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 MASAKI, shin, played by: Giei
Shin Masaki
Posted: Mar 2 2011, 07:08 AM

Dawn of Eternity
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of the the court.

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"And your name is... oh, dear." -Nuala.

»»FULL NAME: Shin Masaki
»»AGE: 500
»»OCCUPATION: rhythm guitarist/ warrior
»»FACTION: Fantasy Realm
»»ALIGNMENT: chaotic evil

"Give it up nasty, we can see you." -Hellboy.

»»EYE COLOR: golden
»»HAIR COLOR: blond
»»HEIGHT: 5'7"
»»PLAY BY: Takanori Matsumoto
»»APPEARANCE: Shin is at the height of 5'7 and weighs just 122 lbs. He was always mistaken for a girl because of his feminine looks. He has four earrings on the right ear, and five on the left ear. He has blond hair, with the bangs covering up the right eye. He is not so short he had been slender and thin all his life. He was always handsome because he was able to attract a person. A guy or a girl could look at him because he has the looks of a female so guys mistaken him for a female, but when females looked at him they see a guy who had been born with feminine features.

He is really pale indeed, and he had never gone out in the sun. He has never had a tan because he stays indoors because he is afraid of going outside, making it so he was always ghostly pale. When you see him you see a handsome guy who is longing to be accepted. He wears black shirts with black pants, and black boots. He even wears black eyeshadow and black nail polish. He has always worn halfway down ring on his index finger. He had been dying his hair to which color he had wanted to try.

Shin always wore the most comfortable clothes that he had loved to wear it has to be the color that he likes so either black, white, or purple. He likes to wear black shirts with black pants. He also wears black boots. With every outfit he would thigh highs. It's just how he loves to dress because he has been mistaken time and time again for a female. He would wear purple when he is working on the days that he had wanted to work at the court so he would wear comfortable gothic clothes.


Shin is the type of person who most people would try to explain in one word and the only thing they’d come up with is “conflicted”. Essentially Shin is a really good guy, deep down at least, but also fiery (pun intended). He was raised that family always comes first, and that the males need to take care of the home. As a son he as taught to always help his father, as a grandson respect his elders, as a brother take care of his sister. His family was always what came first to Shin , and it’s something he never tried to combat either. To him it made sense, not only because that is what he was taught, but because it seemed so logical. Why wouldn’t you treat your siblings and parents with the utmost respect? They were more than family, they were friends and teachers as well. Therefore Shin has always been family oriented, and that loyalty stems to his friends as well.

If people make a good impression on Shin , then that’s probably the best thing you can ever do when it comes to him. However as he was growing up, this tended to affect him more. Everything he ever did was for his family, it seemed like there was never time to figure out who he was. It was always about being an physical abused kid, never about being Shin . Which is why he is conflicted. He has always been taught to do what is told of him, so when it came time to expand, to grow, one could say he was a bit lost. He has a strong head on his shoulders, and usually has a good judge of character. Usually able to tell who was someone to have as a friend, and who was only out there to use him. However, just because he can tell how someone is, doesn’t always mean he knows how to pick his friends. One would say this makes Shin very intuitive, being able to pick up on people’s personalities traits and judge them fairly well.

Since he’s pretty good at picking up on people, this makes him a really good sympathizer as well. Granted he’s not always right, but he’s usually pretty accurate. Shin can judge how he needs to react based on signals others are giving off. He learned this from growing up around his father and Uncle, mostly because Shin is a quick learner. Learn quickly how people are, and you won’t get beaten or yelled at. While he can sympathize, he can’t exactly empathize. Meaning he can tell how your feeling, but he may not be able to understand completely, because he cannot put himself in the shoes of others. Serious is another good term people use when describing Shin. Shin has always been a hard worker, someone who you could rely on to get a job done with little to no questions ask. Goal oriented, almost to the point where he lacks to see humor in a situation because he is so set on completing something. While Shin may not be a comedian or a goof ball, he does enjoy having a good time, he is just known for being more serious. Since he tends to be serious, he doesn’t take personal jokes very well, and can get pretty defensive. So don’t throw stereotypes at him, do not make fun of his friends, himself, or his family. Insulting anything he takes pride in will result in an ill-tempered Shin.

Now that you know a bit about how Shin was raised, you may find yourself thinking, well he seems like a really nice guy, actually a bit of a push over. Well, that’s a statement you’d find yourself retracting rather quickly. Just because he respects the commands of his family, respects friends and mentors, does not mean that he is easily pushed around. Shin has the building of a strong foundation personality wise. Granted he is still growing, still finding himself outside of his family, but he has a pretty level foundation to build upon. Now, because he is serious and honorable doesn’t mean Shin is without a temper. On the contrary, Shin is rather hot headed, he angers easily, and is not above getting into arguments. In fact he’s been known to take things out of context and argue, for what his sisters says is “for the sake of arguing.” . He becomes a killing machine without any remorse for the killings that he had done in his entire lifetime. He had no feelings or emotions that comes to that.

"I'm not a baby, I'm a tumor." -Tumor.

»»FAMILY TREE: Shiro and Achika Keynesian, and Devina
»»IDOLS: Nauda since he is trying to save his kind.


Shin was born five hundred to the parents of Shin and Achika. He had two sisters by the names of Keynesian and Devina they were both good to him because they had knew that their brother was a lot older than they were. He had to do a lot of protecting of his sisters. He had a lot of things to figured out what he had done before. He had to make sure that he was going to do figured out what his sisters had wanted to do in their entire life. He had a lot of things that were on his mind. He had wanted to make sure that his sisters were going to have a long life. He had always followed the rulings of Prince Nauda. He had knew that he had always had hated humans because they had took over the earth. He had been obedient to Nauda ever since he had first came to be alive. He had spoke both in their language, and in English. He had always wanted to make Nauda proud that he had worked for him. He would do anything that the Prince had asked of him. He had a lot of regrets that he had been through. He had never wanted to let anyone else knows that he had even lived in all those regrets. He had hidden those regrets deep inside of him.

When Prince Nauda had needed Shin to do he would do it without question. He had wanted humans to paid with their very lives of kicking them out. He had no wonder that Prince Nauda had hated the humans. He had wanted to make sure that he would actually do whatever it takes to put the humans in their place. He had hated the humans with every fiber of his being. He had always hated the humans they had killed his father. He had wanted to make the humans suffered as he had suffered. He had pledged his loyalty to Prince Nauda, and his family. He had wanted to have his revenge. He had knew that humans had forgotten about him even living. He had wanted to make sure that no one would ever suffer anymore he was a warrior for Prince Nauds, and he had wanted the Prince to reclaim their rightful place on Earth. He had lived in the underworld so that he would trained with the best to become the warrior that Prince Nauda would be proud of.

He had wanted to do what he had done, and he had met Hellboy a few years ago before he had met up with the prince, and he had wanted to know why Hellboy had turned his back on the fantasy realm. He had knew that no one would be better. He had hated the fact the humans had made a mockery of the elves. He had wanted to know why everyone that he ever came to know has left him. He had always been a warrior, but he is also a guitarist as well. He had been scouting out the B.R.P.D in secretly so that he was able to report anything to Prince Nauda. His sisters were the always the ones that had liked the humans. He had no idea of how that could do their race any good. He has nephews that were of the both realms. Shin had a lot of hatred for his nephews, and his brothers-in-law. He had only lived by the elves rules, and he had never lived by any mortal human rules that to him was the most craziness thing he had ever heard.

That brings us this year where he had been waiting for the opportunity to take back earth for Prince Nauda he had waited for the right time to attack the humans. He was always patient, but he had hated waiting forever for the right opportunity to come to earth so that they would attack the humans.

"I can't smile without you...." -Abe & Hellboy.

»»GENDER: female
»»AGE: ( Optional )
»»TITLE: Dawn of eternity

Elizabeth had came to B.P.R.D library to check on something that she had to do, but of course her being pregnant was causing her to feel kind of sluggish. She had to be careful not to cause any harm to her children. She was walking around the library, and she had wanted to make sure that she hadn't done anything wrong since she was expecting twins. She had a lot of things that were on her mind when she had came to the library. She had thought of the past, and the future.

She had knew that she was a pyrokinetic girl. She was expecting Hellboy's children. She hadn't wanted anyone to hurt her to cause her to lose the twins. She had knew that Hellboy had wanted her to extra careful. She hadn't wanted anyone to hurt her stomach, so she was overprotective of protecting her womb from anyone who might want to hurt her. She had a lot of things that she had wanted to say, but she couldn't say at all. She had loved the fact she was with B.R.P.D. She just wanted to stay around here with the other people. She had a lot of conflicting emotions in her.

She had knew that people could treat her so bad, but yet she still works with B.R.P.D She just wanted to stay with people that will understand her, and B.R.P.D is more like a family to her. She had knew that people could be so cruel. She had a lot of thinking to do of her life. She had knew that people wasn't much agreeable with others, but she had tried to live near side normal humans as much as possible. She had a lot of things she can't do, but she still tries to live with the rest of the people.

Elizabeth was usually called Liz by most. She had been here since she was younger. She had loved the fact that she was able to be with the people that won't judged her that much. She had been hoping that people would come together, and helped each other. She had came inside the library, and tried to find a book she was wanting to read for a while. She hadn't thought of anything, and she hadn't expected anyone to be here either. She just was lost in her own thoughts. She had wanted to keep working with B.R.P.D for a while.

She had looked around, and she was trying to see if anyone was here. She was supposed to be in bed-rest, but she had wanted to make sure that she had gotten some exercise it was good for her to get that much exercise as possible. She had wanted to be around here with other people. She had gained some control of her powers, and she had knew that she was going to have a lot of powers that deals with fire. She does have a weakness against water. It waters out her fire ability.

Liz was looking at the table, and she had sat down she had still felt sluggish, and she hadn't wanted anyone to make a fuss over her. She had helped out B.R.P.D. since it was mostly her job to do so. Her fire powers were very much helpful at times, but she was still hating her own powers. They could go out of control at times, and she had remembered that she had burnt down an entire city, and there was causalities, she was very much had to make sure that she had pushed to the future she had just wanted to.[/b]
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Posted: Mar 22 2011, 01:17 PM

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