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Title: Crystal Explosives -[savvy]
Description: last edit: 1.12.09

Mythish - November 7, 2009 10:06 PM (GMT)
Read down there for more info, rather than me blanking those posts to repost them in this one. |D
List half-hijacked frommm.. Panic-something, y' know. |D
    Links for App :
    ~ Still trying to decide if i'll go offsite or not, is a toughie. ~

    - - - - - - - -

    Check off list :

    - Normal, not started
    - Finished
    - Working on

    Images / Coding :
    [ ] - Flash Page(= literally flash/animated)
    [ ] - Layout for App-page
    [ ] - Coding for App-page
    [ ] - Layout for Savvy's page
    [ ] - Coding for Savvy's page

    [ ] - Reference Sheet
    [ ] - Family Tree
    [ ] - Adoptables

    Page 1 : App Page

    [ ] - Disclaimer ~ Intro
    [ ] - About me, whole (online, rezzie, offline)
    [ ] - Accounts & Pets
    [ ] - Why Savvy [1,2,3]
    [ ] - Plans for the Future(NC-comic preview, LU, gallery-sect) // Examples

    Page 2 : Savvy's Page
    [ ] - Intro Clip
    [ ] - Profile/L&D // Design/Personality

    [ ] - BACKGROUND(Youth, Graduation), lead-up to:
    [ ] - REUNITED: Family(/Malibu)
    [ ] - THE FAME: His job, character, hobby and instruments

    [ ] - Art Gallery
    [ ] - Film Gallery(animated gifs to try cut down sizes)
    [ ] - Adoptables/ed

I want to make an impression and do it offsite, but since his foster seems really uncomfortable with the idea, im gonna do my best to keep it onsite. If need be I can link to my tinypic or something...

Owl-Pellet - November 7, 2009 11:00 PM (GMT)
*stalk stalk*
I am really curious to see this.
I'll post something better in a sec, but man, that horn /is/ a BEAST 8U

Mythish - November 11, 2009 07:45 PM (GMT)
Just an update; thought I had time but I don't, so I won't actually be starting his app until beyond the 27th(end of my course), cause I have three out of four massive projects left to do and yeah. =3=;

But on the bright note, he's perfected now, so when I DO get a chance to draw him, there will be no question what he looks like and stuff.
Teru has permission to mail me for details and I will comply. ;D

Mythish - November 13, 2009 07:35 PM (GMT)
Moltara was made for Savvy, and so was this:
user posted image
HONESTLY the timing couldn't be better. <3
Just gotta find that damn RE-event one...

Mythish - November 26, 2009 07:34 PM (GMT)
bump to signal that today is my last day, im handing in my work and getting my grades, which means tonight I can finally get started on this. <8D!!

A summary, for those who were lurking, cause while I haven't worked on his app or any arts, his character has completed itself;
    Savvy is Malibu's brother, who wondered off on his own accord at a young age(like, four, five years old), and somehow got himself into a top-notch private school for boys(pity, most probably).
    While he had above-average grades, he excelled in the music areas, focusing on violin and the trumpet(but also skilled in acoustic guitar and various flutes). He also had a perfect grade in science/chemistry.

    During his last years of school he began working on his own things with his knowlege of compounds and general science, and created a small crystal-like substance that, when hit by a certain sound-wave, explodes.

    For several years he was content there, graduating and going onto an apprentice-ship under some fancy-shmancy musician.
    Until he met up with his brother Malibu randomly one day, and shortly after concluded he'd rather travel with his brother.

    To finance the two of them he became an incredibly popular solo-musician, known by rich people for his entertainment abilities(this is why he's royal, he's a royal entertainer). For a few hours work he made more than enough money to keep both himself and his brother secure.

    At this point it needs to be said that Savvy isn't a nice person. n_n He comes off as one because of his job, and he knows that charm, manners and good impressions are what get him the work, but in reality he has minimal personality other than bored, resentful and bitter.

    So, he developed his trumpet to have hidden chambers in it, and put his explosive-crystals in them. After he's done with the evenings entertaining, he'll tuck a few crystals in each main point of the city/town, get to a safe distance, and blow a certain note on his trumpet to blow the city and everything in it to cinders. <3

    From there Savvy and Malibu go through the rubble to collect scrap metal, as Malibu is a scrap-metal artist/engineer. Savvy also has a vague interest in creating things from the scraps they collect, but doesn’t have the focus, attention span or proper interest to pursue it. He has a small stash of scraps, but doesn’t know what he'll use it on, if at all.

Yup. <D He's a steampunk/royal mix, who is 100% based in and inspired by the new Moltara city. I plan to make a neo-safe copy of him(everything minus the explosives/mass murder), base him in moltara, altadar and meridell, and make a NC comic series about him. Ive been desperate to start an NC comic, and I think he's perfect for it - plus me and Rezzie can collab on some, omg funnnn. >3<!

Im so excited to be starting this. 8|!

Im doing his referance sheet tonight, and from there i'll be coding/drawing his layout, and finally the actual aplication.

alycat91588 - November 27, 2009 03:29 AM (GMT)
Ooo neat, he sounds amazing.^^ I cant wait to see your ref sheet good. Luck, I considered applying for him but the competition is too much for little Aly. I will be stawking your app.

panicattheheart - November 28, 2009 05:23 AM (GMT)
1. This should be amazing ; stalkstalk.
3. Dean is mine. :angry:

troy - November 29, 2009 04:10 AM (GMT)
okay, i've been lurking and wanting to see if you have any drawings of your bunny yet
do you have reference or anything? i might do art.

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