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  1. I love the smell in the morning
  2. you can't write if you can't relate
  3. One minute Iím a little sweetheart
  4. A School Girl's Crush
  5. we are shining
  6. cappuccinos and chivalry
  7. enter onto the proving grounds
  8. Liquid Sanity
  9. instant human, just add coffee
  10. a hole in my pocket that's about her size
  11. slightest hesitation can bring you down in flames
  12. The saints can't help me now
  13. watch the stars (don't reach for them)
  14. said the lion to the lamb
  15. Thank you for noticing
  16. make the hipsters fall in love
  17. I heard your whisper among the wind
  18. Fire & Ice
  19. my veins run with blood (but also coffee)
  20. capo di tutti capo

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