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Title: Pidgey's Pets
Description: now with 30% more malliteration

Pidgey - March 26, 2010 01:42 AM (GMT)

Last Update: 04/01/12

Current Goals:
- Tweak Cro's lookup slightly to play with lookup base; move links and image to "float" on the right end, and put short description in the space under the stats? ... Maybe?
- Start working on Cookie; she deserves it, that trooper

Nyu's Dailies Page
- k-a-day, np earning stuff
- dailies
- goals
- other stuff idk

Croess's Lookup
- Art
- Layout
- Color Scheme
- Description

Cookie's Lookup
- Art
- Layout
- Color Scheme
- Description

Mags's Lookup
- Art
- Layout
- Color Scheme
- Description

Pet Page Base
- Layout: design, coding, images
- Reference image
- Character: profile, small bio, appearance, personality, relationships
- Story: outline, character history
- Etc: in-depth quirks/traits/hobbies, petpets, gallery, adoptables,

more ideas for unique pet pages.

Petpages / placeholder petpages, reference sheets, adopt out spare pets


Pidgey - November 17, 2011 12:07 PM (GMT)
Pretty amped about making character and pet page progress! I thought I'd bump this back up for ease of access (and longevity?), and organize a bit in the process by dumping my random character notes in a separate post.

text is tiny to deter people from reading it because it is so terrible :C Need to redo these BADLY


"How did I get here?"
explanation of everything that affected that character and brought them to that point in their life. "A lot of people go through Small Town. Vacationers, con artists, the rich and the famous, the poor and the notorious... they arrive for a reason, even if that reason is wanderlust."

Moral alignment: lawful good, etc.

family (parents, siblings, spouses, close friends), friends, occupation, social status, financial background, pet peeves, date/place of birth, appearance, greatest achievement/failure, hopes, fears, hobbies, traits.


Working on the descriptions below! Making constant little changes when I can >:C

(mid-20s?) (purdy tall. ~6ft)
Mags. A young man, per-maybe-haps, white or possibly medium skintone with light, maybe white hair? Not too sure about his details at the moment - either a resident of my alternate world or normal Earth human smitten by Madison but unable to ultimately win her heart. I... need to give him more than this 'cause he needs to be his own person augh

Was considering, fleetingly -- parkour?


(19? early 20s?) (tall - 6'4" or taller)
Madison. Chinese descent. Half-Chinese? Tall, thin, lanky. Usually wears very plain clothing (until my little fashionista arrives, anyway). Often wears a pocket watch around her neck, a gift from Charlie. Probably into photography; enjoys scavenging the bones of dead animals (usually roadkill?), cleaning them, and piecing them together, turning her apartment into a spooky museum.

Going back to the "little girl possessed by a jerk spirit" idea I had. Madison is a shy, cute little bookworm until Croes shows up and hops inside her head (still need to work the details on that), giving her the third eye on her forehead that she covers with her bangs. He is a manipulative jerk and turns her into a completely different person -- outspoken, proactive, and a bit of a jerk herself (though she often knows better). She emancipates herself at 16 and never makes any friends until she meets Charlotte - Charlie -- at 19. Before possessed, Madison had brown eyes and straight black hair. Croes's presence gave a purple tint to her hair, making it the dark purple it is now.

Croes (pronounced "crows," or maybe rhyming with "gross"), or Cro - Has complete control over every hair on Madison's body, though he usually sticks with what's on her head for most things. He can make it all fall out and grow back again in an instant, can twirl it together to create makeshift hands or tentacles to pick up things, etc. Madison's horn hairstyle is his choice, and is possible because of him.

He shows up only as a third eye on her forehead, yellow with a red iris (probably). He can speak, but only in Madison's head; only she can hear him. He cannot read her thoughts (probably) so she has to talk out loud to reply to him. She's used to how awkward this is.

Research: Hair's makeup. Are nails really similar? If so, Cro might be able to control those too. Other such little details. ALSO, third eyes. Could explain why he shows up as a third eye, because of his form or because of her? Among a billion other things.

"Croess" is a name coined by Cookie, who is another creature of Croes's world. She made the pun because Croes, male, is stuck inside Madison, female -- it was natural for some smarty-pants to make it. While Croes is pronounced "crows" (or maybe rhymes with gross?), Croess is pronounced "crow-ess."


(14) (short - ~5'1", maybe, or around 4'9")
Based off an old character, Coffee/Aria. Totally revamped. Charlotte, who goes by Charlie. No current Neopet incarnation. Mostly, if not completely, of black descent. Very short and chunky, with large hips and chest. Puts a lot of effort into styling her hair.

Again, a shy, smart girl. Madison would actively seek out knowledge; Charlie was forced to acquire it. As soon as she was old enough, Charlie's super-wealthy parents began paying for all the best musical lessons. She has only ever been home-schooled by the top-ranked smartiest of smarty-pantses, and very rarely gets to interact with other children.

She can sing, and plays piano, violin, cello, harp, flute... You name it, it's used for classical music, she can probably play it. The only things she enjoys leisurely are piano, cello, and singing. If she comes across an instrument, particularly one she's never played, she will tinker with it for hours. Don't ever take her to a music store. Seriously. You will not leave.

Charlie felt used and unloved by her parents, and ran away from home at fourteen. She had a few mishaps but soon met Madison, who took her for some coffee. Charlie explained she was a runaway. Madison replied, "You're doing it wrong, kid." She moved in with Madison in her tiny apartment and they've been inseparable ever since. What started as a friendship, a sisterhood, soon evolved into so much more...


Human form undecided, perhaps none for once?
Small, six-legged cat-like animal. Shapeshifter, similar or same species as the faerie wocky I'll never have. ;D

Very very playful; need to find notes in sketchbook! Likes to show off her "tricks" (shapeshifting) by growing eyes all over her face and growing extra legs and stuff.

Background is a little uncertain; She's from the same world as Croes, but ended up on Earth. Probably had her memory erased by a diety(?), or simply chooses to play ignorant so she can live such a care-free life.


Needs name, neopet. Just brewing.
Fashionista! Petpage is a daily fashion blog, with less dailiness to it because I'm not that awesome

Needs work work work, but Mags first puh-leez



Izimaly (??) (fairly tall - 5'10"?)
Izzy is an earth spirit, or something kinda like that. Representative of life, fertility, womanhood, earth, growth, all that babymakin' kinda stuff -- though she has little to no powers, or at least, nothing compared to a god. She's seen outside a small village one day and mistaken for an actual goddess. The townspeople sweep her in and get their worship on, and at first she's like "hey uh um -- 'scuse me -- I'm not really --" but then they start giving her gifts of jewelry and stuff that she can string in her hair and all that, stuff she really likes, in exchange for her blessings on their unborn children and crops and stuff. If she even has the ability to effect growth, she'd have blessed them anyway, but since they brought gifts into the picture, she's gotten a little power-hungry. Got any emeralds? I like emeralds!

Dark-skinned, long dark green (blue tint, slightly teal) hair, light limey green eyes? Biiiig hips, meat on her bones. Wears little to nothing, aside from all the jewelry she gets from the villagers. She looooves stringing that stuff through her hair. I guess she wears robes or whatever for the sake of Neo.

Lafoli (18-24?) 5'8" or maybe less
Ofelia, or Ophelia. I don't have a clue about this one, I just have a design in mind -- fair-skinned, fit build, bright aquamarine hair pulled into a big thick ponytail, bright bright red eyes. Freckles, probably.


Female Robot Hissi
Some kind of awesome, abandoned steampunk android lady? Ughgh a steampunk robot is undeniably hard for me to design. Maybe one of several prototypes thrown out by some dude. Her parts are outdated, so he doesn't bother removing them -- just disables her and throws her in the dumpster out back full of other sexy lady robots. and when he does she bumps her on/off switch thing and is like "wat" and gets up and leaves

YES THAT'S IT >:V She gets up and sees all the other dumped robots, and her mind is totally blown because that dude was so sweet and kind to her and she peeks into his lab and sees him working on a newer, sexier lady and she's like "wttfff dude" 'cause she thought she was the only one and he totally loooooved her and he did but then she got old. :U

Paint Jobs: Robot (MAIN), halloween, desert, island!!1, probably-not-pirate.

Female UC Darigan Bruce
Came from a barbaric tribe/village. Left or was exiled? Idk. The women of her species/society/whatevs are muscular and all that good stuff but still take the generic female role (motherly, care for the family, ALL have at least basic cooking/sewing/whatever skills). The women are generally strong-willed but still heavily mistreated by our standards.

Fascinated by the modern world. Clothing designer? Model? Something like that.

Male UC Baby Kougra
Okay, this guy is just an excuse to have a cute little boy character with a mohawk. DON'T JUDGE ME
Dari bruce's son.

That's more than enough characters for now. We'll cross these other bridges later.

- hell's bells
- sky pirate
- uh ein yes hello (uc fae wocky)
- flightless dragon pilot (uc dari draik?) OH HRMM SKY PIRATE? JUST CONNECTING SOME DOTS HERE derp derp
Oh man Pidgey, don't do that whole "I was the only one who couldn't fly so I built an airplane because I'm such a bad-bum" thing, that's so clicheeee

process on character/page thingies coming soon. Or later. :V

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