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Please do not register with any other name than your character's name. All information is still viewable, so you're not missing anything. Please take enough time to thoroughly investigate this roleplay board before joining. Best place to start is the New Members Guide. It will help you navigate the chaos that is SotRS! Any questions, don't hesitate to contact an admin. Just post a question in the Questions forum, it's guest friendly!

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  • Apologies - + / -
    Red blabbering on about her absence, but more so a call to see who is still here. Things seem to have halted, so something must give. Have any ideas? Leave them here. At least take a look if you're curious about the future of this forum.
  • Moving Forward - + / -
    An announcement discussing the current plot-related threads. If you feel lost, feel free to take a look at this post, it should answer some questions. If you are still confused, do not hesitate to contact a staff member.
  • A Meeting of Dire Importance - Olympian + / -
  • An Offer You Can't Refuse - Olympian + / -
  • Don't Be Such a Holy Fool - Immortals + / -
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Ontheriverstyx latest news: Apologies Are In Order
Welcome back; your last visit was on Aug 26 2016, 11:27 PM
Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
This is the announcements forum, where you can find..well..announcements! Keep an eye on this to check out updates, up coming events, and other new highlights happening to SotRS! Stay in the know with this Soapbox.
11 38 Sep 12 2011, 04:48 PM
In: Last PostApologies Are In Order
By: Red Lotus
Before stepping through the gates...
New? Start here! All informative documents that pertain directly to SotRS can be found here. No members are allowed to add posts or responses, only your admin. This is where beginners can easily get started. Don't worry with all of the other forums, just start here.

7 5 Aug 30 2011, 07:06 AM
In: Last PostAbout the Immortals
By: Wolf
The Codex
Informative documents on the roleplay and ancient Greece. Come here if you have any questions or if you need help deciding what your character should be wearing, wielding, and doing. When creating a character use these documents to help you create an interesting back story.

13 0 Apr 25 2011, 07:15 AM
In: Last PostFashion
By: Red Lotus
Member's Lounge
All out-of-character mumbo-jumbo can be found here including intros, outros, general chat, forum games, and much more. This is the more laid-back area of the forum full of silliness and the like.

25 123 Sep 29 2011, 05:18 AM
In: Last PostHey Little Sister....
By: Caly
Here you can find the advertisement for Swear on the River Styx, a place to put your own, and information on how to affiliate with us, if you wish to.

219 17 Aug 2 2015, 07:25 PM
In: Last PostDalibor Weyr
By: Kiran

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Of Gods and Men
This is a detailed list of the races and individual creatures/characters found in Greek mythology, which our roleplay is built upon. Here we list who is available for playing and who is already claimed. You can also find a list of races and beasts popular to Greek myth that are available to keep diversity in this roleplay.

5 2 Sep 17 2011, 03:00 AM
In: Last PostThe Immortals
By: -Eris-
And into the Chaos
Here you can find all documents on how to successfully create your character here on SotRS.

9 20 Sep 17 2011, 07:44 AM
In: Last PostFace Claim
By: Ares-
Sounded like a good idea...
The character application section. Post your applications in the appropriate forum. Pending is for 100% completed applications, do not post anything else in this forum or you will be dealt a penalty. Incomplete is for those who want to take time creating their application. Once an application is complete, inform a mod to have it moved to pending. Tartarus is for dead applications.

19 36 Sep 27 2011, 01:38 AM
In: Last PostEris
By: Caly
The approved applications. Come here to spy on various characters, or just get an idea of how their roleplayer will be playing their character. If you, as a player, decide to read any of the applications, remember to keep all information separate from your character's knowledge if they do not already know the information given in the application. This is a violation and will result in a penalty.
26 76 Sep 17 2011, 04:17 AM
In: Last PostAres
By: Ash

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Come here to keep up to date on the current plot(s) of SotRS. You can also plot with other characters or suggest plot additions/subtractions. Any and all fresh ideas are more than welcome!
18 50 Sep 17 2011, 08:43 PM
In: Last PostLove is just a game...
By: Ares
Roleplay Requests
Don't really want to plot, but just want to get your character out there and have a little fun? Come advertise your wants here! Call out to specific characters or remain open and welcome whomever! Remember, the meeting of opposing factions must make sense!
2 5 Jun 22 2011, 06:26 PM
In: Last PostIn The Wilderness.
By: Artemis
Character Journals
Is your character in touch with their personal feelings? Do they have something that they just HAVE to get out? They can write in their journals here! Share present experiences, relish in past experiences, or just rant! Whatever you character feels like getting out, let them get it out.
1 0 Jun 21 2011, 10:29 PM
In: Last PostThe Scrolls Of Nemesis
By: Nemesis

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Gate of Clouds

The Gate of Clouds. is a large Gate, that is the first thing one sees when one enters the realm of the Gods. It is made of white marble, and has a row of twelve columns, upon which are topped statues of the Twelve Olympians. One must gain entrance through this gate, before one can reach the Gates of Olympus, and enter the Gods realm.
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Palace of Olympus

The Palace of Olympus is a massive white marble palace located on Mount Olympus. It is the home of the Gods, and it's external facade has numerous statues of the Olympians, and is surrounded by the massive Olympian Citadel.
2 23 Sep 17 2011, 10:41 PM
In: Last PostA Meeting Of Dire Importance
By: Ares
Grounds of Olympus

Mount Olympus is not merely the Palace of Olympus. It is also home to various other places, where the Gods and their visitors can enjoy themselves.
2 8 Sep 19 2011, 04:03 AM
In: Last PostLet's Be More Than... This
By: Aphrodite
Palaces of Gods

Here is where one can find the individual Palaces of the Twelve Olympians. Here is where all the individual Olympians may be found, if not off Olympus or in the Palace of the Olympians.
2 9 Oct 2 2011, 10:04 PM
In: Last PostBrighter Than Gold
By: Ares

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info

After traversing the surrounding wilderness and ascending the sheer cliffs of Mount Othrys, one would eventually find themselves facing an imposing sight. The Palisade is a massive wall of stone that encircles the realm of the Titans. Created from the earth to protect the Titans from the wrath of a vengeful Uranus, these battlements have never been breached. The large gateway leading into the Titans' realm is no less impressive, or impermeable.
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Past the Palisade is the cramped but sprawling Acropolis, a multi-tiered city of palaces that grow more impressive as one nears the peak. From the center of this city rises a large, fortified tower. This stronghold was once the home of the first generation of Titans, now it serves as the seat of power for the rebellious immortals.
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Throne Room

At the top of the tower sits a great hall with high vaulted ceilings supported by magnificent pillars. This was the throne room of Cronus; the king of the Titans. Now it has been adapted by the immortals as a council chamber for their brewing war. Though the massive seat of Cronus remains empty this room still serves as a place of power.
1 9 Jul 26 2011, 11:40 PM
In: Last PostDon't Be Such A Holy Fool.
By: Erebus

Beneath the Acropolis lies a twisting labyrinth of tight passages and earthen rooms descending deep into the heart of Mount Othrys. Here you will find the amories, dungeons, and cellars for those who dwell above. This maze offers both protection and a means of escape from, as well as entrance to, the Acropolis to those who know them. The Olympians were guided through these tunnels during the Titanomachy, however the passage they took has long since been sealed.
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Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
The Metropolitans

The cities where men strive. Culture, commerce, and humanity at it's finest are found within the walls of the metropolitan.
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The Wilderness

Here is all the forests, mountains, countrysides, and untamed land in the Realm of Men. It is home to various wild beasts and the ever tempting Nymphs. Be careful when traveling here, it may be more dangerous than it seems.
4 5 Sep 20 2011, 03:06 AM
In: Last PostThe End Of An Era
By: Erebus
Beaches and Harbors

Here is all the beaches and harbors in the Realm of Men. It is Poseidon's domain here, and all who wish to have safe passage upon the seas, must pay homage to the Lord of the Seas. But the seas can also be very dangerous, containing such beasts as the six-headed monster Scylla and the whirlpool Charybdis. Tread carefully when in Poseidon's domain.
3 8 Jun 26 2011, 12:30 PM
In: Last PostCalm Before The Storm
By: Aphrodite

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
The Aegean Sea

The Aegean Sea is the largest body of water near Greece. It lies in the domain of Poseidon, and proper tribute must be given to the God of the Sea, in order to safely travel the Aegean.

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Poseidon's Underwater Palace

This is the underwater Palace of the Lord of the Sea, Poseidon. It is a marvel to behold, and only a select few ever get to behold it. It is where Poseidon spends his time when not on Mount Olympus, or venturing in the Realm of Men.
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Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Rivers of the Underworld

A very complex series of rives flow from the mortal world to the Underworld. To pass into the Underworld, one must travel amongst one of these rivers. The rivers are The Acheron (river of woe), The Cocytus (river of lamentation), The Phlegethon (river of fire), The Styx (river of unbreakable oath by which the gods swear), and The Lethe (river of forgetfulness). Once across the rivers, you are met by a looming adamantine gate guarded by Cerberus. Peering through the gates, you see nothing but a grove of elm trees, with the very tops of a black palace int he distance. You have no choice: you must venture through the Grove of Persephone, or turn back.
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Hades' Realm

Here, you can see and make your way to all the strange places within the Underworld that Hades rules with an iron fist and steely gaze. In the distance, you can see Hades' palace, but before that, are large areas of waste, dead and dying plants, macabre creatures, and depressing souls.
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Palace of Hades

The Palace of Hades, is the home of the God of the Underworld, Hades, as well as the Queen of the Underworld, Persephone. It is a massive palace made entirely of black stone, while the inside is home to numerous suites and furniture, with everything draped in a blood red velvet. It is here where Hades resides when not on Olympus, however, the Palace of Hades lies empty since the kidnapping of the Lord of the Underworld by the Goddess Hestia.
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Tartarus is an abyss used as a dungeon of torment and suffering that resides beneath the underworld. As a place so far from the sun and so deep in the earth, Tartarus is hemmed in by three layers of night. It is a dank and wretched pit engulfed in murky gloom. The Titans were released from Tartarus following the kidnapping of Hades, and were allowed freedom. Tartarus is now home to those people deemed unfit to help the Minor Gods in their war against the Olympians.
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