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Title: RULES
Description: Mandatory reading!

PRINCE ICHABOD DEWINTER - December 24, 2010 09:06 PM (GMT)
• You must treat not only the staff with respect, but also your fellow members.
Treat others the same way you would want to be treated. Unless, of course, you're a which case, be nicer. :P We're all here to have fun, so let's do that. Remember to always keep IC and OOC disputes separate. If you absolutely cannot resolve an issue with someone, please feel free to contact an admin.

• No Godmodding or Powerplaying.
-Make sure that you only control your own character's actions and thoughts. For example, you may throw a punch, but make sure that you do not decide whether it lands or not, as the other character may move out of the way.
-Do not to tell everyone what to think of your character. Sure, you may state that your character has a reputation for being a certain way, but don't decide for other people how they individually should respond to your character. They are allowed to have their own opinions, no matter what you think of your own character.
-As we all have individual tastes, avoid describing your character's physical attributes in a way that makes it seem like everyone else has to think the same way as you. Another man's trash is another man's treasure and vice versa, you know?
-Do not describe your character in a way that makes her/him seem infallible. No matter how awesomely skilled you think your character is, sometimes they're going to have a bad day. If you cannot give your character a bad day on your own, the admins will be happy to do so for you.

If you need further explanation about any of this, please feel free to contact an admin and we'll be happy to give you examples.

• All roleplay posts should be written in third person and in past tense.
For continuity sake. Please let us know if you need an example of this.

• If you need to put an Out Of Character note in a roleplay post, then just make sure it's clear that you've changed from ic to ooc.
Avoiding confusion is always much appreciated. :lol:

• We have no word count, but as a general rule, all roleplay posts should be at least 5 sentences long.
Remember that it's only polite to put the same effort into a post as the person you're replying to. We're writing a story together, so don't make the other person do all the work.
No one's going to hover over you counting every word you type, however, so don't feel intimidated; we're about quality over quantity.

• Keep all advertisements in the advertisement section.
That means no advertising in the Cbox, in pm's or in other sections of the site. It's just much neater that way, don't you think?

• Mark graphic roleplays with a M in the title.
There are some things that a person just doesn't want to stumble upon while innocently eating their cornflakes. :lol:
If a roleplay suddenly takes an unplanned graphic turn, just make sure to edit the M in before the graphic content is posted. If you are unable to edit the title yourself, then either wait to post until it can be changed or mark at the top of your post that there will be graphic content following.
Please refer to the FAQ for further explanation on what we deem to be graphic.

• While in character, all royalty must be treated like royalty and all nobility must be treated like nobility!
Now, we're not telling you how your character should feel about certain characters. However, in a proper kingdom, you treat the royal family with respect by bowing when they enter a room, being polite and never talking back to them. Acting or speaking inappropriately to a monarch would get you thrown in the dungeons (or worse!) and so you should always be sure to treat our royalty with proper respect when in character.

Of course your character can think that the queen's a horrid excuse for a human being or that the prince is a pretentious prick, but there's a difference between thinking something and saying it. You may, of course, voice opinions about royalty to other characters, although you may want to watch who you badmouth the queen to! (Of course if you would like to plot a roleplay in which your character says something inappropriate to the wrong person, as long as everyone involved is a willing participant, feel free to do so!)

Proper respect should be shown to any king, queen, prince or princess, no matter what title your character has. Keep in mind that this applies to all royal characters, not just specifically Rνocht royalty.

Proper respect should also be shown to all nobility. Every single character on Riocht is expected to show proper respect to other characters whose station is above or on an equal level with their own.

This includes instances where npc's are used. For instance, while you are welcome to use an npc of a higher or similar rank as your own character, you may not use them to make your character look better by being disrespectful toward them or having them react in an uncharacteristic way. For instance; knights, by definition, are bred and trained to be extremely brave. Therefore, having a npc knight act frightened of your character would not be allowed.

Of course blood relatives or friends may be less formal in private situations, just use your best judgement and it doesn't hurt to ask the player of the other character beforehand.

• All images should be no wider than 425px.
We're not going to inspect the size of every image, but wider than 425px has a tendency to stretch things, so be mindful of this and resize if necessary. We're not too fussed about the height, so long as it's within reason.

• No nudity is allowed in any images on the site.
No female bare chests, no crotches, no rear ends. What if your grandma walks past and thinks you're looking at porn? Awkward. :P

• Please be aware that these rules may be altered at any time. Any issues that have not been covered explicitly by these rules may be addressed and dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Should any changes be made to the rules, it will be announced. If you have any questions or need anything clarified, please don't hesitate to ask an admin either in the Cbox or by pm!

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