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 Do You Have Any Prejudice Characters?, indeed 8}|
Well do you? 8U
Yup! (o o)d [ 23 ]  [88.46%]
Nope! (o o)q [ 3 ]  [11.54%]
Total Votes: 26
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Posted on May 7 2010, 02:42 AM

a very messy muffin eater
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Group: Site Admins
Posts: 7,865
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Joined: 28-June 08

irl.... everyone has prejudices. it's part of our human nature. i think a lot of people try to deny it as well... it's not exactly one of our better features xD but still, it's there. it doesn't have to be attacking someone or vandalizing their property, just simple things like avoiding people from a certain group or having thoughts like, "it figures, i expect this from those people."

What kind of prejudices do your characters have? Be it against race, religion, nationality, sexuality, or any other kind of thing you can think of. (like "goths" hating the "preps" in middle school xD )

Or do your characters not have any? If so, why not? Because you haven't really thought about it, or because they are just suppose to be really loving people? Or some other reason?

i miss poll boards
must think of more topics


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Everybody out of the god damn way. You got a lab full of cats, a skirt full of scamper, and a head full of vodka.

Posted on May 7 2010, 02:51 AM

{◕ ◡ ◕}

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Joined: 11-February 07

In the Pirate plot, most of those in the Navy are anti-metal aligned. Since the Navy uses the Metals as slaves, and has said the the Metals are not really human and should be honored to work for the Navy.

Ivan doesn't like Metals because he is an Ice-aligned. Metal-alignment and Ice-alignment cancel each other out, so that's why Ivan does not like them. XD

Nathan hated Danes for a long time. He's getting over that though. He was also a homophobe. Again, getting over that. XD

Keir hates Russians for destroying Prussia.

and that's all I can think of. |D

jeg er strk nu og jeg str fast, nyt sen nn, fr jag finns kvar, g er hr, jeg er her

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Posted on May 7 2010, 03:03 AM

> Akky: Be the glorious shining star.
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Group: Site Admins
Posts: 5,375
Member No.: 1,939
Joined: 13-October 06

Gravjit is deeply, deeply, homophobic and was a bit of a misogynist until Onyx got him out of that

Khemet is extremely religious (with a fictional silly space voodoo religion) and he does not tolerate nonbelievers or the children of nonbelievers, such as Varien. He's also kind of mentally unstable in general though sooo yeah

Cygnus will judge you on your physical appearance and he will judge you HARSHLY. This is one of the reasons he does not think much of Gravjit

There are some other lesser prejudices and whatnot that various characters have but I don't want to make this post too crazy long

Posted on May 7 2010, 05:59 AM

my boobs went that way

Group: Members
Posts: 1,979
Member No.: 4,913
Joined: 1-June 07

Isaac is more than a little bit of a misogynist and perhaps mildly homophobic. And he stereotypes/looks down on upon poor people.
Adri hates all men except for Heytir. Also strongly anti-religion... and Isaac is religious, so you can imagine he and Adri don't get along very well.
Who, like all Machina, holds humans in rather low regard. And... pretty much subconsciously holds everyone in lower regard because they're not as intelligent as him. Except for Heizers. Who is such a hypocrite when it comes to Heizers in many situations.
Heytir expects all people in authority to be nasty, due to his experience with the Machina and growing up with Dusk.
Areida looks down on smokers, big time.
Gladys is repulsed by ugly people and mentally incapacitated people. She is willing to tolerate ugly people if their personality is interesting though, or if they can tell a good story.

Then we have Psoene, who is pretty much the tvtropes definition of the Messiah. orz

OH YEAH this is in my currently neglected other plot but it's big... Juno hates criminals. You cross the law, even if you just shoplifted or something and her opinion of you is radically altered and you will never be the same in her eyes again. Never mind the fact that she herself totally disregards the law in the vigilantism..

Posted on May 7 2010, 10:35 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 1,264
Member No.: 9,366
Joined: 26-October 08

Aeryn hates people in general, since people have hated him since he was little. Many in the world don't really accept albinos. :U

Sarket, Wrenkux, Livaeli, Okusuru, and my secondary characters in my big plot hate the people of the R.I. Company (the company that experimented on them and the one they're now fighting). They also hate (and don't trust) scientists in general. But that's understandable. lD Livaeli probably hates them the most.

That's all the sort of prejudice characters I can think of at the moment. :x

Posted on May 7 2010, 01:04 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 2,546
Member No.: 7,622
Joined: 6-July 08

Interesting, let's see~

Rahul is somewhat close-minded about cultures, especially after he had to move from London. Like when his (Indian) parents would speak to him in his language he would tell them to stop talking to him using that "jibber jabber" (and in Indian culture I'm pretty sure it's a pretty bad thing if you dishonor your parents). AAAAND yeah he pretty much thinks anyone who is deeply into their culture is lame.

Candice has a bit of prejudice against guys (although she will make exceptions).

James (bad guy who I haven't bothered making a ref of because it's pure evil drawing him) is overall xenophobic about everything and mainly hates women because of his mom.

Csar (hispanic character I haven't introduced yet) doesn't necessarily hate women but he treats them a bit like objects. And he is a bit homophobic.

Jamal (black character I haven't introduced yet either WHAT) is also a bit homophobic and has a tendency of judging anyone by how they look (like to him Candice was obviously a h...okay I'll stop there),

EB: it is so sweet, i look like link, if zelda was a quest about an elf scientist.
EB: i am the wind waker. it's me.
Posted on May 7 2010, 09:24 PM

Doctor of Pain and Krump
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Group: Site Admins
Posts: 511
Member No.: 1,089
Joined: 27-July 06

I am clearly the minority. wink.gif

Some of my characters used to be prejudice. Both were condescending to small town rednecks. X3 Ivoroe is now too self-absorbed to think anything of others and Laasher was ashamed of himself for being a jerkface and turned into a superhero.

Posted on May 7 2010, 10:17 PM

Caw caw!

Group: Members
Posts: 6,269
Member No.: 1,381
Joined: 20-August 06

I do, but not nearly as many as I probably should have in terms of being realistic.

Maho is very prejudiced against Christians. (And maho's adopted parents are obviously very ethnocentric.)

Eirio has prejudices all over the place-- I can't even name them all.

There are a number of sexist characters in my plot, ranging from mild (Grunge feels the need to take care of girls who can take fine care of themselves) to extreme (...Zesshei, Adam, need I say more).

There are also a lot of characters who are prejudiced against "popular kids" to a certain extent (Dmitri and Grunge being prime examples).

CC is a bit prejudiced towards wealthy people and towards adults.

Thal is prejudiced against anything that moves, I think... including themself.

I'm fairly sure Revivify is a little homophobic, but not in an obnoxiously "I hate gay people!" way.
Same for Den. (Actually, Den has prejudices coming out their ears. Den is kind of transphobic... which is probably a bad thing, seeing as Den is dating Raoul, who is genderqueer.)

CeeTee thinks people with disabilities and gay people are creepy, but tries to get along with the new neighbors (actually, anyone unfamiliar-- CeeTee wasn't raised in an exceptionally accepting home).

Ed is pretty accepting, but sometimes the schizophrenia gets the best of their common sense and paranoia over stereotypes occurs.

Molly is prejudiced about politics-- anyone whose political beliefs don't match Molly's is clearly evil.

Valerie is prejudiced, duh. Against... anyone not native French. Or anyone else who doesn't fit the ethnocentric mold of perfection.

Jess was obviously homophobic despite being either gay or bi.

...actually, I have a few characters who are subconciously prejudiced against themselves.

In any case, there are more. These are just a few representative examples. I guess more of my characters have prejudices than I realized. They're just... subtle, not usually major character details. Maybe because prejudice is one of my giant pet peeves (pet peeve may be an understatement), and I generally tend to create characters that I like. Needless to say, I have very few outright bigoted characters, and those I do have are usually the bad guys (and fairly minor characters).

Not all my obnoxiously prejudiced characters are "bad guys"/side characters though. Eirio, CeeTee, Den, and Maho all have prejudices that are pretty central character flaws.

Posted on May 7 2010, 11:41 PM

a very messy muffin eater
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Group: Site Admins
Posts: 7,865
Member No.: 7,594
Joined: 28-June 08

I guess I should take my turn 8U

Basil and Hika are both very sexist... initially they pretty much hate all me (bonding experience? : D ) but it does soften over time... still, they do have a general weariness when meeting males
Basil also has a strong dislike for spoiled girly girls...

TJ is racist, sexist, and homophobic : D
(racism is his worse though, he has preconceived notions about most races... his sexism is more along the lines of "women should be in the kitchen making me a sammich" and the homophobia is more of "being around gay people makes me kind of awkward /twiddles thumbs"
despite the fact that two of his best friends are female, he never really does over come his sexism... he just views his friends as rare exceptions to the rule that women are inferior to men... xDD )

Elijah doesn't like religious people 8U
he grew up in a very aggressively religious home and started out extremely religious himself... then he went out in the world, got over it, and decided organized religion was a bad thing
Though I'm not sure saying "doesn't like" is a good way to describe... more like, he has a hard time taking religious people seriously?

I think prejudices are something that often get over looked in main characters... it's a "bad" feature that is reserved only for villains
This is kind of silly though as... all people have prejudices....
(honestly sometimes i love my characters more for their faults then they're good points.... it's their bad features that make them so entertaining a lot of the time... xD )


user posted image

Everybody out of the god damn way. You got a lab full of cats, a skirt full of scamper, and a head full of vodka.

Posted on May 8 2010, 01:52 AM

Bella the Cat

Group: Members
Posts: 746
Member No.: 11,384
Joined: 6-July 09

Oh~ this is an interesting topic!

Rain is prejudiced against the military, or anything like it. She used to be a captain, but some of the higher ups did some bad stuff and tried to frame her for it, and long story short she barely escaped.
Mero despises the scientist that experimented on him, and greatly disapproves of anyone using the lab ray. And people who think others are items to be bought and sold. Yay chilhood trauma! =D /shot
Eidola is too young and sheltered to really have any prejudices, but he is kinda scared of pets that are large and have fangs and stuff...?
Giaw just hates everyone. x3

Sienna is really easy going, but I guess he hates violence? Does that count? He's EXTREMELY dedicated to his family, and is disgusted by people who take their families for granted or w/e.
Sasha hates himself.
Rue somewhat resents people with friends/lovers/any good relationships because she has emotional problems. *sadface*
And Eon isn't really prejudiced, but he makes lots of frowny faces because there's a lot of idiots around him who are doing things he doesn't approve of. Like his father. But he just goes with the flow most of the time.

...I focus too much on emotional issues, and haven't really given this much thought. >>;;

EDIT:// I forgot Umber. She's a bit racist (though she'll make exceptions if it's a "sexy male" because she's kind of a slu..uh, promiscuous. xP), homophobic, and rather close-minded. Bad qualities for a shaman-to-be. So she gets sent out by her dad to travel with Sienna & co. in an attempt to better herself.

Can't use my own computer right now, so my activity will be limited. Sorry if my replies are slow...
Posted on May 8 2010, 02:29 AM

Vicious Vicats
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Group: Admin
Posts: 14,166
Member No.: 2,321
Joined: 16-November 06

Rook - Extremely, extremely racist/xenophobic. Like whoa. Anyone who isn't a Dae'allete is inferior. (Note - due to very specified campaign against the species, she's probably the only one left. Soooo she's a lonely critter.) She doesn't even talk to non-dae'allete outside of her... friend/lover/rival/enemy Jahi, and she only started talking to him because he found out she was female (Back in their early teens when they were both just cannon fodder :'D) and she had to keep him quiet. And then he ended up as the only person she could talk to, soooo... yeah. For bonus points, she's also sexist against women. This is because Dae'allete are matriarchal and she sees any woman who ISN'T pretending to be a man and running into battle caterwauling as a weak, lazy... *derogatory phrase here.*

Skava - Hates men. A lot. If she had been left to her own devices she probably would have inherited her mothers land, married a pretty man-creature, produced an heir for herself, kept a female lover or five, and sated her mild sadism with bearbaiting, dogfighting, gladiator battles and hunts. Instead she was married off to a jerk from the patriarchal society on the other side of the mountain (with the military poised to take the country she's lives in by force...) and ends up torturing any man she can catch without being caught herself for weeks on end before starving them to death, often carrying down picnics to eat... laying out her food around the head of whatever poor thing she's got strapped to her table. Oh and she does the bear baiting, dog fighting, gladiator fights and hunts as well.
She's also xenophobic (both against other species such as humans, and other races of Felid, such as THAT GUY SHE IS MARRIED TO.) Superficial (in her culture less spots = better blood, and having no spots herself makes her a bit of a snob about it...) and she has rigid class distinctions (She went from a Marquess at home to crown princess in this other country... and can justify torturing/murdering nobles because she outranks them. It's a bit harder to not get caught for them, though.)

Kye - Is misogynistic because she was raised by a single man in a guild composed almost entirely of men. She's racist but in a more casual teasing way. As far as felids go, she's practically a saint because she was forced to grow up in a mixed community. *Thumbsup for her!*

Keuda - Keuda isn't so much racist as she is... slightly biased? She was raised in a VERY WHITE TOWN and is used to everyone being VERY WHITE. Racism was one of those things that was "VERY BAD" in theory, to the point where now she's hyper aware of others' race/culture and tries REALLY HARD not to offend them which comes off as patronizing.

Ilari - He's a bit of a jerk in general. D: But his primary bias is against bitten weres. His family is one of the founding Were groups for feline-based weres, and so his ability to turn into an angry mancat is 100% genetic. Technically as "corporeal" realm locals, Weres should be Neutrals (Supernaturals fall into Fae ("Good", faeries and elves and crap) Corpereal ("Neutral" Weres, Drow, and some other stuff) and Dark ("Evil" Demons, vampires, the rest of the crap.)) However Feliform Weres decided to split to the Fae when the Caniform Weres split to the Dark. This means that he dislikes all Caniform weres and all Darks as far as politics are concerned.

As for my Neopets, I really don't feel like writing any more tonight. XD

user posted image
user posted imageuser posted image
Work is not going to kill me slowly... it has run me down with a truck and I'm pretty sure I can hear it getting the tire iron out to finish me off right now...[/align]
Posted on May 8 2010, 03:29 AM

{◕ ◡ ◕}

Group: Members
Posts: 3,265
Member No.: 3,423
Joined: 11-February 07

Other plot! Since Keuda and Ilari are mentioned, might as well mention the others. XD

Aeden - Strong hate to Fairies. Amusingly, he is one. So he hates himself. XD He's the prince of the Fairies, and he hangs out with Darks.

Daemyn - Tier 1 Demons, most Fae creatures. Since, he's a Tier 2 demon working for a Tier 1 demon.

Liam - Views people as food (he is a vampire after all...).

jeg er strk nu og jeg str fast, nyt sen nn, fr jag finns kvar, g er hr, jeg er her

user posted image
Posted on May 8 2010, 05:35 AM

this forum is community and i am abed

Group: Members
Posts: 353
Member No.: 11,887
Joined: 25-December 09

For my not-human characters, there aren't any huge prejudices that arise but...

Julie hates idiots. And I mean, she has to sit second chair next to Jasper in court because she's liable to lose her cool. She also really, really hates anyone who is really obviously Southern. ie: rednecks. (Bad experience.)

Ella... not anything, really. Nothing with Cam either. Oh, wait. Cam really dislikes catholics/religious fundamentalists.

David's slightly homophobic. He disguises it well though.

Masika hates anyone associated with this specific unit/agency.

Farah just... hates everything.

Ada and Tempe really dislike atheists.

That's pretty much it, mostly...

Miss Person says:
wait you were harrassing me
i thought that was you
Posted on May 8 2010, 01:35 PM

I breath fire on you 8|

Group: Members
Posts: 1,870
Member No.: 6,953
Joined: 26-February 08

Tralazi is incredibly sexist :x

Other than that... urm, venrah is mixed culture across the planet so racism etc isnt really occuring xD Theres probably a bit more sexism in some of my qualities.

I cant remember who but some are certainly prejudice against street peoples
but I forgot who
that was useful huh?

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