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This board is not...

- A place to request pets

- A place to find out the rules of fostering or adopting

- A place to find out why a foster owner has not replied to you yet.

This board is..

- A place to get opinions on your pet applications.

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 How Many Pets Have You Applied For?, indeed 8}|
Posted: Mar 4 2012, 08:54 PM

> Akky: Be the glorious shining star.
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Group: Site Admins
Posts: 5,375
Member No.: 1,939
Joined: 13-October 06

how many pets have you applied for? over what span of time?

do you think you've applied for "a lot" of pets? do you think someone can apply for "too many" pets?

do you normally finish your apps, or do you drop out for a lot of them? if you drop out, at what point do you normally quit- right at the beginning, when you're half way through, near the end?

do you generally like applying or do you find it stressful?

Posted: Mar 4 2012, 09:16 PM

I Am Your Neighbor
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Group: Board Moderators
Posts: 3,409
Member No.: 4,844
Joined: 23-May 07

Applying is stressful for me now, and I probably won't apply again.

Over the span of four-ish years, I'd say somewhere around the 10-15 pets range, but this past year has been... one... Barely.

I haven't applied for a pet for at least eight months.

Posted: Mar 4 2012, 10:48 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 1,264
Member No.: 9,366
Joined: 26-October 08

Let's see... I've applied for about 6 to 8 pets officially and only finished 3 apps, and out of those 3 applications I submitted only 2. :U I've also quick applied for 3 pets.
I haven't even worked on an application for about 6 months or so. lD

Posted: Mar 5 2012, 12:14 AM

Elite Member

Group: Members
Posts: 1,907
Member No.: 7,923
Joined: 13-August 08

10-13 pet range? Which now that I look at it seems like a lot, but I don't think it's 'too many'?
With maybe two or three a year I think, although this year so far is 1.3 xD
I don't usually drop out- only if I lose interest in the charrie, and thats happened...twice? Cause I usually build up a charrie before applying for a pet.

Although I have had over half of them be with the owner pulling out midway/at the end through the process, now that I'm looking at them.

and I'm technically applying for Ether now, but I haven't touched her app since November- her owner keeps poofing before making a decision D:

I usually try to have a finished app through and through, though a few times have been rough, when I applied for Ibasi for instance I misjudged the time it would take me to do a few fancy things and so my app fell way short of what I'd like, whereas with Fenriok, Vanilore and Ether I ran in full speed and used my time a little more wisely :3
I love making apps and do not find it stressful at all :3

user posted image
DA and Neo are both Swiftstart
Posted: Mar 5 2012, 12:41 AM

Elite Member

Group: Members
Posts: 928
Member No.: 2,668
Joined: 16-December 06

Applied for I think 12? Got to adopt 9 over a span of 6 years but six of them were through simple neomail apps (I got lucky).

I either apply all the way or don't apply at all- if I can't connect to the character, then I won't go for the pet. Maybe people do see me as an app maker/pet hoarder, but for each official app that I've made I did put crap load even obsessive amounts of my time into completing them.

I don't think you can over apply for pets unless you're past the 20 pet limit lol. I see applying and saving the nps process as pretty much the same thing. For both you're putting in effort, time, and a bit of yourself into it. Now that I've saved a bit more money and know the site better I've been creating and painting the pets myself.

Applying is both helpful and sometimes stressful- I tend to be a procrastinator or find sudden inspiration for the pet on the day of the deadline so I have rushed a lot of my apps. At the same time, I've created some of my best characters out of it and really kinda honed writing skill so it's fun. :3

EDIT: Make that applied for 13, got 10. *o* /just adopted my dreamy faerie draik from a neomail app on the PC

Main Account | dA://Mitsukins | Wajas ID: 65054 | Leopets: Mitsuki
Posted: Mar 15 2012, 04:43 PM

Locked Girl of the Scarlet Mansion
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Group: Site Admins
Posts: 163
Member No.: 12,982
Joined: 1-October 11

Honestly, not a lot...

Choquii, Mioru, Little_Phey, Nayru.
Two I'm waiting on, got two.
The rest I was given because of friends seeing how I treated the ones I adopted.

Ctet too.
but I got dq'd because Mallory vanished and I went out and traded one of my pets to keep my story going. I said I'd retrade if Mal came back, and she did, but then she told me I'm a wonderful person but I have the means to get what I want.

that was my "replace choquii" fund but ok.
Posted: Mar 16 2012, 04:51 PM

=(o n_n o)=

Group: Members
Posts: 1,324
Member No.: 6,906
Joined: 17-February 08

In my life on neo, too many to count haha.

But I defiantely have applied less these recent years, because of trading I guess?
But I still like the idea of applying and all. I've never backen out of a adoption process, except once recently for Lavazia magma draik. Usually with WN draiks I'm more stressed out with applying because I know many people will apply.

user posted image
Posted: Mar 16 2012, 05:57 PM

I breath fire on you 8|

Group: Members
Posts: 1,870
Member No.: 6,953
Joined: 26-February 08

Chori Drethe Atai Svata Jeriid Rizote Kin Stomati some faerie xweetok
got "3" (Kin was kinda... I got him but the owner self froze before transferring him, thanks so much ._.)

across four nearly 5 years?
I'd only ever do it if I had time. And I did find it stressful yet fun at the same time
the faerie xweetok I dropped out of, I dropped out pretty much at the start, ended up making my own anyway.

I wouldn't ever drop out otherwise - if they're a character they're a character! I have a really hard time dropping characters, no matter how "insignificant" they may be xB

Posted: Mar 16 2012, 06:54 PM

a very messy muffin eater
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Group: Site Admins
Posts: 7,865
Member No.: 7,594
Joined: 28-June 08

o hey let me talk about myself some!

for "official" apps, romajin, ibasi, jvae, shiroyumi, and choquii
i also started to apply for a royal draik who's name escapes but i dropped out cuz there was a really good artist applying (wise choice, the artist got him fff)

i've qa'd for a decent number of pets too? back when i pc'd a lot, i'd toss my name in for some draiks and i've adopted some from neopound's quick adopt board. idk how much those count though, since it's more just "hey i like this pet, might as well try my luck!" ffff I also made a quick app for Ctet but the app itself only took me like... 2hrs? maybe? The pic I drew for it took a few hours, longer than the app did ffff

most of my neopound qa pets were adopted back when i still hand anthro characters... they've all been adopted back out since then. none of them were overly rare, just colors/names that caught my fancy
of them, I had Hearkened the choco bori and Venmas the choco ogrin, who are still characters I have today ffff Only they're names are Ark and Ven. Side characters who I never draw, but they still exist in my plot
the rest of them... honestly i don't remember most of their names cuz they didn't stick when i switched over to human characters xD

of real apps
-romajin: pink xwee, got him. adopted him back when i still had all my derpy anthro characters. he was adopted back out, morphed a bunch, and has been toosed between a few owners fff
he still holds a special place in my hear at the first pet i applied for and got (':

-ibasi: pink draik, got him and painted him skunk! i actually adopted him from akky back before we were close. i think he has a nice page and he's still a character so yay

-jvae: brown krawk, got him and painted camo. jvae was suppose to be a qa, but then the foster ended up really extending the deadline so it turned more into a real app. he had a pretty decent page, but i wasn't very active with him so i gave him to a friend

-shiroyumi: i look her up every few weeks and quietly weep. i loved her name so much TT___________TT I've since made a recreate, Shirosen, who i recently morphed into a disco krawk. She had a petpage for a while that i was pretty proud of, but I've revamping it right now as a lot of her background info has a changed. Still a very active character though

-choquii: owner disappeared ffff i was disappointed at first, but oh well. i've recreated as chouqii and she has prolly my best petpage. she's also a very active character
i need to figure out........ what i'm gonna do with her paint job though :Ia

also it's worth mentioning i quick adopted Hikouka a red mynci! I then painted her royal and she's prolly my number one character now |D;

i really love applying! i find it a lot of fun
sometimes competition can worry me a bit or make me frustrated, but in general i find it an enjoyable experience over all. i love making petpages but i'm also really lazy, so apps give me that push i need to finish things


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Everybody out of the god damn way. You got a lab full of cats, a skirt full of scamper, and a head full of vodka.

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