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 Unfinished lugia island theme
Posted by Mathew - 01-28-08 23:24 - 5 comments
As you can see I am still here happy.gif unfinished lugia island theme by ??? just a random theme. read more
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 Zeta boards
Posted by Mathew - 01-20-08 17:33 - 2 comments
This will probably be converted to zetaboads.
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 geez how many?
Posted by Sam - 01-20-08 17:27 - 0 comments
Hello again I am sam staff here and mat's girl well nice to meet you all.
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Posted by Mathew - 01-13-08 23:49 - 0 comments
Pokezam is active my friend owns this forum feel free to join I know I will ^^
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 New website please visit.
Posted by Mathew - 01-11-08 23:16 - 0 comments
Announcement and update.^^

New website for pokemon era.

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 Leafeon is my fav ^_^
Posted by Mathew - 01-9-08 21:43 - 1 comments
Leafeon is my favorite as you can see rolleyes.gif

If you have any ideas for this forum or any ...read more
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 Update Final forum
Posted by Mathew - 01-9-08 20:46 - 0 comments
We are making our final forum me and sam and ryan!

We will display the link once complete.
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