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PhazonDragon - June 11, 2011 01:46 AM (GMT)
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For as long as King Sulun has reigned over the kingdom of Ceres, there has been peace between them and the kingdom of Kian. Side by side the neighboring kingdoms have always been shaky, even in their history it has been shown that Kian has declared war over Ceres, while the smaller kingdom has always been able to hold their own. Now with King Sulun's passing along with his dragon, Keltia. The crown has been passed on to his only child, the Princess Niena.

Ascending to the throne, Queen Niena begins her reign over Ceres. The fragile “truce” between Ceres and Kian first began to break once the Queen was officially known as the kingdom's Monarch. The Emperor of Kian will not acknowledge a woman as a ruler, closing off trade between the two kingdoms that have been at ease since Sulun's reign. What was once concerns for the people of Ceres becomes reality. The Kian Emperor has declared war on them. Skyriders and Soliders alike from both Ceres and Kian have met in battle. Many have been lost, and Ceres is finding that their numbers may not be enough.

War has begun...the kingdom of Ceres need you! Do you have the courage and what it takes to be a Rider? One bonded to a mighty Gryphon or Dragon? Or will you join Kian's Skyguard in their attempts to conquer their neighboring Kingdom in the name of the Emperor?

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Hearts of Valor is an original Fantasy RP. Celebrating over a year worth of Rping and planning on more to follow! We are a “Semi to Advanced/Literate” forum, with many positions open for immediate creation. What we also have to offer:

|| Available Characters: Ceres and Kian are in need of full grown Rider pairs. Due to this all breeds and elements for Dragons and Gryphons have been open for pre-creation. Wing postions are needed as well, such as Wingleader, Wingsecond/third, and Skyriders. An in game bonus is being offered to all who make such a character for either side. For more details please read "here" & "here". ||

|| Future Hatching & Imprinting: Thanks to the alliance Ceres has with the territory, Chaldor. The Kingdom has gain through trade very precious and rare Dragon Eggs. What is held within the shells is still unknown. Candidates are being rounded up, will you be one of the new few to gain such a rare creature? The Hatching is scheduled for Early to Mid July. Plenty of time for new faces. Gryphons are what makes Kian a major force. Their numbers tripling that of Ceres. Though not as numerous, Dragons are also part of this force. Pending is our 1st Imprinting and Hatching on Kianese land. Candidates for both are needed.  ||

|| Open Contests: Starting this Friday, June 6th. HoV will be hosting an Advertising Contest. Unlike other contest all who participate, both Old and New Members, have the chance to win something. Be it IG money, maybe even a free custom icon, or how about one of the elusive pets of HoV? For further details have a look “here”. That's not all! Scheduled for next month, HoV will also be hosting a “Create A” Contest. This time around Members will have the opportunity to create a new creature for HoV! Be they one of the many wild life, or a new custom pet! You will not want to miss out on such a special opportunity. ||

|| Optional Alliance & Racial Diversity: Ceres and Kian are both open for play. As well as the other surrounding territories. Who will you choose to stand with? The Skyguard of Ceres or that of Kian? Diversity is a big thing on our forum. We not only offer humans of different race. On our forum we even have humanoids such as Sphynxes (feline humanoids) and Fae (animal shape-shifting like humans) open for creation! More races will be added in the near future.  ||

|| Loose limitation: Every RP forum has rules, be they for the site itself. On character creation, race, etc. But do not let that intimidate you. HoV is rated “M” for Mature, we understand that some characters are right down nasty, or insanely sweet. Some characters are murders while others have a hero complex. Bring them to HoV! Anything goes, and we mean it. ||

Come, won't you join us?
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