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Title: zilver
Description: my char zilver

sneakboy1 - February 23, 2011 06:28 PM (GMT)

Age:10 years


Birth date:15/02/2001

Occupation:trying to become a demon :P

Favorite Pokemon:charmander


Hair length/color:no hair

Eye color:black

Skin color:grey/silver

Basic appearance: charmander form

Clothing style:always wares a metal helmet

Personality:kind, loving , he wouldn't try to heard anybody if it's not necessary except in battles , then he is a furious fighter , sadistic when alone

Unusual habits: trying to get away from a stalking demon

Miscellaneous:he is in love with somebody but he doesn't want to say who

Background/History: has a charmeleon as a mother and a charizard as a father, is stalked by a demon who is in love with him , but he doesn't want her ,

Present-day: he became a little closer to his goal , becoming a demon dragon by obtaining a magical jewel

Current Pokemon Team:non

Any other information: loves food,battles , is a little shy though , grows armor all over his body, he doesn't have a human form(yet)

Argent - February 23, 2011 07:43 PM (GMT)
Please elaborate more so on the salient points such as history and personality, along with giving a description of his human form if available. If not, please inform me so I can move this to either the gijinka or pokepark application areas for further approval.

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