Welcome to Shroud in the Mist, a medieval/fantasy RPG set within the Kingdom of Aenor. It is here in which two brothers are fighting for the throne, in which they both think is rightful his. One, the youngest, is King at the present moment while his eldest brother is trying to get the throne that was passed to him from his brother. Tensions run high and here, you never really know who you can trust. Feel free to have a look around. Have any questions? Please feel free in order to contact one of our admins. At the moment, we are accepting canons and originals.

The Kingdom of Aenor.






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Manda Posted on Dec 11 2010, 05:31 PM
  After You JoinBeing on a new site can sometimes be a frightening experience. You donít really know anyone and donít have the slightest idea on where to start. I decided to write this guide in order to help out those people as well as other members of the site. If you have any questions or suggestions to add to the list, please contact me. Thank you.1. Get to know the people you are on the site with. Feel free to ask them questions, as long as it isnít personal. By talking to other members, it helps you to understand them as well as the site itself. It will also help to make you feel more at ease with the site. If you are having trouble talking to some of the members, there is a forum on the site for games, located here. 2. Reread the rules as well as other important information. Rules are not meant to be broken and rereading them as well as the other important information can help with your success on the site. Also, keep checking back for other important information like activity checks and site updates. To find all this information, click here and here. 3. Fill out your application. Not only is this good for character development and helps you get accepted into the site, but it may attract the attention of other roleplayers. Fill out the application as completely as you can, with as much detail as you can. Well-rounded characters are a good thing, therefore add some negative and positive traits of the characters. Applications can be found here. 4. Claim your characterís face. After you have been accepted onto the site, it is time for you to claim your characterís face. Face claims can be found here. 5. Make a shipping board and start up some plots. Now you are finally getting down to business with your character. It is here in which you can make your own board for your character and provide them with some plots. There is also a wanted board, where you can find a character that you might need for a plot. The shipping forum can be found here while the wanted forum can be found here. 6. Itís roleplaying time! You have made it through everything that we have thrown at you. It is now time for you to celebrate and get out to roleplay while interacting with as many characters as you want. You never know what might happen. 7. Why not track your threads? On this site, we have something called thread trackers, which helps to keep you, as a roleplayer, more organized. You donít have to use it however, there might be some who find it useful. You can also post your graphics here as well. If you do wish to use the thread tracker, it can be found here.I do hope that this guide has been helpful and I wish for your success on this site. Sincerely,Mandacreated by shane gray pones at CAUTION 2.0
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