In the elven lands of Raguinia lies the great kingdom of Ríocht. It is a time of mourning as the beloved king has been found dead in his royal chambers. His wife has taken the throne and the people have embraced her as their sovereign queen. No one questions her story that assassins poisoned her husband; no one but her eldest son, the rightful heir to the throne. He believes his mother, drunk with power, has murdered her husband and betrayed the kingdom to form an alliance with Noxstern, an evil kingdom that controls an army of the dead. Without proof of his mother's plans, the young prince is wary of seeking support to overthrow her, though he believes that it may only be a matter of time before the kingdom is lost to the growing darkness overtaking the land.
The king is dead.
Long live the queen.

Ríocht is a fantasy rpg that takes place in a medieval elven kingdom where magic is feared, though it can be found if you know where to look.

The main plot revolves mostly around the castle and the royal family, but we love and encourage sub-plots!

Canon and original characters are welcome. We have no bans.

We also have an original Bestiary where contributions are encouraged and interactive battles in the forest where you choose the outcome.


season: spring

weather: clear and mild





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 FAQ, Important info
Posted: Dec 23 2010, 10:47 PM

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• How many characters am I allowed to make on Ríocht?
Technically you can make as many characters as you can handle keeping active with. However, we would prefer that you made no more than 3 characters in your first month with us. If after a month you feel like you're active enough to make additional characters, you may do so at that time. We reserve the right to deny anyone an additional character at any time for any reason.

• I'm interested in playing a canon character, but would like to know if I can change the playby?
Within reason, yes. Canon playbys are regarded as being strongly suggested, but alternates may be used so long as you seek admin approval and follow our playby rules - that is, the playby must be a proper celebrity and must be appropriate to the character's race description.

• How many canon characters am I allowed to have on Ríocht?
You may apply for up to 2 canon characters, who must be from separate usergroups. If you remain an active member of the site after a while, we may reassess at a later date on whether we'll let you tackle an additional canon or two. This will be addressed on a case by case basis.

• How many characters can I make on one account?
You may only play one character per account, otherwise it gets confusing. To make a second character, simply log out and register a new name (you may use the same e-mail address for all accounts.) If you already have an approved character, you'll remember that there's a space available in the character application to tell us who your other characters are. You must make a new character application for each and every character.

• What format should my username be in?
Your username should be in the following format:
All caps, no middlenames, no nicknames, just your character's title (if they have one!) first name and last name. Nicknames and other sorts of things can go in your signature. Please contact an admin asap if you make a mistake so we can change it for you, just for formatting sake. No big deal, so don't worry about getting your head bitten off for it or anything.

• How big can I make my character's signature banner? How about my character's avatar?
Your signature shouldn't be any larger than 425w x 300h. This is to prevent the pages from getting skewed and making everything wonky. We put a lot of effort into making Ríocht pretty so we would appreciate all attempts to keep it from getting weird. Keep in mind that it is the wonkiness that we're concerned about, so don't be afraid that we'll be cross if your signature is 430w, so long as it does not stretch the board. We're not overly fussed about the height, so long as it's not obnoxious.
The maximum avatar size on Ríocht is 200w x 250h

• Why is magic outlawed in most kingdoms of Raguinia?
Well, there are two answers to that question.
The OOC answer is this:
Even though this is a fantasy roleplay, we want the focus to be more on the characters and not on their abilities. It's not so much fun when everyone is the best at everything. Therefore, magic takes a backseat here. There are magical creatures and certainly your character is allowed to be magical, however, if that is the path you choose then you also choose the negative aspects that come with it. Balance is always a good thing.

The IC answer is this:
Many ages ago, before humans were extinct, they ruled the land while elves lived in forests and caves. Elves were magical creatures then and eventually rose up against the humans and, using their abilities, overtook them. As tensions settled over the years, elves and humans began to marry and have children together. It was discovered that the offspring of a human and elf union were less magical than the pure elven generations before them. Most clans embraced and even encouraged this as they left their old traditions behind. Other clans, particularly in the Southern regions of Raguinia, rejected humans and everything to do with them and kept their bloodlines pure, embracing the darkest of magics to defend their way of life.
It was a mere three-hundred years of interbreeding between the species when the last pure human died, which came as quite a shock to the elves, as the average lifespan of an elf is 736 years, after all. However, enough time has passed since then that most of today's elves fear magic and those who still embrace the old traditions.

• So if the average lifespan of an elf is 736 years, how do I figure out my character's age?
It's very simple, really. In Raguinia, elves age 8 times slower than we do. So let's say that if you were making a human character, you would have made his age 28. So whip out that calculator: 28x8=224
Aw, he's still a baby. Of course, feel free to add or subtract a few years. It doesn't have to be exact.

• Are we allowed to swear, write gory scenes and have sex with other characters?
Why yes you may, you filthy thing, you! laugh.gif However, we ask that you do such things in moderation and that you put an M tag in your roleplay title if you intend on being graphic.
As a rule of thumb, we are adopting this rating system: user posted image
L2 - Swearing is generally permitted. However, the language cannot be used to severely abuse.
S2 - Sexual content is permitted. References and writing about genitalia and sex acts are permitted, but explicit detail is not. Fade to black, or 'mature' tagging are recommended.
V2 - Graphic is permitted. Explicit description or in-game narration of violence is allowed.
If you need a more detailed explanation of anything or are unsure of any content at any time, please feel free to pm an admin about it. We're not squeamish, but want to make sure that everyone can continue to play together and as comfortably as possible. <3

And, of course, you must make sure not to godmode someone else's character. You may swipe your sword at someone who offends you or throw a pint at someone in the tavern, however, you do not have any say as to whether or not they got out of the way before your blows landed. No chopping off appendages or sticking anything where there was not consent given for it to be stuck. tongue.gif

• Does it count as godmoding if I use a Non-Player Character (NPC)?
Nope, we understand that in a vast world it is sometimes necessary to make up a character to react to or interact with your character. Just definitely don't use anyone else's character as an NPC without their permission (such permission should be noted in your post.) You may use unclaimed canon characters as NPCs, but in moderation. Use your best judgement for this and if we have a problem with something that you've posted, we'll just ask you to edit it. No fuss, no muss. However, be sure to treat all NPC characters with proper respect, as is outlined in the Rules.

• Speaking of language, do I have to write my character's dialogue in medieval english?
Nay, good sir, and truth be told, we wouldst prefer that thou wouldn'snt try, as I already find mineself confused by my most valiant effort. We don't expect you to write your character's dialogue in their native elvish tongue either. tongue.gif

• There seem to be an awful lot of gay characters on this site, why?
We embrace homosexuality as much as we embrace heterosexuality. If you have a problem with that then this is not the place for you. Seriously, we would have rainbows everywhere if they matched the décor.

• So what are the In Character views on sexuality?
Different races in Raguinia have different views on sexuality. You can read about them in the topic Races in Raguinia.

• If this is a site about elves, then can I make up any race of elf I want?
Absolutely not. You must choose a race from the available ones we have described for you, which can be found in the topic Races in Raguinia. We appreciate all attempts to make original characters within the guidelines of their particular race. We don't want to be picky, but we like guidelines for certain things.

• Can I make a character that is a hybrid of the available races?
Yes, though you should try to be realistic about it and be able to reasonably explain the character's lineage. We reserve the right to deny any race combination, so please don't make a character who is a combination of all the races or anything silly like that. tongue.gif

• Can I make a character that has atypical qualities from how their race and/or homeland was described?
As a general rule, we do not accept exceptions that are made just for the sake of being exceptions. This is the very reason that we allow hybrids, so that different features can be achieved while maintaining the integrity of the races that we've created.
You can certainly ask Ichabod or Finn about making an exception, but we may turn you down depending on what it is. However, we won't snap at you simply for asking a question, promise. biggrin.gif

• In the description of the different races, I noticed that some skin tones were described in ways that would not be found in real life. Do I have to edit my playby's pictures to match this in my application/signature/avatar?
No, you do not. We understand that some of the races would require some skilled photoshopping, but we are not asking anyone to do that, just as we're not asking anyone to put elf ears on their playby either. We all have imaginations, right? The playbys are simply there to help our brains along.
All that we ask is that you follow the physical descriptions as a guideline when choosing your playby. Don't, for instance, use Snooki to play a Sneachta or Jack Nicholson to play an Eadromes. laugh.gif

• The Rules talk about treating royalty and nobility with the proper respect, so what is the proper way to address such characters?
For this, we're going with the general UK system of addressing royalty and nobility, as we understand it. The following addresses would be considered appropriate in Riocht:
King or Queen - Your Majesty, and thereafter as Sir/Sire or Ma'am
Prince or Princess - Your Royal Highness, and thereafter as Sir or Ma'am
Duke or Duchess - Your Grace/Duke or Your Grace/Duchess
Marquis or Marquise - My Lord/Your Lordship/Lord or My Lady/Your Ladyship/Lady
Earl or Countess - My Lord/Your Lordship/Lord or My Lady/Your Ladyship/Lady
Baron or Baroness - My Lord/Your Lordship/Lord or My Lady/Your Ladyship/Lady/Baroness
Lord or Lady - My Lord/Your Lordship/Lord or My Lady/Your Ladyship/Lady
Knight or Dame - Sir Name/Sir or Madam/Dame Name/My Lady

These are general guidelines. We will not bite anyone's head off for using the wrong respectful address so long as you try to address them properly, though we may link you here if we notice you're addressing someone improperly. When in doubt, My Lord/My Lady never hurts, though. If you need further explanation, please feel free to ask. <3

• Have any questions that you think should be added to the FAQ? Feel free to let us know either in the Cbox or by pm!
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