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  1. at least it's not malaria
  2. Two jumps in
  3. Not all you see is truth
  4. i dislike you, capisch?
  5. Squirrels...a hidden danger
  6. Best kept secrets of the rich and powerful
  7. Hey Baby, I Think I Wanna Marry You
  8. Lost puppy dog, free to a good home
  9. Drunk and Drunker
  10. When Fire Meets Fire
  11. back to the basics
  12. there's just one way back
  13. I don't need a friend, I need to mend
  14. Metamorphosis
  15. at the going down of the sun
  16. Some memories never die deep inside
  17. patience goes a long way
  18. I Swear I Speak English
  19. she's got sorcery
  20. I Promise To Be Better
  21. i'm blaming all of you for this.
  23. I Saw Her Standing There
  24. Long Way From Home
  25. I think I lost my way
  26. I Forgot How to Talk to Girls WHAT DO?
  27. Show Me How To Live
  28. Dirty/Sexy/Money
  29. All Falls Down
  30. no past, no rules to follow
  31. Captain Hammer, Corporate Tool
  32. Today Was a Good Day
  33. Being in the crosshairs is never fun
  34. Oh Father, Where art Thou
  35. A Talent That I Always Have Possessed
  36. Friendly Advice
  37. Do you feel the vengeance yet in your soul
  38. The Point of No Return
  39. Angel With A Dirty Face
  40. when a good man goes to war
  41. Two For the Show [M]
  42. stumble on my life
  43. London rain and those that talk about it
  44. [M] The Day It All Went Wrong
  45. the pain I caused is nothing compared to my own
  46. How are You Fallen?
  47. shot through the heart
  48. Keeping Pace
  49. The Start of Something
  50. The mistakes are there, waiting to be made

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