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Title: I'm MaDmaX
Description: MaDmaX want to join

madmax - April 14, 2012 06:45 AM (GMT)
Hello Everyone,

My Name is Max, i playing that Game Since the Demo. My Brother was playing it then i stating to play it too. Hes Name was "Matrix*Baron".

So i Start Playing it since 3 Weeks again becuase i had some Real Life Problems... But i'm Back. Im glad to see that Players still exist and Playing.

I want to Join because that Clan is well-known, im very active. I like to be in a Clan like that, i'm in none clan in any games, Has been not devoted.

I have much experience and good skills sometimes i play like a newbie becuase it doesnt make fun when i win all the time :D sorry if you feel attacked, i mean i try to let the others a chance ;)

I Play always as Medic becuase i can help Peoples with Health-Packs and Revive i mean so they have a Fast and Strong Medic.

I never used Hacks on RtCW, i just use(d) my Skill, its all what i need.

Well i'm a Relaxed Player, i just press all the Time F2 on Teamkills, but some times it can happen that when he annoying me hard, that i will press F1. But really Rare.

I have TeamSpeak installed so i can Join and be Active but my English-Speak is not very well. :)

Some Server Rules are, no hacks allowed, dont be too strong because newbie players (i personaly dont like to say noobs), names sould be clear something like a insulting name isnt allowed.

I will write some idea(s) so far it should come up.

So i belive i didnt forgett something.

See you InGame, Have Fun.

Regards Max

pinkfloyd - April 14, 2012 06:55 AM (GMT)
Hello, Mad, you must be really mad to type an introductory letter. Who knows you, knows you. And who doesn't he will have to learn.

There is a fragtime where all players can play at their full power...and kill all noobs in all they ways they like :)


madmax - April 14, 2012 11:48 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (pinkfloyd @ Apr 14 2012, 07:55 AM)
There is a fragtime where all players can play at their full power...and kill all noobs in all they ways they like :)

Hello pinkfloyd, yep how you said, "fragtime" but not all the time, when i play all the time with my highest skill then many players does'nt have a chance... Well how ever i didn't want to get banned only becuase i play all the time with my skill, you know what i mean.

And Please Respect that this isnt a "Discuss about MaDmaX" Topic. Im a Nice Player in my Sight and when i understand something false then maybe correct me please. :) Thank You ;)

Regards Max

Reflex - April 14, 2012 12:03 PM (GMT)
Welcome back Madmax ;)

Also say hi to your brother from me :P
I always loved the Baron guys ^^
Just Geer was somehow weird :P He used to ban me back in the days :P
Well some things never change xD

Have fun.

.:ReyMysterio:. - April 14, 2012 12:04 PM (GMT)
MaDmaX you noob , u are a regular player on beach(not pro) , feel free to play everytime! :lol:

madmax - April 14, 2012 01:35 PM (GMT)
Hey Reflex, thank you. :) i will say him that.

Well i didnt said im a pro lol i said only that my skill is good maybe very good and thats all, how ever i try to have fun in it and when the other team doesnt win then where is the fun, some times how i said i play like a newbie because one reason, to have fun like try to knive someone or other funny things. xD Just Fun :D

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