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Title: Name Claim

Manda - January 10, 2011 09:26 PM (GMT)
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Name Claim
<blockquote><p align=justify><font size=1><font size=1>This is where you claim your name for the c-box as well as the site. Check below for the code.
<p><b>Anna</b> who plays <i>Lilian Mayher & Alexander Northman</i>
<br><B>Danielle</B> who plays <I>Shae Chowring</I> & <I>Trystan Lancaster</I>
<br><b>Diggy</b> who plays <i> Amelia Ellsworth & Epona Markay</i>
<br><b>Em112</b> who plays <i>Rose DeCole</i>
<br>Jenzie who plays Imogen Beaumont & Elliot Selwyn
<br><b>Julian</b> who plays <i>Julian Ashdown</i>
<br><b>Kay</b> who plays <i>Bennett Lockton</i>
<br><b>Kristyn</b> who plays <i>Rhys Delwyn & Cathal Farai</i>
<br><B>Kyte</B> who plays <I>Rowan Dunn</I>
<br>Leia who plays Leia BeLuna Morgana & Ivy Desmoines
<br><b>Manda</b> who plays <i>Gahariet Veronesi</i> & <i>Gwendolyn Payne</i>
<br><b>Niki</b> who plays <i>Marrock Uline & Luther Hunt</i>
<br><B>Rhea</B> who plays <I>Rhiannon Fletcher</I>
<br><b>Siola</b> who plays <i>Siola Acale & Joesph Carter</i>

created by shane gray pones at CAUTION 2.0

<br><b>Name Here</b> who plays <i>character names</i>

Laike Morrel - August 25, 2011 12:46 AM (GMT)
[dohtml]<br><b>Matra</b> who plays <i>Laike Morrel</i>[/dohtml]

-crosses fingers- hopefully :]

Ulrich von Reyek - August 25, 2011 01:30 AM (GMT)
Shelly who plays Ulrich von Reyek, and Konrad von Reyek

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