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 Diza & Saya, Mitsuki's Character Development Board
Posted: Apr 18 2012, 06:34 AM

Elite Member

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Either not many people use this board or I'm a total loser for posting this in the wrong place? But anyhoo, feel free to move this where it should be. o 3 o;;?

I want to focus on my two bunnies this month and ongoing to the next (Diza and Saya). I appreciate critiques or suggestions when I'm near done, but for the most part I wanted to share with Neopound since a] I wanna inspire board revival since talking about charries is fun ;w; /loner b] I'd be motivated since I'd see incremental works/posts. And more often than not it makes total sense in my brain but it doesn't for others. ;o; Please feel free to point out where you don't understand. OTL

(ALSO I CALL DIBS ON BUNNY BC IN NEXT TWO WEEKS <<Rounds April 20th & 27th>>- be warned that you'll have tough competition. P;)

------------------------ Diza
user posted image
her ideal customization that'll never happen /sob

*Pet lookup [ need to redo ]
*Petpage [ content in the works ][/i]

So I posted this rough draft story on her petpage, but I'd love some feed back ^^

There was once a famous woodcarver in (land name here). Diligent and hardworking, he learned his craft by careful observation and much inspiration from nature. His parents, farmers by generation, found his predilection time consuming and worthless. As much as they enjoyed their son's creations, they laboriously worried over his future and financial stability; they urged him to learn the customary methods of the crops. Yet as strict as they were, his parents could not keep the young man's spirits away from the wood.

Although he often helped with the cultivation, his mind was engraved with elaborate designs inspired by the seasons: he shaped intricate flowers, interlocking boxes, and many figurines from his hands and tools. Eventually his rural projects reached the vicinity's kingdom (name?) and through a series of well-deserved recommendations and praises from the highest of men, he was officially commission by the King (of name?).

His works were now a sensational luxury- anyone who had a signed carving of his was thought to be of great wealth and aristocratic prestige. Soon he was quite prosperous and paid the debts back off the farms while his aging parents lived in humbled pride of their son. With the money he garnered, he nurtured his own tulip garden back home- a finally tangible dream that he had envisioned as paradise.

Unfortunately during this time period there was lots of social tension rising which led to an inevitable civil war. The kingdom was overthrown and much of his showcased pieces in galleries were burned to pieces as a revolutionary attempt to purge history clean. The carver was incredibly sorrowful at the loss of cultural civilization, and escaped back to his land to avoid being captured.

------VERSION ONE-------
But before he left, he saved wood samples from the royal garden. Because some of the trees were charred and burnt, he carved pieces of different sizes but of still high quality. As he eventually retired at the farm, it was said he sculpted the last of his legacy- the most beautiful matryoshka doll.

-----VERSION TWO--------
Something along the lines of: Determined to create the most traditional and impacting piece, he traveled around the world for select qualities of different woods in order to capture each's earthly soul into a beautiful matryoshka doll.

and then Diza was born with multiple personalities, ta da!

Diza will come in:
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, white... so 9 colors= nine different tree woods = nine different personalities

I guess the easiest way to define what she is would be by the nesting doll's properties- inside her is another entity, and another one inside of that, and etc. Size, color, design, wood age, and "history/treatment with woodcarver" will determine each's personality and physical attributes- their faces (design) will be of the same mold but the clothes, hair arrangement, posture, and character, will identify the individual. However they all have a unified and grateful goal of finding the works of the woodcarver and uncovering his fame once again.

+Will be making (bunny) matryoshka doll adoptables. <3

------------------------ Sayayka
user posted image

*Pet lookup [ need to customize ]
*Petpage [ none ]

user posted image

So I'm going to keep some aspects of the old character I had~ but this time she will be totally oriental (no asian x european cross culture mix, at least for the moment).

+ somewhat same design :3

Main Account | dA://Mitsukins | Wajas ID: 65054 | Leopets: Mitsuki
Posted: Apr 18 2012, 11:10 AM

I Am Your Neighbor
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Group: Board Moderators
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Joined: 23-May 07

Ehehee. <3 Mitsu's art.

This is the right place to put it... I think. It's too early for me to correctly process, but if you go down to the drop down and show the threads from 'All Time', you'll see other people used it too. x3

Will write a more ... logical post when I'm not dead asleep and trying to do homework.

Posted: Apr 18 2012, 02:46 PM

Elite Member

Group: Members
Posts: 928
Member No.: 2,668
Joined: 16-December 06

Tee hee Doro <3

Oh hay there we go 8'DD Now I see some of my old page post boards too. xD

Anyhoo, I decided to go with route 1 of the story- just to add that element of sadness~
will be adding some maor arts today. 8')

------About Diza----
There's multiple personalities but one physical body and so while the selected main consciousness is the only one that can control the motor functions, the other 'subconsciousnesses' are still able to observe and learn (although suppressed).
It is only when the main relinquishes its power that the other entities are able to switch to use the body, but sometimes strong will or powerful emotions can cause the change too. In terms of transformation, only the mind is different but each have their individual quirks ie. posture, balance, hair arrangement, etc.

***IDK yet if I want the clothes color to change to.... that'd be weird. I guess I'd need some magical clothes. 8'| /sob
Guess she can't have multiple dresses stuffed into a large pack...

-----added personality part------
But basically Diza's character will just be collecting old relics- sometimes they are easy to obtain, but she mainly uses manipulation to get something.
Because of her beauty, she usually switches entities accordingly to fit the relic owner's personality. Thus is is capable of coaxing some hardened or wary hearts into giving her stuff- although she dislike taking without giving so most of the time she will contribute back (which will consist of the stories I write for her I suppose) in forms of counseling, music, or dance.

Main Account | dA://Mitsukins | Wajas ID: 65054 | Leopets: Mitsuki
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