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Title: Pretty Pets Ufqa
Description: Robot, Ghost, Darigan, Desert

Lexi the Cat - December 8, 2011 06:47 AM (GMT)
Trying to get back into Neopets and get inspired with my characters again. This means I have a bunch of pets sitting around who I like, but don't really have current plans or motivations for them. I'd really like to move them to free up space for new characters. :)

Please don't do "real" apps. Just a PM with a paragraph or so describing your plans, maybe links to other art or a sketch of the pet's design if you really, really want to do it (but it's by no means required).

user posted image
Ghost Acara Female
Deadline: December 20

user posted image
Darigan Uni Female
Deadline: December 20

user posted image
Desert Cybunny Female
Deadline: January 1

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