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Title: I'll Come Back When You Call Me
Description: -- Littlewolfy

Aoibhe - November 14, 2010 04:09 PM (GMT)
The easy listening tune of an old record in the jukebox filled the still air in the small cafe, Roy Orbison sang sweetly a song that was sorrowful and yet something that the woman could certainly relate to, “In dreams, I walk with you... In dreams, I talk to you... In dreams, you’re mine... All of the time, we’re together... In dreams, in dreams...” She hummed softly to the tune, it was one that someone she once knew would always cry to as it reminded them of a loved one who had passed and had a fondness for the singer.

Sipping her tea, the woman just relaxed back at her table, centred in the room that was incredibly quiet – far more still than one would expect the place to be given its small reputation. It wasn’t as though she was in there by herself, there were people all around.

The collective fear could be felt as the tune continued to play while the female just sat back, not seemingly paying attention to a thing in the world. A woman whimpered over one side of the room, but then quieted very quickly as she stared into space. Poor thing had been distressed about the man who had stuck his head in the fish tank not a minute ago and still hadn’t pulled it out yet. He was doing well to hold his breath to be honest, but wouldn’t be able to do it much longer, his restraint was failing him, he would suck in a lung full of water soon enough.

Elsewhere in the room, another man held a gun to the cafe owner’s head, while another woman, the owner’s young girlfriend, had gone to the kitchen and come out with a large knife which she did nothing with at the moment, but she was filled with the terror of knowing that she wasn’t in control of herself.

“So... now I have your attention, Grey, you are going to give me the information I want... this is a nice place and there are a lot of innocent people here who are unaware of your not-so-legal activities, it would be a shame for all of them to get hurt...” The man with the gun spoke, but the words weren’t his, not by a long shot, and his boss just stared at him, and gulped.

“John, what the bloody hell has got into you?” His gaze frantically searched the room. None of his boys were moving to do anything. One had his head in the damn fish tank for crying out loud! “Jesus, what’s fucking got into everyone?” Normal innocent patrons were just sitting in their seats, staring into thin air, as though they were dummies. Except for one woman. The blonde woman in the centre off the room, sipping her tea. Didn’t she see what was happening? Why didn’t she look worried?

“Where is he?” John spoke again, finger twitching on the trigger.

“What the fuck? Who? Christ John, put the fucking gun down...”

“Where is Nicholas?”

“Nicholas... the fuck? What are you talking about?”

“I’m getting tired of your stupidity... let me demonstrate how serious the trouble you are in right now...” With a swift move, the gun shifted from its position pointed at Grey’s head, to beneath John’s chin and before his boss – and cousin – could protest, the young man fired. The body dropped to the ground with a thud and as much as Grey wanted to move, he couldn’t.

“John!... Shit... what the...”

“Where is Nicholas? His trail has led me to you... so now, where is he and who is responsible for his disappearance?” It was the woman with the knife who spoke now – Grey’s girlfriend – and she held the tip of the knife on the inside of her wrist, the point pressing in dangerously close to her artery.

“Polly! No! Don’t! Wait, please... just... Nicholas... Let me think if I can remember him...”

“You had better think quickly...” The knife dug into the tender flesh and blood began to pool around it before flowing from the wound as she ran the blade further up along her arm from her wrist. Despite being unwavering in what she was doing, the woman looked up at her boyfriend and there was sheer terror in her eyes. “She’ll bleed out... although, not before I show her what you did to her sister last year.”

Grey was sweating now. What the hell was going on? One look over at the fish tank showed that it was too late for Paul. At the jukebox, one of the other boys put that Roy Orbison song on again before suddenly smashing his head into the glass top and shoving his neck over the shattered glass, slicing it open and gargling out his last breaths agonisingly slowly. And yet, there was that woman, drinking her tea like there was nothing wrong, “You! Is this your doing? Who the hell are you, what do you want?”

“I already told you, imbecile! I want my Nicky!” Polly suddenly slashed up her arm more forcefully, before swapping the knife into her blood-slicked hand. She didn’t look as scared anymore – there was something more angry in her eyes, “Wondering why she looks pissed? Remember last year, when you raped her sister and she suddenly ‘went missing’ in the bottom of the Thames? Polly isn’t happy with you... she wants to do very bad things to you with that knife you know.”

“I... Shit! Okay, okay... Nicky? I don’t know a Nicky...”

“You’re lyyyinnnng...” The knife-point poked at the front of his pants threateningly, “You know very well... and I do not even have to force Polly after she saw all the nasty things you did.”

“I DON’T KNOW!” Grey was desperate now, what the hell kind of psycho was this person? He was staring at Polly for barely a moment before he turned his gaze slightly, to find that the blonde woman was now barely a few feet away from him, watching him with an eerily calm expression.

“Good bye Polly,” The words sounded so utterly smooth coming from the lips of the seemingly unflawed goddess before him. He barely registered what she had said before it struck him and in horror he tore his eyes away from her in time to cop a spurt of blood on his face from the slash of the knife across his girlfriend’s throat. His own throat closed up before he could turn his eyes back to the woman standing in front of him.

“Wha-... who... what are you?” Amidst his panic and absolutely terror at what had been going on around him, the man wasn’t even aware that he’d wet himself. What really worried him now was the woman who just seemed to be staring at him, “What do you want?”

“A name...” Again, that sweet voice, the beautiful appearance, none of it seemed to fit with the horrific scene that had been created. The only ones affected were the members of his underground work. “I just want a name... which I will get from you... and then you will give a message to whoever you’re working for.”

“I... okay, anything... just, just don’t kill me...”

“Oh, I won’t kill you...” The smile that touched her lips didn’t seem real, it didn’t belong there. It looked wonderful, inviting, but there was something truly frightening about it as well. She leaned closer, and Grey couldn’t do anything but mirror her action until their mouths were beside one another’s ears and she whispered so sweetly, so beautifully, and yet so threateningly, “A name... give me the name of whoever has my Nicholas... whisper it...”

He relented... of course he did. The female smirked darkly as she got what she’d come for – her message was also very clear in the small litter of bodies around the cafe, but once he’d given her the information he’d been asked for – the information that he somehow knew she wanted, as though something had prodded around in his head for exactly what he needed to give her, Grey couldn’t stop himself from asking that inevitable question, “Who are you?”

“Eve,” A simple word, spoken softly, and yet the moment it reached his ears, it shattered his mind completely and the man fell into a fit on the floor, screaming and tearing at his own hair and skin as though he was covered in spiders. Indeed, in his mind he may as well be, as his own nightmare came to life in his conscious mind.

The blonde woman hummed as the song played, before she sang quietly while she walked casually through the cafe toward the door, “I can’t help it... I can’t help it... if I cry... I remember that you said goodbye... To end all these things... And I’ll be happy in my dreams...” She stepped out.

“Only in dreams... In beautiful dreams...” After she left the establishment, as though a switch as turned back on, the other patrons who had been sitting like dummies suddenly blinked themselves from their stupor – and a few moments later a collective of screams and shrieks could be heard all the way down the street where the golden-haired woman strode with purpose. She now had a destination... she knew where she would find her Nicky... and she had left a message for the one who seemed to believe that it was a good idea to take him and ruin the plans they’d had.

If they wanted to bring Eve out to London, then they got her – and everything that came with...

Nicholas Cooney - November 14, 2010 11:52 PM (GMT)
Nick woke.

He didn't know where he was. He didn't know how he had come to be here. All he did know was that his body ached, that every bretah he did take was agony, that his body protested as he moved and that his heart was beating in his chest. His memories were fuzzy but he felt like he was returning to this body -- this body that screamed at him and begged him to stop as he rolled over on to his back -- after a long absence. After far too long away.


He muttered the curse low, under his breath. He tried to stand, he tried to piece the puzzle pieces back together. None of it worked. His brain wouldn't cooperate with him. But Nick was highly trained, the wolf in him was strong where the human was weak. The wolf would keep him going – for once he saw salvation in the monster that ruled his body.

He shifted. The change was painful, it always was. He felt bones grind over bone, he felt organs squash and reshape themselves to fit into this new form. His skin itched, a tattoo of fur appeared and then sprouted for real. He wanted to scream, he almost did. He writhed and gasped at clawed at his skin and all the while he knew that it would end soon. It had to.

And then, as soon as the pain had come, it stopped. He took a great, shuddering breath, he rolled onto his four feet. The wolf was shaking, trembling from the strain. He scented the air, he tried to work out what was happening, how many there were, who had him. There were no answers forthcoming to the last question, however the second was one his delicate nose was more than equipped to deal with. Three. There were only three of them. Two right outside the door, one further up the hallway. His sensitive ears could hear that the TV was on, that they were watching the news.

He edged carefully towards the door, his soft paws not making a sound.

The door is unlocked. They didn't think that you could escape.

Nick spun around, frantically searching for the source of the voice. There was no one here. Of course there wasn't. Just the four bare walls of his cell, a cell he had no memory of inhabiting. So who was she? Who was that voice whispering in his ear, letting him know what to do?

And what sort of fools felt a werewolf wasn't a risk? What had they done to him?

But these were all questions for later. There was only one concern right now. Freedom. He had to find freedom. Somewhere to curl up and sleep and nurse his wounds and work out what the hell was going on here, work out a few answers to the riddles that presented themselves.

They're going to check on you in a moment. I'll make sure of it. You know what to do.

Again, the strange voice, gentle and soothing in his ear, delicate when all he currently understood was pain and rage and confusion. She kept him grounded, she kept him same when he could so easily have snapped.

The door opened.

Nick remained where he was, close to the where the man would enter. He had time to utter a very confused 'what the...' before Nick was upon him. The next moments were a blur. Nick was a predator, he was designed to kill. Perfect components in a perfect form making him the perfect assassin.

He dispatched of the first man quickly enough, teeth sinking into neck, the warm flow of arterial blood washing over his muzzle. It tasted sharp and metallic on his tongue but he didn't pull away, not until he had ripped that man's throat from his body, left a windpipe gaping uselessly in the air. Death came quickly. It was no painless.

And then he lept at the second man. His body, even protected like this, even as a wolf, screamed at the movement. His muscles were wasted, they weren't used to these sort of actions. He must have been gone for a long time. The man had time to pull a gun. To fire. Nick yelped as silver scorched his skin but the shot had been wide, it was nothing more than a graze. He landed on top of the man – with far less grace than he would have like admittedly – and that mans blood joined the others, matting his fur.

The third man, the one he had smelled at the end of the corridor was running towards him, shots firing. Nick jumped back into the room he had just escaped from, waiting for the man to come around the corned. He attacked lower this time, aiming for the Achilles tendon, feeling it tear beneath his teeth, hearing the man scream. The next attack was the mans hand, the one hodling the gun.

Thus incapacitated, Nick sat on top of the man and changed, making sure he straddled the mans chest, away from the dangerous bits, enough to keep him pinned.

“Who are you?” he demanded. The man screamed and writhed and begged and still didn't tell nick anything useful.

“Who are you?” said Nick again, his voice rough from lack of use. “What do you want from me? Who are you? What did you do to me?” Each question was punctuated by a vicious punch. The man still said nothing of use, babbling on about how he didn't want Nick to kill him and he had a girlfriend who would miss him and how he didn't know the answers but please don't kill him because of that.

Nick spat out a globule of blood that had found it's way into his mouth.

And broke the man’s neck.

He stood, his legs shaking. He quickly stripped the nearest guard, putting on his pants, his boots. The boots were a few sizes too small, they made his toes curl over at the end, but they would have to do. The shirts were all useless. Too much blood on them, it was everywhere. Nick could still taste it in his mouth, he desperately fought the wolf back.

Slowly, painfully, forcing his body to move when all it was asking for a chance to heal, Nick made his way down the hallway. He was limping. While he had been gone from this body they has tortured it, they had damaged it. He didn't want to do this.

He staggered slightly. He caught himself again the wall and forced himself to keep walking. And when he was no longer able to walk he would crawl. He had to get out of here.

And finally he was there, the corridor opening into a room, someone standing in the middle of the room. Nick blinked with surprise -- he hadn't picked up on their scent and he really should have. He leaned against the wall, he smiled and fought the urge to collapse. "What took you so long love?"

Aoibhe - November 16, 2010 07:31 AM (GMT)
It had taken a few hours before she found the place, the woman having picked up a few things on the way from the small place where she’d been staying since arriving in London. Things that she was rather certain would be needed – and if they weren’t then it was no harm done. Naturally the place she was looking for was in a less than savoury part of the city, some dingy yet well secured building. Getting inside was a breeze, nothing that she hadn’t done before. Doors were opened for her before the guards would either mutilate themselves or each other. She walked with purpose, knowing exactly where she was going.

There was a moment where the female stopped though, paused in her walking, and frowned slightly. She couldn’t feel her Littlewolfy... well, she could, but she couldn’t at the same time and she did not like that. It was only the fact that she was aware that he was being kept there through gleaning the minds of his guards, otherwise there was every chance that many people were going to die. Because something was not right.

But then, like a strong light switching on in the darkness, Eve could feel Nicholas’ mind switch on and she took control of the guards as she waited for him to come around. The information she relayed was at least understood and she stayed away, allowed her Nick to get some of his frustration and anger out, and simply waited. The building was devoid of all life apart from them by the time he finished off the third guard and Eve stood in the middle of the room with her arms folded across her chest, bag hanging from one hand, glancing up as soon as she heard him speak.

The expression on her face was not exactly a welcoming one though, a deep frown aimed at the male that was only softened by the way her lower lip stuck out slightly in a small pout – he had caused her much worry and not only that, “Your job ruined our wedding plans.” Really, he had to take a job that would end up in him going missing for months. She’d even found the perfect venue and everything and then he hadn’t returned.

Eyes narrowing at him, the woman stalked forward, “You promised me that you would not leave me alone again.” She was most displeased by the fact that he’d broken that promise, “I almost really believed that you were dead.” Closer now, Eve stopped barely a foot in front of Nicholas, glaring up at him for a moment... before she lunged at the man like a puppy, wrapping her arms around the back of his neck and kissing him fiercely before eventually pulling back with a smile and moving her head down to nuzzle his neck, nipping lightly at the skin as she held him just a moment longer.

“I brought you clothes...” Pulling away just a little, she held up the bag in her hand for him. It contained typical Nicholas attire, knowing what made him comfortable, though her smile sobered just a little despite the ball of excitement inside her at having found her Littlewolfy, “I couldn’t sense you before you came to.”

Nicholas Cooney - November 16, 2010 10:02 AM (GMT)
Eve wasn't smiling. She was pouting and although the pout was adorable and he wanted to kiss it off her lips this was not the warm welcome that he had been expecting. But then, Eve never did what he thought she would. She was the one person in the world who had ever managed to surprise him from day one, and carried on doing so consistently. "This was hardly the way I expected things to go sweetheart," said Nick. He wanted to move closer towards her but he wasn't quite brave enough to let go of the wall just yet.

"If I had had a choice in matters I would have been back with time to spare," he said. "But someone decided to get in the way and I am officially pissed," he said. "I wanted nothing more in the world than to be with you, to be married to you. And...I wish that was the case by now." There we go. At once showing just how furious he was, and affirming their relationship and his desire to be her husband. It could only get better from here.


"For a long time I thought I was de--" Nick's words were cut short. Eve had lunged at him. He staggered slightly, caught her and held. Gods, it felt so good to have her back in his arms again. It felt...right. Absolutely, one hundred percent, right. There was nothing else in the world more important than this. He kissed her, eyes closed, losing himself in the moment, trying not to think about the sudden change.

It would only make his head spin more than it already was.

"Don't ever lose me again, 'kay?" he said as he held her close, his own lips finding her neck, mumbling the words against the skin, feeling her pulse beat there, strong and steady and constant.

And then there was a change again. Back to business. Clothes. He reached out, accepting the bag. It was either clothes that were his, or stay holding on to Eve. He couldn't have both. He paused, smiled at her. "I knew there was a reason I loved you," he said. He stepped back and pulled out jeans, a t-shirt and a leather jacket. The need for clothes that smelled like home, not like dead-man, won out and he quickly got changed. There were scars and wounds on his body from silver-burns. He was not as muscle-bound as he had once been. It was clear things hadn't been easy.

" couldn't sense me?" He looked at her, eyes clouding with confusion. "At all?" This wasn't right. There should have been something. "I...I don't know where I was. I mean...I was gone, I know that much. I wasn't in this body, I wasn't part of this world. I just...I was lost Eve. I was so lost. You brought me home."

His voice cracked. Exhaustion, emotion, a mixture of the two? He couldn't have told you. But Eve was here and that meant everything was going to be okay.

Aoibhe - November 16, 2010 03:05 PM (GMT)
“Whether expected or not, that is the way it happened and now there is no wedding and I was most upset...” Eve trailed off, although her demeanour and tone sounded angry, she didn’t want to admit that there was a feeling that had overcome her when she’d first heard the news, that terrible news that he was dead. It was painful, in the heart and the stomach and everywhere, and not something she wanted to put a name to because she did not want to have to deal with it again. She frowned more at the mention of someone interfering, wanting to keep them apart, that would not do, that would never do and they had no right to take him, to take her Nicky.

But she believed him, that he was angry about this, as angry as she was, and that he wanted to be with her – that his promise that he was hers was still true.

It was why she couldn’t really control herself once she was close enough. She needed to hold him, to taste his lips on hers once more and remind herself that this was real. He was really here and not just another dream that left her waking up disappointed that it was only a dream. She hated that feeling those dreams left behind, that strange emptiness and the sensation of walls closing all around her. But this – this was real. This was her Nicky. And she felt her heart beating quicker with every moment she held him and knew that it was really him.

Nuzzling his neck, Eve breathed in Nick’s scent, it was all real, and she listened as he spoke, “I will not. I didn’t like losing you this time, I didn’t like it at all. I would have destroyed this city ten times over if...” She wasn’t even going to go there. The mere thought of what could have been was enough to spark that deep anger inside of her toward whoever would dare harm someone so important.

“I thought you loved me for many reasons,” The blonde shot back at Nick with a narrowed gaze, but a small smirk, watching him as he undressed. Anger flickered in her gaze for a moment to see the damage done to him, to see that his body was not as healthy as it had been. Someone had done this to him, and her anger grew even more as she found herself reminded of her own past, her own scars that she kept hidden. No one was allowed to do that to Nick, never. She scowled softly, but then her attention returned to the present and the fact that he was saying something and all she noticed was that he was fully dressed...

Picking up the bag, Eve also grabbed the boots out for him, as she considered what he was saying, “I did not sense you. It was almost as though you were indeed dead, but I knew your body was here...” She was frowning, she did not understand this at all. It was not natural, but she heard that crack in his voice and her vision cleared from the ugly thoughts she was having of what she would do when she found the others who were involved. This small group had not been the only ones responsible.

The woman’s demeanour changed completely once again, and she gently pulled Nick into a hug, allowing him to rest his head on her shoulder while she stroked his head tenderly, “Its alright, you’re back now, and I’m here. We’re together again, that’s what matters. That’s the only thing that matters right now.” She shifted her head and kissed him softly on the side of the neck, his scent soothing her own anxieties slightly as well, though also reminding her of other things she’d missed as well and she pouted and plainly stated, “I find it inconvenient that you got dressed so quickly.”

Nicholas Cooney - November 16, 2010 03:55 PM (GMT)
"I can imagine. Cancelling those wedding plans must have been most inconvenient," said Nick, raising one eyebrow slightly, trying to keep the smile off his face. He knew Eve. He knew Eve in a way that he had never known anyone else. She constantly surprised him but he still understood her. Being most upset about a cancelled wedding meant far more than Eve was letting on. He understood that. He didn't need constant proclamations of love from eve. She showed him her love on a daily basis and that was more than enough for him. "Don't be angry love," he said, addressing the surface emotions. "We can have another wedding. Well...another, another wedding. Another, another, another. And we can make sure that this one will be the biggest and the best one yet. And London does have a few rather lovely locations you know," he said mildly.

He couldn't put into words how it felt to hold her. He was a man of few words at the best of times and while Eve brought out the best in him, an enviably vocabulary was not in his repertoire. He could however growl, low in his throat. That growl said a lot. It said that you-are-mine and I-will-never-leave-you-again and I-love-you and I-want-you and I-need-you-more-than-you-can-possibly-imagine-or-understand-and-thank-god-you-are-here. He hoped she understood.

"Eve," he said, "I thought we talked about this. Destroying cities is not a healthy way to express your anger. Break beds, not skylines," he said fondly. He hated that his disappearance had hurt her. "But it's a deal. No more losing each other. we need each other. I won't ever let you go again."

"More reasons than I could ever count," he said, "I love you for more reasons than there are stars in the sky," he paused, and smiled at Eve. There was anger flashing in her eyes and he glanced down at his bare torso, cringing at the marks, wanting to hide them from her, "But right now clothes that are mine, and being here for me. Those are the reasons I love you most," he said. He quickly pulled the shirt over his head, breaking his gaze from hers.

"I thought I was dead. I know that much. I thought I was dead to." He stopped speaking abruptly and took a deep breath. He didn't want to show weakness, he couldn't show weakness. He was too much wolf and weakness was dangerous. Weakness was when Alphas got their throats ripped out. He knew this was no pack, and he knew that Eve was no Beta wolf looking to claim dominance. But the instinct was too strong.

The nightmare -- and he knew it was one of those despite the lack of details -- was too much for him to dwell on right now.

He collapsed into the hug, leaning against the tiny woman he loved. He closed his eyes, he allowed the tension to drain from his muscles as much as possible. He remembered what it felt like to breath. And then he gave a snort of surprised laughter. "Aedín. Eve. Love. I could stay naked for two weeks and you would still tell me I had dressed inconveniently fast. And besides..." He allowed himself a small smirk, allowed the nightmares to recede, "I feel you would find my performance decidedly sub-par at this very moment in time."

Aoibhe - November 17, 2010 11:32 AM (GMT)
“It was,” Inconvenient probably wasn’t quite a strong enough word to describe what it was that this had all been for Eve. There were still things she didn’t remember from her past, things that still eluded her barely and then other things that didn’t seen quite right to her. He tried to quell her anger, said they could try again – but that one had been important, very important and he should have known that, “It was supposed to happen perfectly.” She spoke quietly, the pout betraying almost a childlike aspect of the woman, “Everything was supposed to happen the way it should have, after everything...” She wondered if he could ever understand. To know what it was to have your life ripped from you and erased from your mind. He had spent an agonising time just trying to get her to understand it all...

And then some people had decided to get in the way and ruin everything.

It was difficult for Eve to hold back the kind of anger – not just anger – that she felt about how everything had gone. Nick’s growl told her much more than his words could of how he felt about it all and about having her back. She could have said a long while back that she would never need another person, that she was capable of doing everything on her own and that to have someone precious was a weakness, but it was difficult to think like that now. Where she had strength, she had been missing passion – something which had been reawakened and she now found difficult to control. She pouted again at the comment about not destroying cities.

“I hardly meant buildings... if I cannot be content then I do not see how its fair that anyone else should be,” It was typical Eve logic. She did not believe that anyone deserved to be happy if the one thing she cared most about in the world was taken from her. He spoke the truth, they needed each other. He was her heart – without Nicholas, Eve would not have one. It was not just a sentiment.

And it physically hurt to see what had been done to him – as though Eve carried the pain of it all herself as well. She could feel every silver burn and it was something she stored away. She could not let this go without some kind of retribution. She knew Nick was trying to ease her anger but it was not something easily done – usually required distractions that she was rather aware he might not be capable of at this time, “I should have come with you.” She stated plainly, although knew there would be argument. This was Nick’s job, he did it so that he could keep her comfortable even if they didn’t really need it, and because he needed his releases as much as she did.

But still, “I should not have let you come alone.” Especially when she had already begun to find out that there was more to their method and not simply killing him than met the eye.

Eve did not like that Nick was so shaken by everything that had happened either, and even if she wasn’t trying she caught the briefest shadow of a glimpse of something that went through his mind and haunted him, and frowned a little as she comforted him, holding him up easily, and stroking his hair as he relaxed against her. She didn’t particularly like his entertainment at her comment, but she had to agree with his following statement, “Still, I do find it inconvenient all the same.” She sighed and kissed him again before offering him the boots, “You should put these on as well, there may be others arriving at any moment and I believe you are in need of something to eat.”

Nicholas Cooney - November 18, 2010 11:10 AM (GMT)
Nick sighed slightly, a slight tremor to his breath. He didn't like to admit how weak he was feeling, and his brain wasn't quite working as quickly as it normally was. He was still slightly clouded, still slightly foggy. He felt like he had just slept for centuries. “So it wasn't perfect. And I'm sorry for that, and I'm sorry it all got ruined,” he said, “But think of it this way. New dress, new shoes, I'll even get you a new ring. New start to make sure it is all as perfect as it can possibly be.” He was still placating her, he was aware of that, but he was doing his absolute best to make all of this okay.

To make sure that she was okay.

He was Alpha wolf. It came with the territory. You protect and you care. You comfort and you teach. Eve had had a lot to learn since he had found her again, he had had to comfort her when she needed it and help her remember the important things. And he had a feeling that this was only going to carry on. Eve was a full time job. And a full time commitment. And he loved every minute of it.

“Ahh,” said Nick. “Sorry for the confusion,” he said. He should have known. Reforming a skyline was not necessarily Eve's style. But...causing a world wide case of discontentedness was much more her sort of thing. “Eve. Sweetie. I...” Nick sighed. Again, words seemed to be failing him. Communication was so much easier as a wolf. Words were too limiting. “Just because you hurt, you can't make the whole world hurt with you,” he said. “I understand. Thinking I had lost you was the worst pain in my life. came back. And hurting the whole word because I was lost and angry would have achieved nothing,” he said gently, “Although...I appreciate the future gesture,” he said, smiling slightly against the skin of her neck.

And then things change. “No!” said Nick quickly, maybe a little too quickly. “No you shouldn't have come with me,” he said. “They kept me alive for a reason Eve. What if that reason was you? What if it was nothing to do with me. I mean, sure. I have annoyed more than my fair share of people. You're different. You need to stay safe. You being safe is more important than anything else in this world. And...why would they keep me alive unless they wanted something else...unless they wanted you...”

Nick's mind was speeding up. Things were starting to come together. And he was terrified.

He ignored the inconvenient comment, no longer focussing on what Eve wanted from him – him naked. He was focussing on every worry and every fear that had suddenly invaded his mind. He grabbed the boots, shoved his feet into them quickly, and looked at Eve in despair. “What do you mean others arriving? Who? Why? Eve...they want you. It's the only thing that makes sense. And we have to get you out of here. We can't risk them getting you, we can't risk them getting you!” He took Eve by the hand and shook his head slightly.

“Who cares about food right now?” said Nick quickly. “We have to go.”

He turned towards a door, tried to hurried towards it and stopped abruptly, swaying slightly. He grabbed the nearest back of a chair, staggered, and the chair tipped over under his weight. “We have to go...a little bit more slowly.” The adrenaline that had enabled him to fight off those first three guards was gone.

Aoibhe - November 18, 2010 02:21 PM (GMT)
“All I wanted was you.”

A dress, shoes, a ring, none of those things had truly mattered to Eve when she was honest – and she usually was, brutally – the only point to them, the only point to dressing up in such lavish things, was so that she could show that she was putting effort into this. Into a real wedding, one where it wasn’t simply convenience or to avoid suspicion. She knew it was difficult for him sometimes, she was not the easiest person to explain things to, to keep up with, to be patient with all the time. She couldn’t help it, and she couldn’t be anything other than what she was. She frowned, “It will only be perfect if you're here with me. Everything is only perfect then.”

It made sense to her – perhaps it was a weakness, but it was one she found was worth it when she felt that contentment of being held by him. He filled her up with many comforting feelings and she felt less lost with Nicholas to keep her – somewhat – grounded.

There was little sympathy for others though and she screwed her nose up a little at being told that she couldn’t make others hurt if she was hurting, “Then I should die first. It would be far safer for the rest of the world, if you don’t wish me to grieve in the only way I know.” If he did not want her to take out her torment on a world that would take away the one person who truly meant something to her, then it would be safer for everyone if she were to perish first and not suffer the grief and whatever else would result of losing her Littlewolfy. It was logic, although to be perfectly honest she wasn’t fond of the idea of either of them ever dying – who knew what could separate them in the afterlife.

Nick’s reaction to her comment of what should have happened, and how she should have been there caused Eve to blink at him a moment, “And what if it was because of me? I am here now, aren’t I?” Of course, she had already guessed that this might be the case, although had not yet decided what she would do about it at this point. She was half tempted to just search out whatever was at the root of this and confront it head on, but another part of her was more concerned for Nick right at the moment. He was unwell, weakened, as much as he tried to hide it, and she had all the time in the world to search out who might have an agenda that involved either of them.

“What could someone do to me that has not been done already?” Eve truly wasn’t afraid of what someone would want to do with her. At least, she couldn’t think of any reason to be fearful. She still had those nightmares – those memories that would either leave her a weeping mess in Nick’s arms, or driven and angry and desperately wanting to look for a fight. She had been abused in every possible way imaginable already. Nicholas was panicking, and now in a hurry to get out of there, seemingly even more concerned when she mentioned that others might come and Eve tilted her head, “This place is hardly abandoned, I am rather certain that at least a little traffic comes through here, besides if anyone has attempted to make contact here within the last hour they will have failed. Its only logical that someone would check eventually.” She shrugged, but then she was being pulled along barely a step or two before Nick almost collapsed.

Now this was something that concerned Eve.

“You need to eat, Littlewolfy, and then rest a little,” The blonde cooed softly as she gently moved beside him and wrapped and arm around his waist, allowing him to lean on her as much as he needed to before she began to lead them off. “We will worry about that first, and then if you wish we can worry more about the reasons why you were kept alive and what someone would wish with me. I have a very private apartment already where we can eat – if this makes you feel better.”

Nicholas Cooney - November 20, 2010 08:56 AM (GMT)
Eve had an uncanny ability to say exactly the one thing he wanted to hear. Also saying the one thing that tugged at his heart strings and made him want to hold her and kiss her and tell her just how much she meant to him. If he could give her the world, he would. In a heart beat.

“So forget the ring, and the dress and the shoes,” said Nick. “Forget all of the fanfare and the trumpeting and the over the top displays of our love,” he said. “We do this your way. Whatever that may be. If it's just you and me and some witnesses we'll do that, run away to some Caribbean Island for a few weeks and try not to break anything. Or if the big wedding and the dancing with royalty and a live band and hundreds of people is what you desire, go for that. It's like you said. Just you and me. That's what perfection is. The rest is...frippery,” he said. He didn't need the gesture. He appreciated the effort she had put into organising the wedding he had screwed up, but he didn't need it.

He needed her.

He tensed at her next words, frowning slightly. “No.” Again, he said it forcefully. Maybe a little too forcefully. “You must never die Eve. Not because of me. Not for grief of me,” he said. They had known, right from the first time they had kissed that this was a doomed relationship. How could It not be? Eve had forever. Nick had a long time, a damn long time, but it wasn't and never would be forever. He didn't see how it could be. And so, right from the start, they were doomed to part against their wishes. They were doomed to love and the lose.

And the one thing that carried Nick through was the idea that Eve would at least carry on. She at least would have another shot at happiness. “You can not die Eve. Not because you grieve me. There are people in this world who will need you. We have...the children,” he said. He didn't even know where they were right now, but when he was in control of his actions and his body, when he wasn't a prisoner, he tried to keep tabs on them. He would be there to protect them in a heartbeat. “They will need someone watching over them, they're important too. They...Eve...grief should not swallow you. It's not...I'm not...that important. Not important enough to let yourself just...disappear like that. The only thing that makes the thought of dying okay, it's knowing that you won't,” he said. He wanted her to understand, he needed her to understand.

She was not allowed to die. Not ever.

“If it was because of you, you being here puts you in danger.” And there, right there, was a winning example of why English – or any spoken language for that matter – was a sub par method of communication. There was an over-abundance of 'yous' in that sentence and Nick didn't know how to lessen them. “You have to go. You should never have come. You should have just left me. You should not be here.” You would have thought that by now Nick would have learned that ordering Eve to do anything just wouldn't work. She would do things her way and she would enjoy every minute of it. “We shouldn't be here,” he amended quickly. “We should go.”

He had to wonder if he was getting through to her.

“It's not about whether or not they can think of some new torture to inflict on you!” said Nick, “It's about the fact that you don't deserve that torture. You never did, you never will. It's about the fact that it's meant to be my job to protect you and you standing here is not me protecting you. It's about the fact that you are too strong, and too powerful, to let anyone get their hands on you ever. It's about the fact that you should never have to hurt again. That you should have no more scars covering that beautiful body of yours,” said Nick. Where this great flood of words had come from he did not know. It wasn't his usual style.

“Stop trying to beat me with logic!” said Nick when Eve started being hyper reasonable about the likeliness of more men showing up. “I do not need to eat,” he said, sounding more like a petulant child than a big bad wolf, “And I do not need to rest. What I need to do is make sure that you are safe and they can't hurt you.” He didn't like how heavily he found himself resting on her. How much he was showing her he needed her right now. He was meant to be strong damnit. Showing weakness got you killed. However, he was also going to follow her to wherever she wanted to go.

He wasn't really in a position to resist.

“Private apartment? Away from here? Far far away? And safe?” he asked. “That will work. That would be much better. And you must eat too.” He had to mother her somehow. “You need to look after yourself too,” he said. He had a feeling she hadn't been, not while he had been gone.

Aoibhe - November 22, 2010 12:50 AM (GMT)
The woman had to wonder sometimes what he had done to her for her to actually be upset about something like a wedding that had been missed – that wasn’t perfect like she’d hoped because of a missing groom. Eve just watched Nick as he said they could do it all her way, whether it was a small non-event or something large and lavish, and truth be told she didn’t know how she wanted to do it, “I want you to be happy with it.” She couldn’t think of anything else that mattered, part of her had wanted the image of what a perfect wedding was supposed to be like, but it probably wasn’t them. They were special – they were different from the rest of the world.

Eve should have expected the reaction she received at her own logical reasoning that she should die before Nick, in order to save many more people a lot of grief. She watched him carefully as she also continued to keep an eye on their surroundings, but the more he spoke the more she had to disagree. She did not like this discussion already, and the fact that he was attempting to tell her what was right and what was and was not important, he wasn’t considering what was important to her.

“You do not understand yet, do you?” Eve questioned quietly, but it was clear in her voice that she was just slightly agitated, “I was not this before you found me again... I did not care about anything aside from my own survival and... that was perhaps all I had. And even then it was only because that was how I was conditioned.” Her frown deepened and she looked up at Nicholas, her gaze piercing, but there was something there, something that had no existed before he’d found her again, “That is what I would become without you.” Her frown softened and she had a look that was almost vulnerable, but mostly confusion at what she was going to admit. She didn’t admit these things, but he clearly did not understand at all, “Its more than that too...” Eve looked downward, thinking, as she struggled internally between wanting to say more, wanting to wait for a better time, and just being mildly annoyed that he was trying to tell her that he wasn’t important, “This is not the time of place though.”

It really wasn’t, especially when Nicholas began telling her what she should and shouldn’t have done and Eve’s demeanour changed quickly as anger began to set in briefly, “I would not simply leave you. Besides if someone wanted my attention then I would rather deal with it head on.” Eve did not run away, she was what other ran from. Whoever would have the gall to take something precious of hers and damage it deserved to face the consequence.

Eve was not done in this city yet.

But Nick was panicked, and worried, and she was unsure how to respond to his argument as he continued on about what she deserved and didn’t deserve and she knew he desperately wanted to spare her all of the grief and torment she’d been dealt in the past. Eventually, Eve just placed her hands on Nick’s cheeks and spoke quietly, “Please stop.” It was a gentle request, “What should or should not have been done or happened or is still happening is moot. I am here now, I came here for you, there would be no other option for me, ever. I will not be apart from you – that is my decision. Standard marriage vows state ‘for better or worse’, correct? How could I not be here where you are? Either we both suffer, or we don’t.” She would never have left Nick here, to... this... whatever it was that was done to him.

She should have been there.

“Come,” Eve helped Nick and began leading them out of there, “You do need to eat – do not argue with me.” He was being stubborn, and even though she appreciated the gesture of wanting to be her protector, he really wasn’t in any kind of position to do that right now. “I promise you, I am not going to be hurt.”

At least, at this point it looked like that would definitely be the truth, no one was coming right now, she couldn’t sense anyone approaching the building so they would get away safely, and she nodded as Nick asked his questions while they made their way out, “Away from this place. It is in the city and we will be safe...” She paused, frowning slightly in contemplation, “This city is strange, it feels... different.” There was a hint of nostalgia in her voice as she tried to work out what it was that she was picking up on exactly, but then blinked at Nick’s own mothering.

Eve smirked lightly, but then nodded – if that was what would make him feel better, “Yes, I will eat as well. We’ll order room service, whatever you want and as much as you want.”

Nicholas Cooney - November 22, 2010 01:07 PM (GMT)
Nick sighed slightly. He loved Eve, more than anything else in the entire world. But sometimes it felt like their conversations went in circles, with neither one of them quite managing to grasp the point of the other. He would give the world for Eve, he would give it to Eve, but he didn't understand that Eve didn't want the world, she wanted him. He was learning however, slowly but surely he was learning. "Does that mean I get to choose the dress?" he asked. And then he sighed, reached out for her, wanted to feel her hand in his. "At the end of the day I want the same thing for both of us Eve. I want us to be happy, together. I don't need to marry you, it's not convenience, I want to marry you because I love you and I always have. The thing that would make me happiest, the only thing I want to see, is you, walking down the aisle towards me. That's it. That's all I will ever need. The knowledge that you love me."

There was a part of him that wondered where all the words were coming from. There was another part of him that wondered if just moments after murdering three men, reconnecting with Eve after his kidnapping, standing in the enemies lair, broken and bruised and weak, was really the best time to be discussing wedding plans. At least it showed he had some good priorities. Right?

And then finally he began to understand Eve's concern. He began to understand the horrors of what she had faced, all those years without him. "We need to talk about this," said Nick quietly, "But I agree. Not now." He needed to think. He needed to heal. He needed to allow the wolf a chance to run. He needed to reconnect with his lover, prove to himself she was still real, convince himself he would be okay and that the nightmares he could feel tickling at the edge of his awareness really would stay away.

And then, as always, Eve changed. As quick as lightning, as quick as the tide. She was an ever-changing and inconstant woman but he couldn't imagine her any other way. He truthfully wouldn't want her any other way. "Eve. I'm hurt," he said, "I'm no protection, I'm no good to you. And..." He shook his head, "I know you're strong, I know you can look after yourself. But you shouldn't have to. No more blood on your hands. I want to be able to look after you and...this isn't letting me. I'm in no position to. And...and so we need to go and we need you not to be here. Not until I'm strong again. Not until I can help you," he said.

It was strange, knowing that his lover had no real need of him. He disliked feeling useless.

At her request he did as she asked, stopping his speaking and his worrying abruptly. Well, not his worrying, that was still carrying on like a tornado in his head. But the speaking stopped and he clamped his lips shut. He would do anything that Eve asked, anything in the entire world. "For better or for worse," he said quietly. Exhaustion and pain and tiredness and worry was making him choke up, especially at promises like that from Eve. He couldn't speak any more. The words that had just kept flooding his mouth were gone. He couldn't cry. Alphas don't cry, they don't show weakness. Strong. That was what he had to be. Strong.

He followed Eve wordlessly, limping and shuffling and trying to not look utterly pathetic. He was clinging to her like she could save him...and if he was honest, she was. She was saving him. "In the city, room service, safe, food. Sounds good," he said. "Sounds perfect." He frowned slightly as she said London felt different. "Don't feel anything love," he said. Yes, he knew he wasn't as sensitive to these things as she was but still...this had once been his home too. "We'll think about it more late yes? I want steak. Bloody and rare. I think I could eat a whole cow."

He paused in his shuffling then. He pulled her into his arms. He kissed her. "I don't recall if I have said it yet," he said, "And if I have, I've not said it nearly enough. Eve, I love you. I have always loved you. I will always love you. Thank you for not giving up on me," he said.

"Now. Safe place. Home." Home was anywhere Eve was. Nothing more, nothing less. Home was with her.

Aoibhe - November 25, 2010 12:50 PM (GMT)
Nick’s question actually caused the woman to become curious for a moment as she tilted her head a little and thought about it, “If you wish to choose the dress. I would wear anything you wanted me to.” She nodded, “I’d be curious to see what you’d pick out, in fact.” And indeed she was definitely curious now, it had been a request that she hadn’t even thought he would make, but in all honesty she wasn’t fussed. She smiled just a fraction Nick reached for her hand and spoke about what he wanted. Happy, together. There was nothing more perfect in the world than that and she squeezed his hand a fraction before leaning her head against his shoulder lightly, words really unable to suffice in describing how she felt. Words were useless most of the time anyway. Instead she allowed him to feel what she felt for a brief moment, knowing it would be enough.

More than anything, right now Eve felt content and, oddly enough, safe – the restlessness that had filled her since Nick’s disappearance was gone. He was right here, alive, real, and all hers. She’d killed a number of people to get here, but that meant little to her. The end result was clearly worth it.

Which was why she did not like having to consider the consequences of when or if he ever died. It was something that even she knew she would not be able to handle in the long run – to the point where she felt hesitant to discuss it, even later, although knew that it would have to happen. “We will talk, later,” There were things she needed to tell Nick, things she needed to say, in case something else did ever happen to one of them. The problem was putting them into words. Perhaps she would come up with the right ones at some point in time.

It was always an odd feeling though, when Nick insisted that he was to protect her, even though they both knew she was fully capable of it. It left her confused, but that was because she still didn’t see what difference it made whose hands were stained in the end. “I know you want to keep me from harm, but until you can I’ll be our protection,” Eve was still somewhat frustrated at being told what to do, but she began to soften slightly, “I need to help you become strong again. Just let me worry about us right now, please. You get better, become healthy, so you can protect me the way I need you to.” Once again she was using logic to get Nick to agree with her and to simply stop arguing the point. The only thing that mattered to her was that they were alright and together.

At least there was one thing that could be said and that was that Nick always did as she asked. Any anger had diminished to be replaced with soft smile when he repeated the words back to her. They would be fine, as long as they had each other then they would be perfectly fine.

Eve really didn’t like how injured Nick was though. Although she had no qualms with assisting him as they made their way out, it upset her just how much damage had been done to him. But once they were away from there and somewhere safe then she would be able to help him heal a bit. The only reason she hadn’t yet was because she didn’t want to be caught off guard. She frowned a little when he said he didn’t feel anything, but she could feel it strongly – it had been nagging at her since she’d arrived in the city, “I can feel it, like something I should know...” She trailed off as she concentrated on the feeling for a moment, her voice becoming a little distant, “Like something old and familiar...” It almost felt like it was calling to her, the feeling causing her to snap out of it and shut herself off from it for the moment, her attention returning to Nick as she raised her brow, “We can go find you whole cow if that’s what you prefer?” Not like she was adverse to hunting.

And then they stopped and Eve found herself pulled into an embrace – nothing that she would complain about – before Nick spoke again. Eve sighed and raised her hands to his cheeks once more as she smiled softly before kissing him again and resting her forehead against his, “Mo chroí, feadh do shaoil.”* She spoke quietly, before stroking his cheeks with her fingertips as she let her hands drop so the she could support him once more.

“Once we’re back at the apartment and have ordered food, then I will help you heal,” Even continued quickly to cut off any attempt at argument, “We’ll be safe there and I can afford to do this. You need to get better as quickly as possible,” She sighed as they neared the exit of the building, “There will be a full moon in a few nights or so.” Most certainly a time when she did have to be careful and when they balanced out – she had more difficulty with control then and was more sensitive to everything.

* My heart, for life

Nicholas Cooney - November 25, 2010 01:57 PM (GMT)
"It's a deal," said Nick, "I'll choose the dress and we can make things perfect," he said. Despite his exhaustion, despite the pain he was currently feeling, he was smiling. Eve was here, they were going to get married, and he was already mentally imagining her in a white dress, a bouquet of flowers in her hands. And he couldn't imagine anything more perfect. This was going to be fun. He would make sure of that. More than that however, this was going to be god-damn perfect.

He smiled as she squeezed his hand, as she rested her head lightly against his shoulder. It said it all. It said everything he needed it to say. They didn't need words, they never had. But they did need each other and these simple moments of contact, of being able to remind each other that yes, they were real, this was real, and it was forever, was all they needed. It was all they had ever needed. Words really were inadequate to express their feelings for each other. They were too big, too overwhelming, too incredible a concept to be constrained by the simple shapes of vowels and consonants.

The promise of talking later sounded ominous, but it was necessary. They needed to do it, the precarious position Nick had found himself in over the last long had it been? just served to show that. If they didn't talk about it soon, they never would. They needed to understand things, and have an agreement between them. Already his insides were curling up at the thought of it.

Nick blinked at her next words, absorbing them, thinking them through. Again, she was defeating him with her logic and her ability to say exactly what he wanted to hear. "Okay..." he said finally, "Okay." He paused, gave her a very small crooked grin. "I will heal. I'll get as strong as you need me to be. And then I'll protect us. It comes as a compromise," he said. "You have to actually let me protect you on occasion. Let me feel like I'm doing my duty," he said. "To protect, and to serve," he said, stealing the police motto. But there was an addition. "And to love. That's why I'm here," he said. He smiled at her again, all lop-sided and charming, and sighed. "You win," he said, good naturedly. "You win this time. Look after me until I can look after us both," he said.

He needed to feel like a protector. He needed to feel like a guardian. It was the wolf in him.

"Eve...Aedín," he said gently, alternating between two of the many names he had known her by, had loved her by, "You'll remember. It will come back. Not everything is lost in the fog they created. Things come back, we've proven that time and time again haven't we," he said, "This will come back too. You'll work it out. You'll find the answer. But...the less you push for it, the sooner it will come," he said. It was always the way. Pushing meant nothing, it just meant you pushed the memories farther away. "We've been here before anyways," he said, "Maybe the presence of an old acquaintance? Maybe just...memories of what was once our home?" he asked. He was searching for the mundane, desperately hoping that was what it was. The idea that it could be more was terrifying to him. Hadn't they faced enough already? Hadn't they hurt enough?

"Rain check on the cow?" asked Nick, smiling at his lover. Only she could put it forwards as a valid reason, "Not entirely sure that I'm up to hunting right now." He gave Eve a pointed look, "And there are some things I'm just not willing to sacrifice and let you do for me," he said, "Taking down the cow I'm going to eat is one of those things," he said. He tone was light hearted, but he meant it too. He was not going to let her hunt for him. That was his.

“Mo chroí, feadh do shaoil.” He echoed her words. He meant them with his whole heart. He knew them well. He was Irish, they were the sound of his childhood. But now they were the sound of love. They meant the world to him and Eve. They were the words they needed, the ones that worked when English didn't.

"Full moon soon?" he asked, brow furrowing. One, that was concerning -- a change took a lot of energy out of him and he didn't know if he had any to spare right now. Two, "Wasn't it a full moon just recently?" he asked. "I few days before I took the job. Eve..." he said. "How long have I been gone?"

He wasn't entirely sure he wanted to hear the answer.

Aoibhe - November 27, 2010 03:12 PM (GMT)
The wedding was going to happen, they would make sure it happened. Eve was content just having Nick beside her once more. The contact was soothing, comforting. It made her feel safe in a way that she hadn’t for those years that she’d been nothing but a tool, a puppet for people who only wanted to use her, and even after that. She had been alone for a long time before Nick.

He saved her.

This meant that he wasn’t going anywhere without her ever again. Not if something like this was going to happen – even if it had been some kind of bait or something. She wasn’t sure she believed that just yet anyway. Right now what she did know was that she needed to help Nick become well again, she could feel how much it bothered him that he was weakened, unable to be the strong protective alpha that he was naturally used to being. She was just glad that he finally agreed with her and listened to the deal if he was going to allow her to take care of him until he was better, “You may protect me.” Eve nodded lightly, but then frowned slightly, “You may not get yourself killed for me though.” That was her term to the agreement. She could hold her end – keep her hands clean if that was what he wanted – but she would not sit back if he was in danger himself.

“We take care of each other, deal?” It was not something she would take ‘no’ as an answer for. “You can’t love me if you’re not here to do that, after all.”

The feeling that had been nagging at her since having been in London was a lot more difficult to ignore while they spoke about it – Nick reassuring her that she would remember in time, while Eve wasn’t entirely sure that she wanted to. There was something about it that reminded her of things she was sure she didn’t want to think about, and she just frowned as Nick tried to explain what it might be, “No...” She said finally, “No... its something more. Something... from before...” Her grip tightened only just a fraction on Nick, she felt unsettled and forced herself to shake the feeling off, “I don’t think I want to remember. Forget I said anything.”

Smirking at the raincheck on the coz, Eve simply nodded, though she raised a brow at Nick and the point made about her not hunting for him, “I would never suggest such a thing.” The blonde pouted slightly at the implication. She knew all too well the importance of the hunt, especially to someone such as Nicholas. “Lots of steak, bloody and rare. We will get you home and cleaned up and I will order some food,” She nodded, now glad that they were almost out of there and could be on their way to the apartment soon.

The words repeated back to her served to calm the woman as well – they were theirs, and meaningful, and it reminded her of the time they’d known each other, even if she was still missing bits and pieces. It was their history and their future.

In regard to the full moon though, Eve just nodded seriously at Nick’s question, “Yes, in less than a week – I’ve been doing well enough to keep myself isolated for the past couple or so...” She trailed off and looked up at Nick as he tried to speak through obvious confusion and finally asked her the question she was rather sure would be the most difficult to explain, and she sighed as she continued on, “Its November, Nicky.” She was rather sure he’d be able to work out for himself how long that meant.

“The downside to keeping me separate to your work life. You left barely any clue as to what you were doing... I had to locate the man who contacted you for the job, only to find out that someone else had got to him... and well, there was a long trail to follow, but I am not easily deterred...” Eve had not been happy it had taken so long and she wasn’t really going to admit to the amount of bodies left in her wake unless he really wanted to know, “... But it was more than worth it, I have you back – its all I want.”

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