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Title: Trading Places
Description: WoH's first competition!

Lell - January 7, 2012 03:03 PM (GMT)
So, in honour of Penni's return (and because it gives me an excellent excuse to finally post this) I thought I'd open up Wake of Humanity's first competition. It's just a fun game, basically, with some characterisation exercises and a chance to see how well you know the other kids on the board. Also, there's a contest element and that means prizes. =) Interested? Good, you should be.

So, the game is called Trading Places and it's rather simple. Each person who wants to play submits the name of one of the characters that they CURRENTLY play on WoH (that means their app is accepted and the character is in play.) When we have another players and characters, I will do my magic shuffling thing and randomly allocate all players a character who is not their own.

Your task then, chickadees, is to write a post for that character, doing your best to match their original player's characterisation, canon choices and history on the site so far (lots of app and post-stalking would be good research here), maybe even their writing style if you're feeling bold! With canons, we're talking the WoH version of them, so bear that in mind rather than assuming 616 continuity. OCs are also welcome as well!

The posts can be on any of the prompts that will be provided later and must be between 500-1000 words, BUT you'll have plenty in time in which to do them since the deadline will be a long one so no one is rushed. Players will PM me their completed contest posts and then, after te deadline, I will post them all up without saying who wrote what. The next stage of the contest will be trying to guess which player wrote which character.

Does it sound fun? I hope so. And all you need to do to sign up to play is to reply to this post the name of the character you wish to add to the pool. Sign-ups will close on the 10th of January.

  • Lell - Ororo Munroe.
  • Am - Jean Grey.
  • Penni - Erik Lehnsherr.
  • Ghost - Emma Frost.
  • Crystal - Victor Creed.
  • Maggie - Mystique.
  • Mika - Meltdown.

Lell - January 11, 2012 07:27 PM (GMT)
So, I'm about to go and PM you your randomly-allocated characters. After that, it's very simple. Basically, your deadline is 11:59pm on the 31st of January and, by then, you have to write a post that's between 500 and 1000 words on any of the prompts below. Remember, you're writing the post for this character in as close a manner as the original player does - this is NOT a chance for you to comment on their characterisation/how you would play them etc, but a writing exercise to try and mimic another player's style as accurately as possible. =)

  • Your character is attacked by three ninja in a dark alley in NYC.
  • Your character wakes up on a normal day and goes about their morning routine.
  • A news bulletin on the television reveals that the Mutant Registration Act has just been passed - what is your character's reaction?
  • Your character is waiting somewhere for their best friend.
  • Your character has a dream about an event in their past.
Aaaaaand I think that's it - just PM me the completed post on my Lell account and, on February 1st, I'll post them all up anonymously for your perusal and the next stage of the competition. =)

Lell - January 26, 2012 10:28 PM (GMT)
So, apparently, we all have five days to write and submit those posts. IF ANYONE HAS ANY PROBLEMS WITH THAT, PM ME ASAP.

Otherwise, carry on. <3 I can't wait to see these.

Lell - January 30, 2012 09:14 PM (GMT)
Oh, while I remember - those of you who haven't submitted yours yet, for uniformity, can all speech be bolded and black, please? Just makes them easier for me to process so they all look the same. =)

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