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Title: I Can't Sleep Lol

kougra569 - February 20, 2010 07:00 AM (GMT)
So I am a 15 year old girl who happens to be a crazy, out going, tomboy who pretty much only gets a long with guys xD. So talking to guys about "feelings" dosen't really work out to well. The only time "feelings" enter are little all boys and one girl world is when they need me to tell them what I girl said when she used that oh so confusing girl talk to them lol boys sometimes they will never get it xD. Well I happen to like one of my guy friends. He is super nice, funny, and loves to pick me up and give me crazy big hugs which I find oh so cute. But as being under a "feeling" thing I can't talk to anyone about it. Which makes me rather sad but there is a dance tomorrow/today (its saturday and its like 1 something here) and he wasn't going to go until I ask him him and said he should. He asked me why and ect and I told him that I would be bored and I need to someone there to hang with. So he is going as my date and said he can't wait to dance with me!!! So I went from being this tomboy that dosen't act girly at all to jumping up in down turning into a little school girl from him just saying he would go. Lol it made my day and now I can't sleep! :wub:

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