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Title: Gud Interview Waz Gud

Mythish - November 27, 2009 04:16 AM (GMT)
Today was the last day of school, and I had my interview for the diploma that starts late Feburary. So I lugged in all my portfolios cause my interview was meant to be with the HOD.

So I was getting my morning coffee and one of my tutors was having breakfast in the cafe, and she was like, "HEY GUESS WHOS TAKING YOUR INTERVIEW NOW ;D", and she's the famous artist ive mentioned before so yeah yay, cause the HOD is somewhat intimidating, and also really frazzled so its hard to follow conversations with her.

But before my interview I had my last video class, where we were watching and critiquing our works, and the famous interview-artist came to sit in and watch.
My animation was so bad lol, and one of my tutors was all "Yuh you didnt quite touch the standard" or something like that, but he has high expectations I mean what did he expect, I only had two days. (But in hindsight, when I was leaving he said he saw real potential and told me to keep animating over the holidays just to get used to it)
But anyway I got emo due to embarrasment and just sorta nodded and went along, and I was last so after that I went to have my interview.

And it was like,

"K sign here, *ticktickticktick* these four are mandatory, *ticktick* these two are animation focused so you have to take these, you pick the last three(so I chose web design, photography A and a 2D/Figure-drawing class). Mhm, sign here. K, I need to full this out real quick just a moment.

What is your goal: animator
How are you computer skills: very good ;D( <=- she gave me that look 8D;; )
Do you need any extra assistance with anything: Not at the moment

K, sign here. Sweet - you're in."

8D! And I was like, "LOL WHAT WAIT dont you have to wait for my results from this one or something?", to which she responded,

"Oh, no, you're definatly a good artist. That animation had some really good drawing in it, and I can see you have the potential to be an A student, so next year we'll get your grades to A and try get you some scholarships."

|D /random hi5s all round

But I lugged those huge-butt portfolios into school for nothing. But still- worth it.

So im ~*~graduating~*~ on the 11th, and after that I have to find a job.

Dimploma sounds so fancy, I feel accomplished. <: D

Tacita - November 27, 2009 01:25 PM (GMT)
Congrats! 8D I'm glad everything's working out well for you~ c: /hi5s

troy - November 29, 2009 04:16 AM (GMT)
lol jesus, that DOES sound good
now, do you have any plan on where you'll work

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