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Title: Baby News, Horse News, And Just News News Xd

Flutter - September 21, 2011 06:25 AM (GMT)
BY ALL THIS I mean I have been really busy and have finally had time to sit down and relax (for once). First, baby news!

My sister Tori had her son on the first of this month- Xain is a lovely, healthy little boy (and quiet) who came into the world at 6:34PM after seventeen hours of (back) labor. She *almost* went completely drug free, but at hour twelve she caved and got an interthecal- something LIKE an epidural but without the epidural catheter/side effects of the drug. She could still feel her contractions and all, but it took away the pain in her back and let her focus on bringing her baby into the world. They're both doing very well and Tori even moved in with her boyfriend who is totally in love with both of them and respects them both completely :) He isn't the baby's father, but is something waaay better- he's acting like a dad, which is fantastic ^_^.

Horse News

So, for the entire 9 months Tori was pregnant, I didn't get the chance to go see my horse- between being insanely busy with Tori's stuff, church, and other aspects of life, Minuit just sort of fell to the back burner. After putting my foot down at this nonsense (she's a horse, not a trophy!), we all agreed that Wednesdays would be Barn Days- no exceptions. Last week was the first time I'd seen her in almost a year, and she picked up right where we left off. However, after a year off of work, I'm not fool enough to think that our UNDYING LOVE FOR EACH OTHER is enough to prevent her from going "No I liked not working" and chuck me off across the arena, so we'll be working on ground work until she's totally done with her refresher courses.
She's still super rough with stuff like oh... turning and stopping (which tend to be really important- the former being that we're in an indoor arena and stopping is good when you don't want to die), but we'll work more on that tomorrow. My poor horse is so out of shape... but so am I! Last week we did two hours of groundwork and my legs, arms, and back were killing me. I can't wait until I'm actually fit enough to do this without wanting to die afterwards. o.o! Granted, neither of us will ever be good enough to compete in the Grand Prix or even at Apple Blossom (an annual show held in Detroit that my barn manager somehow manages to obliterate the competition EVERY YEAR), but there's still something satisfying about owning a well-behaved horse. 8DD. Now if only she'd stop going into heat when we passed the stallions- as much as I love my mare and think she's the most perfect thing I've ever owned, she is slightly cow-hocked and is lacking a defined pedigree (it was 'lost' by her former owner. Imagine that) so it'd just be irresponsible to 'accidentally let her go by two ROM (register of merit) Quarter Horse stallions with the best lines in the world XD


Uh... OH. Another thing that has been taking up a lot of my time is church- even moreso now that Tori's moved out. We usually break up the child care services into once every three weeks for each of us- now my other sister, Bree, and I work with the pre-schoolers every other week. Which is really nice for me because it means I'm doubling my paycheck every month, but on the other hand it's sort of stressful because we're starting up confirmation classes for the teenagers- which is also something I do every other week. It's super fulfilling, but I like breaks every once in a while and this new schedule doesn't really allow for it. My next scheduled break? December 31st, when Confirmation is over, the Christmas pageant is over, and everyone is on break. The actual teaching is a blast; it's all the stuff in the middle that drives me insane. It's a bunch of research, comparing it to the book, memorisation (so I don't have to read from the book the whole time, that's annoying), and talking it out loud to make sure I don't sound totally crazy. (-blink- No, I'm not dedicated to my job at all.)

Also, I've now been on Neopets for over nine years =D It's amazing(ly sad) that I've still got my first pet, my first account, and am still interested in the daily goings-on of the site. I still love my characters and developing them further... *blows fweepers* Half of this may just be because I'm exhausted but I... have been in a really good mood for like two months XD

How has YOUR life been fruitful, Neopound? =D

Dodoro - September 21, 2011 11:54 AM (GMT)

I thought that "Baby News" would mean YOU finally had time for yourself. xDDD /was excited

Still, congrats to Tori! Are they still feeding you, or have they given up altogether?

I'm glad you finally have time for yourself, BUT MAKE MORE TIME FOR IT. :K I'd be lazy if I had a year off from everything too.... man. I wish I could have a year off of everything... /brick'd


Life's been swell for me, but not really. We're moving sometime next month, and I haven't had much time for online because of school. Things are finally settling down though, so we can be more active together!

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