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 The Shadow Legacy, 1.Umbrage
Posted: Mar 30 2006, 12:55 PM

New Trainer

Group: Trainers
Posts: 3
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Joined: 25-March 06


As night fell and darkness overswept the land several shadows could be seen moving over the horizon.
“I knew it was too weak! Look at it, dead in a day! Worthless creature…”
“Quiet! This Pokemon is a secret, and that is how it must stay. Let’s dump the body here and go back to the lab.” The mysterious figures lifted something out of a dusty, old bag and laid it on the ground.
“Let’s hope the next one survives.” Grumbled a voice, and the two figures disappeared back to their lair.
The creature stayed unmoving, but as the voices vanished, one eye slowly lifted up. It was alive…

Chapter One

Dan quickly pushed all his stuff into his bag, slung it over his shoulder and picked up his Pokeballs before charging out the door. He was late (again) for his meeting with Professor Oak to discuss the progress he’d been making. He was a very advanced Pokemon Trainer, and Professor Oak said he had much potential.
Down the lane he ran, until a large, familiar-looking building came into sight. Without a second thought he barged through the door.
“Sorry I’m late Professor! I forgot to set my alarm clock…”
“Pokemon Master you may be, but punctual you are not,” sighed the Professor, “Anyway, at least you’re here. I’ve got a very special mission for you.” Daniel pulled up a chair and sat down.
“You see, we’ve made an important discovery. There’s a new region just south of Johto, and since you’re so qualified I’ve chosen you to be the first to explore it.” He handed him a notebook, “I want you to record everything you see in here-new Pokemon, places and everything. You may name these places and catch as many of the new Pokemon as you wish, but make sure to record everything. In fact, may I ask you to catch at least one of every new Pokemon you meet please? It would help us greatly in our research.”
“You’re kidding right?” Daniel could hardly believe his ears; what a great privilege!
“Of course if you don’t want to…”
“You can count on me Professor!”
“Excellent! I’ll take you there tomorrow”…

Chapter Two

“Wow…” That was al Daniel could manage to say. What a beautiful, amazing place this was!
“And I really get to name it?”
“Yes, but I suggest you do that after your journey. I’ve given you 300 Pokeballs, hopefully that will be enough, and now we shall leave you to get to work.”
“Bye!” Daniel cried as the boat pulled out of the cove and started sailing back to Johto. A whole island all to himself…he’d better get started!
He’d walked a bit further into this jungle-like place and still he’d seen no Pokemon! Where were they all? Suddenly he heard a rustle. He peered through the bushes and saw something. It was sitting on this big rock in front of him, something purple and large. He crept forward slowly…and the creature turned to look at him. Daniel gasped in surprise-it was a purple Charmander!
“Huh?” Daniel thought out loud.
“What do you mean by that?” said a voice. Daniel looked around for a few seconds before realizing the voice came from the Charmander.
“You can talk?” The Charmander nodded in reply.
“How come you’re purple?” The creature sighed as if everyone knew the answer but Daniel.
“Because I’m a Shadow Pokemon. I was created by Team Penumbra in their lab. They dumped me because I wasn’t completely shadow. You’re the first human on this island who isn’t one of them.” Now that Daniel looked closer he could see that it wasn’t just purple; it had black & red flames on its tail as well. The Charmander continued to talk, “They’re evil Team Penumbra. They rule this island and all the Pokemon here. They’ve started catching them and turning them shadow. I was their first experiment. I don’t know who came after.” The Charmander sighed weakly, “I had to escape you know. They were going to hurt me again so I became fully shadow. I pretended to die so they dumped me out here, but there was no point. No one dare talk to me now, in case I go into Hyper Mode.”
“But what’s Team Penumbra?” asked Daniel, but suddenly a huge creature leapt out of the bushes. It was a strange wolf-like creature with wings and ghostly flames darting round its ankles. It gave a long, deep growl as Daniel reached for a Pokeball. Then he remembered-he’d left his Pokemon on the ship! The creature barked, and moved in for the attack…

Chapter Three

Daniel scrabbled nervously for his ultra ball. Maybe if he used it he may be able to catch the beast. Suddenly his hand clamped on a heavy Pokeball. He threw it in despair and to his surprise a Pokemon came out!
“Suicune!” cried the magnificent creature before him. The wolf gave an unsure growl and backed off a little. Suicune sent out a blast of ice and the Pokemon was frozen. Without thinking Daniel threw a Pokeball, and caught the strange creature. Suicune bowed his head graciously as Daniel pocketed the Pokeball.
“Where…how…” Daniel trailed off, unable to finished his sentence.
“Professor Oak gave me to you. He said you might need some help against Team Penumbra.”
“You mean he knew all about the Shadow Pokemon?”
“Not quite. He knew they were planning to make some, and he hoped you would destroy their lab before they could. Unfortunately he was a bit late.” Suicune turned to the Charmander, “Will you tell us where the lab is?” The Charmander nodded.
“I’ll take you there. Shadow Pokemon shouldn’t attack you if I’m there.”
“Thank you friend. And by the way Daniel,” he said turning back, “The creature you caught was a Wingowl. They’re quite rare on this island. We should set off now.” The Charmander nodded in reply.
“Follow me then. It’s this way to the lab.”
The trio set off, but unknown by them another creature was watching. A creature with colours of Violet and Plum, and eyes as red as the sun. The second Shadow Pokemon, and unfortunately this one was a success…

NOTE: If you enjoyed this and want to read the rest of the Legacy or just some other of my stories go to (I suggest you bookmark it because it is new and I will update it as soon as the second part is finished) Also feel free to post your comments :chikorita:
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