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Title: Neopets Murder Mystery Roleplay?
Description: NEW! With 90% less nubs.

airveia - July 29, 2008 09:08 PM (GMT)
The first murder has taken place. No more joiners please.


xD at title.

Welcome to the Shenkuu Estates, a retreat for the wealthy, where wildlife is the only thing more beautiful then the view...

but something is amiss. Among the placid front, on the highest hill, sits Tudor Mansion, owned by Xaverious Von Airveia.

And now Xay is hosting a dinner party. 8 guests. One murderer. One dead.

The question is... Who done it?

Standard Lit rules.
Chatting along with posting is alright. Keep it too a minimum.
No graphic blood/gore/murders/ ect.

I will play Xay and his sister, Cremara.
Two characters eachat least please. Please allow one character to be killed if necessary.

I will PM the person and ask if they will play the murderer once we get four people. Please no asking to be the murderer. The murderer will then PM his victim and ask if they are willing each time one is taken.

Please use only the pets you own. Intro coming.

Atop the mountain, in the peace of the hills, a bustle was beginning in Tudor Manson. Staff and maidservants rushed about the halls, creating a large bustle of white noise. But behind the library doors, it was as quiet as ever. The little room was shut away from the outside.
At the desk sat a small grey kougra, her face drawn in the constant pout of melancholy, and her paws tracing a map ©

with a cartographer's compass. She snuck a look over at the older, spotted kougra seated on a loungechair, a guest list in hand. He wore tattered clothing, sashed with a belt of red silk. The grey kougra went back to her word, mumbling to herself every now and then.
"Cremmie," The pirate/spotted kougra looked up from his book.
"Are Ginny and Edward coming?"
"No, Xay, they are not. ©

You stupid thing." Cremmie smirked and went back to her work, sketching over a new area. The old library had a dusty smell, but a good one, with the aroma of leather bound books in the air.
"Well, excuse me, dear sister." Xay raised an eyebrow and continued reading his book.
"I do hope you have a nice scarf on for the gala."
"I could say the same."
"Ah, yes, well, guests will be arriving any ©

minute." Xay yawned, exposing his teeth. "Quite the celebration, Cremara?"

((Yeah, the continueds are still there because I tried this on Neo various times and it... died. So, feel free to chat along too, and RP with ptoential adoptees. Yay... xD))

Mây - July 29, 2008 09:12 PM (GMT)

Is this anthro? :0

Is this like.. an 'invitation' thing?
Cos I have this character who is...almost perfect XD; (s)he usually gets invited to official meetings/parties things, so.. perhaps I can incorporate some sort of little invite thing to fit my character? c:

I has to go now, but I'd love to join <333))

airveia - July 29, 2008 09:16 PM (GMT)
((Anyone can join at this point...

and pretend you have an invite.
Or you can be a party crasher.

Anthro and quad combined.
But all my charries are quad, btw))

o_pirate_o - July 30, 2008 02:37 AM (GMT)
(( Can I join bear in mind I'm not completly tuned to roleplaying yet so my writing is usually short and to the point rather than a hugh pharagraph? D= seriously, my english teacher is working on that rofl
if so, can I join with my two buzzies, Kin and Sei? :3))

Mây - July 30, 2008 05:14 AM (GMT)
((Awesome sauce |D Should I include some refs so you know what the look like?

I has anthro chars P:

I wanna get a friend to join too <3<;;

Anyways, my characters are [realname] Mazakii (referred to as Akuhekii by everyone..) and Ikaros, which I'll explain about them as the RP goes on c: I'll start mine off in Mazakii's residency [I don't use mansion/castle -which she does live in- cos it sounds too cliche and snobbish.

Btw. Akuhekii is actually a girl, but EVERYONE mistakes her as a guy, since her features are kinda boyish and she has flat chest, kthx B: I'll be referring to her as a guy, as to not confuse others XD

Oh, sorry in advanced for spelling errors..!))


"A letter for you, Akuhekii." One of the servants handed a sealed letter on a silver platter to the person sitting at the desk.
"Thank you.." The person took the letter absentmindedly. He continued writing a letter as the servant left...

A week later, it wasn't until another man entered the room did Akuhekii remember the letter. He dug through his desk for a letter opener.
"Another meeting, perhaps, master?" The new character, Ikaros, inquired. He ran a hand through his wavy light-brown hair.
"Perhaps. And don't call me 'master'." Finally finding that opener - which reminded him to clean his desk - he ripped off the seal and read it, his eyes swiftly scanning the words. "No, a dinner party this time." Akuhekii took out a piece of paper with his crest and started to write an RSVP. Ikaros peered over his shoulder.
"To where?"
"To..." Akuhekii checked the letter. "Tudor Manson" (mansion?) There was silence, save for the scatching of pen on paper.
"When's the party?"
"What??.... When did you get the invite?"
"I'm not sure. Maybe last week.."
"...And you didn't reply until now."
"....What's the point of RSVPing then?" The writing stopped.
"Good point. I'll just show up then." Aku got up from the desk and took his coat. "Let's go then." Ikaros nodded in response and followed suit. Another servant was passing by. Aku stopped him and whispered something in his ear, then let him go.
"What was that?" Ikaros inquired.
"My desk needs to be cleaned." Aku, apptly named Prince of Darkness, smiled his mysterious smile and walked off, Ikaros at his heels like a dog.

airveia - August 12, 2008 02:14 AM (GMT)
((ACK! It died! x3 I will revive it! CLEAR! /hyper))

Mây - August 13, 2008 08:51 PM (GMT)
You know, YOU could always reply >w>;;

airveia - August 14, 2008 01:14 AM (GMT)
Sorry. I was kinda kicked off right after I typed that xDD Here it comes:

Xay looked up as a servent rapped on his door:
"Guests, Lord von Airveia."
"Thank you, Rolf. Come along, Cremmie."
The grey kougress rolled her eyes and padded out after her brother.
"Who did you invite? Sea-ore?" She pronounced the name like one would pronounce 'rotten egg'.
"No. Now, be nice." He left his sister sitting in the foyer as he gallently swung open the door.
"Welcome... oh, my, I wasn't expecting you two. I never got your RSVP." Xay raised an eyebrow. "No matter. The party is out on the back lawn. Would you care for a tour of the estate?" Xay smiled his famous toothy grin.

Cremmie rolled her pupiless, blind eyes.

Dragonas Socks - August 14, 2008 02:59 AM (GMT)
((Still accepting characters? 83))

airveia - August 14, 2008 04:31 AM (GMT)
((Yup! Join anytime! You can be a guest or a party crasher, but we need at least 8 people... so 4 more and I'll PM the murderer.))

-pokes Pirate-

Mây - August 14, 2008 06:14 PM (GMT)
btw refs. ;D
with this clothing: (right)

+ Ikaros:


"Thank you, ah.. Lord von Airveia?" Akuhekii smiled. "A tour would be nice." Akuhekii eyed the estate with enthusiasm.
"Oh, about that RSVP, sir- OOF." Ikaros was cut off by a sharp jab to his stomach as Aku elbowed him.
"I believe one of my servants accidentally threw it away. I'm deeply sorry about that." Aku grinned as Ikaros rubbed his stomach dejectedly. "How many more guests are we expecting?"

airveia - August 15, 2008 01:22 AM (GMT)
Xay smiled, and tipped his head, a sign he detected a fib.
"About four more."

Xay kept his smile and stared at Aku.
"Take. care. of it. Rolf." He shouted from the side of his mouth.
"Coming." Xay sighed and tipped his hat. "My sister will show you around. Veru nice to see you Aku and... Ikaros, is it?" He dashed out of the room, following Rolf. The scent of smoke began wafting into the room.

"Its nothing." Cremmie looked up from where she sat on the steps. "Ella burns anything remotely flammable. I'm Cremmie. Nice to meet you, Aku and friend. Come along."
The kougra dashed up the spiral staircase with amazing agility, considering she was mostly blind.

Ohemgee - August 15, 2008 01:53 AM (GMT)


"No. No, no, no, no, NO, you moron, no! I'm not crashing this place in...leggings!"
"Come on. Let's do this. Live a little, sweetheart!"
Sun smacked Spooks across the face, and he was slightly dejected. He scratched the back of his head, messing up his already-rumpled scarlet hair, and frowning at the female faerie acara.
"You need to get out more, Sun. Now come on. We're crashing this party." The grey acara gestured towards the impressive realistate. "You know you want to. This place looks amazing."
The teenager scowled, already feeling terribly out of place with her worn-out dress and leggings. She glanced over at the boy again, knowing he looked no different. His scuffed shoes and stolen jeans would certainly give them away.
"But I have to go back home -- Swirl and the stragglers will need their dinner, and-"
Spooks grabbed the girl's arm (which would have worked, had she not immediately thrown him off), but forever trying, he pleaded with her and eventually got her to the door.

/searches for reffies

Heartless - August 16, 2008 02:08 AM (GMT)
((I haven't rp'd in at least two years... but I want to try D:
Ruthi Ref


Even though he was still a decent distance from the building, Ruthi could tell the house was a rather impressive place. He had strayed from the path leading up to it quite a while back, not wanting to be seen on his way up. This wasn't the kind of place that would invite a kid like him indoors, and he didn't want to get caught sneaking around before he even made it into the building.

A small, satisfied smiled crossed the red gelert's face as he drew closer to the manor- it looked rich. Rich places equaled rich parties, maybe even with giftbags. And gift bags equaled free stuff, and there was nothing he loved more the free stuff. Straying farther from the path so that he could sneak up along side the side of the house, he pointed to the building and whispered back to the pink xweetok that he had convinced on following him up here, "This is the place."

"Really?" Ruthi's companion, a pink haired boy by the name of Jin, gave him a rather frustrated glare. "We are going to the only house located on this hill? Thanks for clearing that up, Ruthi. Never would have guess."

Ruthi just rolled his eyes, and kept heading towards the house, moving a little faster now. Once he reached his destination, he grabbed the ledge of the nearest window he could find, and pushed up. Luckily, it wasn't locked and slid open with ease. Once the opening was big enough for him to fit, he gripped the ledge tightly, about to pull himself up.

"Wait! What are you doing?!" Jin whispered rather loudly, his expression a mixture of frustration and slight worry.

"... I'm going inside? We didn't come all this way just to sit here and stare."

"You can't just climb in the window!"

"Sure I can. Watch." And with that, Ruthi went to hoist himself up again, this time making it on the ledge. He did not, however, make it inside, as Jin grabbed onto Ruthi's dark green hoodie and pulled the red haired boy back, causing him to land on the ground with a loud thud.

"This is illegal!" Jin whispered-yelled, giving Ruthi a light kick in the side.

Ruthi rolled over, rather disgruntled, and quickly pushed himself up. "Fine. Then don't come. Just go home and fluff your hair."

Jin immediately grabbed a chunk a his somewhat long, overly fluffy pink hair, something he always did whenever someone mentioned it. He wasn't really self conscious about it... he just didn't like people commenting on it. Before Jin could say anything back to Ruthi though, the cruder of the pair had already hoisted himself inside the window and was out of Jin's sight.

What now? Jin should have known better than to follow Ruthi anywhere, as the boy was always doing something inappropriate. But, he didn't want to go back home and be bored.

"...Lord have mercy." he mumbled, a little phrase he had picked up when he was younger, and then pulled himself up into the opening, following Ruthi. He tumbled into a hallway, landing close to where Ruthi was now standing. The red boy smirked down at his friend.


"...ready." Jin mumbled, following Ruthi down the hall, off to find exactly where the party was at.

Ohemgee - August 16, 2008 02:25 AM (GMT)
Suddenly, the gray-skinned boy grew impatient.
"Better idea!" he cried, grabbing his companion by the hand and dragging her away from the door. "Back door!"

Sun looked at him in disbelief, hating this plan more and more. She hadn't broken into anything in years, and going to jail now would be awful. "No!" she told him, and then added, "where would you find the back door?"

"My nose knows," he told her, thinking he was ever so clever. She wrenched her hand away and dug her feet into the ground, crossing her arms and glaring at him.


Spooks, growing ever impatient and feeling his temper rising, grabbed her hand again. "Yes."

"I will kill you."

"And what about Maggy?"

Sun swore loudly and allowed herself to be pulled by him again, having lost to the argument she knew she will never win. The two traveled along the lengths of the building, keeping low and avoiding the windows. They crunched through the heavily manicured grass, staining the land with footprints, until suddenly the teen aged boy stopped moving.

"Here!" he cried excited, taking no heed in the fact that he should remain quiet. "Bingo!"

He reached the back door to the kitchen, lead to it by the wafting scent of cooking food.

"I...amm...a..winner!" he shouted as he threw the door open, not knowing if people were in the kitchen or not.

iceangel181092 - August 16, 2008 11:00 AM (GMT)
((Icy wants to join < 3
with Flame and Rain
Whut an odd duo, XD))

“I suppose, this overly extravagant, solitary mansion would be the right place to host a dinner party for the upper echelons of society…” a smooth, yet distinctly male voice was heard to murmur from outside the doors of said mansion.

A female voice returned, partly hostile, partly curious and tinged with the faint sense of weariness that always seemed to surround her, “ Which I suppose leads to the question; what are you doing here?” The sounds of her vowels crashed against the doors slightly louder than intended, but still musical and light as always.

“I could ask the same of you,” smirked the male. “You’re hardly known in these parts of town.”

Another knock at the door; the young woman tried again. “When one mixes with the right society, and has the dresses to match, ones presence is hardly questioned.” She replied. For indeed she was regally dressed; in the finest printed silks, with matching gloves and simple jewelry that served to accentuate her charming figure. “You on the other hand…” she continued, “hardly seem to fit that category.”

‘Reputation is who you sleep with,” laughed the male a little too flippantly for comfort. “No no no, Rain you see the thing is, I’m still Lord Flame of Storme lineage, and thus also 7th in line to some obscure lost desert throne. I do still attend social gatherings for the upper class you know. Duty and women call.”

Rain sighed, shaking her head at Flame. Honestly, a semi-open shirt and dog collar was not the most appropriate attire for a dinner party…At least his hair was back to its natural brown. The only thing that vaguely even suggested he was going somewhere fancy was the ornate invitation stuffed into his back pocket.

Who would have thought that they had both managed to receive invitations, from separate people at different functions, to go to the exact same place?

“Excuse me?” Rain shouted through the gates hoping that at last her voice would be heard through the gates. It seemed that for the time being the porters were busy.

“Perhaps force would be necessary.” Mused Flame, his eyes momentarily calculating. “Or rather, we could just walk in and not wait for the servants.”

“Things should be done orderly at a Dinner party.” Shot back Rain, but with a hint of consideration and amusement in her voice.

Mây - August 16, 2008 05:49 PM (GMT)
As Akuhekii and Ikaros followed the Kougra (.... she's a kougra, right?), Aku spoke to his slave - er.. servant - in a low-frequency voice that only Ikaros was able to hear.
"You know, this is probably the first time I've been around talking.. ah.. animals." he said, unsure of the correct term to use. Ikaros nudged him lightly.
"Well, they're not all that rare. Talking animals and.. other creatures of the sort are pretty common. You just never really bother to care." Ikaros narrowed his eyes slightly. Akuhekii shot him a reproachful look and sighed. Aku shrugged his small shoulders. "By the way, I sense more people." Ikaros included quickly before his master could block out his voice. Akuhekii nodded.
"Probably just more guests."

airveia - August 16, 2008 07:58 PM (GMT)
Cremmie's ears pricked back as she heard them speak.
"I can hear you." She snapped. "I can't see you but I can hear you." She swished her tail and hit something-- Ikaros' face?
((Yep shes a kougie))
She grinned as they headed up the stairs of the ornate mansion, but her smile faded as she heard a small creaking downstairs. She had trained her ears to this ever since she was a little girl, every since brother dearest started this party fad of his. Her favorite type of guests.
//Finially. Normal people.//
She halted suddenly at the top of the stairs.
"BAIAE!" She screeched into the hallway. A young lady with a pink hair ribbon tied around her curly locks ran out of one of the rooms. Her apron was slightly burnt from the earlier incident.
"Cremmie! Dear, what is it?!"
"Show the guests around please. This is Ikaros and his servent Aku... oh wait, other way around, I think." She shrugged nonchalantly.
"Bye!" The kougress fled down the stairs and toward the unguarded side of the mansion, listening for hushed voices and nervous squeaking of cheap rubber shoes. Out of place in her leather-soled world. Giggling, the young kougra hid under the stairwell, awaiting any crashers to walk across her path.

Meanwhile, outside the mansion, Rolf raced to the driveway and swung open the gates.
"Lord Flame, Lady Rain, so sorry," The thin man bowed at the waist. "We had a small mishap in the kitchen, but Baiae has resolved it by hiring a more skilled professional. He opened the gates and gestured them in.

((Sorry for using more then 2, but we needed to get moving. I'll chose the murderer very soon...))

Mây - August 16, 2008 10:05 PM (GMT)
"Charming." Akuhekii laughed and held his hands behind his back, "And quite fascinating." He turned to the girl - Baiae, was it? He wasn't too sure, since he had caught a glimpse of something outside, but ignored it later on.
Ikaros, meanwhile, was trying his best not to burst out laughing. He couldn't imagine Akuhekii as HIS servant. That.. was funny. If anyone knew Aku like he did, they'd know he is too powerful and arrogant a man to succumb to someone's command. Ikaros tried to fight back grins, but failed. Aku glanced at him.
"What's so funny?" he asked, knowing the answer. Akuhekii crossed his arms and gave him an I'm-going-to-hit-you-really-hard-in-the-stomach-if-you-don't-man-up look.
"N-nothing.." Ikaros suddenly lost any humor he had.

piratefaellie - August 17, 2008 02:09 AM (GMT)
//May I join with Avarum and Fel? They're both thieves in disguise. Avarum is an eyrie and Fel is a hissi.//

"I heard this house has a load of loot! Won't Mea be proud of us when we bring home sacks of it?" A purple-feathered eyrie whispered to his companion, a well-dressed blue hissi. They were on their way to a fancy dinner party, one hosted by rich neopets. Several guests were in the distance, and the rest were probobly already inside.

"Speak quietly, Avarum. We don't know who could hear us. We were lucky enough to have this invitation pick-pocketed, you know. I don't want you to even hint about this." Avar, as he was called, sighed deeply. Fel always acted as his mother, and it drove him insane. Though she was right, there were a lot of species who could overhear them, and it wouldn't be good to be caught.

The two dashing looking thieves had stolen the suits, of course. But it was a lucky find, in an abandoned home. "And come to think, some idiot left this handsome suit, and your rather pretty dress in his home, just for us to take! And might I add, you look rather nice in the dress, Fel." Avarum blushed. He had a little crush on her, they had been working together for several years now, and she was quite adorable for a hissi.

"I suppose. Hey, you got that invitation ready?" She asked, ignoring his compliment. He nodded and took it out, holding it in plain sight. They were at the door now, and Avarum knocked, patiently waiting for someone to answer.

Keruha - August 17, 2008 04:00 AM (GMT)
OOC: Is there still room for two more, because I have two charries that could fit the bill.

Dashett Spades and Seto Samu

Dashett brushed his blonde bangs out of his eyes as he made it to the gate mansion. How charming he would be invited to a dinner party, then again, he did know a lot of big people. He dressed in his usual flash, white suit with a red tie and of course, his favorite top hat. The lupe gazed ahead and already he could see the gate was open and guests were being greeted.

He started forth to Rolf but an ear twitched. He turned around to see a guest he well knew, coming up in the distance. A business partner, who he had collaborated with in the past. This was a man who was striking, fierce, and took garbage from nobody. This man had a very respected name, but Dashett liked to refer him as... "Oh, lookie who's here. It's Mr. Kiddo. I hope we've gotten our guardian's permission to attend." Sadly, he said this under his breath. Dashett was still too much of a coward to go out and say it directly to the prodigy's face. Not to mention, although he hated to admit it, this high school student still ran a company with enough dough in his name to be a rightful competitor with the casino owner. It almost made Dashett glad that he was in the casino business while this kid, Mr. Samu was in the technological industry.

iceangel181092 - August 17, 2008 12:11 PM (GMT)
((Woah lotas people :3))

Lady? Rain’s mouth twitched slightly in amusement at the title. It had been a while since people had called her that. To conceal the emotion, Rain dipped her head slightly and answered politely, “The address of Rain would be sufficient. I’m sure that everything is under control now and. This affair promises to be lovely, I must say.” She lifted her head and smiled; that customary elegant curve of her lips which in reality gave very little away.

“So I don’t suppose there’s any pretty girls in maid outfits here, are there?” interrupted Flame, hardly acknowledging Rolf’s presence. “Not to mention that this place has too many doors and not enough staff… I can hear someone knocking else where as I speak.” He paused for the slightest moment as if considering what to critique next, but instead offered his trademark smirk and the words, “Oh by the way, just Flame will do. Lord sounds so… stiff.”

Rain sighed into her gloved hand, which had been bought up to her mouth. This was going to be one heck of a tiring night. Seeing two more approaching figures, without missing a beat, Rain raised the glove hand that had been resting in front of her lips and chin into the air. She waved slightly, socializing in that formal and distant way that seemed to be the norm for such dinner parties. It was after all proper etiquette.

And how he loved to break all the rules. For all purposes Flame merely continued to smirk and observe the new figures. They would probably after all be having a joint tour. Hadn’t he seen one.. or maybe both of them on a magazine or newspaper cover before?

Keruha - August 17, 2008 04:38 PM (GMT)
Taking his eyes (and mind) off of the kid, he noticed something a bit more interesting to him. What gorgeous girl and that wonderful dress was all there to compliment her beauty. Time to put on the ritz. He tipped his tophat down coolly, and strode over. "My, whoever we have here, she sure is... dazzling..." he said, acting completely unknowledgable of the man next to her. "Tell me," the lupe breathed, tipping up his hat, "what does this pretty face liked to be known by?" Oh yeah, this definitely had to get her.

"You know, Mr. Spades. This is a dinner party, not one of your night clubs."

A crease of anger formed on his forehead. OOH! He hated that kid. Still, this expression of anger was wiped off as soon as it came, and calmly as ever, he turned around to face the draik.

Seto was only a few feet away from the group now. It was close enough to see that he was dressed quite nicely. It was obvious to Dashett however, that Mr. Kiddo threw a temper tantrum over wearing a suit. He was wearing one of his favorite custom tailored outfits. The one with the stylish patterns decorating it here and there. Stiffly but calmly, the lupe held his ground, "You know, this isn't a business meeting either, am I right? I thought you were the type who was above social get togethers."

Seto hesitated, the only sign that he was slightly embarrassed by the fact he was here. There was no emotion on that stone face, but Dashett knew he got him good. "I have my reasons..." he finally made out.

'Of course...'

iceangel181092 - August 17, 2008 09:26 PM (GMT)
As one of the characters approached her, purposefully Rain continued with the small, elegant but cool smile. When he opened his mouth and the words pretty came spilling out, seemingly of his hat Rain resisted the urge to sigh again. Oh, this was going to be a long night.

Flame looked up and then down, cool and unperturbed. Oh, these faces sure as heck seemed familiar… had a client asked about them once? Or were they some obscure celebrity of which he had no idea.

When another male voice broke the advance Rain smiled slightly to herself. She made a mental note to like this teenager slightly more than the man in front of her.

To onlooker the two male’s exchange seemed rather strange, hostile and cryptic even. Rain and Flame were no strangers to such things and simply waited for the scene to play itself out without interrupting.

Flame, however, he smirked again, this time that slight glow of sinister intent hidden somewhere in his cold blue eyes. “Do tell, has any one ever wanted either one of you killed before? Because with this sort of bickering before a… social event. I wouldn’t be surprised if more than one person hated your guts.”

The question was almost left to hang in the air.

Rain was too quick for him this time though. An elegant curtsey, strands of honey brown hair floating into the air. “I suppose pleasantries have to observed?” She smiled, again the light musical voice that seemed to resonate with something in the air. “Is it not the custom for a gentleman… or gentlemen, to reveal their name first before asking for another’s?”

With one eyebrow raised and the other slightly lowered Flame shot a glance at Rolf. Ignoring what had just left his mouth. "Don't you think it's impolite to allow guests to stand outside the gates..."

Mây - August 19, 2008 05:50 PM (GMT)
(Bahhh, since you guys don't reply I will |:<

and sorry for any spelling mistakes in advance XD; )


Meanwhile, Akuhekii and Ikaros, still in the hallway, stood near the wall, conversing with each other, not before politely telling the girl Baiae that they would take a tour when everyone else had arrived.
"No, I don't think that would work." Akuhekii said. Ikaros pouted.
"Why not?" Ikaros placed his hands on his hips.. then decided that looked to girlish and crossed his arms. "It's perfectly logical." Akuhekii narrowed his eyes into a glare.
"There's too many people here and we'd probably get caught." Akuhekii turned his head to the side and humphed, looking quite annoyed. Before Ikaros could argue back, there was a particularly loud thud on the nearest window. Ikaros jumped at the sound as Akuhekii spun around defensively. Aku gingerly stepped over to the window to examine what the souce of the sound was.
Outside was a large black and purple bird, almost half the size of Akuhekii. It hovered outside the window, waiting to be let in. Akuhekii breathed a quiet sigh of relief - no danger. He opened the window and the bird perched on the windowsil.
"Hello, Synclair. What brings you here?" He pet the bird on the head. "I've only just arrived. Don't tell me I'm needed back home." The bird shook its head and feathers and bowed its head. There was a piece of rolled up paper tied to its neck. Akuhekii took the piece of paper and read it, Ikaros peering over his shoulder...

piratefaellie - August 19, 2008 11:49 PM (GMT)
Someone had opened the door. Proudly presenting the stolen invitation, Fel and Avar were let in to the party, unsuspected of the true reason they were there. Over by a far window, two guests were reading a note, a black bird perched on the windowsill. Shaking his head for Fel to follow, Avar quietly sneaked up next to them, while they were still reading. Suddenly he burst out, "What'cha looking at, fellows?"

Fel, who had stayed a good distance away, slapped her wing to her face. He was so stupid, Avar was, so she went around to do some looking herself. A few rich fancy-pants were probobly here, along with their darling stacks of money.

airveia - August 20, 2008 07:50 PM (GMT)
Rolf bowed stiffly. "Of course. Please proceed to the mansion. I would see you in right away, but we are rather short-staffed. One of our maids has gone off to have a child, and our coachmen has come down with a nasty cold.," Amusment flickered on his face.
"And while Miss Cremara's nursemaid nearly burned the house down, we had to bring in a caterer. I'm sure Baiae will meet you in the front hall."
He bowed and opened the gates.

Cremmie peered out from under the stairwell, blinking slowly as she strange vision got used to the light.
Guilt... she was looking for guilt... she glanced around. Two men were with a creature... bird? She could tell by the thing's thoughts of the sky.
The kougress glanced around, seeing a familier blur of guilt near her. Smiling, she crept out. Fel and Avar were speaking with someone else.
"Ah hello there. Are you my brothers friends? I'm Cremara." She extended her tail politely, waiting for the intruders to squirm.

Xay hugged Mythalie and Cydia as they arrived squishing the air out of them. The sisters glared, their famous tempers beggining to reveal themselves. Wihout another word, Xay dashed out of the kitched and into the foyer.
"Aku! Ikaros, where have you gone?" He swung open the front doors and propped them open. "Rain! Flame! Setu and Dashett, how nice of you to come. " He grinned genuinly.
"Please, do come in, and I will give you a tour myself."
He tipped Baiae and kissed her lightly on the head.
"If Sara arrives, please tell her I need to speak with her," His eyes held a strange longing. Baiae nodded.
"Keep an eye on Missy too." Xay nodded an turned back to his guests. He took Rain's arm and guided her inside.

Mây - August 20, 2008 08:55 PM (GMT)
(By the way. Akuhekii isa half demon-vampire, half human (which not very many people know about). Demons, in his world, feel no human emotions. But since Akuhekii is only half, he feels emotions he would rather not. Usually very calm and collected, hardly ever gets excited, has a well-controlled temper. Akuhekii is 90% blind in his left eye. Has girlish features - kind of short (but he doesn't like to talk about it), small shoulders. Usually shorter than everyone or as tall as the shortest girl. He's good looking, both in a woman's and a man's eyes, so he's often troubled by the fact that men mistake him as a girl and try to flirt with him ;DD
He sounds to gary/mary-sue, doesn't he? |:< -will have to adjust later- we have like.. 12 people XDDD

I'm gonna make a list for myself.

airveia - Xay + Cremmie + other house members - Hosts
May - Akuhekii + Ikaros - Guests
Ohemgee - Sun + Spooks - Thieves
Heartless - Ruthi + Jin - Thieves / Crashers?
iceangel181092 - Flame + Rain - Thieves / Crashers / Guest Posers
piratefaellie - Avarum + Fel - Thieves in disguise
Keruha - Dashett + Seto - Guests
draon_dragonwolf - Ryo + Ryu - Guests


Akuhekii and Ikaros jumped at the sudden voice behind them. They turned defensively to the new stranger. Ikaros stepped in front of Akuhekii protectively. It was a common reflex for them both. Akuhekii saw complete innocence in the stranger's eyes.
"It's fine, Ikaros." Akuhekii relaxed his shoulders and nudged Ikaros aside with his hand. Akuhekii stepped forward. This new person, like every other person he met, was a good deal taller than him.. which irked him. He spoke to the new person. "We were just having a private conversation." Akuhekii gave the note swiftly into Ikaros's hands behind him, who crumpled it up and shoved it into his pocket. The movement would have been oblivious to anyone but them. Akuhekii turned to the windowsill and gestered for the bird to leave, mouthing his thanks. The bird cawed once and flew away a bit awkwardly. "Ahem.. excuse my manners. Pleased to meet you, sir. I'm Akuhekii." He placed his gloved hand out in front of him in a friendly gesture.
Then, Akuhekii and Ikaros heard their names behind called by Xay. Akuhekii, getting distracted, promptly dropped his hands and ushered Ikaros to follow him over, forgetting the stranger for a moment to see what was happening.

piratefaellie - August 20, 2008 09:06 PM (GMT)
As Avar was about to reply to Akuhekii's kind gesture, him and the stranger behind him walked away. Snorting at the two, he walked in the other direction, meeting up with Fel who had a smile on her face.

"What are you smiling about, Fel?"

"Oh, nothing." She replied, apparently lost in thought.

"Well, I met some fishy characters. I thought they had been reading something, but they were just chatting-or so they said. Should we keep an eye on them?" Fel shook her head no, and the continued to walk (Or slither, in Fel's case) over to the far wall of the mansion. Avar was watching Akuhekii and friend closely. They didn't seem right to him.

Mây - August 20, 2008 09:12 PM (GMT)
(He doesn't do those things on purpose.. he just.. doesn't really care XD; And gets distracted by things that seem more interesting to him.. XDD;

Not gonna reply for now c: Since I see airveia thereee.)

draon_dragonwolf - August 20, 2008 09:27 PM (GMT)
(I'm joining in. I can't let you guys have all the fun. ^^ Ryozine and Ryu will be mine.

Ryo- Ref

Ryu- Ref

Ryo will be in that dress. Though I think she hates me for it.)

"Oh why did you have to come along as well Ryu! You're not even dress for the party. I felt the dirt all over your outfit," a temperamental peach-colored krawk said in a hushed tone. She lturned her head towards where the shoyru that was wearing her day to day outfit jumping up and down in glee.

"But I wanted to stay by you Ryo. Not everyday you, the great Songstress Ryozine is invited to a party. I think mostly cuz they all know you are a punk on the outside," Ryu said with a grin and jumped back as Ryo swung a punch at her.

Ryo shook her head and sighed. They had just entered the mansion, but she felt lost. She only hope Ryu would stay by her and not cause trouble. Fat chance... she thought to herself.

She thought she heard voices and heard the running of feet heading towards them. She knew Ryu had just run off so she went after her, following the familiar sound of her feet.

"Oh wait till I get my hands on you little..." She stopped as she bumped into Akuhekii. "Oh I'm sorry... Usually I'm good at detecting people around me."

Ryu on the other hand had ran off and noticed Avar and Fel. She stopped nearby them and put her face close to Avar's.

"HELLO!" she greeted loudly.

(Ryu is a nutcase. Go figure...)

Keruha - August 20, 2008 10:19 PM (GMT)
Seto eyed the foyer and scoffed, critiquing everything about it. The floor, the furniture, the walls. Sure, he wasn't no interior designer but he knew what was classy (or at least he thought so). He heard Xay call his name and snorted, "That's Set-o, Mr. Xay, but let me remind you that only the priveleged call me by my first name."

Right behind him, Dashett mouthed Seto's response to Xay except he accompanied it with exaggerated expressions to add to the mocking. The draik whipped around, catching the lupe in half-taunt. He quickly loosened his expression, coughed into his hand, and folded his arms behind his back like nothing happened. "What?"

"Wonderful..." Seto grumbled.

Mây - August 20, 2008 10:43 PM (GMT)
"Oh-!" Akuhekii stumbled as the newest guest bumped into him. He had sensed someone's eyes on him, but was interrupted in mid-thought. He regained his balance and prepared some slightly witty insults if he needed them, but realize a rather pretty lady was in front of him and minded his manners. "That's alright. I probably shouldn't have been standing in the middle of the way, anyway." He smiled gently. Akuhekii put his fingers to the side of his head and cocked his head to the side habitually, chuckling.
Ikaros was watching... what was it again? Seto? And that other guy he came with having a fit over each other. He grinned and giggled mentally.

draon_dragonwolf - August 20, 2008 11:39 PM (GMT)
Ryo smiled politely as possible. She might not be able to see with these eyes of her, but she had a way sensing the tension by movement. She stepped back a bit and was glad Ryu had disappeared. Less things to worry about. She noticed by the slight creaks around her that there was more people around her.

"I am Ryozine Fayt, Songstress for the Fayt Cafe," she introduced herself calmly. She really wanted to get out of here, but Michiru had made her go to the party. She was lucky that Xeris didn't trick her with the outfit at least, but she would rarely fall for one of his schemes.

She moved her head towards Seto's voice, taking in who was around her. She figured that there might be no other female around her at this time, but she could be mistaken. She smirked at the retort he gave to Xay. Maybe things will get interesting after all. Better than stealing from Pudge and letting him chase her around the city.

airveia - August 21, 2008 12:25 AM (GMT)
Xay smiled. "Rought, rought Seto." He flashed his claws, his face changing for a splitsecond. The kougra glanced around the room and straightened his vest. Rain and Flame... he hadn't met them before. His list had been usurped by Kuvaar, who was yet to show himself.
Cremmie crept behind her brother and placed a paw on his shoulder, dusting a bit of soot off.
"They are all gathered." She whispered softly, her small voice barely heard. She was ghostlike almost, her milky, pale eyes boring into the guests.
"I'll set up the garden. Give them a tour."
With that, Cremmie slinked off again. Xay stood, looking over his guests.
"Rought, up the banisteh you go then."

((Hes english ^^))

Mây - August 21, 2008 12:51 AM (GMT)
Akuhekii was first up the banister. He flitted up the steps almost gracefully, spending less than a second on each step. Akuhekii was excited to see the rest of the mansion. He had decided that his castle back home needed a bit of remodling and moving of furniture... but he never had a taste for those kind of things, and neither did his servants (all 4 of them.). Ikaros was not nearly as excited. When he caught up to his master, he whispered in his ear, perhaps a little too loudly.
"Don't get so caught up. Don't forget what we're here for." he said. Akuhekii laughed musically and patted Ikaros's cheek.
"Don't worry, so much." he sighed and waited for the others to catch up.

draon_dragonwolf - August 21, 2008 01:05 AM (GMT)
Ryo followed behind the rest of them by the sound of their footsteps. By the echos of each foot she could tell there was stairs and worked her way up them.

"This house is big. The echos inside bounce too much off the walls," she commented.

She wondered where Ryu ran off to, but as she thought before it was better that she had gone off somewhere. I just hope no one serves her orange soda. she thought. But if they did, now that would be a site to see. A drunken shoyru was fun at parties to crash them.

Keruha - August 21, 2008 02:13 AM (GMT)
"Samu," Seto corrected once again, "I will go by Samu to everybody here..." He then headed swiftly and calmly up the banister.

Dashett rolled his eyes. "I believe I know who the rudest house guest award is going to..." he muttered, but a smile slipped on his face. He was really looking forward to touring the house.

piratefaellie - August 21, 2008 05:34 AM (GMT)
"Oh-erm, Hello? Pleased to meet you." He greeted happily, holding his paw out in greetings. Since he stupidly forgot, Fel introduced them. "I'm Fel, and this is my half-witted partn-I mean, friend-Avarum." She didn't like meeting people very much. Especially after her encounter with that draik she mentored. He got too good too fast, and his training didn't last long. She didn't want to meet anyone better than him, especially since she sort of had a little crush on the half blind draik, and she suspected the same went with him.

" are you? Are you rich?" Fel sighed at her partner's stupidity, and slithered over to a corner to think by herself. She felt so alone, and she had a feeling this would be the most boring party ever.

(I sort of want to bring in my draik character, but make him 100% blind instead, which would mean he wouldn't be a thief. But y'know, I don't own him, so..

Unless owning him on Leopets counts. xD)

airveia - August 21, 2008 05:41 AM (GMT)
Baiae joined Xay at the top of the stairs. He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and motioned to the rooms.

"There are a total of four levels of this house, the fourth a large botanical garden," He nodded toward the circular room that opened up to four rooms under arched doorways. The second floor was pod-shaped, everything round.
"This is the nursury, where Miss and her caretaker Baiae spend most of the time. Plently of entertainment here. A bathroom and guest room. Up we go."

He shot up another spiral staircase and waited at the landing as his guests huffed and puffed up to follow him. Baiae rolled her eyes and nudged Ikaros, hoping he would share her opinion of their masters.

Meanwhile, Cremmie slinked behind, taking the servent's stairs and crawling though the walls in the maid's passageways, feeling comfortable in the dark. From the voices she heard through the plaster, she decided she liked Dashett best.

Down in the kitchen, a dashing young eyrie swung open the door and planted a kiss on an xweetok's head. Mythalie spun around, her golden eyes filled with rage. When she realized who it was, her expression softened.
"Kuvaar, dear, everyone is upstairs. Please do assist your friend. I believe he was about a strange one of his guests." The xwee stirred a souppot and pushed her friend from the kitched.

Kuvaar stood there, blinking his teal eyes. There was a creaking on the main floor, and whispering.

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