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 Daughter To Father
Posted: Jul 19 2011, 07:44 PM


Instead of being forced to stay inside the mansion, in one of dorm rooms she had loathed as much as she had her cell at the Facility, Logan led her through the school, up from the basement and onto the main floor, passing curiously on-looking students as they moved out onto the school's front lawn, then into the woods.

The cabin surprised her. She had not known of its existence till the moment she stood before it. Laura had always assumed Logan lived at the school, no matter how annoying it would have been for him. Now, seeing the old and new looking structure, she wondered how long it had been standing. If it had been there when she had first arrived five years ago…

Laura growled, clenching and unclenching her fists. Another thing, it seemed, he deemed unimportant.

Logan, her original, father, mentor, was woefully stupid. Half of her cringed at the disrespectful thought, but the other half of her could not care less. She had, foolishly, thought that he was coming for her alone, that the flight would be time for them to reunite after four years of separation. That he’d cared about her and not his clone. Now, however, walking behind him Laura was confused.

Nothing made sense. On one hand she was furious with him. If he had brought along a student from the Institute in hopes that they would ‘make friends’ she would have been mildly irritated at most. What infuriated her was that he brought his little mistress, a young woman who was probably no older than she was.

He had never mentioned her, either, something that only made Laura angrier. She was not allowed to keep secrets, but he apparently was. It was wrong all over, she decided, glaring at his back. It was wrong and nothing he could say or do would change that.

And the whole situation made her all sorts of confused.

She had been taught, had it drilled into her mind that ‘sex’ as people called it, was a weapon, a tool, means of destruction in a arsenal of deadly procedures at her disposal. Moira had taken pains to attempt to change that view. She’d spouted some convoluted explanation about ‘love’ and ‘giving oneself to one’s partner’ that continually went over Laura’s head. Apparently there were many different kinds of love, and coincidentally many different reasons to engage in intercourse. It was all too complicated to Laura. It made more sense to just call it a weapon and be done with it.

She could accept the notion of Logan mating with Chewing Gum to hurt her. Except his scent had been all wrong, all want and mindless lust, and Laura growled low in her throat at the memory. She contented herself with the image of her ripping the other girl’s intestines out through her nose. How dare she make him lose control of himself?

It was also obvious that CG had not felt anything for Logan either, With irritated her, and confused her more.

Laura was dimly aware of her father letting himself into the cabin, intent as she was on her thoughts. She headed towards the stairs, assuming that the bedrooms were on the second floor, absently noting him throwing open the refrigerator. Her thoughts concerning him where far too confusing still.

She liked to believe he cared for her more than he did everyone else. He had certainly acted like it the night he had found her half out of her mind in the mansion. But he had shipped her off to Scotland soon after that, and while she knew it was to help her, and it had, she could not help the little suspicious part of her.

What if he had not sent her away because she needed time to adjust to life outside of the Facility? What if it was because he did not want her anymore after seeing how weak she was? Maybe he thought her genes were defective? The thought made her eyes sting, and Laura threw herself onto the messy mattress without even looking around the room.

It smelled of woman. And mating. Older, and thought all the primal, icky scents were there, there was also something else, an undercurrent of something that made laying there, surrounded by her father’s and a mystery woman’s scents bearable.

Until she thought about it.

Instead of focusing on Logan’s mating habits, Laura tried to sort herself out. She was furious, that much she understood. Instincts told her to act on that anger, slip free of her clothing and seduce the man. She could not kill him, she knew, but it was well within her skill set to torture him that way.

But Laura liked him. Cared about him, even. And attacking her original did not sit well with her conscience. So, then, she should…mate with her father? There was a word for that, ‘incest’, and Laura turned the word over and over in her mind. Technically, they were not father and daughter. She was the younger, female version of him, a clone. Technically, they were the same person, which meant that mating with him would be…masturbation. This thought amused her, but not for long.

For any of this to make sense, Laura would have to mate with Logan, both because she was furious and needed to act on it, and because she cared about him, a thought process that never would have occurred to her had that underage harlot not seduced her father.

Oh yes, Chewing Gum would die.

Hearing him thumping up the stairs, she sat up, meeting his eyes as he came through the doorway. “I am confused.” She folded her arms, mentally preparing herself for whatever would come. “Given your recent choice of bedmates, I am uncertain whether I should undress or not.”

She tilted her head to the side, and looked away, focusing instead on a rough, wooden wall. “If your answer is not ‘no’ we may have a few problems.”
Posted: Jul 25 2011, 08:00 PM

Non-Registered Mutant
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That hadn’t gone so well. Why Logan had thought that it would, he didn’t know. But he had been wrong.

So very, very wrong.

Never had he been more ready to land the plane, to get off of it and run to his cabin. He wanted to hide in several cans of Molson or in the arms of his redheaded vixen. Something, anything that would get rid of the stresses that the two women, girls, women had delivered into his life. Both brought out the animalistic side of him, one he wanted to claim, to own, in the basest of ways, and the other he wanted to protect and care for. To make her love him as he loved her. Thank whatever God there was that they weren’t one in the same.

No words were spoken as they left the plane, Logan giving Devon one last glance before returning his attention to his child, his long lost daughter, them heading to the cabin, his cabin, their cabin. The thought shocked him, his home was his no longer, but theirs, together, and even though the return to the mansion hadn’t been Hallmark movie worthy, sharing any part of his life with her was more than acceptable for him.

The growl that came from her didn’t catch him off guard, Laura growled just as much as he did, which was often, but it did cause him to raise an eyebrow in her direction, looking up at her with a expression of vague concern. Did she not like the house? Or was she still just frustrated by the mess that he had made?

With a shrug he opened the door, holding it so that she could enter before making a beeline for the refrigerator. He might not be able to slip away and see Jill, he’d f’d up things enough that day, but he could at least try and drown himself in beer. Grabbing a cold one he opened his mouth to ask if she were to be in want of anything, but the sound of footsteps climbing the stairs found it’s way to his ears, and he supposed that she had decided to check the place out first.

A pop then a hiss filled the odd silence of the space. He was often alone in his home, so he was more than accustomed to a lack of noise, but this one was different, heavier, uncomfortable. “Laur?” He called cautiously up the stairs to his loft bedroom. Mattress springs were the only answer, and frowning Logan climbed the stairs, racking his brain as he tried to figure out how he would sort this. Laura wasn’t in the best of moods normally and dealing with her tended to need kid gloves. Tonight he’d need much more than that.

Preparing to take a sip, can of beer half way to his mouth, Logan crossed the threshold into his room, meeting Laura’s vision, eyes that were the same striking blue as his own, hearing her confess her confusion. His own confusion was visible, brows knitting together as she spoke, hand with the cold can dropping in slow motion to rest at his side.

The word ‘bedmates’ had color rising to Logan’s cheeks. He didn’t want to have to talk to her about this. She’d already called him out about his feelings towards Devon, and/or Devon’s body, something he couldn’t even figure out. He’d not talked to anyone about her, or Jill, not Cross, not ‘Ro, no one. Talking to Laura about bedmates, or sex, or anything, it was way out of Logan’s comfort zone.

“What?” He asked, suddenly, voice cracking, can dropping to hit the floor. He cleared his throat, before trying again. “Undress? Why would you? Laura.” Suddenly he had no idea what to do with his hands, them flailing uselessly as beer leaked around his feet. Surely she wasn’t implying, no it wasn’t possible. “What does you and undressing and my, uh. Why?” Hands scrubbed at his face as he spoke into his palms. “Didn’t you bring your ‘jamas?”
Posted: Jul 25 2011, 08:49 PM


As the beer can hit the floor, spilling its contents around her father's feet, her hand tightened on her arm, and Laura frowned. This was making less sense as time passed on.

"You seem confused." She began. "I do not possess...jamas. Furthermore I fail to see the point in dressing in them when mating rituals usually require a severe lack of clothing."

That had been easier to say than she thought it would be. She had even managed to maintain eye contact. The way his face had lost it's color, though, and the strange way his hands seemed to hover, caught between conflicting commands as to where they should land, soothed her confusion more than empty platitudes ever could. Evidently, he had no interest in mating with her.

Still, there were questions that had to be answered.

"You asked 'Why?'" Laura straightened on the bed, uncrossing her arms to lean backward and place the full weight of her upper body on them. "Naturally, your severe disregard of the potential fallout of inviting your bed-mate to what should have been our reunion has resulted in a rather large amount of anger on my part. All my training demands that I kill you, and failing that, incapacitate you." She clenched her jaw, working against the itchy feeling crawling up her back. She never spoke this much, mostly because it was beaten out of her a long time ago, and also because others did not warrant the effort.

Logan, though, was different.

"The only weakness I can think of that you possess is one common to men the world over." She dropped her gaze, deliberately giving her father's crotch a pointed look. "However, that is not the only reason."

Here, she looked away. Realizing an emotional connection to someone was one thing. Speaking about it to said person you have an emotional connection with was another thing entirely. "I realized a long time ago that the myriad emotions I experience when in your presence and when thinking of you go far beyond that of a clone for her original. Moira has helped me to understand that these...feelings are perfectly normal for a relationship such as ours."

Laura flexed a foot, unwilling to look in her father's direction all of a sudden. "She mentioned the word 'fraternal'" Moira had also mentioned, rather specifically, the word 'love', but Laura was hardly going to say that aloud. "By her reasoning, mating is something done between two people who care for one another."

It did not have to be said that she thought they cared enough for one another to mate with each other, but she was also aware of the fact that that was 'wrong'. Which only added to the confusion. "Though, if her reasoning is correct, mating between us would be termed 'incest' which is all sorts of taboo, I gather."

And then finally, because she could not take it anymore, Laura snapped. "You're making a mess on the floor, you realize."
Posted: Jul 28 2011, 12:49 PM

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He seemed confused. If that wasn’t the fucking understatement of the year. “You don’t say.” He muttered, hands dropping from his face as he looked at his daughter once more. Mating rituals, lack of clothing; phrases that no father ever wanted here, especially when it seemed to be in reference to him, to them. A shudder went through him, but not of the delicious variety. No, far from it, Logan thought he might be sick.

This was so much more horribly wrong than Logan had ever expected that it would be able to be.

“Laur.” He drew out her name, his tone pained as he had no idea how to respond whatsoever to this. He had never expected her to mistake whatever the hell it was that implanted this idea into her head. In all the scenarios that he went over, and went over a lot, as he liked to be prepared, his daughter having an interest in mating with him pretty much blew his mind. Again, not in a good way. At all.

God he was a fuck up.

In some way or how he had done this. This idea had sprung to her for who knew what reason because of something that he had done, and one thing came to his mind as the reasoning. Devon.

Well, fuck.

So the choice was between trying to kill him, or having sex with him. He could understand her reasoning, he guessed. Okay, he couldn’t, but he really tried, turning it over and over in his mind, hoping that by gaining some sort of insight he could fix what he was broken. However, no matter which way he turned it, there was still no obvious solution. “Laur.” He said again, for close to the tenth time that night, tone going from pained to begging. He’d hurt her, hurt her so much that she was so angry she would offer such a thing, or not even offer but insist. Weapon X created her and broke her first, but Logan was doing a bang up job of finishing what they started.

The way her gaze focused just below his belt line caused nausea to spike in his stomach and his face to twist in discomfort. Never before did Logan think he had ever felt so embarrassed, so uncomfortable and so unsure. Obviously there was only one outcome to this, there would be no mating with Laura, but the situation was a delicate one, and Logan knew he had to handle it as such, lest he hurt her already fragile feelings. Large hands dropped to cover that which tight denim had already covered. Why did he have to wear such damn tight pants? Never before had it given him pause, and never had he felt a need to be ashamed about that aspect of himself, but that was before. And even with denim and bone and skin and muscle it wasn’t enough, him only finally breathing as her gaze was drawn away.

Shoulders slumped in relief at no longer being so inspected so by his clone. She was right about his weakness, and it being akin to the weakness that all men had. He didn’t like to think of his skirt chasing habit to be a weakness, more of a skill, but when Laura put it that way, it put it in perspective, a little, for the man. Getting back together with Jill was probably the best idea he had in a while. It was a rocky and shitty relationship, but it would be good for Laura for him to be with one woman. A woman of a decent age. A woman who wasn’t a girl, or a student at Laura’s school.

He really needed to have a talk with Devon. They couldn’t be doing this anymore. Not only wasn’t it fair to her, to Devon, that he would fuck around with the student/teacher relationship that they had, him doing something that Chuck wouldn’t stand for in a million years, but it wasn’t good for his daughter either, obviously, and that was more important than anything else.

Then Laura was talking about emotions and feelings and Logan was trying to figure out just what he had missed.

Oh Christ.

With a heavy sigh, and a better feeling heart and stomach, Logan let her finish, listening to every word that she said, smile crawling across his face the more she spoke. “Oh Laura.” Shaking his head Logan stepped over the mess and went to sit beside his child, arm reaching to rest around her shoulders, pulling her close, but in the most fatherly of ways. Others might be hesitant to touch someone, especially after such a confession, and with them holding such an idea, but Laura had gone through so much of her life without touch that Logan wasn’t about to withhold physical affection from her, even if she was having difficulties processing what she was feeling.

“I’m sorry I left you with Moira for so long.” He began, not able to meet her gaze, his hand running up and down her upper arm in a comforting manner, “And I shouldn’t have brought you in the first place.” He paused, squeezing her lightly. “I just didn’t know what to do.” He’d though about this a lot, and he should have spoken to her about it earlier, but he hadn’t and now it seemed that he better get talking before things got any worse. “What Moira said was right though, kiddo. It’s normal for you to uh, have feelin’s, and stuff, and I got ‘em too. ‘Bout you.” Love had never really been in Logan’s vocabulary, and while he was tactile when it came to expressing himself, coming right out and saying such a thing was difficult, so he didn’t.

“But not in the way that you’re talkin’ ‘bout right now.” He released her as his hand went to his hair, running through the odd points as he searched for the right words. “I care about you darlin’,” He began, looking to meet her gaze, “more than I care ‘bout anyone else.” As he said it Logan realized that it was true. They weren’t exceptionally close, but the only person that rivaled Laura for his feelings and affections was Ororo, but even she, the woman he loved more than any other, he cared about his daughter more. “But, uh, we don’t need to be mating,” The word was strangled, and blood rushed to his cheeks, “Or anythin’ else like that. I’m your dad, and you’re my kid, and the feelin’s we got are strong, but different than that, ok?”

Logan strongly doubted that he was making any sense, but god knew he had no idea what to say here. He just hoped against hope that he was getting across the fact that he loved her, but that their love was different than what she was implying.
Posted: Jul 28 2011, 06:01 PM


There was a name for the feeling suffusing her slim frame just now, head tucked against Logan's shoulder and his arm holding her close, the heat of his body pressing up against her side, but Laura did not have a name for it. She decided against analyzing it for now, letting herself melt into his embrace, something she never would have imagined doing had he not initiated contact.

She had known he was not interested in mating with her, and the varied sick-scents that washed over him as she spoke verified her thoughts. Even though his apologies seemed empty, ,there was a scent there, on him as he spoke, something that invariably made her think what he was saying was true.

"I liked it at Muir's." She shifted, arching her back to find a more comfortable angle against him. "I do not think I would have liked it here." Her mind went back to the night he had found her in a closet, delirious and bleeding and at the edge of her rope, but she pushed those thoughts away, aided by the strange calm emotion flowing through her system. They did not need a reminder of that time at the moment.

That he had admitted to harboring strong, appropriate feelings for her eased her mind. It did not need to be said that he had been less...appalled at her train of reasoning the atmosphere would be very different in the small wooden cabin. Mostly filled with blood. And violence.

"I find it amusing that you would think I would want to mate with you, no matter the reasoning behind it." She peeked up at him, amusement in her normally cold eyes. "You are far too old to be of any particular use to me."

Of course, underneath it all she knew everything between them was not alright. He had truly hurt her. She did not even fully understand how, but the presence of that...girl on the plane had torn something, something indefinable and strange that pulsed with a searing heat, though she pushed it away, trying to ignore it. Situations she could not understand were usually torn apart, usually by her own hands. Situations within herself that were beyond her level of coping were usually torn out of her flesh.

However, that did not seem like a good idea at the moment.

But the very thought of the churning sea of emotions within her had set off the itch, and Laura eased away from her original, the man she had come to know as her father. Against the sensation, she folded her knees, drawing them to her chest and holding them there with her arms. There was so much she did not know, did not understand.

"What about that girl?" She did not have to clarify who, and if she did, it would not be pretty. "Why not mate with that woman....the one with the white hair?" She shifted, hiding her face behind a curtain of hair. "Why would you bring her with you? I had thought it was supposed to be just us."

Posted: Jul 28 2011, 08:52 PM

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She folded into him and he was glad for it. As he had reached out to her he had been unsure. Not about touching her, he’d never hesitate to pull her into his grasp and physically express his affection for his child, neither her anger or the abilities she had would stop him from that. No, he was not sure if she would accept his touch, or if she would push him away. He had a habit of doing that, of pushing away those that he cared about, just like he had abandoned her on the Scottish isle all those years ago, it would make sense if she were to do the same.

But she didn’t, and he found relief and comfort of the feeling of her breathing beside him and the steady thump-thump of her heart. He mirrored her as she leaned into him, pressing more of his weight against her, wrapping his arm further around her. This is how they were supposed to be, a pair, together, against the world. Bringing Devon into it had been such a mistake, and something he so regretted, though no more than he regretted giving away Laura all those years ago.

That regret was brought to the forefront and the pain tenfold as she announced her missing of Muir’s. Things had been difficult when she arrived at the mansion, and Logan had blamed himself for a long time because of it. Already he was moving in a similar direction. He’d apologized that night more than he had in years, not often finding reason to retract what he’d done. Only she would throw him into such uncertainty. “It’ll be better now, darlin’.” He voice was soft but sure, “I promise.” And he meant it. No matter what it took, or what he had to do or not do, he would for her. She deserved that much, and he could be enough of a man to be sure that his child was happy.

He didn’t wish to talk about the mating incident anymore, so he let the comment go without his normal biting reply. Logan was more than grateful that it was over, that they had moved past it, and he would prefer if they were to stay past it.

But they couldn’t get past everything so easily. She pulled away from him, slowly, and he let her, realsing his hold and leaning back, crossing his booted ankles. “Hmm?” He questioned, having to think of who she was talking about. “Oh.” His face fell upon the obvious and easy answer. “Yeah, um. ‘Bout her.” He had no idea how to explain Devon, especially when he didn’t know what he thought about her as it was. “’Ro?” Came the question with a light laugh. “S’not like I haven’t tried, kid.” He replied, vision drifting to the ceiling. “But she’s smarter than that, and I’m no good for anyone.” Not even his own daughter. God, he needed a drink or something. Since when was he such a girl?

“It was s’posed to be a good thing.” He admitted with a shrug. “But I ain’t had much experience at doing this whole dad thing, and obviously I ain’t got it down just yet, kiddo.” He turned to her again, physically, hand moving to wrap around an ankle squeezing it briefly before letting go. “It’ll be just us now, ‘kay? Me and you kid, me and you.”
Posted: Jul 28 2011, 11:56 PM



Laura cringed behind her hair. Of course he would say these things. Of course there were promises. He had messed up, and he had to fix it. She supposed she was supposed to be satisfied, mollified. Contented that he promised to make an effort.

She was not.

Laura shifted, smoothly slipping off the bed to cross the room to where she had thrown her bags. After a minute of thought, she strapped one over her shoulder, and reached for the next. "I am sure it is."

Maybe it was hasty to do this, to leave so soon after getting here, but Laura had to. There was a hard, sticky plume of something urging her to get up and leave. This could not end well. It was best to get out before it all fell apart. And if she left now, she could hunker down in the forest for the night, relieve some of the tension racing through her frame.

"I do not think that this will work." She turned, prepared to leave the wooden structure and slip into the night. "Mutual feelings aside, I cannot stay here. We...I..."

For once, she could not form the words.
Posted: Sep 13 2011, 01:43 PM

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For a moment there, things between them had been okay, alright, good enough that Logan had faith that all this crazy bullshit would eventually work out. But the moment was quickly gone, melting away into the night, replaced by their standard of normal once more. Her too angry, cautious, sharp; him too exhausted, burnt out and worn down. Being a father wasn’t something he knew how to do. It wasn’t like they had grown into it together. She’d shown up on the doorstep some five odd years ago, broken and grown, deadly and claws out, going for the kill. Since then things hadn’t really changed, he did what he normally did, hid from the hard shit, dumping her off on someone else, claiming that it’d be better.

Yeah. This was better.

What would worse be?

“Laur.” He drawled, frown taking over the entirety of his face, from the downward slice of his lips to the deep furrows on his brow. “It ain’t gonna be easy.” He protested, standing, hand out to stall her, but him not being so stupid as to grab. Logan would, if she continued to walk away, he’d snatch her up then, and deal with the consequences, but now, when he still had the possibility of talking her into staying, starting an altercation like that wasn’t a good idea. “You can’t go headin’ out into the woods. You take the bed,” He offered at first, then rethought, recalling what she had just said about it moments before. “You take the couch.” He corrected. “Just for tonight.” They’d work it all out tomorrow. He needed a drink, and a smoke and for a moment not to have to be playing this role. If she’d just agree to stay, if she’d just calm down, they could work it all out. “Things’ll look better in the morning’, kid, they always do.” It was a lie, some things looked worse in the cold light of dawn, but if she'd just agree to this, if she'd just stick around, he had faith they could make it over yet another obstacle in their lives.
Posted: Sep 14 2011, 06:16 PM


His words were...illogical.

Things would look better in the morning? As far as Laura knew, the fading light of evening had no bearings on her current state of emotional being. He expected her to sleep? To rest? To ignore the painful, roiling emotions colliding with each other inside her chest? She cast her eyes about the room, ignoring her quickening heartbeat, unable to meet his eyes, or even look at him.

"How is the passage of eight hours going to change the fact that you do not want me?"

The words, the tears, the heavy, burning feeling that had been slowly building behind her eyes all broke free before she had a chance to stop them. She fought to take a deep breath, clenching her fists as she futilely tried to blink back the tears threatening to fall. Her heart raced, her breath hitching in her throat, the hot, itchy feeling she had been fighting for the better part of this conversation sprung up fiercely, cascading through her and brimming over in her eyes.

Logan took a step closer and Laura bolted, ripping the straps from her slender frame and hurling herself out of the room and down the stairs, heedless to the gleaming claws that had sprung from her skin, gouging the walls as she flew past.

The wide layout of the lower floor ripped a high pitched whine from her throat, before she sank to all fours in the messy blur that was her mind and raced across the room, somehow loosing her footing and stumbling, blindly reaching for a blurry mass in her peripheral vision to steady herself. Behind the couch was too open and there was too much space and she needed to get away and to somewhere tight and was that a door?

In the haze of panic she wrenched the small door open, squeezing inside and sidling away from the light, kicking against the smooth floorboards beneath her and pushing against the walls pressing against her shoulders till she could move no further, pulling her knees against her chest and and cutting into any bit of skin she could reach. And then the pain eased, her claws slipping through the skin on her cloned arms and destroying cloned veins and covering her clothes and skin with so much blood made out of cloned cells, and she was not real, was nothing but a clone and did she really think he wanted her? She was not real and he sent her away and how could she think she was good enough to be around him? Chewing-Gum was obviously what he wanted: strong, calm, a fighter, real, with her cold eyes and pretty face. He had brought her in hopes that they would be friends, yes, but Laura knew it was because he'd hoped the other girl would rub off on her, making her better than she was because she was obviously damaged. He sent her away because she was damaged and obviously knew it had not worked so he planned to try something else.

And she had messed it up.

There was a quiet 'slink' and a brief feeling of weakness in her arm before the pain hit her, arcing through the bone she had just sliced through and up her arm, clearing her head briefly before she did it again, eager to forget the tears raining down her face, the sticky blood coating her jeans and skin and shirt, the calming solidness of the cupboard wall against her back and side. She was supposed to make friends with the girl - Eclipse - but had instead attacked her, like some territorial little dog throwing a tantrum. It was a miracle he had not just told her to go back to Muir's.

A sob ripped it's way from her throat, and Laura dug in again, paying no heed to the scudding rip of muscles, or the heavy, metallic scent flooding her nose, only knowing she felt too much, too much and it needed to stop.
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