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Tarot - February 25, 2012 04:18 PM (GMT)
    Marie looked unimpressed - not that it was new for her to look unimpressed, of course - as her current customer blustered and nearly frothed at the mouth, demanding his money back in a tone that would make Freddie Mercury sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger. She'd received this manner of treatment on several occasions since setting up shop, and whilst being relatively shocked on the first occasion, it had now become old hat; Most people just seemed to appreciate what she had to say, thanked her, and moved on. These people, the ones who requested her services and then threw it back in her face, they actively interested her. They were like little bugs screaming in the face of a cold, uncaring universe so much bigger than them it wasn't even funny.

    Yes, Marie had read translated copies of Lovecraftian literature, what of it?

    It still applied here. Inform a man that his wife was having an affair, he would have a heart attack if he didn't watch his blood pressure, and they seemed to think you were some manner of criminal who had been spying on them and were deliberately trying to wreck their lives. Now, Mister Screechy McScreech was actively pointing at her and threatening her; Not intimidated, she rose from her seat. She was actively taller than him, and immediately, he started to back down. Marie flatly told him that he would not be receiving his money back, that he could either believe her or get lost, and that he should get out before she threw him out.

    Five minutes later, she sat, satisfied, with a cup of coffee (delicious, delicious bitter French Roast) and this week's comic pile - although reading in English was still proving difficult in some cases - in a completely empty store. The radio tinkled lightly with some tinny sound in the background, although Marie wasn't especially big on some of the stuff that got played, these days. It was quiet, though - Nice for a Saturday afternoon, and yet she'd already made a good bit of money; It happened that she seemed to be in a good part of town to catch passers by with a bit of money in their pocket - And the ones who liked and enjoyed her readings often told their friends. So she had generated a pretty large audience in a fairly short time. And there had been a few repeat customers, too; Marie was certain some of them were coming back largely to look at her, somehow, which was a little bit charming but more skeevy and weird than anything else. Flicking through the thin pages of her current reading material, Marie looked up, interested, as she got a sudden glimmer. Curious.

    She set her comics aside (she was going to have to get her grandma to ship her collection over when she found a better place), and straightened herself out, watching the door. Something told her it was going to be a girl. And yet, she got unusual vibes - fun, in particular. Lots of fun, somehow. Marie actually smiled for once, getting to her feet and stepping to the front of the store, making herself look a little more presentable and cheery, rather than the morose storyteller she felt she usually presented herself as. What had gotten her in this mood - to the point where she was actually looking through her windows?

Loa - March 11, 2012 12:35 AM (GMT)
    Alani hadn’t gone on a good stroll through downtown New York City in a while. She made occasional trips to the mall of course, but that was generally the extent of it. In fact, that was where ‘Lani had been originally headed when she’d boarded the bus outside the X-Mansion this morning, but about half way there she’d decided to get off a stop later and do some exploring. After all, NYC was a big city and sometimes the young Hawaiian got this urge to do something new that wouldn’t get her in a whole lot of trouble. At least she wasn’t testing the gravitational pull of the stairwell with regards to her skate board this time!

    It probably wasn’t the best of ideas to go exploring downtown by herself, but Alani wasn’t that worried for her own safety. She’d had enough martial arts training, and she was secure enough in her power, that she was fairly confident in her ability to defend herself. Besides, everyone else she’d asked to come with her seemed to have plans already today, so why should that stop her from having her own fun? It wasn’t like she was going to get lost or anything; she’d make sure she knew how to get back to the bus stop.

    The bus let her off on a fairly busy street; ‘Lani’s hands went instinctively to tuck into her pockets, protecting both her wallet and her phone—she didn’t fancy having to walk all the way back to Westchester. There didn’t seem to be very many shops on this particularly street, mostly businesses and what looked like a bar—and even if she got it in her head to see if she could pass for twenty-one and get someone to buy her a drink, it didn’t look like it was open this early. The next street down, though, seemed quite promising.

    It was considerably less crowded but there were enough people meandering along it that Alani wasn’t worried about stumbling on some shady folks who’d try to mug her or anything. Plus, it was the middle of the day, and the sides of the street were far enough apart to allow plenty of light.

    While walking down this street, a particular shop caught her eye. It looked like a fortune-tellers shop, something that had always interested Alani. She’d never had her fortune told before, but the occult was just mysterious enough that it seemed to be exactly the adventure she’d been looking for. Checking to make sure no cars were coming, ‘Lani crossed the street and made sure the sign actually said ‘open’ before grasping the handle and pulling it open to admit her.

    Inside was dimly lit, so she had to let her eyes adjust for a few moments, but when she did they landed on the only other person in the room, and a smile spread across her face. “Hi,” she greeted the woman brightly, stepping further into the shop. “You’re a fortune-teller, right? I’ve never actually been to one before, but I thought it might be interesting to get a look at my future.” She glanced around the inside of the shop, rather impressed by what she saw. “How much would it cost?”

Tarot - March 17, 2012 07:06 PM (GMT)
    Marie looked surprised as the newcomer entered her store; They weren't what she had expected at all, although the girl was immediately superior to the legion of airheads and snickering morons who entered her store, giggling and joking about how hokey the place was; Truth be told, Marie didn't particularly enjoy having her store look like this, but it was state regulations or whatever that basically dictated that she had to have it look like this. But the reactions it elicited made her want to outright butcher some of the insolent little bastards that came in here, mocking her and joking about where her veil and crystal ball were and the like. It was people like those that Marie genuinely enjoyed terrifying when she revealed that she knew and could know everything about them.

    But this girl at least seemed different; Visually, she was much different than the horde of over-tanned American bimbos that usually sauntered in through the door. Marie cocked her head, intrigued, at the exotic girl - especially the markings on her face and body. Marie naturally couldn't pick out the girl's ethnicity, although Hawaii and that region immediately came to mind. Marie had nursed something of an aspiration to vacation there someday, even if she had convinced herself that 'the sunshine was the same wherever she went' - she felt that it might be more fun to sit in the sun in Hawaii, rather than basking in the smog-obscured rays here on what barely qualified as her room's balcony.

    Tangent, Marie; Tannnngenttttt.

    She smiled brightly, immediately liking the girl's appearance and demeanour more than most of her customers - although again, in the case of some of them, it was genuinely, truly entertaining to see them shit themselves as she performed a reading. This girl.. She had that look about her. Like she was genuinely interested in this. Almost like she considered it an adventure. Occasionally, Marie delighted in crushing the hopes and dreams of such go-getters who considered life to be exciting, unpredictable and an adventure. Here, she decided to restrain herself, her smile broadening a touch as the girl spoke up.

    Normally, Marie would feel the urge to knife someone when they described her as a fortune teller; Yes, it was theoretically what she was on paper, but unlike so many of them, she actually had skill and talent. Of course, you couldn't really write 'I am a precognitive mutant' alongside her application for the property. She'd seen what had happened to people identified as genuine mutants, in America. Some were quite respected, but most ended up beaten, their houses burnt down, or their windows put through with bricks, at the very least; They'd never admit it, but Americans loved to get in touch with their inner Nazi, sometimes. Marie liked to imagine something of a full-scale Kristallnacht for mutants somewhere around the corner.

    "I wouldn't call myself a fortune teller," she explained to the girl, continuing before she could get disappointed. "I am, for lack of a better term, a precognitive. Some might call me a Scryer. I can genuinely see your future. I am genuine, I am the real deal. I can tell you your future, see into your past, and investigate your present, all with the turn of a few cards," she boasted with a knowing yet friendly smile. "As for the price.. Well, I'll be honest; Normally, I charge the average joes who wander in thirty dollars or more, dependant upon my mood. But.. I think I like you. I like those.. Are they tattoos?" she asked, cocking her head again at the markings on the girl's body.

    "Regardless, I like them. So we'll do this for free. A horse-shoe spread, seven cards, that will cover a lot of what you'd like to hear, I think," she offered, gesturing to the table she used, two plush chairs on either side of it, for the girl to use. Whenever you're ready. I'm Marie."

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