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Title: V. The Credits

Hazy - October 24, 2010 09:26 AM (GMT)
  • Quoth The Raven skin made by Hazy
  • Graphics by Hazy
  • Pips by Fade
  • Plot, applications, sign-ups and information topics written and coded by Hazy and Fade
  • The Endless canons belong to Neil Gaiman. No copyright infringement is intended
  • Inspiration found in the works of Neil Gaiman, China Mieville, Kylie Chan and Enigma. No copyright infringement is intended
  • The writing on this board belongs to whoever wrote it
Please do not steal, plunder, pillage, borrow, or otherwise copy the contents of this site. The skin, graphics, applications and sign-ups are all made exclusively for Nevermore. There are actions that can be taken against those that plagiarize that are more than just threatening to stab you over the internet with a spork. We will be vigilant in following up all complaints. Thanks!

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