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Title: Green and Gold
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Scorpion - February 24, 2012 12:49 AM (GMT)
She’d heard that money opened doors in the world. It wasn’t something that Carmilla’d had the chance to really see in action in her life. Her parents hadn’t ever been rich – the phrase that came to mind if she thought about it long enough was ‘comfortably well-off’, based on what she remembered about her life before – and the last thing anyone who knew her from the last three years would say was that Carmilla Black had money. Well, she’d stolen enough to get by, had still got the rest of her little stash on her, but after the first day of 2012, the last thing that Carmilla Black had to worry about were those very things that, days before, had been the biggest things in her life. Somewhere to live, taken care of. Food, three meals a day, taken care of. The clothes on her back, taken care of.

All courtesy of none other than Ms Emma Frost. Her new and still very mysterious lady-benefactor. Not that Carm was complaining one little bit, of course. It just took a bit of getting used to, even down to where she was currently living.

‘Even’? Ok, that was stretching it. More like ‘starting with’ where she was living, because there was no way she’d ever in the entirety of her life to date have thought she’d be living in something like the Plaza Hotel. And that bore repeating, because she still tended to stare around her room despite having been there… nearly two months now like it was new. King sized bed. Table and armchairs. Desk. All to herself. Plus a bathroom bigger than she’d ever seen before. The chances of her, at least, ever taking this sort of thing as casually as her new… employer/mentor/whatever the hell Emma Frost was to her seemed to was absolutely nada. Being addressed politely and actually respectfully by the staff was a definite novelty too, and something else that she could definitely stand to get used to.


If one was to boil it down, therefore, the last two months had this slightly… weird dreamlike sense to them, as if Carm had turned into Cinderella (as she’d thought ironically, back at the ball where her life changed) but somehow managed to keep it all afterwards. No stroke of midnight turning her back into a pumpkin. Admittedly, for the first few days, she’d been on the knife’s edge waiting for Ms Frost to change her mind and toss her out, but as the weeks went by and life went on, she’d settled down somewhat, waiting for her new whatever she was to explain exactly what was going on. In the meantime, with all of New York it seemed opened up to her and thanks again to Emma Frost, it was not as if Carm was lacking in things to do even when her benefactor didn’t want her around.

One thing she had definitely decided though, when handed a credit card and told to find herself some decent clothes, was that white was not her colour. She was also avoiding high heels and anything else she couldn’t run or fight in, because there was getting comfortable with her new life for as long as she had it and there was terminally dumb. Hence, when Carm stepped into the Plaza’s lobby, glancing around, all dressed to the nines in a way she was also still getting used to, at least it was in black and dark green. Much more her colours. Anyone observant and actually looking, might also have noticed that she was genuinely keeping an eye on her surroundings. Old habits died hard, after all. Even in the young.

Of course, she was drawing looks because not many of the Plaza’s guests had hair in her rich shade of green spilling loose over their shoulders, but hey. It wasn’t as if her new boss minded drawing stares and Carm loved her hair. Glancing around again, she made for the exit in an unhurried way that didn’t too obviously scream how little she still felt like she belonged here.

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