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 Shoulda Poked Your Eyes Out..., tag: Hellion
Posted: Mar 4 2012, 09:35 PM


There was a reason she had left. Yes she had agreed to come back, if for no other reason than because there was someone here that wanted her, even vaguely, but it had to be noted that she had left, and for good reason.

Of course, the second time had hardly been her decision, and so should not have necessarily counted, and the first time had only partially been on her say so, vaguely, sort of, if she had the telepathic mutation, which she didn't, but Laura refused to allow these thoughts to trundle the rather repressed state of mind she had been steadily cultivating for the better half of three hours. There was a reason she had left Xavier's, and it was in part because of all the damn students.

Damn. It was a word she had picked up in the city, where she had her own house (though it was technically her father's money that bought it) and could do and say and go and come as she pleased. It was a form of slang, usually considered a milder obscenity than others she wasn't comfortable saying, even in her head. Words she'd heard Logan hiss or mutter or shout or just say sometimes, playing in a loop in her head, a reminder that he was not here, was out there, somewhere, and hadn't or maybe couldn't contact her. The thought made her dizzy...or maybe that was the blood loss.

She shifted, eyes blinking slowly, attempting to fold herself more securely into the corner between the tv stand and the wall, her limbs strangely heavy and uncooperative. Maybe it was the bottle of odd, burning liquid she had drunk earlier, but that couldn't be right. Even if it was harmful, which it couldn't be if humans could buy and consume it like they had the night before, it would have worked itself out of her system hours ago. Then, too, stood the reason for her further confusion: her wounds, short and deep and most certainly self-inflicted, had long since healed over, would begin sealing themselves as soon as she was done with one and moved onto another in fact. Only the front of her tshirt where her knees pressed to her chest and the front of her jeans were even remotely treated with blood, and the life-giving liquid had long since replenished it's normal levels in her veins. Why then the weakness, the shakes?

Laura frowned.

There seemed to be someone venturing into her small space. It would have been infinitely wiser to do this in her room here at the school or in the cupboard she favored back at her father's cabin, but those places reminded her of the all-consuming confusion and pain she had lived in for those short weeks after she had found him and before he had shipped her away. Or maybe it was just that they reminded her of him. Laura wasn't sure anymore. She had needed to get away from those places and all the cheerful, content people situated in this vast building, every one of them tethered in some form or fashion to another living person or a hundred of them, and the only place she had found that was empty was this.

The rec room.

Sure there had been a few students who had tried to enter, but Laura had done her best, before she had given into that itchy, burning urge stirring in her skin and released her blades to glide over and through the flimsy organ, to scare them away. It had mostly only taken a few glares, but a few of the older students had needed to see her claws spring angrily from her skin before they believed she could and would do body harm. After that she had been left pretty much alone.

Until now. Laura curled into a ball, idly noting that it was easier this time to move her body around, and prayed that this person, heavier footsteps, slower, steadier movement indicated an adult, sharp tingly scent familiar and indicative of a male, was just doing a routine check and would not notice her.
Posted: Mar 7 2012, 11:02 AM


For all the strangeness that existed at a school filled with students whose abilities were the stuff of comic books and young boys day dreams, the flight classes that take place on the vast fields of the school. Not to mention the projectile powers class that always managed to draw a few spectators curious as to what their classmates were capable or simply to see some of the more flashy powers on display for the whole school.

It was the little things that so many people forgot, the tiny little details of school that most humans would overlook without a second thought and wish some reason, I mean how exactly important is the hall monitor at any school after all? Well it you stop at think for a hot minute you’d realize that kids who can turn invisible, walk through walks, make copies of themselves or any other generally troublesome power tend to require even more attention and policing than your average student.

Despite the arrogance that some like to paint Julian with, he really didn’t mind when it was his turn to have this particular duty. Not because it was just a matter of him wandering around quietly in the halls between classes, but more so because if offered him a chance to peek into the various classes and observe what was going on inside of them. Not that he hadn’t ever taken classes himself, but more that some of his peers were now teachers themselves and it was interesting to see how his generation had come full circle. It was something of a settling effect that these walks had on him, granted he never could see himself as the teaching type, confined to a classroom with his primary goal to simply instruct, that simply wasn’t Julian.

Opening the door to the rec room, Julian went over to one of the soda machines located on the side wall. Depositing his money in the machine, he waited until it registered before he made his selection of the offered beverages and was about to open it when a familiar smell caught his attention. It wasn’t a type of perfume or even some strange incense that someone might have been burning. No it was a smell that brought back memories of his little adventure in the sewer and the wounds he had suffered. Granted the bullet hadn’t hurt nearly as much as the scolding he got from Dr. Grey for being so careless and haphazard. Shaking those thoughts from his head he began searching for the source of the aroma and after a few moments he was confronted with a blood soaked Laura.

Strangely his immediate reaction of hesitation of overcome with a genuine concern for the daughter of Wolverine. Most people might have blown it off as just a dirty shirt or avoided her, but for some reason Julian didn’t even acknowledge this notion and immediately was next to her. ”Laura, Christ are you ok? What the hell happened?”

A smarter person might have realized that they had for all basic purposes just cornered a bloody and possibly wounded offspring, from what many would consider to be the most dangerous man on the planet when it came to close combat and here he was no more than six inches away and owning a power set that was pretty much useful at this distance. Looked like even the hall monitor was going to be an exciting gig tonight.
Posted: Mar 7 2012, 12:12 PM


Oh, it was him. Laura wasn't quite sure how she felt about him, this Jullian person. There hadn't ever been much interaction between them, she'd made it a point to stay out of everyone's way, and then she'd been shipped off to some island in the middle of the night.... Well, not really, but it explained why for all she knew about Julian (that his name was Julian he was older, sort of irritating to the other students, at least when she had been here, had some flashy mutation and a ridiculous 'mutant name') she didn't really know Julian.

The discrepancy put her on edge.

And then, look, he was in front of her face, literally, was there even six inches between them, asking if she was OK, wanting to know what had happened, all stupid questions in her opinion. Why did people have to care so much? Was there a button, a gene she had been deprived of during her creation that made the entire concept of caring for someone a foreign concept?

But hadn't she sort of cared, sort of, for Greenie? Wasn't that why she jumped in when those agents tried to kill her? No, she didn't. Laura's eyes slid closed, trying to wrap her brain around the fact that she was rally so broken. She had fought those men because she thought they were after her. Greenie had nothing to do with it. And at the end, had she even cared what Greenie did? She'd offered the girl house-space and protection, but did that even count? Did she really mean it? If so, why did she just let the girl go without a fight? Was that the kind of person she was?

With a familiar sting of pain twin adamantium claws slid free of her skin. She sat for a moment, staring into the middle distance between them, not really seeing anything as her mind worked. Should she just do it? It would help, in that sharp, painful-but-good-and-solves-nothing sort of way. But she had promised. Promised Logan she would not do this, would not fall back into that dark place in her mind that tinged the world in pain and shadow. It was reason enough for her not to start up again, even though she'd already broken that promise twice over, and what did it matter? Logan was not here, would not know unless someone told him, and someone could only do that if they saw....

Blue eyes snapped into focus on the face hovering before her, ad Laura snarled. "Don't you have somewhere else to be? Students to hunt? That sort of thing?"
Posted: Mar 13 2012, 10:01 PM


Julian wasn’t exactly surprised by the tone of Laura’s voice, while he hadn’t had that many interactions with her before he had heard rumors from some of the other students and around the locker rooms that she was even more unapproachable than her father and at times less forgiving about certain transgressions. Those thoughts were quickly pushed out of his mind by the immediate need to ensure that Laura was ok and that they blood was not still flowing from her body. It didn’t occur to Julian that the blood may not have been hers and that he could have just cornered the feral version of Laura of which he’d only overheard stories mentioned by the senior staff in conversations that were never meant to be shared.

Leaning in a little further Julian smiled softly and although he words were a bit sarcastic, his tone was anything but, in fact it was in truth almost a comforting one. ”Well ever since they made the school a catch and release site the hunting just hasn’t been as fun”. While it wasn’t exactly the greatest joke in the world, Julian hoped that perhaps she would realize that he wasn’t here to scold her or judge her, that he genuinely was concerned for one of his fellow mutants simply because everyone needed someone that cared just because they cared, without all the ulterior motives and hidden agendas. Julian had been party to way too much of that in his time before he came to the school, people that only wanted to be your friend because it suited them at the moment or because they would gain something out of it.

Taking the well-being of his own hand in to…well his own hands, Julian reached out and gently placed his hand on her arm. ”Laura, what happened? Are you still bleeding?” To some it would seem a stupid question, what with Logan’s healing factor being the stuff of legend and this being his daughter, Julian had no idea what could create a lasting wound in her that would cause such damage, but either way he wasn’t going to leave until he had made sure she was ok and he understood what was going on. It wasn’t like she’d really cut his hand off just for a simple gesture of kindness, I mean who was really that crazy? As the thoughts passed through his mind Julian quietly said a preemptive eulogy for his left hand just in case.
Posted: Mar 23 2012, 11:25 PM


The idiot.

Laura frowned. This wasn't at all how she had envisioned, however briefly, this confrontation would go. Julian seemed to care, which was strange in of itself, though she knew, intellectually now, in the part of her mind that positively purred whenever Ororo managed to pay her any attention, that it was fine for people to care for one another, expected even. That this person, that she barely knew save for a few encounters years ago, would care enough for her safety to intrude on her personal space (a dimension that was admittedly much larger than for other people) and put himself in harm's way.

It boggled the mind.

Ororo she could understand. The woman was her father's friend. Laura even thought, in the privacy of her mind, that they could and should be more than 'friends'. The thought that the dark-skinned mutant would come to care for her as an extension of her father was something Laura could understand, even though the woman assured her that she cared for her, Laura, as a person in her own right.

But Julian was different. They'd probably exchanged a handful of words before she left for Muir's Island, and none since then. Yet here he was, crouched on the floor in front of her, looking for all the world like he wanted to pick her up and cart her off to the medical bay.

In a separated part of her mind, Laura found this amusing.

"I thought what has happened would have been obvious, Julian. I cut myself." In that moment she did not care if anyone knew, if anyone told Logan if he ever showed up again, what the boy, no, man in front of her would think. She was intelligent enough to know it was a problem, a serious one at that, this need, obsessive as it sometimes could be, to hurt herself, but it wasn't one she felt needed to be addressed.

A healing factor made that sort of a non-issue.

She watched him though, watched his eyes to see if they would widen in shock, his entire face to see just how it would twist, in shock, dismay, disgust... She could gut him, she knew, but honestly, she didn't want to.

Posted: May 31 2012, 02:14 AM



That was one of the top ten words that Julian would have never used to describe Laura, I mean granted she looked like your average late teen to mid-twenties type of girl, assuming of course you could ignore the long metal claws that could at will protrude from her hands and feet, which isn't all that strange right?

Oddly enough, the blood wasn't exactly the most surprising thing of this entire situation. What truthfully had surprised him was that the blood was Laura's and not someone else's.

"Truthfully, I'm actually surprised it’s your blood Laura, usually when you're involved you're not on the receiving end of any sort of injuries."

She was a fighting machine second only to her father in the realms of sheer stubbornness and feral tenacity that seemed to be just as genetic as their healing factor. The same reasons that he was slightly surprised to hear that the blood was hers were the same reasons that he wasn’t chiding her like a child right now. Despite looking younger than Julian, Laura seemed to share her father’s never ending youth in that her looks defied her true age.

Pushing aside thoughts of Logan, Julian brought his focus back to Laura. It was obvious that something had rattled the ever cool X-23 enough that she had decided to begin cutting herself. From what Julian knew, self-mutilation was normally something that seemed to occur to gothic Barbie dolls who didn’t get enough hugs from mommy and daddy or something similar to that. The idea of hurting yourself didn’t make a lot of sense to him, but this situation wasn’t about him, it was about her and he did his best to convey that sentiment to her. Now the only problem was how exactly to do that…

Julian was the last person that anyone (himself included) ever expected to be coming to the aid of someone in emotional distress, especially this kind of scenario. Yet here he was neck deep in all of it and his only choice was to play it by ear and hope for the best. Julian still hadn’t moved his hand when he took an inventory of how much blood she had lost.

”Why don’t we grab you some clean clothes from the danger room lockers and we can, I don’t know talk about his or something else. “
He wasn’t sure where he was going with this but he felt bad that she was just sitting here in the corner in blood soaked clothes. Everyone was entitled to their time alone to hash out their thoughts, but they were also entitled to have someone that cared enough to tell them when it was time to stand up. The way Julian saw it was that he was that someone and this was that time.
Posted: Jun 18 2012, 04:20 PM


Clean clothes. Talk about it. Or something.

What was he, her mother?

The thought sent a fission of anger racing through her because Laura didn't have a mother, no, because she was an experiment and she'd killed the closest thing she'd had to a mother and didn't that make her some sort of freak, more than she already was, that she just went around killing mother's with no remorse?

Because she didn't feel any remorse. She didn't. Couldn't feel anything outside of the great gaping black hole that was taking her over.

Perhaps she needed a drink.

Instead of lashing out at Julian, which she really wanted to do, mentally, but couldn't find the physical strength to, Laura curled in on herself, resting her temple on her knees. "Go away, Julian. There is nothing you can do to help." No one could help her. Logan was gone.

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