In the elven lands of Raguinia lies the great kingdom of Ríocht. It is a time of mourning as the beloved king has been found dead in his royal chambers. His wife has taken the throne and the people have embraced her as their sovereign queen. No one questions her story that assassins poisoned her husband; no one but her eldest son, the rightful heir to the throne. He believes his mother, drunk with power, has murdered her husband and betrayed the kingdom to form an alliance with Noxstern, an evil kingdom that controls an army of the dead. Without proof of his mother's plans, the young prince is wary of seeking support to overthrow her, though he believes that it may only be a matter of time before the kingdom is lost to the growing darkness overtaking the land.
The king is dead.
Long live the queen.

Ríocht is a fantasy rpg that takes place in a medieval elven kingdom where magic is feared, though it can be found if you know where to look.

The main plot revolves mostly around the castle and the royal family, but we love and encourage sub-plots!

Canon and original characters are welcome. We have no bans.

We also have an original Bestiary where contributions are encouraged and interactive battles in the forest where you choose the outcome.


season: spring

weather: clear and mild





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LORD CALHAD ANMÓR Posted on Aug 5 2011, 04:41 PM
  His Highness being his own carefree (or, as Cal might have put it had he spoken it up at that moment, irresponsible) self, he revealed that he didn't care to discuss the occasion tonight. Somehow, Lord Anmór doubted that he really understood what he was talking about. But he is the rightful heir to the throne, Calhad observed to himself. No matter whether he wants it or no, he has to grow up. He vowed to continue the Crown Prince's lessons in order to force him to do so.

Although the somewhat blunt nature of Prince Ichabod's reaction to his request put him off, Calhad did appreciate the invitation to come to the memorial. A very honourable knight he may be, but he was no fool in term of court politics (as he liked to think): obviously Prince Ichabod meant to speak to him alone. Just as well. "Thank you, Your Highness," the lord said. "I shall be delighted to light a candle for your late father later tonight."

He sat down with a grin, and leaned in conspirationally towards the Prince: "That is, if we're not completely drunk on the excellent drinks of this nauseating soiree, as you put it." He sent one of the serving girls for a good ale, having had quite enough of the wine he had drunk. He introduced him to his companions. First Lady Shilo, who accompanied him to the feast. "Milady Comleoir, His Royal Highness surely has found good company" he said, inclining his head respectfully. "How is your lord father?" He meant it as a courtesy, not as genuine concern for Baron Comleoir. After all, he was the one who conspired with the lords at court to keep Prince Ichabod out of the business of the Realm. "And how are your books?" he inquired after their last conversation.

Then he was introduced to Prince Finnley. "Your Royal Highness, he said, bowing, and in doing so directing a bit of a frown in Prince Ichabod's general directions. Remind me to tell him a King must observe his courtesies, he made a mental note. His irritation showed a little but he decided not to comment. "If I may correct Prince Ichabod," he continued. "I am the Hero of Lema... Lemar..." The words took some time to say, as it was after all a Solaisian placename and he had had a drink, which made him forget his irritation with Ichabod for saying it wrong. "Lemairia," he finally said, and added: "In Solais. It was a famous battle King Etion and I fought against Noxstern" Most people probably knew that already: Calhad Anmór was renowned for it throughout at least Riocht and Solais for it.

He listened patiently to the conversation, focusing more on his drink, though he did direct a slight glare at Prince Finnley for calling Lemairia a 'minor victory'. It wasn't the greatest of all, but it brought him fame and honour as a Lord. "You are mistaken, Prince Finnley," he said irritably. "Lemairia did more than you gave it credit for."
LADY SHILO COMLEOIR Posted on Aug 3 2011, 08:50 PM
Come and gather around - - -Join in the crowd singing the songs that we know. We’ll drink a toast to tomorrow and one to days long ago.erhaps so, but maybe a feast isn’t the best place for my first time getting drunk anyway” Shilo replied, her tone contemplative. “Maybe it would be best to save that for something less public, at least until I know what sort of drunk I am.” As for the wine being weak…well...even having it unwatered was more than she was used to, so it wouldn’t be difficult for her to get drunk on it.Shilo supposed it might be possible she didn’t remember her father saying more about her mother, but she didn’t think that was the case...not with as curious about her mother as she was.When Ichabod and Finn started going on about guards, Shilo couldn’t really object to Ichabod’s words about her since they were true. She found herself agreeing with Finn though about the sexual preferences.“I recently heard about armies of eunuchs in Tulivuori that are trained from early childhood to be nothing but soldiers. The stories say they’re not only utterly fearless and fully obedient to their masters, but feel no pain” Shilo chimed in. “But…if my information is right, they’re slaves.” Tulivuori was a city in Noxstern, so it wouldn’t surprise her if the soldiers really were slaves. She didn’t like the whole concept of slavery. In her mind, no one ‘owned’ another person. People were…people, not property. Short of going to war with other countries, there was no way to change that and it would probably take several generations for the old mindset to die out…if it ever would.“I’ve never been to Solais at all. I haven’t even been more than a few days’ ride from the city, for that matter” she replied, wrinkling her nose slightly in displeasure. Even that much had been more than fifty years ago.The ‘mistress’ comment made Shilo’s eyes widen and a faint blush crept into her cheeks mostly due to Finn’s reaction. She made no reply to that, however. “Good evening, Lord Anmor” she said with an inclination of her head. Her tone was as polite as her words.“Good evening, your highness” she said when Fiorello joined them at the table, inclining her head again, noticeably more than she had for Lord Anmor as was only proper given the difference in their stations.Tag: Everyone Words: A lot Outfit: click Notes: Don’t kill me for my lateness >.> This template was made by MEL THE MAGNIFICENT !? of Caution & SDS
QUEEN MORRIGAN DEWINTER Posted on Jul 19 2011, 02:36 PM
  Morrigan had been mostly ignoring anyone that came near her in favour of nursing her goblet of wine after giving her speech, though it seemed that there were not many brave souls that actually expected any formal pleasantries from her considering the sombre tone with which she’d opened the event. She was ignoring her children as well, so much as she could, and Ichabod in particular whom she would have much preferred to have sat anywhere but the head table, though had she ordered him to be seated anywhere else, it surely would have sent far too many tongues wagging with gossip on the subject. As much as she had grown to loathe her eldest son, who her late husband had so egregiously spoiled absolutely rotten his entire life, she did rather try not to tarnish the public opinion of her when it came to him. Most people thought that he’d agreed to abdicate the throne to her or that it had simply been the late king’s wishes that his wife continue to rule the kingdom until their oldest son had a bit more proper experience. Some may have suspected otherwise, especially since the prince had become more vocal as of late, but few were actually privy to the fact that the queen consciously and purposefully took the throne from her son. Some even knew that a quiet war had begun to be waged between the two, though it could also have been mistaken for a simple familial disagreement rather than a royal one.Ichabod was making it hard to ignore him for much longer, however, as he seemed to be rewarding the escort of guards she’d sent him with a foul attitude and nasty treatment of his siblings. His flagrant behaviour had long been ignored in the castle, but his disrespect had spun out of control since the late king’s sudden death and she felt as though the time was coming to stop ignoring him before he truly began causing a disruption throughout the kingdom. The last thing she needed was to be disrespected by peasants simply because her son had set the precedence that there was no reason to respect a queen who allowed herself to be routinely insulted.”Such an insolent child,” she said softly and gripped the arm of her seat, as she was about to push herself up to her feet to go and confront her eldest son and inform him that he’d been required to attend for his own good, to tell him that he needed to let go of mourning his father and move on so that he might become the man that he’d always wished his son to be. She failed to get up, however, when she heard it announced that there was someone from Hethran entering the hall. Not just someone, but a Sir someone. Instead of continuing on her errand, she gazed down the other end of the hall at the horde of barbarians pushing past the stuffy nobles to enjoy the food for themselves. Such a comical scene almost brought a smile to her lips, almost.The leader seemed to be headed toward her and she straightened herself in her seat, resuming her stiff monarch stance of just surveying the festivities rather than actually enjoying any part of them. She watched emotionlessly as the man drew nearer and a set of guards predictably closed in on him to stop him from getting any closer to their queen.”State your business with Her Majesty,” one of the guards growled at the Hethran man as he blocked him from moving any closer to the head table, weapon holstered but his hand made ready at the hilt in case it was needed.”If it is my business, then he can state it directly to me. This feast was meant for all, including our guests who have obviously travelled from so very far away. Allow him to approach; I do not fear any of our honoured guests, especially those who have obviously already been disarmed before entering.” She waved the guards away so that Sir Danolos could continue toward her. There was an entire table between them, after all, and Morrigan didn’t frighten so easily as men tended to think that a woman would.”Am I in need of a new herald or was it correct for you to be introduced as a Sir? I hadn’t thought that your race used such titles? Or is it different and in Hethran one is given the title of Sir by seizing and clubbing the most females?” She didn’t look terribly impressed with Sir Danolos as she was rather of the opinion that the Fiáinsal were much more like beasts than they were sentient beings. notes: sorry this took me so long words: 789 tag: sir danolos & everyoneCODED BY icha of Riocht.
PRINCE FINNLEY VALOIS Posted on Jul 18 2011, 07:19 PM
  Distracted as he was in his gazing around the hall at the eclectic gathering of guests, Finn recoiled slightly in shock when he felt a hand brush across the top of his knuckles. The sensation sent a shiver down his spine yet he quickly moved his hand back towards Ichabod the moment he realised it had been the other Prince caressing him so, going so far as to intertwine their fingers loosely as he refocused his attention on him. “There’s no need for thanks,” Finn’s was pleased with Ichabod’s decision to switch their conversation to Laidin, the language of his homeland, as it allowed them not just a small bit of privacy but also made Finn far more comfortable. He always felt his words came out more stilted when speaking Cruinne as he worried his accent was hampering his speech. “When have I ever not came to your bed when you asked it of me? Your sour mood has never pushed me away for very long,” even as the words were forming on his lips and spilling forth Finn was more than a little unsure if his willingness to be at Ichabod’s side despite his demeanour was a positive or a negative aspect of the strange relationship they were developing. Finn rolled his eyes as Ichabod pushed away Shilo’s goblet “He only stops you so that you can care for him when he drinks himself into a stupor, though how anyone is expected to do so with such weak Ardanian wine…” perhaps Ichabod’s habit of insulting parts of other kingdoms culture was subtly rubbing of on him. “Aletian women are generally just as capable and dedicated as our men when it comes to their work as guards, regardless of sexual preferences” Finn chose to concentrate on Ichabod’s musings about guards rather than assess how well it was that Shilo fit on Ichabod’s lap. “Besides if you don’t wish your guards to be distracted by any sort of romance or lust wouldn’t asexuality be more ideal,” he spoke softly and with a distracted air to his voice as he made certain his goblet was once again full to the brim. The conversation, he guessed, was merely another attempt by Ichabod to shock or to just fill the silence yet he felt he could never simply ignore Ichabod when he spoke. “I find myself agreeing with you Lady Shilo” Finn said as he nodded at every pause in Shilo speaking though he was admittedly distracted by the way in which Ichabod was continuingly caressing him. “I certainly haven’t seen enough of this world to feel ready to marry, not that I feel I could ever want marriage, I have not even been to Solais since I was less than 50 years old.” Finn nodded in greeting as Lord Anmór approached their table, the man was obviously only interested in whatever matter it was that he had to discuss with Ichabod so he did not open his mouth to speak and merely sat back to eavesdrop as politely as he could. That was until Ichabod introduced both Finn and Shilo to his uncle, “Your mistress?” sounding utterly indignant as he had taken the meaning to be that Ichabod considered Shilo to be so. “Aletia.” Finn said as it was not uncommon of him to be mistaken for a pure Eadromes when he was seated or when the person he spoke to was unobservant enough to ignore the willowy length of his limbs. “And yes I have heard of your Lord, the minor military successes of other kingdoms were part of my studies.”The arrival of the last and youngest of the Dewinter siblings caused a spark of interest in Finn as he surveyed the fine fabrics the prince had adorned himself in for the proceedings. The crisp, pristine white of his clothing and the small equally bright flowers carefully arranged in his hair seemed at odds with the figure of a son in mourning, Finn fancied he would wear inappropriate colouring as such to his own father’s funeral though never mind a feast to celebrate King Winston’s memory. “Prince Fiorello” Finn returned the polite nod the other prince had given him, “You must secure me an appointment with your tailor, I grow tired of the clothes I brought with me from Aletia.” after this request Finn once again sat back in his chair and watched Prince Fiorello interact with his brother for a moment, the barbed comments caused him to lean forward so he could speak quietly to Ichabod. “Do you and your siblings never enjoy each other’s company?” The tension between Ichabod and his brothers was alien to him as he felt that his own brother to be his closest friend and confidant. “I had thought you would at least tolerate the brother who is almost as handsome as you are.” ALL THESE POSESSUCH BEAUTIFUL POSES MAKES ANY BOY FEEL AS PRETTY AS PRINCES,The green autumnal parks conductingAll the city streets a wondrous chorus singingAll these poses oh how can you blame me?Life is a game and true love is a trophy.THIS POST IS 714 WORDS LONG. MY CHARACTER IS WEARING something suitably stylish. TAGGED FOR everyone , I'D JUST LIKE TO QUICKLY SAY sorry if i missed anyone, i didn't want to be retreading conversations with people who'd left the table since they couldn't really reply! ALSO, CREDIT FOR THE TEMPLATE GOES TO fantome at caution.
PRINCE FIORELLO DEWINTER Posted on Jul 16 2011, 07:01 PM
  Fiorello stared at his red, tear-strained eyes in the large mirror that adorned one of the corners of his closet. A library of cloth, garments, and finery that rivaled the size of some of the peasant's hovels. The decadence of the Dewinter's, their youngest in particular, was not a secret however. Thankfully, they'd managed not to spend their kingdom in to ruin, Fiorello was not likely to exercise caution when it came to spending on clothes or other folly. Why should he? What prince should be denied all that he wants. Even in ivory silks, small white flowers woven in his hair, Fiorello looked at his reflection with disgust. His face was puffy, clearly the remnants of his sadness. He'd spent the entire day in his chambers.The youngest of the children of the crown, Fiorello had always had the greatest bond of love with his parents, lacking some of the independence his older siblings enjoyed with the exception of his lunatic sister, Anastasia. He loved her as much as he did any of his family but it wasn't a secret the Fi was the least likely to suffer her peculiarities, not at all a fan of the attention being stolen from him as Anastasia and her demanding insanities tended to do. Tonight, he cared not for the attention of the kingdom, he actually prayed it would be light. He did not look as fair as he usually did. To make matters worse, his own birthday feast came in the spring and he'd yet to even commission the preparations for it. Today had been hard and it'd dragged on. Fiorello just wanted its end to come. He had duties to perform though and would not be permitted to rest until then.The gilded prince did not look forward to the feast for his late father. He'd made a point of being as tardy as he felt he could get away with, not content to be a part of the opening laments and speeches. He wouldn't have been able to keep his composure. Fiorello took one last look at himself, wiping his salt-soaked eyes again, he stood and walked back into his chambers. "Alcohol!" The prince demanded gruffly, his well-groomed troupe of white-clad servants scrambling quickly to get the prince a goblet and something in the way of libations. Their quick actions pleased the prince and within seconds, the burning beverage was flowing past his lips. Fiorello was making an effort to get himself somewhat inebriated, anything to dull the pain of this party. A few minutes or heavily gulping the alcohol he'd been brought had lightened the prince's mood, and his head. Taking a second to collect himself, Fi prepared to leave.The tipsy royal walked out of his chambers and, flanked by guards, made his way through the empty palace to the hall that housed the festivities. Before the double doors were opened for the prince, his arrival was announced. "Prince Fiorello Dewinter, youngest son of the crown of Riocht." A simple introduction, one Fi'd requested. He floated into the room, white clad in honor of his father who loved to see his son glow in shades he liked rather than diminished by the blacks he'd been wearing in morning. Fi only nodded at the crowd before gliding over to sit with his siblings or, to be more accurate, what was left of them. The blond monarch took the seat designated for him and nodded politely at his family's Aletian guest. Fi'd taken no opportunity to get to know the prince but he had great clothing, despite the clear difference in price between his wardrobe and Fiorello's. The youngest prince then looked to his brother, "Ichabod, a woman in your lap? I won't pretend that I don't think that looks weird." He chuckled. "But, is it appropriate for the event? And where have our sisters gone?" The blond inquired, pointedly sidestepping the issue of his tardiness, seeing no need to explain himself as all in attendance were probably aware of Fiorello's flighty habits, however inappropriate they might be from time to time."I can't believe your bitter demeanor has driven away all our company before I even arrived. Brother, dear, you are a piece of work." The half-drunk prince said with an air of superiority. Fi rarely watched his mouth around Ichabod but he had no issues with sounding irritated with the sibling with whom he had the oddest relationship this evening, thanks in no small part to all he'd drank. Fi and Icha's had a lustful mixture of love and hate permeating the very fabric of their brotherhood. It wasn't uncommon to see the two of them sniping. Fi was poised to ignore any of his brother's retorts, already, sipping from a full goblet that'd been placed in front of him without his even having to say so. Fiorello felt sure Ichabod, if no one else, wold smell the alcohol on him or note the difference in his behavior. So long as no one commented on it, however, Fi felt little shame.TAGGED FOR THE ONE AND ONLY EVERYONE WHOM I KNOW AS THE EPIC EVERYONE. MY CHARACTER'S ALL DECKED OUT IN WHITE, SILK, FORMAL WEAR, AND HE'S WAITING PATIENTLY FOR YOUR REPLY. IN CASE YOU WANTED TO KNOW, THIS POST IS SOME AMOUNT OF WORDS LONG AND COMPLETE. OH AND I WANTED TO TELL YOU THAT MY REPLY RIGHT HERE SUXXX :PTHIS KICK-ASS TEMPLATE WAS MADE BY DANCE IN THE DARK OF CAUTION, ATF, AND SDS. BACKGROUND BY PARADIZE ART
PRINCE ICHABOD DEWINTER Posted on Jul 14 2011, 05:25 PM
  but as the water fills my mouthit couldn't wash the echoes outI swallow the sound and it swallows me wholetill there's nothing left inside my soulas empty as that beating drum,but the sound has just begun...”Perhaps he did speak of her and you just don’t remember it. Your father has one of those voices that lulls one right to sleep, as it has done to me on many an occasion... though, I probably shouldn’t allow such to happen anymore, as I’m likely to wake up in the netherworld these days,” he shrugged a little as though it didn’t matter that much to him that he thought Shilo’s father likely to do away with him.”Shilo does rather enjoy the sight of cock, which I find quite a shame as I had been hoping for my own lesbian entourage to keep me safe as I stroll through the grounds of the castle. They make marvellous guards, you know; just as tough as their male counterparts but no cock to distract them from their duties. They’re the perfect soldier, and yet I get this dainty little thing; though she does fit rather well on my lap, don’t you agree, Finnley?” The other prince was obviously jealous and try as he may, Ichabod couldn’t stop himself from showcasing that fact and attempting to make him even moreso.He sighed a bit as Shilo went on some rant about, well, he’d stopped paying attention, honestly, as he had preoccupied himself with the subtle musculature of the Aletian prince’s upper calf and like the rest of the other man’s body, he found it quite divine. If he had to guess, though, he was pretty sure that Shilo must have been making some sort of ‘I am woman, hear me roar’ speech. He tuned back in just in time to hear the word ’lover’, which made him grimace, though he didn’t bother speaking out against it as doing so with his sisters only seemed to inflame them into making even more nauseating statements.”That sounds like an excellent plan, a really excellent plan,” he said while looking at Finn, as he was not referring to Shilo’s plan to wait on marriage but rather the quite lecherous plan that he was formulating in his head for all the things he intended on doing to the other prince once they had retired to his chambers later on in the evening.Ichabod sighed as Lord Anmór came over then and began speaking to him, pushing him straight out of his lewd reverie. It’s not as though he disliked the man that he and his siblings called Uncle, rather the opposite, however; he could be so serious at the worst of times and the last thing Ichabod wished for that evening was to be lectured on propriety by anyone. He was quite relaxed in his inappropriate behaviour and had no intention to instead be reminded even more of the reason they were gathered in the great hall that evening.”Still your tongue, Uncle, I have no interest in discussing your friend my father any more than necessary this evening,” he held onto Shilo’s waist as he shifted in his seat to better face Lord Anmór and then resumed caressing Prince Finn below the table. ”In case you hadn’t noticed, he’s quite dead and discussing the finer details of such isn’t going to make him any less so,” he sipped his wine as he shook his head, resigning himself to the fact that he could not deflect everyone that cared about him all in one night.”I’ll escort you to his memorial later where we can light candles in his honour and say a few words, if you wish. I miss him as well, Uncle, truly I do, but Mother always gets what she wants; I can’t leave this nauseating soiree early, not for you nor for my father and certainly not for myself,” he sighed again.”Do feel free to join us for a drink, though,” he gestured toward one of the empty seats left by the siblings he’d angered into removing themselves from his presence. ”You know the Lady Shilo, I’m sure; the one good thing that Baron Comleoir has ever done,” he brushed her hair back as he spoke, ”and my mistress,” he smirked a bit as he looked at Finn, not realising that it could be taken either way, that he may have been referring to Shilo as being his mistress. ”His Royal Highness Prince Finnley Valois of some mudpit on the Western shore,” he smirked again as he was always quite pleased with himself while insulting others, even when his words were not particularly witty after being dulled by drink. ”Meet my uncle, Lord Calhad Anmór, hero of...llamas or lanyards or something,” Ichabod had never had much of a memory for names.notes: if anything was godmoding, I had permission from Finny and Firecat words: 771 tag: everyoneCODED BY lumos OF Caution.
SIR ALANON VANETH Posted on Jul 13 2011, 01:04 AM
  (( Defiance through no template! ))

Alanon was no sort of man who would waltz into a room, making a big entrance. Nor the sort of man to be found at a feast, but now, as a knight, it seemed it would be more in his place to join in on the festivities. So, this knight, out of his armor, strolled into the feast area, clad in a sort of fancy cloth garb, whatever he could've dug up from the market.

He surveyed the room, mostly the women, and some of the knights of course, to see who he recognized. But, being a newer knight, he didn't recognize many of the knights. He just looked around some more, looking like a real idiot, but being the sort of person he is decided just to play it as cool as he could, and walked out towards most of the other knights or nobles, hoping someone would strike up a conversation with him.

(( Ehhh, two paragraphs but I'd say I'd do more if someone talked. ))
SIR DANOLOS PRASUTAGUS Posted on Jul 11 2011, 09:18 PM
  Gazing around Danolos and his men found this new enviroment and type of people totally alien and mind baffaling. Though he himself was held with some of the most highest regards in Hethran over here it seemed to be a different thing and people looked at him as if he was a beast and crowds seemed to part completley for him and his chosen warriors. Finding it hard to contain themselves from lashing out and fighting people for giving them dirty looks and treating them as if they were monsters they soldiered on. Though it did amuse them that these people feared them and turned into the opposite direction when they came past. The difference between the two races seemed unreal with the Hethran warriors wearing pants and kilts with fur boots and only strapping and fur on their upperhalves their muscles were largely on show which was normal and custom to them not only because of ther climte back in Henrath but because the bigger muscles and stronger you were showed more testosterone to warn smaller and weaker men away from you.

Approaching the great feast he noticed guards appear and then two break away to return five minutes later with a reinforcement contingent to back them up just incase anything got ugly. Smirking to himself he strode forward with his band of men knowing he could take all these guards on his own no trouble. Seeing them place their hands on the hilts of their weapons put Danolos' men on edge somewhat.
Danolos remained in unbroken eye contact with the contingent just ahead and said alowed in his own tounge.
" Calm it...we are here to pay our respects to their fallen King."
A small laugh echoed followed with a reply
" A bit far fetched for a death ain't it...just burn him and be done with it"

"If you havn't noticed Drogo, these people seem to be slightly more...femanine and caring than us..." Danolos chirped back with a laugh.

The band of warriors came to a halt yards before the contingent of guards now anxiously glancing at one another then back to the horde of barbarians. Danolos raised an eyebrow then heard the hustle and bustle of the feast and eventually realised that these guards wanted their weapons but were trying to pluck up the courage to do so.
" You...want...weapons?" Danolos asked after carefully trying to select the right words. Afterall this wasn't his home language and he hadn't had any need to learn this one very well even though it was vast becoming common tounge.
The guard nodded in compliance and edged forward with those by his side. Danolos turn around to his troop and spoke up with a disappointed look upon his face as he unbuckled his weapons.
"Men..give up your weapons and we shall retrieve them on the way out...This is not acceptable at home...but we must respect their rules."

Ever so slowly the guards edged forward then came close enough to politley take the weapons from the disappointed and slightly dishonoured group of savages. With a quick nod from the Guard Captain knowing uttering a word would be useless and there would be no point in possibly provoking anything with these tempremental animals he pointed them in the right direction. The smell of cooked meat clung rebelliously to nostrils of the hungry men as they drew near. Not since home had they smelled meat so tender and cooked, not that they always ate their meat cooked. The smell drew them along the right path with guards still lining the hall ways as they approached the Great hall with increasing speed.

"God I've not felt this hungry since that time we stayed out in the wilderness for 8 weeks straight and there was that pissing illness that all the animals kept katching and we had to survive on the vegetables ughh." Moaned one of Danolos' men as the guards sized them up at all times.

Finally reaching the main entrance to the feast Danolos gazed around the room at the varying people and the wonderful food on display. Taken a bit back at how everybody was showing 'manners' a thing not so thought of in Henrath, he and his troop seemed totally out of place. A man whispering into the ear of a guard next to him broke Danolos out of his focus upon the feast. Sharply turning his head to look at the man he sized him up, Danolos looked like he could eat the man whole and then go back to eat someone else for seconds.
"Ermm, ermm...Welcoming...ermm" Stuttered the nervous man

"Sir Danolos Prasutagus of Henrath" He said proudly as he raised his head, Wow he had been waiting to say that for so long but never managed to have the chance.

"Welcoming Sir Danolos Prasutagus of Henrath" The man seemed to say with a bit more confidence in his voice.

Danolos nodded with appriciated as he and his cohort strode into the great hall. The fires on the walls embracing their skin as bringing into light their bulky muscular frames. Large muscles bulged outwards making bold their black and brown tribal tattoo's running around their bodies accompanied by their many scars which they seemed to brag about like medals amongst themselves. The troop stood in an arrowhead like formation with Danolos at the front standing proud. The crowd seemed to just stop and stare and the unruly and quite frightening sight.
"We..must...find..Queen" Spoke Danolos in his broken dialect to the man.
"Sh..sh..she's over there" Ushered the man as he pointed to her. He seemed like he had soiled himself with fright.

Danolos nodded and waved his band of men off to disperse and enjoy the feast. It brought amusement to his face he saw them pig out mercilessly upon the various foods like wild dogs ripping and knawing at anything edible.

LORD CALHAD ANMÓR Posted on Jul 9 2011, 02:21 PM
  "Your Royal Highness," said Calhad when the Crown Prince passed his way, escorting his sister, and bowed his head respectfully. Right now, I should have said 'At your service, Your Majesty', he commented bitterly to himself in thought. If it weren't for that mother of his. The prince acknowledged the hero of Lemairia. ”I see you’ve been forced to attend this dreadful mockery as well, Uncle. Ah, but with so lovely a wife at your side, the night cannot be an entire waste, now can it?” Calhad smiled awkwardly, conflicted as the prince awkwardly kissed his lady's hand. If only he'd spend more time winning his kingdom back and less time watching every damn woman's movements around the castle. It was a good thing the prince didn't seem in his element kissing Lady Corenna. "Thank you, my prince," he said. "She is indeed the star that lights my path in these dark times."

He was of a mind to say something to the fact that Ichabod affirmed his thoughts that the feast was a total farce. A good farce, he had to give it to the Queen, for there was the best wine and ale and the best food, but a farce nonetheless. Luckily for him, the Prince moved on with his sister, seating himself some while away. A while later, the Lord of Clíath overheard something about a dance with Princess Anastasia, although it was followed by some abuse that Ichabod heaped upon Prince Nikolai about Ambassador Gheimridh. Childish, really, he thought, straining not to grin.

Nevertheless, he found himself brooding on Prince Ichabod's comments, only strengthened by his recent encounter with Sorilea in the training grounds and the revelations she made to him. Ironically, it put him on the line of enjoying this farce (which it still was) almost too much, or better said, to enjoy the good drink that came with it. Looking at his lady at his side with reassuring and affectionate glances, he could not help but notice her concerned look. "Calhad," she whispered concernedly. "If something's on your mind, for holy's sake, don't pour it into your goblet!"

Calhad couldn't mix up his wife in a mess that was potentially dangerous. Not yet even near drunk (that took a while, but with his pace, he'd be drunk by the end of the evening), he decided to do something about his troubles and to speak to Prince Ichabod about his concerns. His tongue already loosened, he turned to the Prince and addressed him. "Your Highness," he said. "If you're not enjoying this far..." He thought and stopped short of making the whole kingdom party to his thoughts that the party was a farce. "Pardon me, my prince. I mean, if I may pull your attention away somewhat from this really enjoyable feast, I would like to have a word about the..." He thought for a while. "Occasion for it."

He hoped he had made himself clear to Ichabod and maybe to Sorilea, but not to the rest of the guests. That'd not be healthy. What if Baron Comleoir came to know, and told the Queen? Calhad knew Comleoir had the Queen's ear, and it would spell trouble for him if he came to be in the know about his doubts, which could be called treasonous.
LADY SHILO COMLEOIR Posted on Jun 22 2011, 03:39 PM
Come and gather around - - -Join in the crowd singing the songs that we know. We’ll drink a toast to tomorrow and one to days long ago.o relation that I’m aware of, either” Shilo confirmed. She merely shrugged at Ichabod’s comments about her noble birth being one sided and her mother being a whore. “She very well might have been. I wouldn’t know. Father doesn’t talk about her. All he would tell me when I asked is that she was Eadromes, and when he knew her she was acting as a servant.” Part of Shilo wanted to leap to her mother’s defense…but she had to acknowledge Ichabod might be right. Shilo just didn’t know one way or the other.“I didn’t mean right here right now, of course” she replied, half shocked at the notion and half amused by it. “I just meant that if you were so inclined at some later time I wouldn’t object, Your Highness.” She shrugged slightly. "No matter."She made a face of obvious dislike at Ichabod’s question about trying to capture a husband. “I am completely certain” she replied firmly. “I’m not the least bit inclined towards marriage, not right now at any rate. I want to live a little first. Get out and see the world a bit, and maybe take a lover or two. I want to see what I’d be giving up should I decide to sacrifice my freedom for marriage.” Marriage wasn’t even a remote possibility for her at the moment unless her father had something planned she didn’t yet know about. No one in particular yet had caught her fancy either…not for anything as permanent as marriage, at least.Shilo was distracted for a moment by the servant refilling her goblet – a rather handsome young man – and so had not heard Ichabod’s soft words to Finn. She hadn’t learned more than a few words of Laidin so even if she had been paying full attention she wouldn’t have understood Ichabod’s words.“Well it seems I’ll have to wait until another time to get drunk, Prince Finnley” Shilo replied when Ichabod pushed her goblet out of her easy reach. She pouted just slightly though she knew it was probably for the best, and instead of reaching for another goblet of wine or trying to retrieve her own she instead took one of water.Tag: Everyone Words: A lot Outfit: click Notes:


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