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Title: [simmoz;; The Lost Dejoma]
Description: Stolen King of Rivers

Partialtobananabread - December 10, 2011 09:37 AM (GMT)
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Excerpt from the story:

My life before The Event was very… Sheltered, to say the least. I don't say that out of spite, I know that the creatures that oversaw me day and night were only there to protect me. If I had gotten a bit more freedom I can't say whether or not The Event would have happened…

It probably would have one time or another. People had always been out to get me, that's why I was guarded so much. Gnash, my main overlooker, used to always tell me that I was her sacred fruit. In vain she would always try to protect me, no matter what the cost.

I was with her for the very last moment of her life. I'll never forget what she told me.

"Mozzie," she stated, her words clear and pure. "Never forget what I'm about to tell you. It will help you later in life." Her breathing was uneven and frantic as she clung onto the last strands of her fleeting existence. "Trust nobody. Don't let your guard down. You're special, Mozzie. Remember that most of all. Really special."

As her breathing finally slowed to nothing and her tight grasp had loosened off my arm, I looked behind me in disbelief. Gnash is gone? This can't be true… I must be dreaming, I thought to myself, struggling to hold my tears in.

"Hurry up and the Dejoma, you idiots! The monster is getting away, gosh dang it!" The strange man yelled behind me.

No, this is no dream, I thought. This is a nightmare.

Go to the two links below if you want some uncensored excerpts of the story:
Simmoz Intro 1 Simmoz Intro 2

Dejoma - A mythical creature very similar to a Phoenix. Physically they look like a mix between a bird and a lizard. There have only been three known to exist in history, each containing water powers to control an aspect of water: Saltwater, Freshwater, and Weather. The Saltwater Dejoma was killed long ago, and now the sea is controlled by the Moon Owl. The Weather Dejoma was captured. Kept in an unhealthy environment, she too passed. Wingokas soon took over the weather. (Dragonlike mosters that control the clouds) The Freshwater Dejoma, Moz, is the only left of his kind, and he is constantly being seeked out.

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Let me know what you think of the story idea and my application! I appreciate any feedback given, hehe (:

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