This is a world that is on the brink of change, a world having to come to terms with what mankind has produced from itself. This is a world where the Phoenix force tired of Professor X and Magneto wasting their potential to change the world for good and rewound them in time to give them a second chance. This is a world where mutants are hated and feared, where superhero teams like the Avengers never occurred because who would trust a person with powers strange and incomprehensible?

In short, this is a world where anything is possible, timelines have been rewritten and the entire mutant question is a new and terrifying one. Starting from the beginning, our world is only just realising the extent of the talents that can be born out of the human genome and how it deals with the rise of mutants and superhumans...well, that's up to you.

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Abel Brown
A mutant-friendly pub in Alphabet City that has a cozy, worn-in feel, complete with dark wood and a mural of a lighthouse frozen mid storm surge positioned on the wall opposite the bar. Lots of high backed booths nestled discreetly in corners ofter an intimate feel while the back opens up into a patio that sometimes hosts live music. Traditional pub food and Greek inspired fare are available to those not looking to simply drink their troubles away.
3 31 Apr 5 2015, 04:22 PM
In: Last PostFamiliar setting, new patron
By: Source Code
Delmonico’s is a restaurant that has been a staple of New York City since it opened its doors in the late 1800s. The best place in town to get steak, among other things, you better have a reservation, or an impressive last name, in order to obtain entrance into this haven of culinary delights. The menu is the sort without prices and if you have to ask, you really shouldn’t be there. Bottles of wine cost more than some peoples yearly salaries and glasses of scotch are in the triple digits.

The interior is Italian American class at its finest, dark leathers in deep reds, opulent seating, crisp white linins and sparkling flatware. The staff is friendly, but only if you’re among the elite, and the kitchen staff is some of the best in the city.
0 0 --
In: ----
Built on a triangular lot in 1909, the New York City Police Department Headquarters is arguably one of the more impressive buildings in the city, and not just because of the fine and upstanding men and women who work there everyday, keeping the city and it’s occupants safe. The basement houses a full sized firing range, above which is the garage, followed by records and evidence as well as holding cells. The floors continue upward becoming offices and interrogation rooms, each grand in their own way, holding to the breathtaking architecture that was put into place when the building was made. Finally there is the rooftop observation deck, under the great dome, a beautiful space with stunning views that allows the Police force to look over their city, or to simply take in the sites while eating their lunch.

1 2 Aug 21 2011, 03:15 AM
In: Last PostLock, Stock And Unhygienic ...
By: Genome
Kachina Steakhouse
A simple little family run restaurant that has been in business since 1958. Its totally embodied the wild western theme--its the vibe you get everywhere you look around here. And is known for its kind staff and good service. So come on in and have a good time!

1 2 Oct 17 2011, 11:45 PM
In: Last PostReconnecting
By: Mystique
MadroX Investigations
A Private Investigations firm specialising in mutant related cases run by the Multiple Man, Jamie Madrox. A dingy office with a small desk and lots and lots of paper files, It's cheap to rent and hard to find, just the way Jamie likes it.
5 29 Dec 27 2014, 01:02 PM
In: Last PostIn Need of Directions
By: Poirot
Stark Tower Complex
Constructed over three years in the heart of Manhattan, the Stark Tower Complex was opened for business on September 11th, 2012, one year behind schedule. The complex itself is a world-class financial, business and laboratory facility, housing some of the most intelligent minds and savvy people in the entirety of the united states. The top three floors of the main tower are Tony Stark's private penthouse, but the other 90 above ground stories and many more sublevels are home to state of the art technological and weapons labs, medical laboratories, countless office suites, and two helicopter pads.

Construction is heavily reenforced, and the security is top of the line, and more than a little difficult to overcome.
2 13 Jun 8 2014, 07:09 PM
In: Last Postwith weary feet
By: Thor
The Old Haunt
A known cop bar situated in the epicenter of New York City's nightlife, The Old Haunt is a bar that can trace its lineage back to the days of Prohibition. Rumor has it, The Old Haunt was a speakeasy back in the day--one the cops never found to shut down. It has benefited from making it to the twenty-first century and boasts live music on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and is great for anything from unwinding after a long day at work to closing the bar on a bar-hopping spree. They stay open until three am, and stragglers are kicked out at 3:30 at the latest.
4 46 Dec 13 2014, 08:01 PM
In: Last PostI am the world's forgot...
By: Spider-Man
Oscorp Industries
A chemical and bioengineering powerhouse, Oscorp Industries is a multi-billion dollar company with offices and laboratories around the world, but the corporate headquarters are here in New York City. Occupying one entire high-rise in Manhattan, the building houses various offices including that of the owner and CEO, as well as a few laboratories. The main offices themselves are open to the public, but the laboratories are guarded by a high-tech security system.
2 4 Mar 20 2013, 01:57 AM
In: Last PostManifest Destiny
By: Norman Osborn
Church of Saint Joseph
The Church of St. Joseph in Greenwich Village is a Roman Catholic parish church located at 365 Avenue of the Americas (Sixth Avenue) at the corner of Washington Place in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. It is the oldest Catholic church in the city and provides religious and counselling services for its parish, as well as NYU, and is very active in terms of community outreach, including a soup kitchen every Saturday. Father Elijah Riley is a priest here.
5 68 Jan 10 2015, 06:05 PM
In: Last Post42
By: Dead Girl
Janus Designs
A bespoke jewellery store in Greenwich Village, Janus Designs is a small shopfront with a workshop on the floor above it out of which Eve Riley operates her business. She specialises in dramatic, elegant designs and only takes those commissions that she likes, having the freedom to do so since her designs soared in popularity after Maria Stark wore a matching set that she made at a charity function. She also operates a precious metal, gemstone and jeweller's supplies store alongside her more artistic ventures.
3 38 Oct 5 2014, 11:40 PM
In: Last PostI Can Hear the Bells
By: Hawkeye
The Starjammer
A bunch of space pirates open a bar. Far from the beginning of a joke, a group of the pirates displaced from space and their beloved ship decided that opening a bar would be a good past time. The bar itself isn't exactly a stereotypical bar. It has allusions to the many places over the cosmos that the Starjammers frequented over their years evading the Shi'ar. It is more of a laid back bar feel, as opposed to a nightclub, though it is accented with metallic and neon accents. There is a seating area off to one side when you enter, primarily bar tables and bar stools, though there are a couple of booths against one wall. The actual bar is the focal point of the room, jutting out from the center. There are enough seats at the bar for around 20 individuals, along with 2 service wells for waiters to place orders for people deciding to sit at the tables around the bar. On the other side of the bar there is a space for darts, as well as a couple of pool tables. Lining the top of the bar are a couple of TVs at strategic points that can be turned on for big game days or by request, but most often aren't. In the back there is a small kitchen, which mostly goes unused, aside from the kegs and stills that Rocky and Hisako have set up for Rocky's newest Earth-Hobby of brewing his own beer and liquor. There is also an office that for the most part is ignored, except when Medusalith and Corsair get together to discuss maths. The bar is a very relaxed place, and is very open to mutants with and without physiological manifestations.
4 20 May 18 2015, 06:43 PM
In: Last PostDr. Remy solves all your lo...
By: Star-Lord
The Cuppa
A small little joint where various drinks and food are served, including a huge variety of coffee, several kinds of tea, a decent selection of milkshakes, and other things. The prices are low, but the food and beverages are amazing to the palate, so drop by if you need a good meal or nice drink at a decent price. We even serve liquor from 7pm to midnight. Hours are 8am to midnight.
9 90 Nov 24 2014, 03:03 PM
In: Last PostI love the smell in the mor...
By: Henry McCoy
The Atomic Whale
This club has become quite popular as of late, and is a fairly recent appearance on the business scene. With lots of music, a large dance-floor, an open bar on the same level, and decent security. It's a good way to spend the evening. With a large collection of blood pumping music, and DJ's/Mixers every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You'll never get tired! If, for whatever reason, dancing isn't your thing? No worries! There's an open bar, a VIP lounge, and even an upstairs relaxation area to sate your needs. The club is open from 6:00pm in the evening, and doesn't close till around 4:30-5:00am. And because they care about their customers, they'll even -for a small charge- make cab arrangements for you so you can get home safely in the evening. All in all, The Atomic Whale is just as awesome as the name it boasts.
2 8 Feb 28 2014, 06:49 PM
In: Last Postmake her dance apocalyptic now
By: Siryn
East Side Salvage Yard
All manner of old and gutted cars line the wreckage yard, some in neat rows, but many more were in heaped piles mixed with other old and discarded bits of scrap metal. The junkyard is fenced in on all sides, with a gate to allow entry wide enough for large trucks when it's open. Amid the piles of rust and metal is a small aluminum guard shack.
0 0 --
In: ----
No "The", simply Nook. The name is emblazoned in large chunky letters over the entrance on a wooden sign. Letters done in a warm brick red against the pale natural pine of the wood. The front little more than a set of double doors with a wheather beaten sandwich board on the sidewalk, chalk greetings scribbled across it's black surface. It's not known for it's wide variety of coffees, of which it has two, (Extra-strong and "Who the hell drinks decaf, get out") or for being on the cutting edge of trends and culture. Rather, it's known for being the place that is always, -always-, open. The hours of operation sign in the front window says it all, "OPEN" being scrawled across the entire front of it in oversized block letters.

The place some kind of strange hybrid of donut shop and diner, which lent a bit to it's charm and a lot to it's menu. In spite of it's tiny entrance, the interior is large enough for 40 or so to all have a seat, paint-scratched but servicable booths stuck in the corners around chipped white tables and smaller wooden tables around the rest of the floor, red cushioned chairs seated around them. Overhead lights have the occasional fan accompanying them, stirring the air and blowing the smell of coffee through the whole place and out the door.
2 18 Dec 5 2014, 12:49 PM
In: Last Postsnow white's stitching ...
By: Arke
Louis J. Lefkowitz State Office Building
"The Lefkowitz Building is adjacent to Foley Square and is bounded by Worth, Centre, Leonard and Baxter Streets. It houses offices of the Manhattan District Attorney and various court offices.

The block-long building has nearly 700,000 square feet of office space in its nine stories, plus penthouse and basement levels. It is constructed of Maine Coast granite. The Centre Street lobby is decorated in an elaborate Art Deco Egyptian design. "

Taken from here
1 13 Aug 19 2012, 07:47 AM
In: Last PostFor the Souls of Those Depa...
By: Mulligan
Pulse Karaoke
Located just a few blocks from Times Square, this is the karaoke bar that never sleeps. Located underground, the lounge is radically futuristic in its design with a lot of neon decor involved. As well as the main stage, with enough seating for all of those happy hecklers, shyer karaoke-goers can book private rooms away from an audience. And if singing isn't your thing, fear not - the bar is well-stocked and there's even a guitar-hero stage located in one popular corner of the main room.
2 38 Nov 3 2013, 11:32 AM
In: Last PostDo she got a booty?
By: Balder
Nahsa Rasha
A Russian bar just off 5th Avenue, are you at all surprised that they're proud to offer over 200 different vodkas? There are elements of kitschiness, that's for sure, but it's also the genuine article and popular with people wanting to feel as if they have returned to the motherland, even just for one night. The front rooms are cheerfully stereotypical; the back ones are quieter and more private. It is not uncommon members of the Bratva to seek a quiet drink or meal here, but it is also not a known crime den. The blini are too good for anyone to risk getting it shut down.
2 41 May 10 2015, 06:44 PM
In: Last PostHow familiar the danger
By: Harry Osborn
Just Shine!
Jewelry chain. This New York based version is relatively large, giving plenty of room for movement. The doors are in the center of one of the walls. Display cases line the perimeter, separated from the walls by open space so that the workers can access the stones. The center is dominated by another large set of counters, in the shape of a diamond.

The counters appear to be made of glass, although it is built to be highly resistant to damage. Inside thousands of different sparkles and pretties rest upon platforms or statuettes designed to make the jewelry look better. The frames are built of granite, as is the floor. The store has top-of-the-line security, the best money can buy watching.
0 0 --
In: ----
Just Law
This is one of the many cop bars in New York City. Pretty much here anything goes. The bartenders understand that cops need a break after a long patrol duties and as a result smoking is allowed and you'll often find yourself with cheap yet good beer or "two for one" deals if you have a full table. Just Law gets business almost all times during the day and mostly from cops. Some days the bar could be totally empty due to a crisis going on or it could be brimming full because of an untimely death or celebrating an anniversary. While non-cops frequent the bar it's somewhat clear they aren't welcome. Due to it being a cop bar there are rarely any bar fights and you won't run into drug deals or sexual escapades in the bathroom. The bouncers don't let you in if you don't have an ID and you'll often find yourself subject to some serious questions if you're not a cop and you don't have a police escort. That being said there has been some trouble with certain officers smoking and distributing Cuban cigars but nobody's perfect.
0 0 --
In: ----
The Tower Diner
As far as diners go, Tower is pretty special. The building was once a bank, thus has very high ceilings and large windows that along one side, face the boulevard outside so those inclined to people watch are well catered for, as well as being quite the family eatery during the day. The menu is pretty standard for a diner, while still being easily affordable and it's open all hours of the day and night for one's eatery needs.
1 2 Apr 8 2015, 09:22 AM
In: Last PostComments or questions?
By: Agent 13
The Big Apple isn't always just for the happy-go-lucky tourists. In the darker part of the city, there's a rather large strip joint for men to play with the scantily clad and beautiful sirens. With two floors of lavish purple and warm pinks, Spearmint is notorious for its upscale atmosphere and it's almost always packed on weekends. The club offers many strippers, dancers, and special nightly shows, though there are escorts under the table that a person can ask for if they know the right people.

1 18 Dec 30 2012, 05:48 PM
In: Last Posta moment of desire, a lifet...
By: Rogue
Lay Me Down
This is the jazz bar where Terry Cassidy works as a singer. Ladies' Night is Tuesday, Open Mic night is Friday and drinks are two for one on a Sunday. Each night, two regular acts and a guest act perform. The decor is lovingly-warn - lots of warm, brown leather in the booths and low-hanging lamps, with plenty of dark little corners to cuddle with your sweetheart as you listen to the smokey tones of the jazz acts... People come for the languid, almost bittersweet atmosphere and the memories that haunt the place, as well as for the best classic cocktails in Brooklyn, they say. The place is also known for its specialty beers and being very good to its regulars.
6 51 Nov 6 2014, 01:20 AM
In: Last PostA little something to wash ...
By: Moon Knight
Bellevue Hospital
The oldest public hospital in the USA, this is the place to come if you're sick or injured. That is if you're human or at least a mutant who looks human...though there are nasty rumours that some doctors here are screening patients for the X-gene without telling them and subsequently showing their biases. It is also the workplace of Doctor Nicholas Archer.
0 0 --
In: ----
Medics for Mutants Clinic
The brainchild of Doctor Nicholas Archer, this is a free and anonymous clinic run for mutants who are too afraid to go to more human hospitals. Though not any sort of official charity, the clinic - based in Harlem and open every night of the week - is run by a ragtag group of rogue doctors and nurses who are willing to risk their medical licenses for providing healthcare for mutants and other minority groups. No payment is asked for, no names are taken, the only rule is that everyone is treated the same and no one reports anyone to the authorities. They are geared up for triage and general medical surgeries, even some minor surgical procedures, but major surgery is beyond the limits of their facilities. Currently, the clinic is run out of the ground floor of a brownstone in Harlem and has the usual problems of too many patients and too few doctors, for all that it is generously funded by Frost Industries.
5 33 Jan 21 2015, 05:58 PM
In: Last PostWhat's the coat for? (o...
By: Henry McCoy

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