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RPG-Directory  City Of Angels




 Ems' Handy Guide to Vampires, Extended vampire info - thanks to Ems
Posted: Dec 8 2010, 07:58 AM

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Group: Admin
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Emís handy guide to the undead.
(or at least those buggers with fangs)

1. Appearance/Physical traits.
    So, you may have heard a number of things about vampireís appearances. There are a few basics that are always present.

    a. Red eyes: Embrace that inner demon, kids. No, their eyes donít change colors, no matter what Edward tells you.
    b. Pale skin: Theyíre dead, Itís only to be expected.
    c. Fangs: Do I REALLY have to explain this one?
    d. No reflections while in the world above. Magic mirrors possess the power to show a vampireís reflection, but you standard human mirrors DO NOT. The reflection is a look into the soul, after all and vampires donít have those.
    e. Cold skin: AgainÖ.theyíre dead.
2. Feeding habits.
    Vampies gotta eat, obviously. Generally speaking, they must feed on human blood 3-4 times a week at least. The really violent ones might even go every day. As a rule, the more blood that is ingested, the stronger a vampireís abilities are. The same idea applies to the purity of the blood as well.

    In all technicality, itís possible for them to survive on animal blood, but it would JUST be surviving. Their abilities would be shot and they would be weak. Suffice it to say that few to none of them choose this route.
3. The creation of new Vampires/Reproduction
    Thereís a little more to it than just biting. After a vampire chooses their victim, they must bite them and then the victim must feed on human blood to complete the transformation. If they choose not to feed, they die. Simple as that.

    On the subject of reproduction; it just doesnít happen. They can have sex, but there are no little half-vamps running around. Sorry.
4. Abilities.
    Vampires have several abilities. As with most gifts, it takes a while to fully gain control over them.

    a. Superhuman speed/strength/senses: Pretty self-explainitory. At full power, they have the ability to move so quickly that humans are incapable of seeing it as more than a blur, if at all.

    b. Persuasion/hypnosis: Not exactly mind-control, but they have to keep victims from running away, now donít they? The catch is that they have to make eye contact for it to work.

    c. Disregard for the laws of gravity: Seriously. Even Dracula could climb up walls and walk on the ceiling. They cannot fly, but they donít always fall quite like humans.

    d.Accelerated healing: For those times when you find yourself shot, stabbed, maimed or bitten.
5.Weaknesses and death.
Of course they have weaknesses. Not a whole lot of them, but they exist.
    a. Sunlight: The big one. If a vampire comes in contact with direct sunlight, they will burn and die.
    b. Decapitation: A pretty effective way to kill them
    c. Burning: See Decapitation.
    d. Wooden stake through the heart: Nearly as effective as sunlight though itís difficult to get close enough to actually stab them.
    e. Salt: Salt has always been a way to ward off evil as it is a symbol of purity. A Vampire will not cross a line of salt nor will they appreciate it if you throw it at them. This is why Holy Water is effective; because it contains salt.
    f. Holy objects: Probably wonít work unless you genuinely believe in god.
    g. Running Water: A soggy Vampire is an unhappy and weakened Vampire.
    h. Garlic: No. JustÖno.

    Note: A Vampire cannot cross the threshold of a house unless they have been invited in. They only have to be welcomed once. After that youíre pretty much screwed.
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