since Marie really did feel that Wanda's parents had truly cared for her and her brother, regardless of the fact they weren't biologically related. That in itself, to Marie, said so much for the kind of people the Maximoffs were. "Alright. Well, if you do.. Just ask, please," she responded simply when it came to the subject of a drink of some sort. She understood absolutely that these readings could be slightly jarring, at times - since her moving to New York, she had been surprised more often than she had in Corsica. But she continued, and to her relief, seemed to be hitting the right notes; She always dreaded getting some piece of information about someone wrong - especially when she actually liked the person she was doing a reading for and it involved information the person actually knew; That was, Marie supposed, partially the point of covering information from the past and the present before anything that hadn't happened - to show that she could be accurate and to lend weight to the idea that what Marie predicted would actually happen. But the confusion she waded into.. This was going to be a bit much for even her to decipher.

    Because Magneto was Erik. The Erik who was a friend of Charles, who had come back here with her. And Erik, like him, had been made young, and abandoned the Brotherhood. But Wanda seemed to be of significance to Erik, somehow - Marie saw that Wanda had visited this younger version at a point, which meant she knew about that particular bombshell.. But.. Who was Wanda to Erik? And why did she have an even more odd feeling about Erik himself? Again, Marie felt the need to just reach down onto her table and perfectly split the Emperor card in two. It didn't make any sense to her. The way Wanda explained that she didn't have much in the way of a father-esque attachment to Erik and yet Pietro did also made her question herself, made her second guess what she was seeing. How could she tell if this was accurate or not? She stared, eyeing the card thoughtfully. What did it mean? And when her gaze moved to Wanda, she didn't need to be a telepath like Charles to know something was wrong; Marie gazed expectantly at her, wondering what manner of information Wanda might have.

    And then she only confirmed what Marie already knew, her face forming a smile slightly as she nodded; "I know. I've been privy to an encounter with a Charles Xavier, who I think you know of, yes? Erik is, of course, with him, and I know all about the.. Mysterious circumstances under which the two have been rendered nearly as young as you and I. Well.. No, that's not entirely true - I don't entirely know what made them young, but I do know of them," she explained. And then Wanda offered up a pivotal piece of information, that her brother - Of course! Marie cursed herself for not seeing this sooner, given she had encountered the Maximoff brother - resembled Erik. That felt like a key piece of information, definitely; "Perhaps. But as I've said with Charles.. I rarely see coincidences existing. If your brother resembles Erik, then there is likely a reason for it. And the obvious answer is likely to be the answer, in this instance," she suggested; As such, if Erik resembled Pietro, then the likely answer was that he was their father. Still, Marie couldn't quite shake the feeling she was getting.

    Why did she rant to rip that card in two, as though there were another Erik? Like a.. Twin. Just like Wanda and Pietro but.. Marie's face contorted with confusion.

    "Tell me, do you know if.. Erik, if he had a.. Twin brother? One who could be exactly the same in appearance, almost?" she asked, trying to make sense of it all, because things did just not add up; Her mind told her that Erik could be the father of Wanda and Pietro, and yet her mind also told her that the Erik Wanda had met recently was not the man who could be her father. Either there were two Eriks or she was slipping. She moved to turn over the third card, and The Moon was revealed; "This.. This confirms my suspicions about your.. Your biological father. The moon moves in phases - it is continually fleeting and moving and changing - shape, position. It is mysterious and ephemeral, and.. My struggle to identify your father figure - I.. I keep feeling like it is this Herr Lensherr I am aware of through you and Charles, but.. I can't shake the feeling that there somehow might be another one of him out there.. One.. One older than Herr Lensherr might be currently, but I don't.. I don't understand how this comes back to you," she explained, "Again, if Herr Lensherr resembles your brother, then in all likelihood he is related to you, I feel. But that doesn't explain all this. I don't understand why the man is such a mystery..."

    She looked apologetic at Wanda; "I'm sorry. We were off to a relatively solid start, too."
Scarlet Witch
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Marie continued to look completely and utterly puzzled, which of course only made Wanda completely and utterly puzzled, and this was just turning out to be an odd day all around, wasn't it? First she learns her parents are not her parents, and now Marie was drawing father comparisons to a man that Wanda was pretty sure she had nothing in common with except her association with the Brotherhood. And these days, as Herr Lehnsherr, Magneto didn't even have that, he was with Xavier now. That left their only connection the fact that she just happened to resemble his long lost love, information that had been creepy enough on it's own but now, now it was approaching downright bizarre.

Her relief at Marie's admission to knowing of the newly young Magneto was practically tangible, a slight slump in her shoulders as the tension drained out of them. Wanda was a practiced liar, certainly, but she found herself loath to deceive the Seer. Actually she probably should have known that doing so was rather pointless, given the accuracy with which she'd read the cards thus far. "That makes things easier." Her smile too was tinged with relief, a slightly gusty breath leaving parted lips. She was a little surprised that Marie didn't know what had turned him so young, but then Wanda hadn't even bothered to ask when she'd met with him. She supposed it didn't really matter anymore, they were what they were, and presumably if the X-men hadn't found a way to change them back, there wasn't one.

Ah, but did the X-men wish to change them back? Perhaps they thought to, well brainwash seemed a harsh word for it, perhaps they sought to correct the scorched earth policy that the Magneto of the present employed. That seemed like something they would do, though she couldn't see how they had possibly managed to rewind time for him, to reset him to his young self. And why do the same for their Professor? These were questions better pondered at a later date, however.

Marie's suggestion that the mostly likely answer was the correct one, that they were related to Magneto, was met with a certain stonyness on Wanda's end. It wasn't that she blamed Marie, it was a logical conclusion, but nearly every piece of Wanda wanted to immediately reject the idea of being related to the man she had known. The feelings were a little more mixed where Herr Lehnsherr was concerned but still...that was a conclusion she could not accept unless there were no other options, or if she were presented with proof she could not deny. "I hope that is not so. Magneto and his ideals have done my brother enough harm, I can only imagine how much worse he would become were he to think Magneto family." Family was important to both of them, it was the most important, but for so long family had just consisted of the two them. The Maximoff twins against the world. She could not imagine how things might change if there were someone else who could call upon that family bond with Pietro, let alone someone like Magneto.

Drawn out of such thoughts by Marie's question, the witch frowned a little in confusion. "He did not mention one. A sister, yes, but he said she died in the camps. But we did not speak for long," she added, allowing the possibility that there was information she had not gotten. "It is possible. I was not exactly focused on his relatives." And, as much as she was annoyed with herself for thinking it, twins did tend to run in families, did they not?

She leaned forward, elbows on knees and chin cupped in her hands as Marie explained the next card, brows drawn down into a thoughtful frown as she puzzled through what the Seer revealed. "If Herr Lehnsherr has a twin, it is possible that while Herr Lehnsherr has been...rewound?...his twin perhaps has not?" That would explain why the possible twin would be older than the Magneto of their present. But if Magneto had a twin, why would he not have spoken of him, or had him as a member of his Brotherhood? Did he know he had a twin? The entire situation was starting to resemble one of those soap opera shows that television audiences seemed to love, so why not twins separated at birth as well? Assuming that said mystery twin was an identical twin, that meant that Pietro also resembled that man so...he could be their father?

This was starting to give her a headache.

Marie's apology was waved away with a little flick of her fingers, a shake of her head accompanying the gesture. "Do not be sorry. You are giving me much to think about, at least." Her smile was wry, eyes still troubled, but was it not better to know the truth? Or, well, have vague guesses at a truth, the way these things were going.
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    Marie was all for trying to keep things relatively simple when it came to matters such as these; Things were confusing enough without conflicting information and the like coming into play. Truthfully, this was vaguely exciting for her because it reeked of a larger mystery, and whilst that was slightly disrespectful to Wanda, it was at least going to keep Marie interested. She did want to help the other woman get to the bottom of this, but.. Well, Bizarre family trees were something she had seen before and had no real interest in, if she was being entirely honest; But something like this, increasingly connected to the bizarre patchwork quilt of instances she was constructing via her encounters with Charles, Pietro, and now Wanda? Colour her thoroughly interested. The only thing that itched in the back of her mind was exactly what had changed Charles and Erik, what had made them so young. It was nagging, but all she had seen, even when it came to Charles, was fire. Eternal fire. Not in a hellish sense, but.. Well, she couldn't quite put her finger on it. And yet that was the most frustrating part, since she felt it was going to end up being the largest piece of the puzzle, the thing that could explain so much.

    As it was, Marie was going to have to settle for muddling on through, which was.. Well, wasn't it obvious? She didn't like it. Marie much preferred to have all the answers, especially for one such as Wanda, who desired them and pretty much needed them, now that Marie had basically opened up a big old can of worms in terms of showing her that the people she had thought were her parents were actually not. But Marie's solution - purely a hypothetical one because whilst she could see nearly every little last thing about Wanda, certain things were just hidden from view. They hadn't necessarily been masked or deliberately hidden, but there was just about enough ambiguity to the matter that she couldn't confirm things, somehow. But her logical solution as to why Pietro actively looked like Magneto - that was clearly not met with much enthusiasm, and given what Marie knew of the old Magneto, the one who didn't currently accompany Charles (or vice versa), she didn't entirely blame Wanda. "I'm sorry. It.. It just seemed like the most likely answer, to me," she explained, and given what she knew of Pietro, and what she'd seen of the old Magneto through Charles' reading and now Wanda's, she was increasingly convinced, somehow; But she didn't want to push the idea. Upsetting Wanda would get her nowhere, really, even if she wanted to upset Wanda to begin with.

    And she had long since learnt, even if she was feeling peevish, that it was wise to actually know what a fellow mutant could do before you provoked them.

    "For what it's worth.. I don't blame you. I understand what you mean entirely by Pietro embracing Magneto's ideals, but.. Fatherhood.. That would change the dynamic entirely," she remarked, frowning slightly. Perhaps it was something of a relief that Magneto was gone, seemingly. She could, after all, understand Wanda's concern over the matter, how it might change the dynamic between her and her brother, how it might influence that dynamic. Marie might not have siblings, after all, but she felt that in some ways, she opted to go it alone because it was simpler to work by yourself without being influenced by people. Perhaps that was how Wanda felt. Regardless, the conversation deepened and became almost comically contrived as they began to speak of twin brothers and how Magneto himself had been rewound in time but his possible twin brother had not; Marie shuddered slightly at the mention of 'the camps', being slightly certain she had some distant relatives who had been through that horrific experience, but otherwise, the mystery continued to deepen; "From what I can tell, whatever made Charles and Erik young again limited it to them, and them alone," she replied, "But if he has a twin.. Maybe. I don't know, and this is just.. It's starting to sound insane," she lamented, "Like one of those awful Spanish shows where every week there's some bizarre development like a dead person suddenly coming back to life."

    A distinctly depressed sigh emerging from Marie, and yet she offered Wanda a thankful smile for the dismissal of the apology; "I just wish I could tell you more on the matter, that's all. But without bringing Erik here, I don't know how much more I have to offer. Even bringing him here might not do much," she explained, thinking that if this prospective twin did exist, then he might be required to get the full story. Another sigh emerged, Marie turned over the next card, explaining "Whereas the last card detailed influences, hinting.. Perhaps, at the extent Erik or Magneto has been involved in your life, this next card deals with obstacles currently existing in your life, and likely to come around in the future." The card revealed itself to be the Hanged Man, a distinctly upsetting image based, supposedly, upon the crucifixion of Saint Peter - who was hung upside down. So. This one is.. It's distinctly easier to deal with," she explained, "The Hanged Man can represent a new point of view - a distinct change in how you are used to things. This is quite clearly to do with the change in the Brotherhood - the loss and absence of it's premier figurehead in Magneto, and the current dichotomy of.. Of what I feel you might call it's twin leadership, thanks to your brother and Madame Darkholme," she suggested, understanding that, whilst the Brotherhood presented some manner of united front, the quarrel of sorts between the two of them threatened to plunge it into ruin. "The Hanged Man also suggests conformism, which perhaps ties into the feeling I have that you are only with the group because of your brother? There's also a sense of... Passiveness. As though you are not too interested in getting involved with the group's slight... Ah.. Schism, I suppose you might say?"
Scarlet Witch
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It was not fair of her to blame Marie for reaching for the most logical solution, and she didn't really, but the idea of claiming Magneto as their father? Wanda did not care for it, and for this moment at least had already resolved not to speak of that particular possibility to her brother. Already she felt guilt for the way in which she planned to deceive Pietro, but knowing the almost blind allegiance he already gave to Magneto it seemed pertinent not to give him any reason to tie himself any tighter to the man's ideals, or to his person in general.

Since the elder Magneto's absence Pietro's rivalry with Mystique and general irritation with the rest of their group seemed to have driven a wedge between the speedster and the rest of them. Pietro had always stayed because of Magneto and what he felt they owed him, so with Magneto gone? She had never been in a better position to finally coax him away from them. Besides, Marie was not entirely positive, was not entirely clear on what the truth of the matter was, and it would be ever so wrong of her to give her brother false information.

(She did not expect Pietro to be happy with her deception if it ever came to light.)

So she merely nodded in response to Marie's apology, because she was right, it was the most logical solution, even if Wanda didn't want to acknowledge it. And as Marie seconded her thoughts on just how ridiculous this was becoming the witch smiled briefly in agreement. "I think I will need to discuss things with Herr Lehnsherr at length to find any real answers, if he even has them." She looked thoughtful, absently brushing a lock of brown hair away from her face. "I did leave rather abruptly during our last conversation." And not entirely on pleasant terms, and she made a slightly rueful face. He might not even agree to see her again, though she'd gotten the feeling that he...approved of her, somehow, though for what reason she couldn't fathom.

There was something oddly amusing in the idea that a card represented by a hanged man was easier than the ones that had come previously, but any mirth was quickly sobered in the interest of listening to Marie. As per usual the woman was spot on in her remarks, though Wanda had a slight head shake of disagreement. "Pietro would only like to think he is in charge." Folly, as far as Wanda was concerned. Who wanted to be in charge of men like Sabertooth? "If forced to choose none would stand with him." A thoughtful half-beat of pause. "Except perhaps Catseye, but that would only be because she enjoys chasing him." Of course Wanda would stand with him, a fact that went without saying. Family always came first for the Maximoff twins, and even when she disagreed with her brother's decisions they presented a united front to the rest of the world.

There was silence for a moment as she mulled over Marie's comments, a decision being made in silence as for how much she wanted to openly admit to. Clearly the seer already knew the largest portion of Wanda's feelings towards the Brotherhood, but she had never admitted those feelings to anyone but Pietro, and even with him there was not complete candor. But Marie? She already knew anyway, and where else was she to find someone who would allow her to speak her mind without branding her as a terrorist (if they were outside the Brotherhood circle) or as some sort of traitor (if they were inside it)?

So she sighed and spoke. "Magneto saved us, long ago, that you have seen, yes? Pietro believes that we owe him a debt, one that cannot be repaid. I believe that we have repaid it many times over." She looked far older than her twenty-eight years, serious lines drawn on her face. "I do not like what they do, or what they stand for, but nor can I leave my brother alone with them." For once the hopelessness she felt over that dilemma was clear as day on her face, her normal cautious reservation removed when Marie had proven herself so well versed in history and feelings Wanda had shared with no one but twin. "My hope is that the absence of Magneto, his...change into Herr Lehnsherr, will make it easier to convince Pietro to leave them." But how successful would she be in this venture? So far, not very.
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    Marie could tell that Wanda wasn't particularly thrilled with the notion of perhaps having the man she called Magneto as a father, somehow. To be honest, based on what she'd heard, and what she knew, she couldn't quite blame the other woman; She hoped the man had, like Charles, changed as he became younger, hoped that his new lease on life had given him a new focus, because she couldn't imagine anyone being pleased to learn that they grew into someone a vast majority perceived as a terrorist. She'd not had the fortune to meet Erik, somehow - but, again, if he was anything like Charles, then hopefully he could try and focus on avoiding the mistakes of his past!future... Thing. Whatever you wanted to call it. As much as Charles seemed eager to avoid repeating himself, really. That was important, but.. Well, it didn't really help Wanda, and now Marie felt like she had opened up a whole can of worms with really very little to back it up other than a strong feeling; It was worlds apart from her usual readings, where she could occasionally pluck out things they already knew and use that to explain where that person was going in life, but to bring up parentage and the idea that everything Wanda knew was wrong, with no real proof to back it up? You bet your ass Marie felt like a complete bitch for even pulling that can out, let alone opening it. Still, Wanda didn't seem to want to hold it against her, which Marie was grateful for, and she nodded as the other woman explained a little about what had gone on in her past encounter with Erik; "Well, I'm sure there's ways you can get around that," she remarked with regards to Wanda's apparently having parted on less than brilliant terms with him.

    She obviously didn't need to lecture Wanda on such things, given her age and the fact she was clearly intelligent anyway, plus she had more experience than Marie with Lensherr, who was working on second-hand information when it came to the elusive ex-Magneto.

    Seeking to move on - and partially seeking to move beyond that flub she'd made just now - Marie couldn't help but smile slightly when it came to the notion of Pietro only thinking that he was in charge; "Well, hubris is a pretty common thing among boys and men," she remarked carefully; "It might be an especially good thing he's got you, given that once that pride takes a few too many blows, it tends to sting," she added, knowing from what she had seen that Wanda was an especially good sister to him. But even with that, she could be surprisingly blunt, somehow, and Marie grinned slightly as Wanda confessed that none would really follow Pietro if asked, save one; "And you, of course. Even if you don't entirely agree with everything he's doing," she mused, but she understood. They were family, brother and sister, and Wanda, as much as some of her brother's decisions aggravated her, seemingly, would stand by him. It was endearing, really, and made Marie slightly jealous about her own lack of siblings, somehow. Still, she nodded, understanding still, as Marie explained more about the Brotherhood and their own tenuous connection to the group, making it sound like Wanda did not believe in the cause at all, and.. Who could blame her? She had seen the disdain brought up on Charles' face when she had mentioned the name and the name alone of the group - it was not something she could understand being proud to be a part of, and it seemed Wanda's presence was more down to.. To duress, than anything else.

    "So.. Do you feel like Magneto perhaps conspired to keep the two of you around? Did he ever tell you that the two of you had repaid your debt?" she asked of Wanda, wondering if something was perhaps going on where he told Wanda one thing and Pietro another, given the seemingly wildly different statuses of their mutual relationships with Magneto; Perhaps it was something as simple as Pietro being more drawn to Magneto than Wanda was. Marie couldn't tell. What Wanda said next, however, tied in rather fittingly with the next card and what that meant; "I think your brother's devotion to the cause is one of those things that will likely need to be chipped down and whittled away bit by bit. If Magneto does not return - and from my understanding of the matter, he can't - then that will surely convince your brother that a change is necessary. As it is, though, this all ties rather nicely with the meaning for our next card; Expectations, or - in some instances - hopes and fears. Naturally, you clearly desire, hope - to be more on the nose - to leave the Brotherhood soon, to have a fresh start," and she turned the card over to reveal Judgement; "Judgement is.. It is the ability to look at one's self, to understand all that is wrong, and to resolve to change one's self, ideally. Or, it results in someone sinking deeper into their problems and pitfalls. In your case, you know your participation in the Brotherhood is.. Is not for you. You know it is wrong for you and your brother, and you seek a new beginning, a fresh start away from it. The Brotherhood represses and holds back who you are, I think, and to be free of them, would mean that you are being truer to yourself. That should be your greatest hope, I feel. By contrast, what you fear is becoming trapped in the group - moreso than you already are, to the degree that you might loose your brother, either to his own hubris or, naturally, in worse ways than that."

    Her gaze came back up from observing the assorted cards in front of her, and her eyes met Wanda's once more; "I'm not wrong, am I?"
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