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Bruiser - February 16, 2012 07:11 AM (GMT)
Saturday was Molly’s favorite day of the week. The end of the school week, it was the time to goof off, play and get in all that other ‘nothing’ that a person was too busy during the rest of the week to take time out for. Even the time feels different on a weekend, like a person is in a completely different zone. You could stop at any given time on a Saturday or Sunday and not really have to think about it; you just know that it’s a weekend, like another dimension or something.

Even with it being a day off, Molly’s Saturdays usually followed a schedule. As far back as she can remember, it would be her habit to wake up early in the morning to watch cartoons. No alarm clock needed on Saturdays; she was an early riser by nature but on Saturdays especially it was like her head had a little internal alarm that would go off. Her mom and dad would sleep in, but they didn’t mind her being up early on the weekends as long as she didn’t make a mess and didn’t wake them up. Breakfast would be whatever she could find in the kitchen; cereal, toast, or if she was really lucky, leftover pizza. With breakfast on a tray, Molly would make a little nest for herself out of blankets on the couch and spend the morning watching cartoons. These were the best of times. Laughing (but not too loud) at the antics of her favorite characters, her own little private time to herself.

Life changed of course, as it always does. After she and her other friends had run away from their homes the Saturday morning ritual had changed. At their hideaway there had been no electricity, so no cartoons. Molly had still tried to keep some fun in Saturday though, drawing cartoon characters for her friends and telling stories, but most days were busy just trying to stay alive. Then after her parents died, when she was placed in foster care, the Saturday morning ritual had returned, but it wasn’t quite the same. Her foster parents didn’t get the cable channels that had the good cartoons, and Molly had been rather preoccupied anyway, trying to get used to the fact that her parents were gone and that they hadn’t really been very nice people.

But now she was at the Xavier Institute, where it looked like she could start her ritual all over again. Her first Saturday morning there, Molly opened her eyes and looked over at the window to see that it was still dark, which was rather normal given that it was still winter. Her clock said that it was just a little past six, so she knew she was in plenty of time for the start of the day.
Yeah, fine, Molly was sixteen years old now, supposedly needing to act more like an ‘adult’, but some things were important; the teachers in school taught how rituals were important to people, well this was her ritual. Saturday morning was hers, her time and she would keep it for herself as long as she could, before life changed things again on her.

Molly climbed out of bed, not bothering to change out of her pink and white flannel pajamas. Her long hair was mussed up and peeked out in various directions from under her sleeping cap, but she just tossed the cap on the bed and pushed her hair back with a fuzzy pink headband that had little cat ears peeking up from the top. Barefoot, she headed off down the hall towards the kitchen to see what was available for breakfast. The room was empty and she figured everyone must still be asleep, which was just fine with her. The Institute had a very nicely stocked fridge, but as she perused the contents Molly couldn’t decide just what she wanted. Seeing a little jug of maple syrup though, she was suddenly struck with inspiration.


Molly loved pancakes, and with this being her first Saturday morning in her new home, she should celebrate by making pancakes. Now this wasn’t something she’d done by herself before, but she’d seen both her parents and her foster parents make them before, and it didn’t seem too hard. It just needed the stuff in the box, and Molly started searching through the cupboards, trying to find pancake mix. Finally she found a nice big box of the stuff and she took it down, reading the directions. Nope, she was right; this wouldn’t be hard at all. There was a little radio on the counter and before long Molly had mixed together a small batch of pancake batter, singing along with the music as she stirred. There was a large nonstick pan in one of the other cupboards, and she poured some of the batter into it, forming a nice big pancake. A favorite song of hers came on the radio, and she danced in place to the beat as she kept an eye on her pancake, looking forwarded to the yummy goodness after she put butter and syrup on it before camping out in front of the television.

Before long it looked like it was time to turn the pancake over; but instead of just using a spatula, Molly decided to try flipping it in the pan like she’d seen her father do a couple of times. Not slowing down at all, Molly used a pot holder and grabbing the pan, flipped the pancake in it.

”So raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways... She sang happily, watching as the pancake soared into the air.

And soared.


Apparently she’d put a little too much enthusiasm into her flip, and instead coming back down into the pan perfectly on the other side, like it was supposed to, the momentum she’d put into the flip had caused the pancake to go a little too high, and it was now stuck to the ceiling of the kitchen.

”Oh crap.”

Aero - February 17, 2012 02:59 AM (GMT)
Melody liked Saturdays, most of the students slept in, and she didn’t have quite so many people around. Sure the other early risers were up and about, but Melody didn’t feel as closed in as she normally did the usual surge of students. Never being one to sleep in, Melody rose early, something she was still used to doing from living on the farm. She wasn’t certain if her siblings still did or not, if they did she never ran into them during her early morning wanderings. She got up even earlier than she normally did, and she spent some time reading in bed.

Around five am, she decided to go for a walk, and bundled herself up, putting sweats over her sleep pants and going for a short walk around the grounds. Once she was done, it was quarter to six, and she decided to take a quick shower and change into her clothes for the day. Once she was freshly showered, she took a few minutes to try and towel dry her hair some before changing into a pair of jeans and her favorite comfy Saturday sweater. She then tied her hair back into a loose ponytail, and shoved her feet into a pair of comfortable flats.

She moved quietly through the halls, glancing in the main room as she went, there wasn’t anyone in there, so she kept going. She heard singing coming from the kitchen and curiosity got the best of her. Normally only a few adults and a couple students were awake at this time. She poked her head into the kitchen just in time to watch a girl flip a pancake and it promptly stuck to the ceiling. She heard the girl, and stepped into the kitchen. She had been encouraged to be a little more outgoing, so she decided to talk to the girl for a bit.

That’s a pain, need a hand?” She offered, she didn’t think she knew the girl, so she stuck her hand out. “I’m Melody; I don’t think we’ve met.” She introduced, she knew how to be polite, that was something that had been drilled into her head from a young age, she was trying to work on being a little more approachable and come out of her shell more. She rummaged around until she found a small step ladder and a broom.

She set up the ladder and adjusted her grip on the broom. “Maybe we can jimmie it free, and then no one will have to know…let me guess, you were trying to do the fancy flip? I've been there..” She said with a laugh, trying to let the other girl know that she at least wasn’t alone, and that it happened to her as well.

You’re up kind of early for a Saturday, I’m not use to many others being up around this time.”

Bruiser - February 28, 2012 04:32 AM (GMT)
She really must have put some ‘oomph’ into it, as it didn’t look like that pancake was going anywhere. Molly supposed that was what she got for not paying attention to what she was doing. Her strength was normally a conscious, voluntary effort on her part, but sometimes when she got angry or enthusiastic it got away from her. Like now. With the way that thing was staying in one place, Molly wouldn’t be surprised if there was a dent in the ceiling. She suppressed a yawn, a symptom of the energy drain that using her strength had on her. This was certainly going to be interesting; she wasn’t sure how she was going to explain this to the others. Thankfully it was just her in here; Molly could find a chair or something to stand on and maybe get the pancake scraped off the ceiling before anyone else woke up and came in.

”That’s a pain, need a hand?”

….no such luck.

Molly looked over to see a girl around her age walk into the kitchen. She introduced herself and not knowing what else to do, Molly grinned sheepishly and shook the hand that was offered.

”Hi. Molly. Nice to meet you.” she said, embarrassed, and looked up. ”Ummm..yeah. You could say that.”

Melody seemed a little more capable in the kitchen, or at least when it came to cleaning messes, and Molly watched as she made her way easily around the room, finding a broom and ladder.

”They make it look so easy, you know?” Molly complained when Melody asked about her little pancake trick. ”You don’t see Emeril sticking pancakes to the ceiling.” Of course Emeril can’t bench press a cement truck.. she thought to herself. ”Guess I got a little carried away.”

Molly looked up to where the pancake was still very firmly in place, and thought she could see the faintest hints of cracks in the ceiling. ”I like to get up early.” she replied to the other girl’s question. ”And the best cartoons are on early on Saturdays. I think a spatula might work better on that, don’t you?” At this point they were probably going to have to scrape the thing off.

Aero - March 3, 2012 09:29 PM (GMT)
Nice to meet you Molly,” Melody said, before she climbed up on the step stool turning to look at the other girl when she said you never saw Emeril sticking Pancakes to the ceiling. “Of course we don’t, his studio would cut that out.” She said attempting to joke with an awkward smile. “I’m sure he’s done it though.” Melody didn’t know anyone who could execute that perfect pancake flip without making a mess. Even her mother didn’t attempt it. Melody smiled when she said she got carried away. “It happens; I don’t think anyone would fault you for that.” She said with a smile.

Ah, not too many early risers here,” Melody confided. “Especially on the weekend, when students can sleep in, I’m always up early so weekends don’t mean much to me.” She had never been a cartoon watcher really. She was sure when she was little she watched them, but she only had vague memorizes of it. As soon as she was old enough to was helping out around the house and with her younger siblings. She didn’t comment on that though and she glanced back at the other girl when she recommended a spatula would be better for it.

It would, but Spatula’s don’t have the reach.” She shimmied the broom handle until it was just under a corner of the pancake and after a few moments of work, it shimmied free and landed with a splat on the floor. Melody grimaced slightly, but at least it would be easier to clean that off the floor. She stepped down off the stool and wiped the broom handle clean, putting them back in their right places.

I have lots of siblings; I have more than a little experience scrapping things off of places they shouldn’t be.” She told the other girl with a laugh. She grabbed some paper towels and passed them over to the other girl and knelt by the mess. “The ceiling looks a bit worse for wear, but it doesn’t look to noticeable. I’m sure one of the adults can fix it up.

Bruiser - March 8, 2012 04:04 AM (GMT)
Melody just got right to work while Molly was still looking at the ceiling with annoyance, and a little embarrassed that she was appearing to let someone else clean her mess, Molly held the step stool to keep it in place while the other girl was on it. She watched as Melody poked at the pancake with the broom, and it looked like the pancake was going to give her a fight, but finally it relented and collapsed to the floor. Molly saw she was right; along with some remaining bits of batter, there were a few cracks in the plaster of the ceiling, thankfully not huge ones.

Drats… she thought to herself in annoyance. My first time using the kitchen here, and already I’m breaking things.

”You’re probably right” Molly said to Melody’s comment about Emeril. The man probably had made many mistakes in the kitchen, at least early on. Nothing like that though. ”But I bet he doesn’t put cracks in the ceiling.”

While Melody was grabbing the paper towels Molly knelt down and picked up the most solid part of the pancake. She really should be the one doing this, after all. ”Thanks Melody, but I can do that.” she said, offering to take the paper towels from the other girl.

”So how many siblings do you have? I don’t have any brothers or sisters but I always thought it would have been cool to have some. I’m usually stuck cleaning up my own messes, but if I’d had some brothers or sisters there would’ve been someone else to blame it on.” Molly laughed.

Melody commented that the ceiling didn’t look too noticeable, but Molly made a face. ”I suppose, but really, doing it with a pancake? That’s so embarrassing.”

Aero - March 10, 2012 04:35 PM (GMT)
“Probably not,” Melody agreed “But then again, we don’t know that. He could have thrown cast iron skillet into the ceiling, we don’t know.” Melody said with a grin. She really didn’t mind cleaning up, she had so many siblings she was use to cleaning up messes that weren’t actually hers. She handed some paper towels over to Molly and stood, craning her neck up to look at what was left on the ceiling, there wasn’t too much left, but enough that she could probably get it off.

“I can see about getting the remains of the goo off the ceiling, it probably would have been easier to get it down this way in the first place, but I don’t like to fly in the house.” Melody said, hovering into the air and heading up towards the ceiling picking the remaining pieces off and examining the cracks in the ceiling. “It’s really not so bad.” She assured her. “I mean one of the adults can probably fix it pretty easily.” She was asked how many siblings she had and Melody smiled.

“I have three older siblings here and six younger ones at home.” She said “I’m one of ten, so yeah, it’s a big family.” She smiled at what Molly said. “Ah, I never blamed anything on a younger sibling; I was often the one who was cleaning things up after them. Momma had a lot of other things to worry about, I didn’t mind helping out.” She couldn’t help but smile consolingly at Molly.

“Probably not, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you’re very strong?” She said, floating back down and discarding the paper towel.“I wouldn’t be embarrassed, things like this happen, I mean, if it makes you feel any better, I flew into a tree one time.” She said with a smile, hoping to make the girl feel better. “I was embarrassed, but I got over it.”

Bruiser - March 10, 2012 07:47 PM (GMT)
Molly grinned, having a mental picture of Emeril throwing a cast iron skillet up at the ceiling. ”Oh man I can just see it now. BAM!” she exclaimed, using the chef’s famous catch phrase. ”Now that would definitely put a dent in the ceiling.”

Her mouth dropped open in amazement when Melody all of a sudden just floated up to the ceiling. ”You can FLY. That’s AWESOME!” Molly said. If she had to choose another mutation other than her own to have, Molly would choose flight. She thought that would just be absolutely wonderful to be able to fly. Soaring up over the trees, speeding across the sky, freaking out the birds as she passed by. Princess Powerful of course could fly, but Molly herself was stuck on the ground like everyone else. Well, everyone except Melody.

The other girl continued to talk about her siblings, and Molly heard something about ten kids, which frankly she thought was a little too much and how on earth did her mother manage all that, but her attention was mainly on Melody floating up in the air, as if she was as light as a feather.

”Wow.” Molly said when Melody came back down. ”You’re right, I am pretty strong.” In fact she guessed that she might be one of the strongest people at the Institute, but she didn’t know that for a fact. ”But you can fly. Do you love it? What’s it like? Do you ever go up and just see how fast you can go? I’d go racing just to see.”

Melody mentioned flying into a tree and Molly made a face. ”Ouch. That had to hurt. I hope you weren’t trying to race when you did that.”

Aero - March 28, 2012 01:44 PM (GMT)
Melody smiled at what Molly said about Emeril throwing the skillet into the ceiling. “Definitely.” She agreed, and when Molly lost her mind over the fact she could fly, Melody couldn't help but chuckle, she was sure it caught a lot of people off guard that she could in fact, and had no wings. “Yes, I can fly.” She agreed. Really to her it was normal every day life, just like being really strong was part of Molly's life.

She always wondered, but had never bothered to ask her brother was it was like to have wings. Or how Sam could rocket through the air the way he could. It was just part of their lives. Everyone in the institute had their own abilities and skills, from what Melody could see, some of them were truly fantastic. She was actually quite fascinated with a few of them, though she would never be so bold as to actually ask anyone about their skill. She nodded when Molly confirmed she was really strong.

“That's pretty cool, I mean, being so strong and all.” Melody and her siblings were strong the the doing farm work kind of way, but nothing compared to what Molly was capable of. When Molly asked her about her flight, she shrugged a little bit. She didn't find it as wondrous as one might think she would, but she smiled anyway.

“It's different. I wouldn't say I love it, exactly. I like that it's useful and that I'm luckily enough to not have physical attributes to it, but no I've never gone racing.” She flew because it was the only time she actually felt free, and that she was herself. She didn't bother to say that out loud though. “I'm not exactly sure how fast I can go, I usually only fly with someone if they want the company.” She said. When Molly said she hoped she wasn't racing when she flew into a tree, Melody laughed. “Thankfully no, I was just distracted is all.”

Bruiser - April 16, 2012 02:44 AM (GMT)
Molly couldn’t help but feel pleased when Melody seemed suitably impressed about her ability. Of course, her new friend seemed to be a pretty mellow person so far so Molly had to readjust her definition of ‘suitably impressed’ to accommodate the more relaxed personality. She wouldn’t call herself vain, but she was proud of herself as a mutant and what she could do, so it surprised her when Melody said she didn’t love her ability. That just seemed inconceivable. How could one not love having something so special, so rare, that other people only dreamed of? Everyone here had special gifts, and endless possibilities with each one, so much that could be done. What’s not to love?

”You should try racing sometime.” Molly said, checking the floor to make sure there wasn’t any pancake left on it. ”Find out your limits. You never know when it may come in handy some day.”

Seeing that the floor was clean, she straightened and looked over to her new friend. ”Well I guess it’s time to start over. Pancakes, Take Two. Do you want me to make one for you too?” Molly figured it was the least she could do to say thank you to the other girl for helping her clean up.

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