This is a world that is on the brink of change, a world having to come to terms with what mankind has produced from itself. This is a world where the Phoenix force tired of Professor X and Magneto wasting their potential to change the world for good and rewound them in time to give them a second chance. This is a world where mutants are hated and feared, where superhero teams like the Avengers never occurred because who would trust a person with powers strange and incomprehensible?

In short, this is a world where anything is possible, timelines have been rewritten and the entire mutant question is a new and terrifying one. Starting from the beginning, our world is only just realising the extent of the talents that can be born out of the human genome and how it deals with the rise of mutants and superhumans...well, that's up to you.

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 Over Before it Even Began, Tag: Jackie
Posted: Mar 11 2012, 11:34 PM


Goddamn, something normal-ish at last. Nathan thought he wouldn't miss it. All those days back at home, deciding that he wanted to be away from the world where humans looked down on mutants and fights waged every day. And yet here he was, reveling in the odd looks normal humans gave him when they saw his clawed hands and his dragon-clawed feet. He felt like himself again.

By witnessing the mixed expressions of people that say him, he was more inspired to write posts for his blog. Being removed from this world and placed in a "school for the gifted" had eliminated that.

The staff was nice enough to give him a few hours to head out and visit an old haunt of his for the first time in months. Things hadn't changed much. New faces, mostly, but he went ahead and ordered his favorite drink and sat at a table, waiting for it to be made and his name to be called. He opened his laptop up and started typing-- removing any temptation to use his powers while writing by hand and instead trying to get some actual work done.

He tried not to completely zone into his writing yet. The moment they brought him his coffee, he knew he would be dragged out of it and only find it more difficult to get back into the groove. In the end, he couldn't help it. The words flowed smooth and soon he was typing up a storm, fingers dancing across the keyboard with swift accuracy.

After a couple of paragraphs, he glanced up, wondering what was taking his coffee so long, taloned toes drumming against the floor the same way one would drum on a table with their fingers while in thought or boredom. Nathan didn't even realize he was doing it and, at first, was baffled on why some people were staring at him.

Oh yeah, he thought. He glanced down at his clawed feet, staring at the bronze-colored scales he had intricately shaped through words. He hadn't regretted them once. A young girl, no older than six, stood with her parents, staring at his feet. He grinned at her and wiggled the three scaled toes for her. She hid behind her mother. Nathan was taken aback. Was it that the girl was shy or was the anti-mutant sentiments really spreading so far as to fill the new generations so early on? If it was reaching future generations so early on, was the world doomed?

Nathaniel pondered on these things, mentally making notes for a future blog post. He shouldn't have been thinking about the blog... It was story writing time. But in the end, ideas showed up whenever they felt like it, so Nathan accepted it, made a note-- mental and physical-- and moved on.
Posted: Mar 19 2012, 01:21 AM


Tab. Tab. Tab. Tab. The same noise repeatedly continued in a somewhat rhythmic way, as Ariel was standing in the café’s kitchen, watching the coffee machine brewing the black and thick liquid. It had been pretty slow all day and Ariel couldn’t help herself but to look forward to take off her café provided apron and go home to take a long, nice and warm bath. She ran her hand through her pony tail and sighed, standing up straight a bit tired of waiting for the coffee.

Why was the coffee taking so darn long to finish? Was it something with the machine, or just that the purple/pink skinned girl was tired after having worked two shifts that day? Ariel corrected her tight black top for the third time, within five minutes and brushed off her blue skinny jeans, both not well hidden by the apron. When was that goddamn coffee done?

Ariel looked out into the main café where the people were sitting and glanced over the different guests, one more interesting than the other, but one in particular caught her eyes. Needless to say, he was good looking, actually kind of hot, if Ariel had to be honest with herself, looked to be around the 18 – 21’ish, blonde and seemed quite fit. But the one thing that caught her eyes the most, was his visible mutation. Finally, it seemed like Ariel had found someone who wasn’t afraid to show their mutations in public, other than herself.

Ariel turned to look at the coffee machine and was relieved to see that it had finally finished, she poured the hot black liquid into a cup, placed it on a tray with milk and sugar and walked out into the café, ready to get stared at. Some of the regulars were used to her and didn’t bother to really stare, only peek a glance once in a while, but the newcomers all gasped and looked at her with a mixture of surprise, disgust and amazement. But Ariel didn’t really bother much with any of the attention the others in the café gave her, whether it be good or bad, she only looked at the guy, whose coffee she was bringing to him. She gently placed the cup of coffee and small can of milk and sugar on the table behind his pc and smiled. “So, see anything you like?” she asked nicely and got out her little blog of paper and a pen. “I’m Ariel, I’ll be your waitress tonight, or for the next few hours.” She smiled, not removing her glance from his face.
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