A coastal city on the shore of the Mediterranean's gleaming, turquoise and tempest waves, she is arguably much older than Rome's fabled founders, Romulus and Remus; far more steeped in traditions that beat like a heart's torrid rhythm, pounding out every step in a forbidden dance of desire.

She is Pompeii. And she is an all-devouring Mistress. Mother to all form of satyr and nymph, where the wine flows freely and the Dance of Syrtos never ends.



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Voices of Pompeii
Graffiti inscriptions left upon the walls and doors all around the city are one of the ways in which the Pompeians expressed themselves - and often humorously. The graffiti was very popular here and was most often written in the common Latin Vulgaris.


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 Mutant High
Posted: Apr 26 2012, 04:09 PM


It's amazing how much things can change over the course of a single year. A new president, former Director of Homeland Security Bolivar Trask, has been elected by the people of the United States of America in the hopes that he will continue advances in mutant/human relations and properly combat mutant terrorism as he has done for his entire political career. The Mutant Cure, the biggest news story of the past five years, has lingered in the media with the destruction of Alcatraz Island and the revelation that the mutants injected with the Cure are regaining their powers as time goes on. The Brotherhood, once the biggest mutant threat to national security, has all but dissolved, their leader having disappeared from the public eye.

For the students and staff at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, there is cause for optimism. Professor Charles Xavier, thought murdered by the Phoenix, has restored his mind to a new body through his telepathic skill and sheer force of will. Though he lingers in a coma, his presence has restored the hope of many at the school. His close associate, Dr. Moira MacTaggert, has taken over duties as headmistress of the educational program at the school, surprising many who never expected to see a human running a mutant school. The X-Men, still relatively hidden from the public eye, have been led by Ororo Munroe, better known as Storm, in the time since the loss of Scott Summers. And a new team, christened the New Mutants, has emerged from the ranks of the most talented potential X-Men the school can offer.

All in all, mutantkind has found a time of peace. But rarely does any matter of peace last.......

And many young mutants will soon realize how stressful life can be at Mutant High.

user posted image

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