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Title: 911
Description: Calling Icarus

Alexis Trinity - June 17, 2011 03:20 AM (GMT)
With each ring on the other end of the line, Alexis could feel her heart race faster, beating harder. Please answer. Please...please... she begged it in silence. She didn't even know what she would say when and if he did answer, but her desperation said to try. Her hands shook as she held her cell phone, staring down at a piece of paper with the hand-written number on it.

She'd only met Jay a few days ago, what if her instincts about him had been wrong? What if it was a fake number? But then, there was that feather, the one that still resided in the top drawer of her dresser. That had been no joke, no fake. She could only hope that he'd meant it when he said that she could call if she, and Ian, needed help because God, did they need it now.

Icarus - June 17, 2011 03:25 AM (GMT)
Phones always seemed to go off at the most inconvenient times - in movie theatres, when you didn't have a hand free, when you weren't actually in the same room as them... Jay was normally pretty decent at keeping his phone on him, but even he didn't take it into the shower for him. In an unwitting twist of fate that could have ended up with a rather important phone call going unanswered, Jay walked back into his dorm room only a few rings before the phone would have jumped to answer phone.

Instead, the winged mutant was able to scoop up the phone and press it gingerly to his damp face, wincing a little as his long, wet hair threatened to drip water all over the screen. "Hello?" he said, slightly confused by the fact that it was a number he didn't recognise. Behind him, his wings fluttered a little, slightly damp and flickering drops of water this way and that even as he struggled to hold the phone to his ear and keep his towel secured around his waist.

Alexis Trinity - June 17, 2011 03:34 AM (GMT)
"Oh thank God!" Lex expelled in what came out as both a sigh and a sob at the same time. Even if her thoughts had been calmer, somewhere between her brain and her throat, everything went up a notch and increased two-fold in speed. "Jay? It's Alexis--from the park. remember me right? I need your help. It''s about Ian." She paused, her throat feeling like it was about to seize up just because it had to speak the following words, "Somebody took him."

Icarus - June 17, 2011 03:47 AM (GMT)
Most people, when Jay picked up the phone, didn't answer with 'oh thank God.' That was admittedly a new one that had Jay's brow creasing in confusion. "Who is--" he started to say when he didn't immediately recognise the voice, but a slew of words soon answered that unfinished question for him and his eyebrows shot up practically into his hairline.

"Lex, what's--." Another question didn't get to be finished because Jay's voice, for once, failed him and he lapsed into shocked silence for a few painful heartbeats. It was Lex, the mother he'd met in the park, the one with the mutant son. The mutant son who'd been taken.

The shock only lasted for a few seconds, but it felt like an eternity as Jay processed that horrible, vicious fact. Then he snapped back into focus and, when he spoke, he'd never sounded as harsh before. "How long ago? Where are you now? Do you know the people who took him?" He shot the questions out as a gun would bullets, but he could already feel panic stirring in his gut - he barely knew the pair, but he'd already saved Ian from hatred once and...and...

...and it was just a shitty thing to happen. Something that no one deserved. Something that wasn't right and needed to be fixed. Now.

Alexis Trinity - June 17, 2011 04:10 AM (GMT)
"I don't know," her panicked voice continued. "I...I was out. My dad was babysitting, but he fell asleep while Ian was napping. I just got home...the door was open and he was just gone! There...there was a note..." Lex picked up the paper, her mouth curling in a look of disgust even at having to touch it, as if it was something completely vile and deadly.

The words were so disgusted that she could barely get them out, "Abominations go back to Hell. signed, 'Friends of Humanity'. What is that? Jay, do you know? He's just a baby! Please, help me get him back..I don't know what to do." She was sobbing into the phone so hard now that she wasn't sure he would be able to even make out her last words. She just knew that she felt a cold, terrified pit in her stomach that almost made her sick.

Icarus - June 17, 2011 01:36 PM (GMT)
The note made something white hot ignite behind Jay's eyes and he couldn't remember being this physically furious before. He'd been scared and panicked and heartbroken beyond all belief, but never had anger felt as if it was turning his blood to lightning within his veins. The world just...sickened him sometimes. He was from the South, so he knew all about what racial hatred could do to people, and more than that he was a fucking mutant who'd been shot through the heart because of people who couldn't stand the way his genes were arranged.

Julia had died because of bigotry; he wasn't about to let anything happen to Ian for the same stupid reasons. Friends of Humanity his ass - if they had Ian, the mutant child was in trouble. "Lex, I need you to come to my school," he said in those same sharp tones, the ones that held barely contained fury bubbling beneath the surface. "There are people here who can help. I'll help. Just...come here first." An idea sparked somewhere in his brain. "And bring something of Ian's - a blanket or a toy." If it smelled like him, a mutant with the appropriate power could track him. And maybe Dr Grey would be able to use her telepathy to locate him. He rattled off the Institute's address to her and it was only then that he was holding his phone so hard that his fingers were white from the pressure. He was aware of the fact that his teeth were clenching, that his free hand was balled into a fist and, suddenly, he didn't care about being wet or half naked or risking soaking his phone. All he cared about was getting Ian back.

"We'll get him back, Lex," he said recklessly. "I promise."

Alexis Trinity - June 17, 2011 03:20 PM (GMT)
Jay's tone, the sharpness and the direct words he told her helped to steady Lex, a little. At least enough for her to not lose her mind completely. having a plan, any sort of plan and directions to do gave her something else to focus on other than pure fear. "Okay," she answered, her voice small, but not completely lost in sobs. "I'm coming now." She hung up the phone and looked around the room for a moment, brushing the tears that blurred her vision.

She had to keep it together, she told herself and took deep breaths as she tucked the note and Jay's number into her pocket. Then she picked up Ian's soft blue blanket from the crib, taking a moment to wrap it between her hands, holding it close to her chest. Her insides gave a great hollow ache. Finally she made herself move again, grabbing her purse and sneaking into her father's room. There was no time for a bus, she needed a cab and that meant she needed money. To hell with the consequences, she grabbed what she guessed she'd need from the drawer in his room and then raced down to the street to fetch the nearest cab.

Icarus - June 17, 2011 04:09 PM (GMT)
That small, tiny voice of hers might have broken his heart if it hadn't been currently so hardened with anger. Jay nodded once, curtly, even though she couldn't see it and hung up. He stood there for a little while, clenching his phone so hard in his fist that he thought it might break...then, in a sudden, savage motion, he hurled the phone onto his bed. It skittered across the neatly-made surface and then tumbled to the floor with a clatter that he ignored.

The young man looked like some sort of avenging angel as he paced around his room, eyes flashing in a dangerous way that was so out of sorts with the usually quiet Jay. He was just so god damn angry--but, no, anger was a luxury he couldn't afford now, not when time was of the essence. He could be angry about the state of the world later - right now, he needed help. He wasn't capable of taking on the Friends of Humanity on his own, but he was in a school filled with senior mutants.

He needed to talk to the X-men.

His mind racing, Jay yanked open his wardrobe. Logan was the first person that sprang to mind and, as much as the head of security intimidated Jay, he knew that he was the logical person to bring into this. But, to do that, he probably needed to be dressed in something other than a towel... Clothes first, then he could go and find his teachers.

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