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 What is your favorite TSP song?
Posted by XjaseX - 11-11-09 03:33 - 0 comments
Pick the one song that stands out for you the most out of the whole TSP catalog and why. I will start the thread off with...

Perfect - this came at a time when I was alone wondering if I would ever find that one special pers ...read more
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 Is "Smashing Pumpkins" really just Billy Corgan?
Posted by XjaseX - 11-11-09 03:05 - 0 comments
Now that TSP is down to just Billy Corgan "again" do you get the same feeling from the latest music as you might have from the older stuff when the other three original members were there? Hopefully Teargarden by Kaleidyscope ...read more
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 Zeitgeist Album Pix
Posted by liam_judge - 09-11-08 10:06 - 1 comments
I was wondering who the people in the album booklet are.
It shows some muscular guy and these little girls and stuff.
Are they U.S. celebrity's or something?

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 What's the Paris Hilton Connection?
Posted by liam_judge - 06-28-08 09:09 - 4 comments
She's been in the Zeitegeist album booklet and credits, plus on the Tarantula cd single cover.
There's been a discussion about this on the amazon.com section for the Tarantula cd single and everyone sounds just as confused as me.
I ...read more
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 New Studio Material Coming
Posted by Satur9 - 03-21-08 18:20 - 4 comments

Smashing Pumpkins Entering the Studio to Plot Their Next Move
Posted Mar 19th 2008 3:30P ...read more
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 Smashing Pumpkins Song List
Posted by josh9033 - 03-10-08 17:01 - 1 comments
Here is a Smashing Pumpkins Song List with links to legally available tracks on iTunes, eMusic, Napster and Rhapsody.
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 That's The Way (My Love Is)
Posted by Satur9 - 08-29-07 23:16 - 1 comments
The promo video for "That's the Way" came out today! It's up on MySpace. It looks a bit like the "Tonight, Tonight" video, but of course, not nearly as good, and much more sci-fi-ish. It is certainly better than the & ...read more
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 Jeff guitar smash
Posted by Pearl Jam and Toast - 08-1-07 19:00 - 4 comments
I'm sure the 5 people on this forum have seen the day in the life thing by now, so you heard them talking about Jeff smashing a guitar in san fran.

Anyone got pictures or video of this? Read 676 times - last comment by Joe   Print email

Posted by OutshonetheSun - 07-20-07 11:38 - 3 comments


Adore Demos II!
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Posted by Fyrefly - 07-10-07 21:07 - 5 comments
I just bought the Best Buy version of Zeitgeist today (the orange one with the bonus "Death from Above"). So far, I'm liking the album, but this is only after one listen. Which version did you buy or plan on buying?
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